Man Gives His Cat 11,453 Stern Looks

  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
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    Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this video of me giving my cat 11,453 stern looks.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 751

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams 10 minutes ago

    Man, I love a good Swiss miss sponsor

  • Strausburg
    Strausburg 9 hours ago

    Thank you Swiss Miss for sponsoring Gus's neck injury.

  • Morgan .swit04
    Morgan .swit04 13 hours ago

    Swiss miss 🤠🤠🤠

  • Vic Vinegar
    Vic Vinegar 14 hours ago

    That poor cat just wants attention but all it gets are stern looks...

  • responding
    responding 15 hours ago

    *Mr.Beast has joined the server*

  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago

    i cant believe i watched this whole thing

  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago

    "trying to give the people what they never asked for"

  • HyrulesOverlord
    HyrulesOverlord 16 hours ago


  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago


  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago

    i feel like im the only person whos watching this all the way through

  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago

    ummmm.... the first add

  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago

    the music that never ends

  • Andromeda Benavides
    Andromeda Benavides 16 hours ago

    i vant fucking believe this is almost an hour long

  • Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon 16 hours ago

    Out of context, this does not look good.

  • Kammir Papass
    Kammir Papass Day ago

    Swiss miss ;D

  • Caleb Baker
    Caleb Baker Day ago

    I watched the whole sw*ss m*ssing video
    All of it

  • Caleb Zaydak
    Caleb Zaydak 2 days ago

    11:48 "They're not here for the head jerks"

  • Megh Werm
    Megh Werm 2 days ago

    what an idol

  • snowy
    snowy 2 days ago


  • stupid faggot
    stupid faggot 3 days ago

    Imagine watching this out of context

  • Lex Monroe
    Lex Monroe 3 days ago

    Looks like his jerking off lmao

    • Lex Monroe
      Lex Monroe 3 days ago

      Oh yeah there she is, just lay down wendy LOL wtf!

  • Julia Stanley
    Julia Stanley 3 days ago

    I fucking died when your mom held wendy for you

  • Elle Hurst
    Elle Hurst 3 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Colin McCarthy
    Colin McCarthy 3 days ago

    An alternate title for this video could be: “How to give yourself Tourette’s syndrome in one day”

  • Gmanplayz
    Gmanplayz 3 days ago


  • ErkCo
    ErkCo 4 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • JonasOttaTV
    JonasOttaTV 4 days ago +1

    Midwestern twink nearly kills cat in horrific internet prank video. That's how local news would report it

  • Ahsun raza
    Ahsun raza 4 days ago

    swiss miss

  • AJ Fantasia
    AJ Fantasia 4 days ago


  • jordan Nguyen
    jordan Nguyen 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the cat rip...

    UTEKE 5 days ago

    For every 10 likes there is 1 dislike, why??

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose 5 days ago


  • Gringus Bingus
    Gringus Bingus 5 days ago +1


  • bmw789
    bmw789 5 days ago +1

    well darn tootin i never seen a cat get reprimanded so sternly

  • Snorkel
    Snorkel 5 days ago

    I'm not proud of this but... Swiss Miss

  • AnsemRush
    AnsemRush 5 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • elise marie stoffel
    elise marie stoffel 5 days ago

    oh my god yes

  • Big E in the UP
    Big E in the UP 5 days ago +1

    "?? This is so stupid"
    "It's called art, mom, learn it."

  • tiny crimester
    tiny crimester 6 days ago

    Sure, I'm not doing anything for 50 minutes.
    -throws homework and my novel in the trash-

  • Spicy_ Pepper9
    Spicy_ Pepper9 6 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Kassra
    Kassra 6 days ago

    0-------{ swiss miss }------0

  • Heaven L
    Heaven L 6 days ago

    swissmes ?

  • Sara Beara
    Sara Beara 6 days ago

    “I can’t just blink em I’m not a bamboozler mom”

  • Doom
    Doom 7 days ago


  • Olga Starkova
    Olga Starkova 7 days ago

    This hööman is bröken, bring a new öne

  • Camille R
    Camille R 8 days ago

    She's legitimately such a sweetie of a cat tho, listen to her little affectionate meows :3

  • Heart Transplants For Everyone


  • Lee Chick
    Lee Chick 8 days ago


  • Perrieous
    Perrieous 8 days ago


  • a
    a 8 days ago

    Thank you for delivering. Will you provide us with more videos of your lovely cat

  • Cyril Millot
    Cyril Millot 8 days ago

    First Gus video I ever watched. Now I'm a devoted follower and fan. Love you Gus!

  • Kendal K.
    Kendal K. 8 days ago

    A. You look like Danny from The Shining in some of these shots.
    B. Your cat is beautiful, and her chirping brings light to my life.
    C. Some real dedication here. I hope you took good care of your neck after this.

  • Norea
    Norea 9 days ago


  • Jamie Swift
    Jamie Swift 10 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Tera Jo
    Tera Jo 10 days ago

    swiss miss

  • socks
    socks 10 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • rks shinyhunter
    rks shinyhunter 10 days ago

    If only we had 7 more seconds

  • Friðrik Ólafsson
    Friðrik Ólafsson 10 days ago

    I like the royalty free music in the background

  • Fr4gmint202
    Fr4gmint202 11 days ago

    swiss miss. im a true player gus

  • Scorchey
    Scorchey 11 days ago

    46:42 *FBI OPEN UP*

  • Vince Pale
    Vince Pale 11 days ago

    Swiss Miss!

  • Pandapocalypse
    Pandapocalypse 11 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Matúš Buffa
    Matúš Buffa 12 days ago

    Man shakes his neck 11453 times while his cat is looking.

    PURPLECHICKEN69 13 days ago +6

    It's called art *mom*

  • Pitchfork Salamanders
    Pitchfork Salamanders 13 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Bhumi Rushing
    Bhumi Rushing 13 days ago

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen lmao

  • Wasabi
    Wasabi 13 days ago +1

    i watched this all the way through and i enjoyed it.
    swiss miss lol

  • Kain Dyck
    Kain Dyck 13 days ago +1

    Swissmiss. Don't know the spelling but whatever.

  • Anthony Cheung
    Anthony Cheung 14 days ago


  • Chris Vazquez
    Chris Vazquez 14 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Space Coyote
    Space Coyote 14 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • Loey Honey
    Loey Honey 14 days ago +1

    Swiss Miss

  • kvitle
    kvitle 15 days ago

    How many was that in the metric system?

  • juan22278
    juan22278 15 days ago

    You remind me of that kid from the cat in the hat movie lolol

  • Carolyn Alice
    Carolyn Alice 15 days ago

    THE CAT WAS GONE FOR STERN LOOKS 6900-6910!!! You owe us ten stern looks you bamboozling son of a bitch!!!

  • Carolyn Alice
    Carolyn Alice 15 days ago

    Swiss miss...?

  • Samantha werbanjanwingleston

    Finally a politician we can trust; Gus Johnson for president 2020

  • bmarquezb
    bmarquezb 16 days ago

    Yes, I'm also sure this is what Tom Hanks did. 😂😂😂😂

  • OfficialCritz
    OfficialCritz 16 days ago


  • Samantha W
    Samantha W 17 days ago


  • Dylan sanchez
    Dylan sanchez 18 days ago


  • Bish Where
    Bish Where 18 days ago

    Swiss miss

  • candy corn joe 77
    candy corn joe 77 18 days ago

    Swiss Miss

  • Daniel Stepp
    Daniel Stepp 19 days ago

    Swiss Miss, autoplay I hate you.

  • Jonah DeleseLeuc
    Jonah DeleseLeuc 20 days ago


  • kakka
    kakka 21 day ago

    Man nods at cat 11,453 times

  • RequiemForABuckeye
    RequiemForABuckeye 21 day ago

    That cat is adorable

  • Namjoon's Ryan Pajamas

    Swiss miss

  • CharlieTheTexan
    CharlieTheTexan 22 days ago

    I don't know what the fuck I was expecting.

  • Bubby Meidinger
    Bubby Meidinger 22 days ago


  • Faith Cecile
    Faith Cecile 22 days ago

    I watched all the ads because I enjoyed the commitment

  • Greykolla Sunneva
    Greykolla Sunneva 22 days ago

    Swiss miss!
    ....I could be doing something productive

  • Jacen Barker
    Jacen Barker 22 days ago

    Gus Johnson has a seizure 11,453 times

  • Jack Clausen
    Jack Clausen 23 days ago

    Swissmiss bitch

  • blerkh
    blerkh 23 days ago

    It's cute, but at the same time it looks like he's furiously masturbating.

  • Wolfe club
    Wolfe club 23 days ago

    How to give yourself a tick

  • K. Jagelka
    K. Jagelka 23 days ago +2

    all i could think in the beginning was “oh my god please pet her she looks so cute”

  • Maray S
    Maray S 24 days ago

    I dare you to do that to a dog Gus

  • Maray S
    Maray S 24 days ago

    Why do you have to look so serious when your being stern?

  • tjdiddy
    tjdiddy 24 days ago

    *I'm not a bamboozler Mom!*