Why Shrek 3 is the worst Shrek (and should be removed from Shrek canon)


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  • Kage
    Kage Hour ago

    lol i alredy had dislike on this video, what was wrong with me?

  • Qwerty Asd
    Qwerty Asd 12 hours ago

    1 their isn't as much characters as a marvel movie would have (since "too many" is vague and also each of the characters have important roles; king author teaches shrek to take on responsibility as a parent, the princesses helps fiona realize shreks point of view and also changes her perspective on the average woman. Merlion helps king author(but that doesn't really matter.)
    If anything, prince charming was not the villain in in shrek two. In fact he is actually pushed around by his mother during the whole movie and is also not in as my scenes as the fairy godmother. The fairy godmother on the other hand, significantly changes the plot of shrek 2 by convincing shrek he wasn't good enough for fiona, and trying to take over the kingdom. (Something prince chraming couldn't do).
    I can't argue with 3(I WATCHED THAT MOVIE A MILLION TIMES, NOTHING.But entertaining i guess).
    Well, guess thats it.

  • Terry Stein
    Terry Stein Day ago

    You didn’t mention that Shrek 4 actually fully retcons shrek 3 - Rumpelstiltskin is already in shrek 3 as a dialogueless gag character during the tavern scene and got completely redesigned for Shrek 4, the creator commentary on one of the DVDs mentions it.

  • SuperDelph4
    SuperDelph4 Day ago

    Lol all this hate on Shrek 3 just made me realize how lucky I am to love it that much. Now I only want to watch it even more. :D

  • SuperDelph4
    SuperDelph4 Day ago

    I think I accidentally found myself in a hater page. Oops...

  • SuperDelph4
    SuperDelph4 Day ago

    I actually ignored Shrek 4...

    Still love them all though. :D

  • Conrado Javier
    Conrado Javier Day ago

    Dreamworks makes the Son of the Previous Antagonist, this Movie's Antagonist.

  • Arni Kickz
    Arni Kickz Day ago


  • Blackthorn
    Blackthorn 2 days ago

    It sucks because it's not a feel-good movie. It's not high-octane and people don't fight. In previous movies Fiona does spin-kicks and shit but now she's just a damsel in distress and Shrek just lets things happen. Puss-in-boots also doesn't fight, or say much. There's no passion or wit, nothing funny happens. It gives you NO reason to care.
    So it feels like a movie nobody wanted to make or be in.

  • Thing Person
    Thing Person 3 days ago

    Shrek 4 is literally my favorite out of all of them

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    This guy is a fucking joke lmao.

  • Hamsolo 359
    Hamsolo 359 3 days ago +1

    I disagree with everything in this video. 😂😂

  • Joe Joe Das Monk
    Joe Joe Das Monk 4 days ago

    Does anyone else notice that I’m a believer is playing in the back

  • Yanneliz Cancel
    Yanneliz Cancel 4 days ago +1

    all shreks are reated equally. No-one deserves this PURE hate.
    Shrek is my lord and savior. Shrek deserves better.

  • Ender Rock
    Ender Rock 4 days ago +1

    The princesses were brought to the forefront to bring us an expectation subversion, the discount villains were there to aid prince charming in his uprising (which btw wasn't half bad), Merlin was a simple side character to keep the plot on track, (It'd be a minor nitpick to dwell on him), Arthur is a crucial character to the plot, (and yes, it is weak, but you can't fault the person who came up with the plot for that, because, on paper, it's not a terrible plot)

    Prince charming as the villain makes sense in the context of the Shrek universe, and it ties up any loopholes with his arc from the last film, you'd be a fool to write a new villain when you already have a premade villain origin from the second film.

    The entire point of the film is to provide closure to prince charming's significance as a character, the whole "find a new king" bit was just so they could work in the ending to his story, people often misunderstand this film, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and by no means deserves to be removed from the Shrek canon, it's just a weaker film compared to the first 2, enough said.

  • alien juice
    alien juice 4 days ago +3

    Shrek the Third is still better than TVclip Rewind 2018

  • Long Phan
    Long Phan 4 days ago

    By shrek 5 : unlimited swarm, they gonna invovle chinese,norse, ... mythology or maybe alter universes like into the spiderverse

  • JimJim G
    JimJim G 4 days ago +1

    I will fight you for Shrek the Third's honour

  • IDIOT sandwich
    IDIOT sandwich 4 days ago

    the background music tho

  • i donut know huw to spell . com

    Never heard of Shrek 3!

  • Anuel
    Anuel 5 days ago

    2:23 that perfect climax in the music

  • Niklaaas
    Niklaaas 5 days ago

    Shrek 92884 the return

  • Im a nerd
    Im a nerd 5 days ago

    How long did this take you, jack?

  • Milo Murphy
    Milo Murphy 5 days ago

    This sounds like a 6th grade argumentative essay

  • Sam D'mello
    Sam D'mello 5 days ago

    The background song are Smash Mouth songs on piano

  • Yee P
    Yee P 5 days ago

    Background music is perfect

  • GeekJokes
    GeekJokes 5 days ago

    the worst part is that he has good points

  • FlafflePHD
    FlafflePHD 6 days ago

    But, John, Shrek the Third had John Krasinski.

  • Jerry and Marie
    Jerry and Marie 6 days ago

    You convinced me.

  • Jung jamlessmonsterinfires

    Tbh I think the 4 shrek movie is the worst. Actual cancer. Shouldn’t be loved.

  • Hippo Pilot
    Hippo Pilot 9 days ago

    People: at eat the series is over and can’t get any worse
    Illumination: hold my bear
    80 year old man: I’ll add In some dank maymays from 2007
    Illumination: WHAT ABOUT THE MINIONS

    《REÐJIVE》 9 days ago

    Shrek 4 was a bit too chaotic, so like jacksfilms, it ranks at third

  • Lord Revan
    Lord Revan 9 days ago

    This video gets so much better once you realize the background music is a piano instrumental of 'I Need a Hero'.

  • Melanie León
    Melanie León 10 days ago

    I like the Third one. Hate the Last one.

  • mantas vasylius
    mantas vasylius 12 days ago

    i own shrek the 2 for the ps2 its great

  • Amir Fazli
    Amir Fazli 12 days ago

    Tbh every shrek after Shrek 2 was a complete fucking failure 3 and 4 were both EWUALLY so bad I gave up on shrek as soon as I finished 3 and start 1hr of 4 then was like fuck this!

  • IDoanimations/Dollyboy1923 aka Pixeldonkey

    Theory: Shrek 5 villan is Jenna Marbles and Soulja Boiiiiiiii

  • Teddy Blue
    Teddy Blue 16 days ago

    Shrek 1 = best. shrek 4 = worst

  • Keith Baker
    Keith Baker 18 days ago +2

    How dare you. All Shreck movies are holy. However, Shreck 3 is the least holy. It would be the equivalent of calling an angel, a demon due to not being god himself. I have seen every Shreck movie, and they are by far, the best movies in existence. It is horrible if you to insult Sheck, the holy one.

  • i'm a rock
    i'm a rock 18 days ago +1

    Shrek 3 should be illegal

  • 9's The Limit
    9's The Limit 19 days ago

    some people thought this was an actual movie review

  • Jerome Wilshank
    Jerome Wilshank 19 days ago +1

    Actually yes, shrek 4 is very underrated. I think the 3rd shrek tainted the initial enjoyment of the 4th

  • Hereformemesm8
    Hereformemesm8 19 days ago

    I’m sorry but shrek 2 is way better then shrek

    • Hereformemesm8
      Hereformemesm8 3 days ago

      TVclip Guy I am prepared to defend my opinion to the grave

  • Toasty Tijn
    Toasty Tijn 19 days ago

    Great piano

  • Juancarlos Fernandez
    Juancarlos Fernandez 20 days ago

    Cuz shrek 4 is trash

  • Veldactus
    Veldactus 20 days ago

    My shrek 3 DVD never worked

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey 21 day ago +2

    ALMOST POPULAR OPINION: Shrek the Third is my favorite installment of the Shrek series and I'm look forward to seeing Shrek 5: Too Many Shreks in theaters.

  • Danksoda
    Danksoda 21 day ago

    A literal piece of trash > shrek 3

  • Qwerty Bear.
    Qwerty Bear. 23 days ago

    You forgot the best shrek movie, shrek in the swamp karaoke.

  • ramen noddle
    ramen noddle 23 days ago

    *Shrek abuse*

  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin

    I never saw the return of Charming in Shrek 3 as "recycled". If anything, I thought it made sense since he was never defeated, so a vengeful return would make sense even if Charming was the weaker villain of the duo.

  • margareth elien
    margareth elien 24 days ago

    Having too many characters isn't the issue in movies, it's how they are established in the film. Take Infinity War for instance, it has over 30 characters, but it's a great film because how they are established in the film.

  • Mar. io
    Mar. io 24 days ago

    I have a poster on croatian of it.

  • SonicNights
    SonicNights 25 days ago

    I hadn't watched Shrek the Third, and I won't, for damn sure.

  • Tehan Umbra
    Tehan Umbra 25 days ago

    Bahahaha smash mouth being played on piano in the background

  • Brody Daub
    Brody Daub 26 days ago

    when its confirmed in 2018 that the shrek 5 film is a actually a shrek reboot made from the people who made minions.

  • Abba
    Abba 26 days ago

    Shrek 2 was the first movie I ever watched when I was a babe.

  • CastielTheFallenAngel
    CastielTheFallenAngel 26 days ago

    The background music

  • Short Tom
    Short Tom 28 days ago

    2:48 the way Jack says "is rumplestiltskin" really bumbles my fumbles

  • Outkast Gamer
    Outkast Gamer 28 days ago +1

    Shrek 2 is the best one just like how Spiderman 2 is the best, stop playin'.

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira 28 days ago

    The third one is always the one which sucks
    Home Alone
    The Godfather
    My son, derek

  • emily garcia
    emily garcia 28 days ago +1

    my thoughts exactly. shrek 3 is trash. Garbage. shrek forever after is underrated

  • aigs
    aigs 28 days ago

    video editing is my passion

  • subscribe to die instantly

    I might disagree on that first opinion, Jack. The films already had too many characters to begin with so...
    First of all) Merlin, voiced by Eric Idle. John Cleese’s character had only one scene in Shrek 3 and was killed off, so another Monty Python member was added in.
    Secondly) Arthur, voiced by *snickers* Justin Timberlake. *bursts into laughter* His character is there to be king of Far Far Away after (like I said) John Cleese getting X’d off, whereas Shrek doesn’t want to rule over a kingdom. Another reason is that the Fairy Godmother was killed in Shrek 2 so Arthur is just filling in (not as a villain).
    And finally) the princesses? Those are just minor characters like the fairy tale creatures. In fact, Snow White and Cinderella were there from the start (except changing their designs) and there were references of Rapunzel from the second film. What does suck about the Shrek sequels is that they call Aurora (the Sleeping Beauty princess) SLEEPING BEAUTY!! They REALLY didn’t know her name?! “Sleeping Beauty” is supposed to represent a sleeping princess. That’s not her name, idiots! I looked up the character on the Wiki and she has had millions of names over centuries but I call her Aurora because that was her name from the Disney animated film of the same name. Another character you have in that category, Jack, is the ugly stepsister who was A) already in the second film and B) NOT EVEN A PRINCESS!!
    Besides all that...it’s a cool video and I respect your opinion, drive safe :)

  • Sareye
    Sareye 29 days ago

    2>1>4>3 obviously

  • Scott thebassplayer

    Shrek 2 is better than Shrek 1. Fight me.

  • MichaelReitano
    MichaelReitano Month ago

    The music

  • MichaelReitano
    MichaelReitano Month ago

    The man

  • Ape Mayor
    Ape Mayor Month ago +2


  • we live in a society

    * bark *
    Jack: Shut up.

  • links pokemon
    links pokemon Month ago +1

    Hey bro just waring you shrek 5 may look like despicable me cause illmation now owns the rights

    • Ape Mayor
      Ape Mayor Month ago +1

      Its gonna be a reboot not a fifth one..

  • early waker
    early waker Month ago

    So are you saying that Avengers: Infinity War sucks because it has too many characters?

  • Liam The Llama
    Liam The Llama Month ago

    But if shrek the third didn’t exist than shrek 4 couldn’t be named shrek 4everafter

  • unknownid
    unknownid Month ago

    Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

  • Jupes Just Draws
    Jupes Just Draws Month ago

    I gotta admit shreck 4 is by far my favourite

  • Anne Omare
    Anne Omare Month ago

    Umm actually my favorite Shrek is Shrek 3

    • Anne Omare
      Anne Omare Month ago

      TVclip Guy and ur saying that u graduated 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ c’mon man even my 7 years old sister isn’t childish as u

    • Anne Omare
      Anne Omare Month ago

      TVclip Guy than who r u judging some middle schooler on TVclip ?? I don’t really believe u i’m blocking u

  • Karlita TV
    Karlita TV Month ago

    My ranking would be
    1. Shrek
    2. Shrek 4
    3. Shrek 2
    4. And the less we talk about Shrek 3 the better, am I right?

    • Karlita TV
      Karlita TV 28 days ago

      +TVclip Guy well owner of the truth 😂😂 you take this way too seriously. Just accept that some people like the 4th movie more than the 2nd one, get over yourself.

    • Karlita TV
      Karlita TV 29 days ago

      +TVclip Guy that's your opinion, personally I liked Shrek 4 more

  • Alex McDonald
    Alex McDonald Month ago

    Why dose he sound so pissed

  • Max Meertens
    Max Meertens Month ago


  • C Osburn
    C Osburn Month ago

    I know i'm gunna get a lot of hate for this question but why is he obsessed with shrek?

  • pun intended
    pun intended Month ago

    Shrek 4 is garbage

  • Seymour Krelborn
    Seymour Krelborn Month ago +2

    You got what you wanted, but you lost what you had

  • KyahTheAuthor
    KyahTheAuthor Month ago

    Honestly after grading so many bad papers today, I want to show this video to my students to demonstrate a good intro, thesis, organized reason and supporting examples lol. You pass freshman English ti me

  • Kevo Fevo
    Kevo Fevo Month ago

    No Smash mouth, no all star, no swamp = No Shrek

  • A very lonely Chicken nugget

    I just realized that the Shrek soundtrack was in the backround.

  • #eating 1000 chocolate bars Gone wrong*vomit*

    This is a beginning of a very long franchise first shrek 5 then 6 and 7,8,9,10 and 11

  • ʎqɹᴉʞ ƃuᴉlʞuI

    I never knew Shrek the Third existed until January

  • Dank Matter's Friend

    there's one amazing thing in shrek 3: tvclip.biz/video/zNP7xCKgG84/video.html

  • The Fat Punisher
    The Fat Punisher Month ago

    I liked shrek 3, but it sucked that the characters didn't recur in shrek 4. but isn't that a problem of the 4th movie and not the third?
    Isn't the fault of the people who wrote shrek 4 that they didn't include important character likes Arthur??
    The king of far far away didn't get a single mention in the 4th movie lol

  • The light of day At the end of the tunnel

    Is anyone going to comment on the fact that the background music is “I need a hero”?

  • Sponggar Daddy
    Sponggar Daddy Month ago +1

    I can’t tell if he’s being serious or not...

  • King Aadarsh III
    King Aadarsh III Month ago

    Show of hands who is the villain in Shrek 1

  • Brodie 09
    Brodie 09 Month ago +1

    I’ve just watched shrek one. 5 minutes ago

  • multifandomed But Girls Generation Forever

    Shrek The Third is my favourite Shrek movie 😂😂😂😂

  • I don't know what I'm doing

    Shrek 4 is my favorite shrek movie like if you agree

  • YeetMachine
    YeetMachine Month ago

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  • npVipes
    npVipes Month ago

    Shrek 2 and just Shrek as a whole is my favourite, honestly nothing can beat it, ik this is about Shrek the third but one of the reasons I don't like the fourth one is because it's all about Shrek, and Fiona isn't really....real, I mean honestly human Fiona is😍😍😙

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin Month ago

    Honestly the Shrek viewing order is how i saw it and i never saw the third. i thought that the fourth was the third