Why Shrek 3 is the worst Shrek (and should be removed from Shrek canon)


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  • Eggablist
    Eggablist Hour ago

    How can you dislike this?

  • / CloudTopDizzyToons \

    I’ve always loved how serious these vids are- it’s like it’s shrek not the fuckin titanic 😂🤣

    OH YEAH YEAH 11 hours ago +1

    Shrek 5?

  • Ben_YT
    Ben_YT 12 hours ago

    Shrek 1 is the best it’s on Netflix and I like the intro song

  • Phoebus Apollo
    Phoebus Apollo 17 hours ago

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    WALUIGI WARRIOR 20 hours ago


  • Lena Williams
    Lena Williams 23 hours ago

    So this video made me realize I actually skipped three the first time I ever watched the movies so,

  • Ultra Ultimator
    Ultra Ultimator Day ago

    And at 3:19, I immediately knew what I was listening to.

  • R3LYKS
    R3LYKS Day ago

    Why are you doing the voice of Jerry Seinfeld?

  • Tommy Van Riper
    Tommy Van Riper 2 days ago

    How do you so perfectly encapsulate a desperate fan of a niece series (I know shreck isn’t that niche but still) who so desperately wants his opinion to be heard on his TVclip channel with like 200 subscribers

  • De'ante Johnson
    De'ante Johnson 2 days ago +1

    Shrek 3 is lost. You're fine now.

  • ziv benor
    ziv benor 2 days ago

    Thank you for this blessing of a video John

  • Roshan Koshy
    Roshan Koshy 3 days ago

    That moment when you come to know that the background music is All Star and I'm a believer on the piano

  • Griffyn Margetts
    Griffyn Margetts 3 days ago

    Uhm? SHREK 4?!?!

  • OctoYoshi
    OctoYoshi 3 days ago

    Yes, Shrek Forever After is the worst one.

  • Šüpęr Kæmīñãtør 64

    You got 2,000,000 views! Can’t wait to get 3,000,000!

  • Dabi 456
    Dabi 456 4 days ago

    To be honest I kinda hate the fact that Shrek isn't taken seriously anymore and now is just a meme

  • Cassidy Mills
    Cassidy Mills 4 days ago

    Is that "I need a hero" blasting in the background?

  • Vino Ipe
    Vino Ipe 4 days ago

    I like the choice of music at the start

  • Generic pop punk
    Generic pop punk 4 days ago

    Shrek the halls

  • Dumbass uwu
    Dumbass uwu 6 days ago

    Shrek 5 is one of the main reasons why I haven’t committed suicide

  • Ignacio Cañas
    Ignacio Cañas 6 days ago

    It scares me how much sense this makes.

  • Crazystorm165
    Crazystorm165 8 days ago

    Shrek 4 is so underrated and you are all FOOLS for saying it sucks

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 8 days ago

    Don’t know if this is a meme review or you did this as a serious review😂😂😂

  • Ali Said
    Ali Said 8 days ago

    1:13 how dare you

  • TheSoulbonder 7
    TheSoulbonder 7 8 days ago

    Why must you insult Shane this way?

  • Khiêm Ng.
    Khiêm Ng. 9 days ago

    I'm gonna have to require you to provide me with that gorgeous background music

  • Atlas
    Atlas 10 days ago

    Nobody is talking about shriek 5

  • The Little Western Duo

    I will be expecting that frame by frame analysis when the Shrek 5 trailer releases.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 10 days ago

    I want farquade back

  • Jeremy Turkin
    Jeremy Turkin 10 days ago +2

    Shrek is going to kill you and say your life is orge now

  • Carrie Jackson
    Carrie Jackson 10 days ago

    Y wouldn't u edit that coughing lol

  • saiful izwan
    saiful izwan 11 days ago

    Shrek is trash lol .. Suck movie in this world .. Stupid movie .. Ahh i know why people love shrek .. Because u all kids :v .. Shrek only for kids lol . Hahaha ..

  • Timmy Mallia
    Timmy Mallia 13 days ago +1

    I love how all star is playing in the background

  • L.M
    L.M 13 days ago

    He sounds like the Star Wars fan base

  • _user_
    _user_ 13 days ago +1

    I love the classical version of all star in the background.

    • _user_
      _user_ 13 days ago

      Yeah thats right i like and comment on my own comment.

  • Barundonthetechguy / iRepair

    Nudity vs More Nudity

  • ThatgeekMialife
    ThatgeekMialife 14 days ago

    Welcome to my Tedtalk

  • Oh look its a Narwhale
    Oh look its a Narwhale 15 days ago +1

    Shrek 3 was a good movie but it didn't correlate with a lot of the other movies and only point in it was that the king died seeing that the babies were also shown in Shrek 4

  • Cyan Jackson
    Cyan Jackson 16 days ago

    All I remember from Shrek the third is in the end they have kids literally nothing else

  • Cereal Sack !
    Cereal Sack ! 18 days ago


  • big bi bitch
    big bi bitch 19 days ago


  • Space Cakes
    Space Cakes 20 days ago

    For some reason, I totally erased shrek 3 from my memory. I can remember all of them, except for 3.

  • WanderOver 64
    WanderOver 64 21 day ago

    Shrek 4 in my opinion IS AMAZING

  • A H 4712
    A H 4712 21 day ago

    Worst movie ever>Shrek 3

    Oh wait Shrek 3 was the worst

  • ummm bears
    ummm bears 22 days ago


  • Azziza Robinson
    Azziza Robinson 23 days ago

    I agree with everything, *especially* that Shrek 4 is underrated

  • FNaFstic • Leo •
    FNaFstic • Leo • 23 days ago

    i agree.

  • Molly LPS
    Molly LPS 24 days ago

    I'm not trying to be mean but Disney cannot make a good one because they were running out of ideas they wanted to continue the Shrek movie but the first one was kind of a fail because I mean you need to have generally at least more characters than three so some people like it I love it I have all of them except for Shrek happily ever after and well for Shrek 3 I mean he became more evil Prince Charming he should be even named evil Prince!!!🤣

  • Goobyster
    Goobyster 25 days ago +2

    You forgot the 480p only

  • LumiNyte
    LumiNyte 25 days ago

    I have a series of points I want to make

  • Erin Nybeck
    Erin Nybeck 25 days ago

    How is the third not important, it shows Fiona’s father dying and all the feelings towards Fiona’s pregnancy. Gtfo if you think the third wasn’t important.

  • Tomas Rodriguez
    Tomas Rodriguez 25 days ago

    for is 2, 1 and 4

  • Robin_Hood05
    Robin_Hood05 25 days ago

    the first Shrek's purpose was to create memes

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    Do you genuinely love the Shrek movies(except for the third)
    *I don’t hate them(except for the third), but they aren’t the best. That goes to the emoji movie.

  • Team Chaos
    Team Chaos 27 days ago

    D O G B A R K I N G

  • David Del Rosario
    David Del Rosario 28 days ago

    Says the guy who enjoys the Emoji movie.

  • Jóhann Ísak Ingimundarson

    My wish is to watch a shrek marathon with jacksfilms

  • Darknud
    Darknud Month ago

    Everyone here been wondering what shrek 5 will be about but jokes on them I read the manga first

  • Why Hello there
    Why Hello there Month ago

    All shreks are equal.

    Change my mind

  • Flurz 29
    Flurz 29 Month ago

    Nice touch with “Holding Out For a Hero” in the background

  • Vonna Swagger
    Vonna Swagger Month ago

    Shrek the third is utter trash
    Audience: *Clapping*
    Oh thank you your to kind

  • WackyFunkMunster
    WackyFunkMunster Month ago


  • Tucán Místico
    Tucán Místico Month ago

    1. Shrek
    2. Shrek Forever After
    3. Shrek 2
    4. Shrek 3

  • Sicaliber C.
    Sicaliber C. Month ago +1

    One word for this


  • J4CK0Z 62
    J4CK0Z 62 Month ago

    I used to think 4 was worst but this changed my mind

  • Dabi 456
    Dabi 456 Month ago

    Now I haven't seen Shrek 3 yet but I thought Shrek 4 wasn't that bad

  • Derpy Droolz
    Derpy Droolz Month ago +1

    Bruh...I died when he showed Shane Dawson next to Rumpelstiltskin

  • fun fun kitty
    fun fun kitty Month ago +1

    Well it's 2019... I'm scared

  • Slipknot3eb
    Slipknot3eb Month ago

    I dont care just enjoy the movie not the story.

  • Ember Addy
    Ember Addy Month ago

    By the incomparable...

  • V. C.
    V. C. Month ago

    Shrek 3 may have issues, but there's one part I really like: shrek's nightmare.

  • TXC Spikz
    TXC Spikz Month ago

    1:43 almost made me die of laughter

  • The Egglord
    The Egglord Month ago

    Change my mind

  • Daniel Eliassenfgh618
    Daniel Eliassenfgh618 Month ago +2

    Is this Petscop 2..?

  • syd mdx
    syd mdx Month ago

    shut up. people like you cant enjoy real cinematic masterpieces

  • Skyler Coulter-Jarding

    Do You Whats The Worst Shrek Movie

    Shrek The Musical

  • Skyler Coulter-Jarding

    Dude Can You Please Stop Copying PewDiePie No Hate Ok

  • Unsatisfying Potato
    Unsatisfying Potato Month ago +1

    2019 errybody, now we wait

  • Hatmann Medic main
    Hatmann Medic main Month ago

    I genuinely thought this was satire when I first saw this

  • despacito 2
    despacito 2 Month ago

    finally someone agrees

  • Goovn
    Goovn Month ago

    shrek 5 could come out literally any day now.

  • Gugwel Gelgel
    Gugwel Gelgel Month ago +1

    There is Shrek 2, 3 and 4 but no 1?
    Now that's bullshit.

  • Ry Ry YT
    Ry Ry YT Month ago

    They should have replaced SHREK the 3rd with a good SHREK movie,

  • bobby choi
    bobby choi Month ago

    how could you

  • Reese Fuentes
    Reese Fuentes Month ago +1

    I fucking love shrek 4

  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. Blue Month ago

    at no point *turns* shut up

  • Jay Levi
    Jay Levi Month ago

    I had to rewatch this cause I kept getting distracted by the beautiful music

  • Albino Peach
    Albino Peach Month ago

    I think Shrek 2 is the best

  • Whitney Elizabeth
    Whitney Elizabeth Month ago

    The medley of songs in the background, though xD

  • Kee Leichtle
    Kee Leichtle Month ago

    I loved all the Shrek films although the 4th one wasn't as good as the first three

  • Z-Ry
    Z-Ry Month ago

    I love the background piano you did!

  • Hannah •
    Hannah • Month ago

    Shrek 4 has more new characters the the third though doesn't it?

  • NachoFast
    NachoFast Month ago

    Best to Worst
    Shrek 2
    Shrek: Forever After
    Shrek 3

  • goerbysst
    goerbysst Month ago

    Its quite sad that illumination are doing shrek 5 tho

  • Dee Cookie
    Dee Cookie Month ago +1


  • MMM tis Moribund Murdoch!

    I love the Shrek Anime

  • Number 16 Bus shelter

    Shrek the third is the best one.

  • Laetitia Pangerang
    Laetitia Pangerang Month ago +1

    Sorry 2 and 4 were the best, dont @ me

  • Macheeze
    Macheeze Month ago

    We love Jack for his video essays