Why Shrek 3 is the worst Shrek (and should be removed from Shrek canon)

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 15 681

  • BC_Gaming
    BC_Gaming Day ago +1


    Are you telling me that Shrek 4 isn't Shrek 3?!?!!

  • Tboss
    Tboss Day ago

    This dude using I’m a Believer piano coveras a background song

  • likeaboss01001
    likeaboss01001 2 days ago

    I agree, shrek 3 didn't give me blueballs like the others

  • Crudestjuggler
    Crudestjuggler 2 days ago

    tru dat

  • brooks_11_ / CR4FT4life

    It’s 2019, we getting a trailer?

  • Gwayne Gan
    Gwayne Gan 4 days ago

    Shrek 3 is a filler movie

  • ReuploadChannel49
    ReuploadChannel49 5 days ago

    Shek 3 for xbox 360 was pretty cool however

  • Miranda Rausch
    Miranda Rausch 5 days ago

    4:44 shut up!

  • Hey don't do that
    Hey don't do that 7 days ago

    Why is this NOW being recommended to me

  • Sw34ty C4mp3r
    Sw34ty C4mp3r 8 days ago

    Your wrong there is no bad shrek

  • No No No, That's Not It

    Tbh I really liked how they showed Shrek‘s struggle with coming to terms that he’s going to be a father, that part shouldn’t be skipped over
    I literally don’t remember anything else that happened in the movie though

  • long
    long 9 days ago

    Is the piano music available for download?

  • m j
    m j 10 days ago +1

    I loved Shrek the third

  • Edgiest Muffin
    Edgiest Muffin 12 days ago

    Rumplestiltskin is in shrek the third but he looks completely different than the good Rumblestiltskin in shrek forever after so that proves that shrek the third in not canon

  • Chloe Rodriguez
    Chloe Rodriguez 15 days ago

    It will now be stricken from the Shrekord. *takes bow*

  • EEluSion
    EEluSion 15 days ago +1

    Excuse me this is art!

  • PowerfulPorpoise
    PowerfulPorpoise 17 days ago

    I thought this was common knowledge

  • DontLook BehindYou
    DontLook BehindYou 18 days ago

    Was this for your PowerPoint party

    SHREK IS HOT FAN 69 19 days ago


  • Napoleon Remington
    Napoleon Remington 21 day ago

    Oh- oh no... not Spider-Man far from home

  • heyitsmira
    heyitsmira 21 day ago

    I feel sad now that I realize other people have wasted their time w/ The Love Guru.
    Edit: it's my 2nd time watching this video, but the 1st was along time ago. Now I found my old comment again and it is also a rant about The Love Guru. Damn, that was a really traumatic experience.

  • jack brady
    jack brady 23 days ago

    i kinda liked it

  • Already Mad
    Already Mad 24 days ago

    Tf did you just call RUMPELSTILZCHEN? Rapurbelchen? tf you said?

  • Ender Rock
    Ender Rock 24 days ago

    *When you're trying to get actual movie clips of shrek the third, and this grapeheaded moron hogs the search results starving out any chances of you finding the clip*

  • Jonah Workman
    Jonah Workman 24 days ago

    you're not wrong however no

  • Erika Sanchez
    Erika Sanchez 25 days ago

    I literally just searched up Pachabell Canon and this showed up

  • William Delargy
    William Delargy 27 days ago

    You know if your a true shrek fan, there’s no bad shrek movie. Only better

  • Ashton Oh Yeah Yeah
    Ashton Oh Yeah Yeah 27 days ago +1

    Ummm.... Shrek the 3rd is my fav....

  • shassitojn 49
    shassitojn 49 27 days ago

    🎵Where have all the good Shreks gone, and where have all them gone and where is all the heart?🎵

  • Keira Salmon
    Keira Salmon 28 days ago

    Wait what is the storyline on the third one lol omg why

  • Lazy bones
    Lazy bones Month ago +1

    See? I told you shrek 3 sucked, *BILLY*

  • Emperor Ducky
    Emperor Ducky Month ago +1

    I still cant figure out if this video is a joke or not

  • ArturScorpion Gamer BR

    pussy in boots

  • Guilherme Neves
    Guilherme Neves Month ago

    oh, in my birthday, nice, i think

  • Harrison Hunn
    Harrison Hunn Month ago

    Nope I love that film

  • Master NER D
    Master NER D Month ago

    Don't you mean ogre the past 100 years cinema has grown to become the dominant form of visual story telling.

  • DannyPhantom 203
    DannyPhantom 203 Month ago

    i don't care is this movie is the worst, i still like it and watch it anyway

  • Ethan Keller
    Ethan Keller Month ago

    amen sister im sorry

  • Mr. Bandicoot
    Mr. Bandicoot Month ago

    Even as a kid I despised shrek 3

  • AndrewDoesContent
    AndrewDoesContent Month ago

    *schaffrillas productions has entered the chat*

  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer Month ago

    I love how this sounds like a typical parody but is really just all true.

  • Lusha Luthuli
    Lusha Luthuli Month ago

    I agree with you

  • ForeverSipingTea !
    ForeverSipingTea ! Month ago

    2:46 jack uh I thought Shane was the villain.

    If u don't get it then......

    Oh well

  • motha rusia
    motha rusia Month ago

    Wheres the analysis

  • Logan jake the beaver

    I also heard that shrek is also going to get a reboot

  • fantabulous
    fantabulous Month ago

    2:58 how dare u

  • Matygoo
    Matygoo Month ago +1

    I've just watched 1, 2 then 4 and the 4th movie is good, I like it. I just didnt appreciate it the first time because I was still burnt out on the 3rd

  • Pyrule 101
    Pyrule 101 Month ago

    the hell you mean grumple stilski its shane dawson

  • Wulfy Drawings
    Wulfy Drawings Month ago

    i just love the sound track

  • Madam Mihm
    Madam Mihm Month ago

    Well could Shrek 4 still count as Shrek 3

  • Ga192412
    Ga192412 Month ago

    I low key agree with everything he's saying

  • i don't deserve subs

    It has shrek in it, its good no matter what.

  • Cowboy Tanaka
    Cowboy Tanaka Month ago

    Noooo shut uuuuupppppppp aaaaaa ggjifjggjughh

    • Cowboy Tanaka
      Cowboy Tanaka Month ago

      Why do people say this shrek the 3rd is de light fu l

  • Baloon s
    Baloon s Month ago

    So hypocrit of u u recycle many thongs like Rose's red and hikus

  • Baloon s
    Baloon s Month ago

    Stop talking jackflapflims this is my favorite one u so dummy you look like rumple still skin from shrek 4

  • Ramzes
    Ramzes Month ago

    wez sie zajeb kurwo shrek 3 jest kozacki i podobny do twojego starego psie zajebany kropka

  • Ramzes
    Ramzes Month ago

    jestes kurwa jakis pojebany

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer Month ago

    I thought I was still listening to Schaffrillas Productions

  • Rafonsel Macadaeg
    Rafonsel Macadaeg Month ago

    “They made a shrek faawwr” 😂😂😂 2:42

  • TheDumbPlumber
    TheDumbPlumber Month ago +1

    Everything about amazing spiderman 2 was bad

  • Sandman552
    Sandman552 Month ago

    Can't tell if this is serious, or satire

  • Legend of awesome productions

    You know despite the sarcastic tone there are actually some good points being made here

  • Alfa Fafona
    Alfa Fafona Month ago

    That makes no sense at all, at least it's a special type of movie where prince charming wouldn't be weaker when it comes on seeing the villain crew being part of his revenge and plus they involved a Justin timberlake as Arthur also remember when snow white was doing a immagrant song where the animals attack on the trees, that was great
    So believe what you want but that won't make me support your speech but even though you were being honest, I understand

  • Marie-Isabelle Scardina

    Also,the MAIN villain in Shrek the Third was Rumplestiltskin.Anyone remember him?'Bring me my important wig?'C'mon,poor guy.He's being left out!

  • Marie-Isabelle Scardina

    What do you mean *Shrek 3 was bad?*

  • ᴍᴏᴄʜᴀ ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ ೃೕೂ

    _Shrek the Third_ sucked because the creator who worked on Shrek(s)1 & 2 wasn't working on Shrek the Third.

  • Mad Penguin
    Mad Penguin Month ago

    Best school SA?

  • 1fishmob
    1fishmob Month ago

    The only real impact Shrek 3 has is Harold's death and the babies, both of which don't affect the fourth film.

  • irreleventology
    irreleventology Month ago

    Shred 4 was fucking amazing

  • achow does Roblox
    achow does Roblox Month ago

    People hate shrek 4 because the timelines make no sence

  • yababy
    yababy Month ago +3

    Your initial statement is wrong.
    Videogames are the #1 now, kid.

  • Ramune Glass
    Ramune Glass Month ago

    What you hate of this movie, I love of this movie. My favorite Shrek 1 then 3 then 2 and then 4 😕 i enjoyed it honestly even if it was irrelevant to you.

  • Katherine Silveyra
    Katherine Silveyra Month ago

    2:48 the villain is shane dawson

  • theformulakid1
    theformulakid1 Month ago

    All star piano and holding out for a hero piano are both background music
    The classic versions

  • Instagram Police
    Instagram Police Month ago

    Honestly rumpelstilkskin looks exactly like you jack

  • Joelmacool
    Joelmacool Month ago +1

    Click the first link of every description starting with this video.

  • billy stern
    billy stern Month ago

    love the background music. in the beginning he plays all-star.

  • Simeki
    Simeki Month ago

    Shrek 4 is worst one

  • Subscribe To PewDiePie

    You must have made a typo in the video and title

  • Kristaps Sprūdžs
    Kristaps Sprūdžs Month ago

    i unironicly enjoy shrek 4 at least enjoyed it 3 years ago havent watched it since
    i didnt pay to see it it was on cable

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 2 months ago

    There’s no such thing as worse when it comes to shrek

  • the voice in your head
    the voice in your head 2 months ago

    Man shrekt just got rekt

  • jjmyhero
    jjmyhero 2 months ago

    No I knew charming was the 3rd antagonist

  • Zimmer Roberts
    Zimmer Roberts 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who likes Shrek the Third?

  • Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott 2 months ago +2

    Personally I think Shrek Forever After was the worst Shrek movie

  • Moon Palette
    Moon Palette 2 months ago +2

    Am I the only one who actually loved Shrek 3??

  • michael angus
    michael angus 2 months ago +1

    Shrek 4 is the worst... do doubt!

    LOL OOFERLOL 2 months ago +2

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    • KurisutiGame
      KurisutiGame 2 months ago

      Skre and then Shrek? you're a genius.

  • Fruit Queen
    Fruit Queen 2 months ago +3

    Not gonna lie. I think i purged the third shrek from my memory and i got confused as why people hated shrek forever after bc it became the third shrek in my mind.

  • KimmieIsProbablyFangurling

    ;< shrek the 3rd was my favorite

  • Maxamelon
    Maxamelon 2 months ago +1

    And this is my TED talk.

  • Gay Big
    Gay Big 2 months ago +1

    I just clicked on this to dislike

    • Gay Big
      Gay Big 2 months ago +1

      Nvm I watched it its beautiful

  • jet latuya
    jet latuya 2 months ago +1

    5:23 Buddy I have bad news Shrek 5 got cancelled and got replaced by a reboot made by illumination. I'm truly sorry

  • Kaim Argonar
    Kaim Argonar 2 months ago +5

    Yeah JacksFilms just likes Shrek 4 because Rumpelstilzchen looks like him. The End

  • TheSimplyJJP
    TheSimplyJJP 2 months ago +1

    People are too harsh on Shrek the Third. It can be said it's the weaker film of the franchise, but to label it god awful is a bit of a stretch.

  • Hello sir
    Hello sir 2 months ago

    Your preach has been heard. And I shall spread it to all, daddy.

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc 2 months ago

    The music in the background gets louder and louder and then lowers

  • Nutrak
    Nutrak 2 months ago +1

    Avangers have too many character the worse movie omg

  • sup
    sup 2 months ago

    It does seem like the third movie never happened. We can actually see Rumpelstiltskin in the third movie, BUT HE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT IN THE NEXT ONE. Not at all.

  • Bitchiro
    Bitchiro 2 months ago

    its 2019, where the damn trailer at