Jon Hamm Says He’s Up For Being The Next Batman

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about Jon Hamm playing Batman.
    Robin Vulgin writes, So Cavill is out and we all know Affleck has been out for a long time even though they’ve never come out and admitted it. I’m in the camp of “Let’s get Jon Hamm as the new Batman”. I think Hamm is an amazing actor. I’ve loved him ever since Mad Men. Hamm even mentioned it in a new interview. What do you think? Could Hamm be our next Dark Knight?
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  • reese packer
    reese packer 2 months ago

    i would like to see Hamm in the role but i think studio will go younger in between 30 and 35

  • reese packer
    reese packer 2 months ago

    Ewan Mcgregor basically became Obi Wan Kenobi in Ep.1 due to massive public demand

  • Guy Webz
    Guy Webz 3 months ago

    Younger Batman: Scott Adkins
    Older Batman: Jon Hamm
    Elderly Bruce Wayne: Michael Keaton

  • Zack Briggs
    Zack Briggs 4 months ago

    Jon Hamm may have a chance now since Affleck's out, although the intention I hear is to hire a younger person to play Batman.

  • QGXY Reverse 98
    QGXY Reverse 98 5 months ago

    would mind John Hamm and Chris Evans replace Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck as the new Batman , but right now with Aquaman was a huge money shot hit i don't see how would this happen for a Recast JL Actors . So maybe Warner Bro will change there mind for one more Superman Films Roles for Henry Cavill , but Ben Affleck Age was a issue same as John Hamm but if John Hamm get Replacement for Ben Affleck as Batman i am fun with it . But it might take me three or two time for get use to it on Batman Topics and i think with what John Hamm know from the Superheroes Comics , it might fix with the role for Batman but for me i would mind it i could just look at the Character and ignore John Hamm . So i would say Ben Affleck might be the one that walk away from DCEU .


    YES Jon Hamm Is The New Batman Awesome 😎😎😎👍👍👍

  • Ryan Angel Balita
    Ryan Angel Balita 5 months ago

    Scott Adkins

  • Ryan Angel Balita
    Ryan Angel Balita 5 months ago

    Scott adkins

  • Ryan Angel Balita
    Ryan Angel Balita 5 months ago

    Scott Adkins for batman

  • Ryan Angel Balita
    Ryan Angel Balita 5 months ago

    Scott Adkins for batman

  • Ryan Angel Balita
    Ryan Angel Balita 5 months ago

    Scott Adkins

  • Krishna Dev Agarwal
    Krishna Dev Agarwal 6 months ago

    Focus on the Flash.
    Read more

  • Ashley Hicks
    Ashley Hicks 6 months ago

    Jensen Ackles for the new Batman Year One!!!

  • KoolCat !
    KoolCat ! 6 months ago

    I think Hamm would be fantastic in the role and I can easily picture him as a billionaire playboy by day & intense crime fighting caped crusader by night. I just hope WB gives him serious consideration.

  • jefftacsin911
    jefftacsin911 8 months ago

    Jon hamm looks gay

  • sayantanutbe
    sayantanutbe 8 months ago

    I'd like to see Jon Hamm as Batman. He'd be great!

  • Chadwick Mitchell
    Chadwick Mitchell 8 months ago

    Alexander Skarsgard would be an awsome batman

    ESCAPE LIFE 8 months ago

    The age of Affleck didn't bother me. His acting isn't great. I think he's focused too much on the external look, but doesn't grasps the character. Ben struck me as sad and passive, and I don't see the character this way.

  • The Stark Knight Returns

    Batfleck is the BEST Batman we have had so far. Even his Justice League version was awesome, specially in that first rooftop scene with the parademon. His chin is spot-on. I don't even mind that he comes back older and a bit stockier for more movies. The Dark Knight Returns is basically that, and I have always loved that mix of "old man aging fit + massive muscle structure".
    Chris Bale played Batman MASTERFULLY, with great sensitivity and gravitas. but he is NO comics Batman. He's too slim, even when he is buffed up. And the chin is more akin to that of Nightwing, rather than Batman.
    Maybe his "Begins" look came close.
    Only Jon Hamm can possibly go up there and match Affleck's version.
    Joe Mangianello is in absolute GREAT shape but he looks like a dumb jock. Batfleck has that "sedated serial killer" look that Bruce Wayne must have.Ler mais Mostrar menos

  • moraisgkm
    moraisgkm 9 months ago

    Jon Hamm almost played Negan in twd, he was actually the first choice but he was filming at the time, i think he would be the “perfect” Negan. As batman, i think he would be great!

  • Ben -
    Ben - 9 months ago

    If we're even going to get a Batman then Warner Bros is gonna have to get its shit sorted. The question of who is not the problem.

  • Slim Tek
    Slim Tek 9 months ago

    Jon Hamm Batman vs Joaquin Phoenix Joker. This needs to happen 🔥

  • SOCK Monkey115
    SOCK Monkey115 9 months ago

    If Tom hardy wasn’t always so busy with playing so many characters he would be a good Batman

  • jldog134
    jldog134 9 months ago

    Please Jon Hamm save the DCEU as Batman.

  • Radio Broog
    Radio Broog 9 months ago

    They should find the guy that was Batman for Batman vs Darth Vader. A goofy video conceptually, but very well done. You can find it below. For me, this guy is an amazing Batman, visually at least, MY Batman. I don't know about his acting chops of course. I think Josh Brolin would have been great, but that isn't going to happen now. Jake would have been great too. Hamm is an amazing actor, but I just don't think he has the bite, but I might be wrong. I think they should find an unknown like that guy in this Batman Vs Vader video:

  • sayenshin
    sayenshin 9 months ago

    If they want a Justice League, they better cast a younger Batman and a younger Superman, like 25-30 years old max.

  • Qwerty95k
    Qwerty95k 9 months ago

    JON HAMM would make a great Two Face instead tbh

  • TripJay21
    TripJay21 9 months ago

    Hamm is kinda old now so idk how thats going to happen...but i can 100 percent see it.

  • Ian Smart
    Ian Smart 9 months ago

    It’s never too late guys
    You can still watch Mad Men. That’s top 3 shows of all time and he’s a standout
    Just cuz u missed the boat the first time doesn’t mean you can’t get on now

    #KEVIN FEIGE 9 months ago

    Hamm should play as Dr Doom

  • NGL Boyz
    NGL Boyz 9 months ago

    Ben Affleck is Batman

  • Dan Fors
    Dan Fors 9 months ago

    Just get Scott Atkins.

  • GEMINIVice1
    GEMINIVice1 9 months ago

    He’s up for being Batman
    .....until the shitty scripts start coming across his desk

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas 9 months ago +8

    Just make Batman Beyond with Keaton as Bruce Wayne

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas 9 months ago +2

    There's already a Spider-Hamm so I don't see why not

  • kay t
    kay t 9 months ago

    Jon who?

  • JonathanK28
    JonathanK28 9 months ago

    I love Jon Hamm but they need to go younger, Armie Hammer would be a perfect choice if they go younger.

  • krishtian Sev
    krishtian Sev 9 months ago

    He has got the build, the height, is good looking, have seen him in villainy roles, and he can pull off the rich privileged look and be crazy as hell, watch baby driver. I think he will be a good choice, if you are going for younger batman, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal, but pls no no no to john hamm, after watching the lone ranger, I don't want to see any of his movies, horrible acting

  • UberNoodleX
    UberNoodleX 9 months ago

    Did you say Jon Hamm is 47 years old? Oh my god. He's only 6 years older than me, and I always thought he was in his fifties. :/

  • mew10521
    mew10521 9 months ago

    He does have the look, the height and is very attractive and also look like a 40 something year old Bruce Wayne similar to the batman the animated series; no offense to Ben Affleck he doesn't look 40, is attractive, nor a playboy millionaire/billionaire, but that's my opinion

  • Brandon
    Brandon 9 months ago

    I don’t care who is the next Batman but please keep the suit and please keep the voice. Snyder nailed it.

  • Andy Vargas
    Andy Vargas 9 months ago

    If Affleck wasn't already 100% out, he'd be dumb not to be now now that Henry is out. And Hamm would be equally dumb to take the role. Anyone who hops into the DCEU at this point is making a mistake. Without Henry as Superman, the DCEU is dead, and if they cast MB Jordan as Superman then it'll flop immediately

  • Lester Lee
    Lester Lee 9 months ago

    Might as well get Aaron Eckhart. (Mind=blown)

  • Lester Lee
    Lester Lee 9 months ago

    I think he would be perfect for a one-and-done old Batman in a non Batman movie like a Joker movie, a Harley Quinn movie, or even a Robin movie.

  • Bucky Barz
    Bucky Barz 9 months ago

    Ironically I drew a portrait of Hamm as Batman recently.

  • Arturo Games
    Arturo Games 9 months ago

    I'll be down for a John Hamm Joaquin Phoenix beat-down

  • madd ace
    madd ace 9 months ago

    John Hamm, Pablo Schreiber, or Army Hammer are great picks to play Batman

  • Chimzi Amadi
    Chimzi Amadi 9 months ago

    Fire casting

  • Brody Scarborough
    Brody Scarborough 9 months ago +2

    Get this man a cape.

  • Melvin Ramone
    Melvin Ramone 9 months ago +1

    I wouldn't mind seeing Hamm as Batman but I think he'd be a better fit for Reed Richards.

  • Ronnie J Dio
    Ronnie J Dio 9 months ago

    Hamm and Gals chemisty is epic

  • SeeJay X
    SeeJay X 9 months ago

    The Batman Cast
    Jon Hamm As Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Levi Miller As Robin/Damian Wayne
    Teresa Palmer As Talia Al Ghul
    Jason Isaacs As Ra's Al Ghul
    Andrew Garfield As Nightwing
    Jeremy Irons As Alfred Pennyworth
    J. K. Simmons As Commissioner Gordon
    Emma Stone As Batgirl
    See Jay As Thunder-Wave (new character)
    Jared Leto As The Joker
    Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn
    Vera Farmiga As Vicky Vale
    Matthew McConaughey As Black Mask
    Will Smith As Deadshot
    Guy Pearse As Two-Face
    Eva Green As Catwoman
    Edward Norton As The Riddler
    Andy Serkis As The Penguin
    Jackie Early Haley As Scarecrow
    Joe Manganiello As Deathstroke
    Viggo Mortensen As Mr. Freeze
    Scoot McNairy As Zsasz
    Liam Cunningham As Dr. Strange
    Karen Gillan As Poison Ivy
    Forest Whitaker As Lucius Fox
    Bryan Cranston As Sal Maroni
    Brendan Gleeson As Carmine Falcone
    Tilda Swinton As Dr. Chase Merridain
    Maggie Q As Ellen Yin
    Sam Riley As Azrael/John Blake
    Isabelle Fuhrman As Holly Robinson
    Jonathan Keltz As Red Hood
    Jeffery Dean Morgen As Thomas Wayne
    Lauren Cohan As Martha Wayne
    John Goodman As Calendar Man
    Look If Matt Reeves Doesn't Want to Direct (or still directing) The Batman Movie I Will

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 9 months ago

    Hamm could easily play 40's.

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 9 months ago

    Jon Hamm for Batman 100%.

  • mousa omer
    mousa omer 9 months ago

    I would love to see him as batman but he is old

  • Sammy Long
    Sammy Long 9 months ago +1

    I think the dceu is dead i just wasn't a good green lantern movie.

  • sarah gey
    sarah gey 9 months ago

    Hes just 1 year older then ben affleck but then he can be remplaced with batman beyond the reebot is the best choice

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 9 months ago

    This is another actor, who I think is good, but I don't see him as Batman. Hmm.🤔

  • Andrew Huffman
    Andrew Huffman 9 months ago

    I will tell you right now Jon hamm would be the best Batman yet I love Ben Affleck to death but Jon hamm is my number one choice only if they reboot dc cause I don’t want him to be in a terrible movie like all the rest of them have been. It needs to be a STAND ALONE Batman movie with Jon hamm

  • I’m Here
    I’m Here 9 months ago

    You can’t be a fan of Hamm and not watched his best work.
    Start Mad Men asap.

  • IM MII
    IM MII 9 months ago +2

    I think you would enjoy Mad Men.

  • Doranza Arkham Menace
    Doranza Arkham Menace 9 months ago +2

    Everyone wants to play Batman until they have a conversation with WB.

  • MG23
    MG23 9 months ago

    Don't want him. Batman needs to be younger. Enough of the close to retirement Batman.

  • WhiteWolf496
    WhiteWolf496 9 months ago +11

    Jon Hamm is one of my favourite actors... Batman is one of my favourite characters... yes please

  • Corey Donaldson
    Corey Donaldson 9 months ago +1

    I think that Jon Hamm would be pretty interesting choice for Batman/Bruce Wayne !

  • Corey Donaldson
    Corey Donaldson 9 months ago +1

    Jon Hamm is awesome in Baby Driver !

  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N 9 months ago +11

    Jon is too old

    • __STALKER10__
      __STALKER10__ 9 months ago

      Rdj is old too

    • SOCK Monkey115
      SOCK Monkey115 9 months ago

      Cupidon DieudLAmour he looks young when he cuts his beard though

    • Jacob Reeze
      Jacob Reeze 9 months ago +1

      Also, I think Jon could be a good fit because he has proven commitment, consistency, and stability by all the time he spent acting on a weekly TV series. So many issues with previous Batman actors, even otherwise talented ones. The Englishman and Birdman are the only ones who have really risen to the occasion. Part of DC's problem is that I guess the Batman and Superman roles just have historically proven to have weird effects on the character's actors. With all the hubbub around Isreal and Palestine, maybe harsh scrutiny comes to effect Gadot too.

    • The Black Lodger
      The Black Lodger 9 months ago +2

      To play a young Batman sure, but if he's replacing Affleck or just playing another older Batman that isn't Affleck's incarnation, then he's at the right age.

    • Jacob Reeze
      Jacob Reeze 9 months ago

      In the movie biz your only as old as your plastic surgeons best quote.

  • Richard Littlewood
    Richard Littlewood 9 months ago

    Never watched Mad Men??? Whhhaaaaaaaatttt?!

  • TheMoonKingdom
    TheMoonKingdom 9 months ago

    Dude, do yourself a favor & checkout Mad Men:)

  • Leeto Nández
    Leeto Nández 9 months ago

    Jon Hamm is 47 6"2", Ben Affleck is 46 6'4". So I don't think his age would make a big difference.

    • The Stark Knight Returns
      The Stark Knight Returns 9 months ago

      Jon Hamm is actually 184.8 cms - Nearly 6 feet 1. He lies about his height.
      Ben Affleck is actually 188.6 cms - A little bit over 6 feet 2. People around him lie about his height.

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 9 months ago

    He was my first choice when they announced an older Batman. That said...I don't want him tainted with DC.

  • Adam White
    Adam White 9 months ago +1

    I’ve been pushing for Hamm since they announced Batman v Superman. He’s the perfect representation of privilege meets insanity. The only problem is that if Reeves is going for the younger Batman then he wouldn’t really fit that direction.

  • Nikunj Dixit
    Nikunj Dixit 9 months ago +8

    The reason I don't like an older Batman in a DCEU type scenario is simple. There is a limit to how long the actor will be in the role. Lets face it, Batman is a physically demanding role and it requires the actor to be fit. The older the actor, the less likelihood that they are interested in dealing with that fitness aspect for more than a couple of films. I mean even in Marvel, younger actors like Chris Evans have mentioned the difficulties of maintaining that body for these films so I can understand it being difficult for guys in their mid to late 40's. Affleck himself looked out of shape during the reshoots for JL. I think they should aim for mid 30's aged Batman so they can have someone who has been Batman for close to 10 years but is still physically fit enough to be at his prime. It will be easier for the character to have longevity and it will be easier to cast an actor who is willing to stay for a while.

    • Evil Eye
      Evil Eye 9 months ago

      Good point.

    • Javier Lopez
      Javier Lopez 9 months ago +1

      @Paul Antonio Tony Stark's character doesn't require the same physicall effort that Bruce Wayne's does, not to mention that all of Iron Man's scenes are CGI

    • xTrainerRed
      xTrainerRed 9 months ago +2

      @Paul Antonio rdj is mostly cgi, and tony stark/iron man isn't a physically demanding character, but batman/bruce wayne is

    • Paul Antonio
      Paul Antonio 9 months ago

      Age doesn't matter, ask RDJ

  • Leeto Nández
    Leeto Nández 9 months ago +10

    he was awesome in Ben Affleck's The Town.

    • Koki F
      Koki F 9 months ago +1

      If anyone can take Affleck’s place, I’m all for his if being Mr. six inches

    • FaB92 N
      FaB92 N 9 months ago


  • RainFlawlessGaming
    RainFlawlessGaming 9 months ago

    Hell No

  • nikeforlife54
    nikeforlife54 9 months ago

    Open question: I think it’s fair to say the comic book community would be more than okay with an older Batman. Clearly not every movie fan is not a comic book fan. Do you guys think the the masses would accept an older Batman?

  • Mickle In a Pickle
    Mickle In a Pickle 9 months ago

    Hey, I'm up for playing Batman!

  • Man Of Martin
    Man Of Martin 9 months ago +3

    This is all projection. Borderline fake news.

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen 9 months ago +2

    Jon Hamm would be great as an Older Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • mrcooldeadly85
    mrcooldeadly85 9 months ago

    Who is Jon Hamm honestly?

  • DanTheMan Bardo
    DanTheMan Bardo 9 months ago +3

    If we're starting fresh why don't we get someone just a little younger

    • Javier Lopez
      Javier Lopez 9 months ago

      @Dexter Brown Batfleck wasn't retired idk why everyone says that

    • Dexter Brown
      Dexter Brown 9 months ago +1

      They would have to reboot the entire storyline if they decide to go with a younger Wayne. Remember, this is an older, physically broken down Batman who came out of retirement to rid the world of Superman then formed Justice League.

  • Alex Meyer
    Alex Meyer 9 months ago +1

    Jon Hamm would be amazing as Batman. I'm all for it!!!

  • Devon A
    Devon A 9 months ago

    Jon Hamm as Batman... I'd buy that for a dollar!

  • D Strachan
    D Strachan 9 months ago +1

    Hamm would love to do Batman, but is he a big enough name? Any heat he had from 'Mad Men' has long since passed. At least Clooney was hot off ER when he got the role 😎. If WB announced Hamm it would have zero wow factor.

    • D Strachan
      D Strachan 9 months ago

      @Tre Drago to WB probably yes. Given the performance of 'Justice League' you really need a lead actor/director combination that people are going to get excited about. Too many reboots in quick succession

    • Tre Drago
      Tre Drago 9 months ago

      So is that what matters? A wow factor? Bale wasn't a household name before he was cast and he was a great Batman.

    OMEGALAH 9 months ago +5


  • Kaitschi
    Kaitschi 9 months ago +12

    Ben was the best Batman. If you don't get Jake Gylenhaal, Armie Hammer would be the next best Thing

    • KoolCat !
      KoolCat ! 6 months ago

      Not even close. Ben is a good actor but his Batman version was nowhere near as likable or believable as Michael Keaton or Christian Bale’s were. They are the 2 best IMO.

    • Azaleia Deez
      Azaleia Deez 7 months ago


    • Gordon Smith
      Gordon Smith 8 months ago

      Affleck was horrible and so were his Batman movies.

      ESCAPE LIFE 8 months ago

      Bane Epewid So true about Armie Hammer... he doesn't look the part, nor does he have the acting chops. Ben is also not my favorite. They have yet to cast Batman/Bruce well.

    • John John
      John John 8 months ago +2

      I honestly want to see Karl Urban as Batman.

  • Simple X.
    Simple X. 9 months ago +9

    Im all in for Jon Hamm as Batman.

  • Olufemi Sonuga
    Olufemi Sonuga 9 months ago

    Scott Asking preferably

  • FranSlam
    FranSlam 9 months ago +25

    I'd like someone who actually wants to be Batman, to be Batman. Not someone who's possibly gonna resent the commitment it takes to making several movies, or the wishy-washy _'will he won't he'_ reports we've been enduring for years over Affleck and his weird lack of enthusiasm every now and again that makes me wonder if he even wants to be Batman anymore. I'm tired of it. Hamm seems up for it and they've been moving towards the "ageing" Batman since BvS anyway. Affleck has some personal problems he should prioritise over and above being Batman. Loved him in BvS tho, but I don't think he's personally in a good enough place to continue to commit to this role. He needs to take a lot of time out to fix himself up.

    • S K
      S K 9 months ago +1

      He just got divorced and I heard he's in rehab now for alcoholism. I feel bad for him and I hope he gets better.

    • Lucy Fe
      Lucy Fe 9 months ago

      To be fair, I think Affleck really wanted to be Batman. He had a batcave in his home ffs. But I think he felt fucked when they dropped his The Batman twice as writer (after he rewrote the script even) and as director. Also, it was pretty clear he though JL was shitty after they fired Snyder. And I would feel the same way. Dude has Oscars and isn't stupid, I'm pretty sure he saw how terrible the movie would be. Also, I dont want to sould selfish since I really want him to stay as Batman, but he pretty much never was in a good place. Dude is addicted to too many things and it's one of the reasons he worked multiple projects at once. Oh well, it's a shame either way. I don't think he is a good actor, but he is good at story telling and is the most perfect Batman I could wish for.

    • UberNoodleX
      UberNoodleX 9 months ago +4

      In all fairness to Affleck, I think he really did want to play the role. I think he was excited to play the Batman which Zack Snyder had envisioned. But it couldn't have been easy to maintain that enthusiasm with the atmosphere of incompetence and two-facedness that has clearly marked the upper management of Warner Brothers and DC regarding these movies. And I think we also have to accept some responsibility ourselves for jumping the gun so frequently regarding every rumour and fan outrage, and this possibly exacerbating the problem. I mean, if you see the sad Affleck meme 10,000 times, you start to believe that it might actually be true. And quite possibly, so does Affleck.

  • Bobby Vee
    Bobby Vee 9 months ago +20

    I would like a see Jon Hamm but it sounds like that isn't going to be an option.

  • Yago Pacheco
    Yago Pacheco 9 months ago

    Hamm doesn't look a day over 35, I prefer a JL which the members have close to the same age in which Batman looks at most 5 years older than the other members

  • Mehul Desai
    Mehul Desai 9 months ago +1

    Mad Men is fantastic, only watched 20 minutes of Baby Driver before the all the Hipsterisms forced me to turn it off

    • Jason Neil
      Jason Neil 9 months ago

      TechNoir1982 but yes...MAD MEN is fabulous.

    • Jason Neil
      Jason Neil 9 months ago

      TechNoir1982 there was literally ZERO hipster quality in BABY DRIVER. Now...Garden State, yes. Haha

  • The Real McCoy
    The Real McCoy 9 months ago +12

    Mad Men is a great show, you need to watch this John.

    • Joe Bruin
      Joe Bruin 9 months ago

      It’s my favorite series of all time

    • The Real McCoy
      The Real McCoy 9 months ago

      @Josh Navarro I think Netflix has it

    • Josh Navarro
      Josh Navarro 9 months ago

      Where can you watch it?

  • reptonplaya
    reptonplaya 9 months ago

    I would much rather Jon Hamm play Mister Sinister in the MCU whenever the X-Men films start happening.

  • Angel
    Angel 9 months ago +18

    1. Cavill is not out lol, why does everyone keep acting like its true!? His agent has confirmed that "the cape is still in his closet" and WB have said that "nothing has changed". Besides, go check out Henry's last instagram post, dosent look like he's leaving lol...
    2. Why does everyone keep acting like everything from Affleck has been officially confirmed!? Nothing from Affleck has been confirmed from WB or Affleck himself, just rumours, rumours,...and more rumours. Not saying he'll stay or leave, just stating facts.

    • Matt Murdock
      Matt Murdock 9 months ago

      Lucy Fe Uh...what? Affleck is not Batman and won’t be again.

    • Lucy Fe
      Lucy Fe 9 months ago

      @Matt Murdock wtf??they dropped his script twice after he rewrote the damn thing and dropped him as director too. What are you talking about?

    • Dan Fors
      Dan Fors 9 months ago

      Cape is in the closet along with Tom Cruise. He will come out as the new Supes

    • Evil Eye
      Evil Eye 9 months ago +1

      Wow, you managed to say something positive without insulting and hating on Zack Snyder. I hope Lemisanthrope learns from this.

    • Matt Murdock
      Matt Murdock 9 months ago

      Aaron Levine Yup. It’s a shame. I love Man of Steel and Cavill’s take in Man of Steel. Not a fan of BvS and what they did with his character in that film. And JL is a disaster. Classic example of perfect casting but at the wrong time with the wrong production.