Hunting IGUANA in the Cayman Islands with AIR RIFLES!!!! (catch clean cook)

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Our buddy Eddie down here in the Cayman Islands owns a iguana culling company and let us spend a day with him. He averages 200 iguana a day with millions more on the island to be harvested. These iguanas are an invasive species and have a bounty on them from the government because they are eating all of the natural vegetation. We had a blast hunting with him and took them home to cook them up!!
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  • Warrior Of The River Jordan


  • Op_ Xpert
    Op_ Xpert 8 hours ago

    don't title the shit catch clean cook if you ain't gonna clean it

  • Wawang Sawitan
    Wawang Sawitan Day ago +1

    I hate a lot of talking

  • Donald Lawrance
    Donald Lawrance 2 days ago

    White eazy e

  • Jake C.
    Jake C. 2 days ago

    They're ficking masive

  • Cronox200 2.0
    Cronox200 2.0 3 days ago +1

    Its hurt to them?
    Yup a stupid aswear but its the curiusity xD

  • Noli Jauma
    Noli Jauma 3 days ago +2

    I will rather you give me the lizards so they dont have to be killed

  • Noli Jauma
    Noli Jauma 3 days ago +1

    I just hate when people like both of them kill iguanas for fun

    • Curseyplayz
      Curseyplayz 2 days ago


    • Curseyplayz
      Curseyplayz 2 days ago

      Yeah thee litteraly eating them it’s not for no reason

    • Aaron O'Rourke
      Aaron O'Rourke 2 days ago

      Its not for fun they are an invasive species also they cook & eat them

  • James Dewart
    James Dewart 3 days ago

    You tube stinks, wish we could see the processing. Great hunt though!

  • jett bouzek
    jett bouzek 3 days ago +1

    Awesome!!! Do u need a license for that hunting

    • Rob Withman
      Rob Withman Day ago

      They are invasive so no Licence is required. Florida has same problem with Iguanas, kill them all day.

  • Leonel Martinez
    Leonel Martinez 3 days ago

    Make it into a soup flavor is amazing

  • Juan Taveras
    Juan Taveras 3 days ago

    Deadass thought the guy in the thumbnail was supreme patty

  • Kitty cat o
    Kitty cat o 4 days ago

    I feel bad because someone brang them there and now people can kill them because it is introduced... 🤷‍♂️

    • bob2342 bas
      bob2342 bas 2 days ago

      They are eating the crops of it was my island i wolud kill them all vegan

  • Drippy tearz
    Drippy tearz 4 days ago

    Bro where do you guys live to get those typa houses ? I’d love to do that please reply ❤️

    • Luis Cerna
      Luis Cerna 2 days ago

      Kaveri island I think

    • Luis Cerna
      Luis Cerna 2 days ago

      Drippy tearz he says it at the beginning

  • Beastmode cowboy
    Beastmode cowboy 5 days ago

    I'm tempted to leave Montana just to hunt invasive species, hogs, iguanas, pythons, and carp

  • Carlos :v
    Carlos :v 6 days ago

    No nimergas :v

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 7 days ago

    I go to the caymans a lot there is like no eguanas anymore u shouldn’t be killing them

  • Jarode Forcia
    Jarode Forcia 8 days ago +3

    Ooo yea need some sweet baby rays devils spit bbq sauce 😎

  • Valentina Bunny
    Valentina Bunny 9 days ago +5

    Feel kinda bad for em had one as a pet but they r invasive n r everywhere in Florida as well

  • Franci Alcides Padilla
    Franci Alcides Padilla 10 days ago +2

    Malditos americanos solo matan por matar a los animalitos hay mucha gente que los mata para comer porque son pobres y esta gente que necesidad tiene de matar a estos indefensos animales 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Mike Hubbard
    Mike Hubbard 10 days ago +3

    I'd think the neck would have the most meat, but I never had one.

  • Mike Hubbard
    Mike Hubbard 10 days ago +3

    That's gotta be fun. That's a lot of dragons to slay. LOL

  • Cloud Rider
    Cloud Rider 13 days ago +1

    Rip little iguanas

  • Overhaul 22
    Overhaul 22 16 days ago +1

    I don't like it, iguana is not a food

  • wilbur graveen
    wilbur graveen 16 days ago +1

    Lmao "im already tarnished"

  • Joseph Ramdas
    Joseph Ramdas 16 days ago +1

    Im from Guyana and we eat that all the time.
    We usually steam it out first then boil it down with 2 fresh coconut milk.
    Its awesome that way.

  • will west
    will west 16 days ago

    Wow to much fun!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leng Vang
    Leng Vang 17 days ago +1

    Good shooting

  • Naruto uzumaki
    Naruto uzumaki 17 days ago

    Whats that in the background when hes at the beach

  • Deacon Pickett
    Deacon Pickett 19 days ago +2

    Check out D-coy Outdoors

  • Nick Mandell
    Nick Mandell 20 days ago +1

    Just found your channel today, loved this video awesome job!

  • into xt%
    into xt% 23 days ago +1

    I know that guy when I first met him from a distance I thought it was a shotgun lol🤣😂

  • R3d3mp710nX
    R3d3mp710nX 24 days ago

    I'm in the Cayman Islands right now... Grand Cayman to be exact. Iguanas are everywhere here! :D I sold my guns in 1998, but need to get my license back soon to enjoy the hunt. Iguanas became a problem when DART Company came in, & started buying up land, & destroying the canals, & lush greenery that the Iguanas lived in, & now they have nowhere to call a habitat, so they wander into people's yards, & wipe out their flowers, gardens, fruit tree crops, & whatever else by eating the flowers, & buds that makes the fruits. Because of DART, the once beloved Iguana has become a nuisance.

  • Pedro Echeveria
    Pedro Echeveria 27 days ago

    No good acting

  • pipit febrianto
    pipit febrianto 28 days ago +1

    Save iguana

  • kygo Rogers Kent
    kygo Rogers Kent 28 days ago

    Son of bith

  • Ariel Pineda
    Ariel Pineda 29 days ago

    Sabe miejor guisada

  • Antonio Gallegos
    Antonio Gallegos Month ago

    Me gustaría qe fueras tu la presa y yo la persona qe te destrozar a el cráneo maldito asesino de nuestra naturaleza
    ---debemos cuidarla no destruirla? ???

  • Dorian bullet boats

    That's sad bruh in Roatan they're extinct

  • Lieutenant Starbuck

    Scum i hope somebody hunts you someday.

    • sman7290
      sman7290 9 days ago +1

      Eat a dick. They aren't native. They have no natural predators. They are destroying the environment. They need to be couldn't eradicate them even if you tried.

  • Juanito Velazquez mendoza

    Matan alos chicos nel ni sirven esos

  • Antonio Arreguin
    Antonio Arreguin Month ago

    Hey cabezones no maten así a esos pobres animales por q no lo hasen en Estados Unidos salen a otros países a hacer su desmadre q culeros y en su país no dejan q ni una mosca maten pitos es lo q son

  • daniel longino hernandez

    Por eso están como están pinches locos inconscientes

  • the worm guy
    the worm guy Month ago

    Stop killing iguanas

  • mr kill
    mr kill Month ago +1

    Desgraçados não matem iguanas seus filhos da pulta

  • Jeral Travis
    Jeral Travis Month ago +3

    Dont let the real Tarzan see this, he Luvs iguanas

  • Travis Slaven
    Travis Slaven Month ago +3


  • carter Ellis
    carter Ellis Month ago +1

    If Tarzan saw this

  • Roy Nelson
    Roy Nelson Month ago +1

    Tore them asses up man that was a cool video bro I think they hunt those down in Florida check it out man👊👊👍👍👍

  • Shemar Mills
    Shemar Mills Month ago +2

    I'm from Jamaica bro

    • Shemar Mills
      Shemar Mills Month ago +1

      Mullet Man hell yea and I'm a fan of your channel it's fire

    • Mullet Man
      Mullet Man  Month ago +1

      Heck yea!!

  • Liam Geary
    Liam Geary Month ago

    Love Your videos!!!

  • Matthew Osterman
    Matthew Osterman Month ago +1

    I shoot them all the time in Florida. I use 22s

  • minelab 71.
    minelab 71. Month ago +1

    Killing it with the kw100

  • Clean Cuts Trees
    Clean Cuts Trees Month ago +1

    What gun is that ???

  • Aurora Montero Saravia

    tanta cruelda..

  • Sur Wati
    Sur Wati Month ago

    he emang nya kamu mau di tembak selamat kamu dapat tiket masuk neraka

  • zia rehman
    zia rehman Month ago

    i would kill people who eats or kills bobcats or other kind of cats

  • Danny Hammac Jr.
    Danny Hammac Jr. Month ago +1

    High five fail.

  • Roaldo Arrazola
    Roaldo Arrazola Month ago

    Que poca tienen en matar así los animalitos¡en algunas partes de mi país ya está apunto de extinción ¡deberían las autoridades tomar carta en el asunto por proteger a esos animalitos ¡los animales son ellos por no tener compasión ¡

    • al4sake
      al4sake Month ago

      You have to understand that they don't belong here and are harmful to the environment. Las iguanas verdes son especies invasoras en el caribe y la Florida. Allí no existían hasta 1995, donde los árboles desarraigados con iguanas flotaban hacia el mar despues de hurican Luis. No tienen depredadores y están comiendo huevos de aves autóctonas hacia la extinción. Los gobiernos de estas localidades están organizando sacrificios para que no puedan destruir la flora y fauna nativas, proteger la agricultura . Son plagas de verdad.

  • Miah Miah Segura
    Miah Miah Segura Month ago +1

    Man that was freaking awesome video. I would love to do that myself

  • Dyllpickle360
    Dyllpickle360 Month ago

    Litteraly thought this guy was supreme patty

  • Edgar Linares
    Edgar Linares Month ago

    Dejen los animales en paz son lo más bonito que hay en este mundo

  • Faruk islam
    Faruk islam Month ago +1


  • Onpoint_xCamz
    Onpoint_xCamz Month ago +1

    Those animals are going endangered

    • Icyy ShoX ツ
      Icyy ShoX ツ Month ago

      al4sake like I said their not gonna be endangered you dumb idiot Lear to use proper English

    • al4sake
      al4sake Month ago

      +Icyy ShoX ツ They are overpopulated in the caribean and florida and destroy native flora and fauna. They will cause the extinction of native bird.

    • Icyy ShoX ツ
      Icyy ShoX ツ Month ago +1

      Chris Rush no there not lmao quit being a softcock their overpopulated there sold in pet stores my guy

  • Steph 868
    Steph 868 Month ago +1

    that is the best type of meat once u taste it how i eat it you will love it to death

  • logan mize
    logan mize Month ago +1

    Came over from outlaws when you where on his video 👍🏻 ima like this shit hell yea

  • logan mize
    logan mize Month ago +1

    Hell yea dude that’s awesome!

  • Luis Tamayo
    Luis Tamayo Month ago +4

    Pobres iguanas no las maten ya que esten en peligro de extincion ah ver q hacen

    • zero elevate
      zero elevate Month ago +1

      Luis Tamayo Nmms pendejo ahí muchas alv

  • Proyectos Especiales

    What knife Is that?

  • Adolfo Carranza
    Adolfo Carranza Month ago

    Mala homda

  • Amador Ramirez
    Amador Ramirez Month ago

    My uncle hunts iguanas with sling shots has terrific aim and is blind from one eye

  • Wajang
    Wajang Month ago

    Invasive or not, humans need to share the planet. Not to mention... ppl are starving to death in neighboring Haiti and these guys are wasting good food.

  • Baloch R
    Baloch R Month ago +1

    In joy

  • Baloch R
    Baloch R Month ago

    How you guys eat that

  • Samil101
    Samil101 Month ago

    Ok somebody missed the part of the bible that says dont eat reptiles.

  • Adam Randall
    Adam Randall Month ago +3

    What air rifle are you using? Nice shooting.

  • Enrique Alvarado
    Enrique Alvarado Month ago

    Iguanas aren't the problem , we are.

  • benjamin dover
    benjamin dover Month ago

    What kind of air rifle was that?

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo Month ago

    Mmmm no

  • Jhang Ray
    Jhang Ray Month ago

    Its expensive here for pets

  • account for play
    account for play Month ago +2

    You know it's a serious issue when he said ''eradicate'' instead of ''hunting'' or ''control''

  • Silverscale Derg
    Silverscale Derg Month ago

    Alright time to get my air gun and take on some cats. I mean cats are invasive and cause extinction unlike the "invasive" iguanas which do less damage than feral hogs...

  • iguanas verdes.
    iguanas verdes. Month ago

    Maldito perro zarnoso anda a dispararle a tu madre.

  • Suzie Duvall
    Suzie Duvall Month ago

    Why iguanas they are so peaceful and cool they never did any thing to us and they could be the answer to many diseases.

    • Rob Withman
      Rob Withman Day ago

      LOL Now that is funny, guess you didn't know they carry SALMONELLA DISEASE.

  • DoubleEdgedSword3
    DoubleEdgedSword3 Month ago

    Disgusting rednecks will eat anything everything taste like chicken come eat my roaches put some bbq on them

    • Rob Withman
      Rob Withman Day ago

      By the way your mom has your supper ready down in the Basement.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago +1

    Iguana soup is one of my favorites! Don’t let them go to waste! Sell them as food or give it to people who eat them!!

  • Torres Z
    Torres Z Month ago

    Yo los voy a matar a ustedes pendejos

  • Torres Z
    Torres Z Month ago

    Maldito perro de mierda

  • Carol V
    Carol V Month ago

    I have caught these with my bare hands

  • Jesse Holifield
    Jesse Holifield Month ago

    Badass air rifles

  • Dom Challis
    Dom Challis Month ago

    This guy is such a hero . Real tough guy . Got his cam cream on . WoW ! NOT .

  • Jon Mullett
    Jon Mullett Month ago

    I like the name! :) also is this a public place anyone can pay to go too or just a private place?


    Hey all of those iguanas go to waste!!!
    In El Salvador iguanas are one of the best things to eat... They have hunted them for years that now is eligal í believe now they farm them...
    I'll shoot a video when I go on December...
    Hasta la vista iguanas🐊🐊🐊🐊😂😂😂

  • AJ Rockin Shockin Williams

    Awesome video, I would love to eat iguana. I love frog legs and turtle meat . I'm subbing to your channel.

  • E Conejo
    E Conejo 2 months ago

    I’m from Texas and every time I’m at my grandparents house in Michoacán Mexico iguana is the first thing I love eating they should start selling the meat a lot of different cultures used it for a lot of different things

  • hunter guzman
    hunter guzman 2 months ago

    Man this seems like the perfect job

  • Synester Lui
    Synester Lui 2 months ago

    Which Air Rifle did you used bro?

  • Bradyn Powell
    Bradyn Powell 2 months ago

    He said 189

  • Serguei Serboz
    Serguei Serboz 2 months ago

    It´s like hunting turtles in a boring....!!!! I think that hunting offshore laundry money acounts in Cayman is more exciting....

  • Genaro Razo
    Genaro Razo 2 months ago

    Chingas a toda tu putisima madre pendejo veas de casar ala zirras de tus hermanas y detu madre