The Lizzie Borden House - Q+A

  • Published on May 17, 2017
  • Was that really a voice saying “help me” at the Lizzie Borden house?
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    Lizzie Borden
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  • Runtime: 7:12
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  • Eric Charbonneau
    Eric Charbonneau 2 days ago

    Ghosts aren’t real. There’s a reason everyone that says they saw one never has film of it... ok sure

  • Elaina Jacobs
    Elaina Jacobs 5 days ago

    *When a ghost murders Ryan*
    Shane: wow, that's some strong wind!

  • lightcutie MSP
    lightcutie MSP 6 days ago

    😓the noise from the camera when u hear that I heard that its a ghost messing with the audio

  • Gale LaScala
    Gale LaScala 6 days ago

    You two are adorable!

  • mylifeasbritt
    mylifeasbritt 8 days ago

    finished all the regular episode so i’m watching these Q&A’s.😂

  • Savvie D
    Savvie D 9 days ago


  • JoeMama
    JoeMama 9 days ago

    What is the song about Lizzie Borden?
    Lyrics: Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one. I do NOT own the movie. I just like the way the rhyme is being sung in this movie.

  • JoeMama
    JoeMama 9 days ago

    Born on July 19, 1860, in Fall River, Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden and her sister, Emma, lived with their father, Andrew Borden, and stepmother, Abby (Durfee Gray) Borden, into adulthood. On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home. Lizzie was arrested and tried for the axe murders

  • AlfredAskew
    AlfredAskew 11 days ago

    That particular interference sound is most likely a cell phone "pinging" to see if there's available wireless to hook up to.
    I've heard a lot of that particular kind of artifact, having had to manually scrub it out from about 8 hours of audio. (Someone left a password protected wireless device on a stage, and the whole show was plagued by the sound of an entire audience's worth of cellphones electronically yelling across the room at the thing.)

  • Trash Queen
    Trash Queen 12 days ago

    Starts off with Rhinosaur and now it's Boogarars

  • Deanna Sorrells
    Deanna Sorrells 12 days ago

    Anyone notice the Satanic Verses book in the background??

  • Vlada Kaplunova
    Vlada Kaplunova 14 days ago

    how are Ryan's normal voice and Ryan's speaking voice so different?

  • BearTamerz
    BearTamerz 17 days ago

    after watching the whole seris in one day I didn't go to sleep at all

    ANNA-MARIE DANIELS 17 days ago

    #bergarasquad should be Ryan’s fan name

  • Becky Farts
    Becky Farts 18 days ago

    *hAViNg SAid ThAT*O-o

  • Overused YT
    Overused YT 18 days ago

    *who else watches old videos because is obsessed with this series*

  • Jess O'Keeffe
    Jess O'Keeffe 19 days ago +1

    Shane is a Ryan tribute act

  • Haeyoung Chung
    Haeyoung Chung 21 day ago

    "if you haven't watched it" LOL Ryan. Please. Who do you think you're talking to.

  • Gustavo Vargas
    Gustavo Vargas 21 day ago


  • Ella
    Ella 26 days ago


  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 27 days ago


  • Flakey :3
    Flakey :3 29 days ago

    Is anyone here a #shaniac ? I know I am

  • peachpynk
    peachpynk 29 days ago

    Ok #shaniacs because i believe in science

  • emilyisagøner
    emilyisagøner Month ago


  • Jessica Rhea Garza
    Jessica Rhea Garza Month ago

    i know exactly where that person pulled over to watch the episode

  • Just Me And Me Alone

    Shayan let's start fan fiction ... I'm kidding that's weird pls don't " wink wink "


    How sad of a ghost do you have to be to ask these two for help? The mailman would have been better

  • Thicc Gumshoe
    Thicc Gumshoe Month ago +1


  • Roes Cox
    Roes Cox Month ago

    I'm 1000% #shaniac but only because I'd be too scared to watch without Shane's smart butt comments 😂

  • Cindy Gonzalez
    Cindy Gonzalez Month ago


  • selanfene
    selanfene Month ago +4

    These are two attractive gentlemen.

  • Tehp0tat0
    Tehp0tat0 Month ago +4

    Ryan gets slammed on the floor multiple times and hears loud voices
    Shane: that just gravity

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P Month ago

    Val Shoemaker was mean to me in elementary school so now I’m a Shaniac

  • AvatarKitten
    AvatarKitten Month ago +2

    hAvInG sAiD tHaT

  • Evvlix
    Evvlix Month ago

    Lavallière mics do that Buzz sound sometimes. Nothing special

  • KittyKat Novak
    KittyKat Novak Month ago

    I still want Ryans squad to be #Rynation

  • Ava Larsen
    Ava Larsen Month ago +1

    Why is there a book or satanic verbs behind Ryan?!?

    • Ava Larsen
      Ava Larsen Month ago

      selanfene 😮 😯

    • selanfene
      selanfene Month ago

      Ava Larsen haha that's Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie... It's a well-known novel, not actually satanic at all

  • Leslie Villegas
    Leslie Villegas Month ago +1

    I started cracking up when Shane started reading in Ryan's voice lol😂😁

  • the other ghost girl

    Dusty radiators sound like that

  • the other ghost girl

    I think that Lizzie *might* not have been the one who actually killed her parents, but it’s quite possible that she may have paid/convinced someone else to do it.

  • John Miller
    John Miller Month ago

    In my opinion I think a ghost made the record's inference this happond to me bethore whith my group me did it other and other and i stabbed i had to go to emergency room for the stabbes wone's

  • the1andonlyPrima
    the1andonlyPrima Month ago

    is there a misspelling on your Twitter handles? shanes? there's an x in there?

  • AceAngel Azrael
    AceAngel Azrael Month ago

    I studied the Lizzie Borden case for fun and the penny pinching wasn't towards his family. That part was a made up story to make Lizzie appear more guilty. Andrew Borden gave Lizzie out of his own pocket a fully funded trip through Europe for her birthday and Lizzie's bank had thousands of dollars in it the day of the murder. She didn't have a job so all the money she had came from Andrew; she didn't want for nothing.

  • Katharine Lemmon
    Katharine Lemmon Month ago +1

    This episode was a Supernatural👻 and True Crime🔍!!!!!

  • Derick Robinson
    Derick Robinson 2 months ago


  • R Thompson-Jenkinson
    R Thompson-Jenkinson 2 months ago

    Okay id just like to say some noises they heard could've been the people who owned the Lizzy house as a tourist spot could've added speakers and things to make noises to make it seem "haunted" and therefore get more money and tourists to come. (this idea just came to me because of the episode of Supernatural where that happened) idk ideas

  • Louise GaryAVBl
    Louise GaryAVBl 2 months ago

    I'm a sound engineer and I've heard interferences like that countless times, these are pretty common and you know it Ryan ! #shaniac

  • Queep
    Queep 2 months ago +1

    “Oh it must’ve been the mailman”.
    Me: “Oh it must’ve been the wind”.

  • adrika musfirat
    adrika musfirat 2 months ago

    What’s the background music called in 4:10 ????

  • Fenrisúlfr Lokason
    Fenrisúlfr Lokason 2 months ago

    The ha hu or help me was probably a bird

  • ashleey da doll 》
    ashleey da doll 》 2 months ago

    " im a weezy guy " - Ryan 2017

  • Mystery Human
    Mystery Human 2 months ago

    Um I'm a believe it if I actually see it kinda person so neither evidence or excuse is really working

  • camram
    camram 2 months ago


  • gemw
    gemw 2 months ago

    it's not easy being *wheezy*

  • Julian / Raen
    Julian / Raen 2 months ago

    i appreciate the book behind ryan's head called 'Satanic Verses'

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed 2 months ago

    That help me sounded like an owl

  • luci aras
    luci aras 2 months ago

    the incestuous relationships were left out of ur investigation.

  • Veronica Tansli
    Veronica Tansli 2 months ago

    lol theory music

  • LuminaryPrism75
    LuminaryPrism75 2 months ago

    I sub for Unsolved and Try Guys. That is why you have me, Buzzfeed.

  • Darren Seaman
    Darren Seaman 2 months ago

    split the cut 😂😂

  • Meghan Grimes
    Meghan Grimes 2 months ago

    I'm a shitfish, cuz I'm between rynosaurus and shaniac. #shitfish

  • Mrsnowleoperd The snowleopard

    What if instead of underpaiding the maid did it so she and the other lady could be together in a unfair society.

  • bettylovelyp
    bettylovelyp 2 months ago +1

    Buzzfeed should fund you guys more. This is the best buzzfeed series.

  • 123456789 it's the 10 duel commandments

    "Part time weezer"

  • Tassja Stephens
    Tassja Stephens 2 months ago

    Ryan's theory voice makes me randy 😉

  • Tassja Stephens
    Tassja Stephens 2 months ago

    The 'help me' in this episode, I can't even hear it

  • Awesome DollGirl
    Awesome DollGirl 3 months ago

    Ryan and Shane have you seen the tv show about this crime.

  • Meghan McCrary
    Meghan McCrary 3 months ago

    That “help me” 0% sounds like anything speaking. I’m not even anti ghost that’s just not evidence lmao

  • Alora S
    Alora S 3 months ago

    New goal: count how many times "Having Said That" is said in this entire series....I don't get out much

  • omnise
    omnise 3 months ago

    the famed tapdance nut punch

  • Annabelle Brooke
    Annabelle Brooke 3 months ago

    Help me sounds like an owl. Hoo woo

  • George Lockhart
    George Lockhart 3 months ago +1

    I love how they are really petty to each other 😂

  • Only Losers Here
    Only Losers Here 3 months ago


  • Only Losers Here
    Only Losers Here 3 months ago


  • Apples
    Apples 3 months ago +2

    I feel like at this point, Shane is just trying to bust Ryan's chops. There's like hard evidence of strange and unusual occurances and Shane is just like "Oh, that's just the wind", even if they are in, like, an enclosed space. He'd rather come up with a "logical" explanation, even if it doesn't make much sense, than to accept the fact that they might be dealing with something paranormal. Shane, don't ever change <3

  • Nushi Azria
    Nushi Azria 3 months ago

    the help me sounded like an owl. And I generally believe in ghosts. I also have a skeptic point of view. Though i've seen legitimately unexplainable stuff. plus some times there are actually really weird situations that play off in the show. i'm just gonna reveal that the "help me" was an owl.

  • Kimberly Macias
    Kimberly Macias 3 months ago +1

    I’m a middle

  • maria arevalo
    maria arevalo 3 months ago

    the two genders: shaniacs and PWAAFOGs

  • Enyo
    Enyo 3 months ago

    Can you cover the conspiracy theories behind the twin towers?? I also wanted to suggest the grim reaper (there is LOTS of theories behind that) and I mean y'all did bigfoot. But I mainly wanna see the twin towers. Like this comment of you want to see that too.

  • Just Because24
    Just Because24 3 months ago

    *Bird tweets*
    Ryan: A ghost just said "Get out!"

  • reader88888888
    reader88888888 3 months ago

    #RYNOSAUR for life

  • Bethany Puleo
    Bethany Puleo 3 months ago

    Alfred Hitchcock actually had a episode on his show about Lizzie where it was the older sister who killed them. 😲🤣

  • cmhammo
    cmhammo 3 months ago

    Ok but the thumbnail

  • Lion Girl
    Lion Girl 3 months ago

    I like buzz feed unsolved true crime a bit more because, it is more faced on facts.

  • Chuck Shirley
    Chuck Shirley 3 months ago

    Hey Ryan, why is there a 'Satanic Verses' book behind you?

  • Willow Cheeks
    Willow Cheeks 3 months ago

    Have you watched ‘the Lizzie Borden Chronicles’? In the series it shows that Lizzie *did* kill her father and stepmother
    It probably has nothing to do with the actual thing but still I dooonnnttt knoooewww

  • Anya
    Anya 4 months ago

    Did I just see 'Satanic Verses' on the bookshelf behind Ryan?

  • James Freeman
    James Freeman 4 months ago +1

    Ghost don't exist.

  • Jeesa Johnson
    Jeesa Johnson 4 months ago

    watching this in class right now. hope i dont get caught.

  • MsTM MS
    MsTM MS 4 months ago

    But said in the combustion episode that you don't believe people who say , "I seen it with my own eyes!" Giggles! Clearly, "Help me..." was real! I seen it with Ryan's eyes!

  • Can I slytherout?
    Can I slytherout? 4 months ago

    That thumbnail sums up the series

  • Kasey V
    Kasey V 4 months ago

    Why is no one commenting about the fact that Shane threw coins at the common folk from the roof?

  • Rads ical
    Rads ical 4 months ago

    My theory. Someone killed Mr. Borden, idk who but maybe Mrs. Borden. In a rage Lizzie took revenge or whatever and killed Mrs. Borden

  • Attie Davis
    Attie Davis 4 months ago

    I love Shane doing Ryan's theory voice.

  • Chelsea Marie
    Chelsea Marie 4 months ago

    part time wheezer lol

  • RockBeauty :3
    RockBeauty :3 4 months ago

    I kind of want them to do the Boston Strangler at one point. I believe it would be funny watching them do it because someone was convicted of the crime, but he didn't actually do it.

  • MJ Bloom
    MJ Bloom 4 months ago


  • MJ Bloom
    MJ Bloom 4 months ago


  • Aiman Fatima
    Aiman Fatima 4 months ago

    Did anyone notice the book in the background titled 'satanic verses'?! lmao

  • Supreme Doritos
    Supreme Doritos 4 months ago +1

    "Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks. And when she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41."