Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway | The B1M

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • The Norwegian government are embarking on the largest infrastructure project in the country's history. For more by The B1M subscribe now:
    Footage and images courtesy of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Vianova Plan og Trafikk A/S, Norconsult A/S, Rambøll A/S and Baezeni Co., Ltd.
    Footage and images are the intellectual property of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Vianova Plan og Trafikk A/S, Norconsult A/S, Rambøll A/S and Baezeni Co., Ltd.
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Comments • 8 791

  • İnsancıl İnsan

    Why don't they build new railways instead of these projects

  • Only Standup
    Only Standup Day ago

    Utter foolishness. Flying cars eliminate the need for all of this nonsense, would be be faster, less pollution and can be had for approximately half this price, that includes: gigafactory, R&D and flight infrastructure. Utter silliness this road project.

  • jawwad Ahmed
    jawwad Ahmed Day ago


  • Navjot Singh
    Navjot Singh 2 days ago

    Floating tunnels and bridges, okay cool but does that mean that they are made for 1 fixed water level? Will be quite tough to compensate bends due to rise or fall of water level

  • x_WarHawk_x
    x_WarHawk_x 2 days ago

    Norway: We're gonna build a 630+ mile amazing coastal highway for approx $47 Billion.

    Boston, MA: Our "Big Dig" project was approx $24.3 Billion for 1.5 yeah, hold my Sam Adams

    • Only Standup
      Only Standup Day ago

      And when it's finished the major automakers unveil commercial flying cars...

  • neddy laddy
    neddy laddy 3 days ago

    Why not just simply concrete the entire continent?

  • Aleksander Pski
    Aleksander Pski 4 days ago

    what for ?

  • Pete Dallas
    Pete Dallas 5 days ago

    as a uk resident, is it the sensible management of oil revenue of the Norwegians that allows the cost of this massive infrastructure investment to be even thinkable?

  • creator Space
    creator Space 6 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Alexander van Wyk
    Alexander van Wyk 6 days ago +1

    Financing shouldn't be a problem. Just start printing billions of dollars, US style.

  • Gerald Pined
    Gerald Pined 7 days ago

    good video bro!!!

  • Guds777
    Guds777 7 days ago

    Heya Norge, sæll frændi, can you design the road system here in Iceland...

  • Umesh Thorbole
    Umesh Thorbole 7 days ago +2

    Why am i thinking this is little bit wastage of money.🤔🤔becoming more n more developed,we should think the other developing countries.It decreases permanent jobs of sailors+the beauty of western norway is little bit destroyed.

  • luvsilly60
    luvsilly60 7 days ago

    West Virginia has been building a cool highway

  • luvsilly60
    luvsilly60 7 days ago

    Uff Da on wheels.
    Make sure you can bicycle on it.

  • Shakeel Anjum
    Shakeel Anjum 7 days ago

    What if Norway invest 47 billions of dollars in drones and flying cars instead of this risky and lengthy highway, they can give each Norwegian a free of cost flying vehicle

  • Ani Mali
    Ani Mali 8 days ago

    If this project is being built by the chicons ...then…😖

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall 8 days ago

    Too much pandering to car ownership

  • Bunker Sieben
    Bunker Sieben 8 days ago


  • Penfold_1982
    Penfold_1982 10 days ago

    Meanwhile in the UK we cant even fix potholes...

  • León Coretz
    León Coretz 10 days ago +1

    Are there ways we can influence the outcome? I'd totally be willing to take a trip to Norway to drive on a three-tower suspension bridge, but not for an underwater tunnel with no windows.

  • Flat Swiss
    Flat Swiss 10 days ago +1

    Those who have been holding the Reigns for the past 500 years lying about the true nature of our Earth for power and control have greatly delayed all of the worlds ground transportation.. In 2019 all of this should have been completed by now. Earth is not a Spinning Space Rock Covered With 70% Water it is a Fixed Plane, no need to leave the earth go up to 40,000 ft and fly over an imaginary Ball. Low flying drones and shuttles to compliment a well planned ground transportation infrastructure is all that is needed.. Peace on the Plane Brothers and Sisters

  • whiteraven
    whiteraven 11 days ago

    $47 billion dollar deposit with a further billions + on arrival.

  • john smitty
    john smitty 11 days ago

    would it not be cheaper and easier to just buy everybody in norway helicopters instead

  • Mads
    Mads 11 days ago +1

    Right, looks great on animations.. reality is very different.

  • Andre Ramos
    Andre Ramos 11 days ago +7

    Norway 🇳🇴 stay away from the Amazon _Brazil_South America.
    No more gold, diamonds and etc for u people

    • Andre Ramos
      Andre Ramos 10 days ago +1

      @Ani Mali the amazon is bigger/larger than Europe.. Brazil protects is forests more than any other nations. Just the forest in Sao Paulo that is t part of the Amazon is larger than europe largest forest in Poland. Brazil protects more Forest than USA & Canada together. I can keep going on all day but got to end here

    • Andre Ramos
      Andre Ramos 10 days ago +1

      @Ani Mali what? So why didnt anyone make a big deal about the Amazon before?
      After Bolsonaro the Brazilian president became president in 2019. The world waken up saying horrible things about the new brazilian president. Example he against gays, he wants to destroy the amazon, he want war and etc.. All lies... Should me one video that shows hime saying these hates topics, just one video...
      You need to understand whats going on in Brazil.
      Before the Amazon was getting rapped by ONGs and europeans nations, other countries like Canada and etc... They were strealing gold, diamonds, oil etc from the amazon. They said they were "protecting" the Amazon. Please, theres proof that they weren't protect... After Bolsonaro told them to leave brazil, keep their dirty money these few wild fires appear, very strange..
      They want brazil to beg them back.. Guess what it wont happen.

    • Ani Mali
      Ani Mali 10 days ago +3

      “Senhor”, you and all the people of Brazil should be mass protesting on the streets of every single city of Brazil against the arson is going on in the Amazon Forest, which is a HORRIBLE crime against nature and against all the wonderful exotic Animals who live there. The world should be intervening, putting out the arson, and put in jail the president and all his acumplices. All of them are a bunch of “CANALHAS”, GREEDY BASTARDS, who don’t care about the environment, nature, and the wild Animals. I mean: “CANALHAS”!!!

  • loveVten power
    loveVten power 11 days ago

    Will be built by chinese

  • virat kohli
    virat kohli 11 days ago

  • 7.3 powerstroke!
    7.3 powerstroke! 12 days ago

    I like how they are already starting building this project but they have no idea how they are going to build this bridge. Really smart idea guys.... lol They really should just wait. Waste of time if it didn't work out.

  • Doyle in the Philippines

    awesome, would like very much to drive it

  • gabii gabiina
    gabii gabiina 12 days ago

    Did ethiopian government watch this video,

  • Alan W.
    Alan W. 12 days ago

    This is a youtube pipe dream. This project will not see the light of day.

  • am i a joke to you?
    am i a joke to you? 12 days ago

    I have drove on E39, but in denmark 😫

  • Craig G
    Craig G 13 days ago

    Only cost 2 billion? The Ted Williams Tunnel built 1995 The tunnel is 8,448 feet (2,575 m) long, of which approximately 3,960 feet (1,210 m) are underwater. A toll is collected in both directions, through the E-ZPass electronic toll collection system. A Massachusetts state official announced Wednesday that the total cost of the Big Dig, also known as the Central artery/Tunnel Project, is estimated at $24.3 billion, making it the most expensive highway project in U.S. history. this project was miniscule compare to Norway project

  • Review Qatar
    Review Qatar 13 days ago

    Amazing architect

  • odeus predrinn
    odeus predrinn 13 days ago

    it's stupid to do all those will give us pollution to make is not worth.

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram 13 days ago +9

    This happens because the Norwegians have high taxation which is actually invested in its people.

    • Thomas J.B.
      Thomas J.B. 13 days ago +1

      And no minimum wage which allows workers to negotiate their wages, therefore raising them

  • Nawin Aswin Sakthi
    Nawin Aswin Sakthi 13 days ago

    For a country with a population of little over 4 million, it's ridiculous and irresponsible to build something like this for mere comfort. When 47 billion can build much needed connectivity for many of the underdeveloped countries in the world

    • Amanda Balder
      Amanda Balder 13 days ago

      shows how useless the 47 billion are, i.a India

  • tskjesusfreak
    tskjesusfreak 13 days ago

    Real life Minecraft!!!

  • Animies
    Animies 14 days ago

    In Nigerian, Politicians and top civil servants will slash whatever fund is allocated for the project. That's why there's horrible infrastructure crisis in said country. case in point. $16billion power project fund under the administration of ex-president Obasanjo

    • J Jamison
      J Jamison 14 days ago

      Did you mean "steal from" instead if "slash?". I'm not sure what slashing a fund would mean. In the United States we use the word slash related to money to mean decrease prices, or maybe to underfund?? An account? That would be stretching the use of that word. Try to be really specific when you pick your words. That would help everyone understand what you're saying better. Sorry if it's just a language barrier problem.

  • Deep Joshi
    Deep Joshi 14 days ago

    They are d best

  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 15 days ago

    Governments ALWAYS find a way to spend taxpayer money. How many have given thought to the idea that we "have enough," that we don't have to keep building and building? That maybe the best thing is just to live and be happy?

  • Rodrick Evans
    Rodrick Evans 15 days ago

    Glasssseeeeeiiiiiirs! LOL

  • aldair wachenje
    aldair wachenje 15 days ago +1

    Now you know exactly where your tax is going

    ERTAN TURHAN TV 15 days ago


  • Felix Krull
    Felix Krull 16 days ago

    Trondheim is not in the north, you silly American.

    • climber
      climber 12 days ago

      It's the most northern point of the project? You clearly misunderstood him

  • David Cole
    David Cole 18 days ago

    I just hope they remember to pair their fair share into nato.

  • Mattias Hoehnen
    Mattias Hoehnen 18 days ago

    whats with the CGI birds 0:16

  • YG 4Hunnid
    YG 4Hunnid 18 days ago +2

    One of the top most incredible engineering work ever ..... cheers to the Engineers ✊✊

  • Brad B
    Brad B 18 days ago +3

    I'd love to sleep under one of those fancy bridges.

  • DingleZilla
    DingleZilla 19 days ago

    How will they make that pay back I wonder? I know it is rich in fossil fuels but the way the world is complaining about fossil fuel then Norway cannot rely on that as income and given the small population percentage of Norway that would use the road it would take centuries to pay back $47billion dollars. Maybe that is why the EU wants our £39billion divorce money! Anyway, good luck to Norway and hopefully this brilliant engineering project gets completed and not abandoned.

  • Jael Jade
    Jael Jade 19 days ago

    Bad idea to disrespect the water and it's animals this way. When will we stop?!?!?

    • Amanda Balder
      Amanda Balder 13 days ago

      The day you stop believing in crystals and horoscopes, Karen.

  • hello hun
    hello hun 20 days ago +1

    One good shift due to earthquake, and it will flood in minutes.

    • Amanda Balder
      Amanda Balder 13 days ago

      Oh some of the most brilliant engineers in the world never though of that. Thanks, you saved the project.

  • Dale Dupont
    Dale Dupont 20 days ago

    All that money to make way for old polluting technology. Why not build some flying machine that uses renewalable energy? The
    wright brothers went from bicycles to flying. The Vikings sailed the seas in wooden ships. What happened to our sense of adventure?

  • Luke Mcgrath
    Luke Mcgrath 20 days ago

    I like the hybrid bridge idea

  • Agha Mobeen
    Agha Mobeen 20 days ago +2

    I have been through the tunnel which connects Copenhagen to Malmo. It was a wonderful experience. Keep it going Norway. I wish to visit you in my lifetime.

  • Aggelos Adam
    Aggelos Adam 21 day ago


  • raymond laping
    raymond laping 21 day ago

    meanwhile fixing a 100 meters bridge in the Philippines will be done minimum of 6 months and cost millions of dollars. also we make bridge without river or just a regular road design like a bridge, it makes more expensive.

    • raymond laping
      raymond laping 13 days ago

      Sorry but i will disappoint you because it happened before Our great Pres. Duterte administration.He faced many problems from previous administration. You must be a crack head!

    • Amanda Balder
      Amanda Balder 13 days ago

      well you have a militant dictator duerte that you all seem to like putin, look at him and not your country, flash some guns and religion and there u go. You reap what you sow.

  • Pawel W
    Pawel W 21 day ago +3

    IT should be called:"How to throw out a really really hudge amount of money".

  • Secretlyanothername
    Secretlyanothername 22 days ago

    What happens when half the fjord falls down and there's a massive wave?