Emma Chamberlain Spills The Tea On Her Relationship With The Dolan Twins & Surviving TanaCon


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  • Amber van der Garde
    Amber van der Garde 3 hours ago

    Omg this is literally how Emma would edit it hahahaha

  • Jaz_ gamerXD
    Jaz_ gamerXD Day ago

    But since this time... ETHMA HAS BEEN PROVED! Btw I don’t wanna be mean to Emma or Ethan coz I love u guys! 💓 💓💓

  • Aleeza Jamil
    Aleeza Jamil Day ago +1

    This is an interesting video but where is the tea

  • bgamazavala
    bgamazavala 2 days ago


  • Riley Hodge
    Riley Hodge 5 days ago

    They should write a book on I survived on Emma “I survived tanacon 2018”

  • Snupell 2
    Snupell 2 6 days ago

    Omg lol pause the vid at 3:24 and look at Emma's face im dieing

  • eslem alkn
    eslem alkn 10 days ago

    so is emma an ethan in a relationship, or not?

  • Shore To Sea Jewelry
    Shore To Sea Jewelry 10 days ago

    poor ellie and hannah the star is emma obviously

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 11 days ago

    I'm not even surprised that this video got 2.9 Million views

  • Rabyea Sadiq
    Rabyea Sadiq 14 days ago

    Did She said I'm a most a gay 🤤

  • sign of the times
    sign of the times 14 days ago

    the girl on left is so gorgeous anyone know her ig?

  • LID
    LID 16 days ago

    Her friend in the tube top looks like the girl from romeo and Juliet and I can't stop thinking ab it

  • jade
    jade 18 days ago +1

    How is there no tea? Emma legit said she’s single....!!!!

  • Hotel? Trivago
    Hotel? Trivago 18 days ago +1

    That was so *tea*

  • Ruby Gonzalez
    Ruby Gonzalez 18 days ago

    emma lying for 4 minutes straight

  • Bella Robinson
    Bella Robinson 22 days ago +2

    *It looked like Emma edited this!*

  • jenna x
    jenna x 24 days ago

    Click bait

  • Hania Halawa
    Hania Halawa 25 days ago

    You guys are gorgeous

  • Элла Розенберг

    the girl in the back is me

  • Melina Vernadez
    Melina Vernadez 28 days ago

    How she talks😂I can't even explain it but is so funny

  • The real tea Sis
    The real tea Sis 28 days ago

    Lol how Emma’s face lit up when he mentioned the dolans

  • Alexis Nesbitt
    Alexis Nesbitt Month ago

    James like Grayson
    Grayson likes Emma
    Emma lives Ethan
    Ethan likes Emma
    Anybody agree???

  • raghad alali
    raghad alali Month ago

    The interviewer sounds like James Charles

  • heaven del real !
    heaven del real ! Month ago +1

    aww i met emma this day!

  • aye its arlah
    aye its arlah Month ago

    hell0? did emma 3dit this??

  • Mariana Gonzalez
    Mariana Gonzalez Month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you :)

  • Selika Jahzeel Ibarra Flores

    Emma looks so pretty:*

  • Maria Gu
    Maria Gu Month ago


  • Eline
    Eline Month ago


  • Sophie Vyse
    Sophie Vyse Month ago +6

    * Emma likes Ethan*
    * Ethan likes Emma*
    *James CLEARLY LIKES Grayson*
    *Grayson doesn't like anyone*
    👑 #sistersquadfl 💕 👑

  • Noor Elwy
    Noor Elwy Month ago

    the god damn title

  • Anna B.
    Anna B. Month ago +3

    1:18 the girl in the background slayyy

  • Hannah Herrera
    Hannah Herrera Month ago

    Dolan twins

  • Hannah Herrera
    Hannah Herrera Month ago

    I wish she spill the tea of her dating Ethan the dobray twin

  • I stargirl I
    I stargirl I Month ago

    Im like Emma,i have alot of guyfriends 👌🤣

  • Priincess Lib
    Priincess Lib Month ago

    Emma talks really fast

  • Farah m
    Farah m Month ago

    Wtf is tanacon

  • Kacia Johnson
    Kacia Johnson Month ago +1

    Note; this was in July. It is now January if they are dating it was probably after this

  • Myleigh Postema
    Myleigh Postema Month ago +1

    Clickbate much?? Why do ppl want more views? Like it’s actually stuiped...

  • Alyssa Reardon
    Alyssa Reardon Month ago

    The fact that we all knew this was clickbait and wouldn’t give us tea but we all still clicked on the video to watch it is iconic 😂

  • mucky1971
    mucky1971 Month ago

    I was click bated like if you were too

  • Ayzia Talaman
    Ayzia Talaman Month ago

    Soooo wheres the tea?..

  • Bromieomie Forever
    Bromieomie Forever Month ago

    I saw on instagram there was this girl that knows emma personally and so she said that emma has pic of her and ethan kissing around her house and that they started dating around the time of the vegas vid

  • Spicy French Fries
    Spicy French Fries Month ago


  • hi im Chris Hanson
    hi im Chris Hanson Month ago

    Emma is my wife but the girl in the middle is cute asf tho.

  • Hi Y
    Hi Y Month ago

    Did anyone watch this after Ethan posted his tweets? 😮

  • Sarah Lomas
    Sarah Lomas Month ago

    They're all so pretty 😭

  • Tenzin Ghaki
    Tenzin Ghaki Month ago

    Why you always lyinnnnnnnn

  • Nyssa Marie
    Nyssa Marie Month ago +4

    Emma is dating Grayson, Grayson is dating James, James is dating Ethan, then my favorite, Ethan is dating Emma

  • Paca Felix
    Paca Felix Month ago

    Did anyone notice that they were like in a line from tallest to shortest

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun Month ago

    Girl I clicked so fast on this when is saw this and when I clicked it I took a deep breath and prayed

  • JJ Thompson
    JJ Thompson Month ago

    Where was the tea about there relationship bro that was water

  • Princess Pug
    Princess Pug Month ago +2

    Plot twist
    James and Ethan are dating and Emma and Grayson are dating

  • Sophie Lovan
    Sophie Lovan Month ago +1

    Tbh I like Emma and Grayson together more

  • Andrea Lorein
    Andrea Lorein Month ago +1

    God did Emma edited this? 😂

  • Lela
    Lela Month ago

    Tbh I feel bad for Emma and Ethan because they could go to each other’s house and get shipped, if they hug they get shipped, basically if they look at each other or touch each other they get shipped. I’m a big fan of them, and I love them so much but people shipping them sooo much kinda makes their relationship awkward and why can’t people just be friends? No hate, just having a rant.

  • The lie about?
    The lie about? Month ago

    Does emma editor of this

  • Νικη Ορ
    Νικη Ορ Month ago

    Are these 3 sisters?What are they

  • คɭɭเє Gαƈԋα

    roses are red.
    violets are blue.
    I clicked for the title.
    and so did you.

  • Adelia Hayes
    Adelia Hayes Month ago

    The other 2 girls are like her posse lol like they low key seem like her backup chicks lol

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    The editing 😂 Emma is that you? 😂

  • It’s just Brooklyn

    2019 anyone?

  • Brealda Avellan
    Brealda Avellan Month ago

    At 3:41 the middle girl saw something and moved her hair

  • la lunapig :3
    la lunapig :3 Month ago

    Every ethma fan should see this because maybe they are just close friends and the "hickey" proof might be like a fake tan or something

  • Keira Williams
    Keira Williams Month ago +1

    Omg the interviewer called James Charles a SHE HAHAHA

  • Everleigh Isabelle
    Everleigh Isabelle Month ago +1

    Is that girl on the left Hannah from dance moms Maddie gave her a trophy she won

  • Your life is a lie
    Your life is a lie Month ago

    Bs Emma, we all know Ethma is the shit

  • Tricia Todd
    Tricia Todd Month ago

    Ethan likes Emma
    Emma likes Ethan
    James loves Grayson
    Grayson is as straight as a pencil

  • Graciela Castellanos

    Does the middle girl look like black widow ?? Or is that just me 😂😂

  • maayan vs
    maayan vs Month ago

    Omg they broke up

  • uǝʇsᴉɹʞ ɐɔᴉssǝɾ

    i felt bad for ellie and hannah, they weren’t interviewed on topics about *them*

  • Raniya A
    Raniya A Month ago

    Congratulations you’ve been click bated 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Emily Marrone
    Emily Marrone Month ago

    No tea was spilt. Do not waste your time watching this.

  • H and M
    H and M Month ago

    Well ever since the Ethma shippers she hasn’t made any jokes on how she is like “SUPER SINGLE”

  • abbi hanson
    abbi hanson Month ago

    What is tanacon?

  • Graycelene Anonymous

    2019 anyone ??

  • Samantha Hance
    Samantha Hance Month ago

    "Im almost a guy" uuuuummmmmmm.... No your not.. Just cause you like outdoors stuff does not make you almost a guy. Like that was literally the only reason you gave when you said that. Like im not against any of that stuff but your reason is why im like No sis, your fuckin not

  • American Girl Doll Chanel

    Am I the only one who got *anxiety* waiting for her to spill the tea.....

  • Nana Parttimaa
    Nana Parttimaa Month ago

    Where is the tea?

  • Ashley Pham
    Ashley Pham Month ago

    SIS NO.

  • Bella Carrasco
    Bella Carrasco Month ago

    "I'm almost a guy" (holy shit Emma)😂

  • TaeTae123 Taehyung
    TaeTae123 Taehyung Month ago

    Did Emma edit this😂

  • Valisha Anderson
    Valisha Anderson Month ago

    She got talking fast from James to💀💀😂

  • Sreynoch Bitch
    Sreynoch Bitch Month ago

    Ok is it just me or was I the only one just staring at Hannah’s teeth...how the heck is Hannah’s teeth so white!

  • paula sweety
    paula sweety Month ago

    So sweet all of them!!

  • Alexis Ruiz
    Alexis Ruiz Month ago +2

    It’s so annoying how he kept asking Emma all the questions and when he finally asked questions to her friends (which btw are also popular youtubers) they were about Emma.

  • Ashleye Hb
    Ashleye Hb Month ago


  • Megan 14
    Megan 14 Month ago

    Hannah’s teeth r so white

  • AppleCakeFan1247
    AppleCakeFan1247 Month ago

    *Shippers of Ethan and Emma have entered the chat*

  • S o u r G a x h a
    S o u r G a x h a Month ago

    I'm using headphones and my headphones were falling out right? (I use one side of my headphones) and I put it back on and all I heard Emma say at 0:50 *"Every guys I f**** *with"*

  • The stupid Potatoes
    The stupid Potatoes Month ago +1

    I still ship Emma with Ethan...


  • #Honey Girls fan
    #Honey Girls fan Month ago


  • iam un
    iam un Month ago

    Emma teeth is more yellow than my life

  • Tweety Bird
    Tweety Bird Month ago

    no tea was spilled

  • Miyah Santiago
    Miyah Santiago Month ago

    They def. dating now December squad where y’all at

    NYLA PANGMAN Month ago


  • Brielle Mark
    Brielle Mark Month ago

    her voice is the cutest

  • Azra Pandiş
    Azra Pandiş Month ago

    How old are they


    "TEA" - Emma Chamberlain
    ~Since the day she was born to here and on~

  • Stephanie Frias
    Stephanie Frias Month ago