Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • HI SISTERS! In today's video, I wanted to revive an old makeup challenge, Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Laure’n #legit
    Laure’n #legit Hour ago

    That is amazing love u James

  • dana_privv 15
    dana_privv 15 2 hours ago

    Do a foundation color that is totally different from ur skin and then try to look like someone else!! Btw my insta acc is dana_privv12

  • Gamer. fox15
    Gamer. fox15 3 hours ago

    ~James~ i think ik my own body,but thanks for your cunsirn though...

    {Wig flys} 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sophie Patron
    Sophie Patron 3 hours ago

    prolly my fav vid ngl 😍

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 3 hours ago

    You. Look sister most

  • mandy mcconnell
    mandy mcconnell 3 hours ago

    Hey could you possibly restock your x small sizes on you hoodies because all the colored ones are out of stock.

  • d boneless
    d boneless 4 hours ago

    that earring stinks by now bro take it out and give that shit a rest

  • Frederikke Feilberg
    Frederikke Feilberg 4 hours ago

    Jeeees.. he’s getting so boring !

  • Georgia Catton
    Georgia Catton 4 hours ago


  • CharmanderStudio
    CharmanderStudio 4 hours ago

    Mm James got thicccc eyebrows

  • Cattato Aka Samantha
    Cattato Aka Samantha 5 hours ago

    No matter what James does, he ALWAYS fricken SLAYS! 😩❤️❤️❤️👑

  • Binit Kumả
    Binit Kumả 5 hours ago

    Where's Ricardo Milos?

  • Cattato Aka Samantha
    Cattato Aka Samantha 5 hours ago

    I think for A future video, you should do your full make up routine but instead of lipstick do eyeshadow only!

  • Ashanti Nichole’s World

    Omg YES James 😍😍😍

  • ғlιrт тнe arтιѕт

    Cosplayers have to do this with normal lipstick all the time

  • Beth Howe
    Beth Howe 6 hours ago

    I hate you so much😈😈😈😈😡😡😡😡

  • Marsh mellow
    Marsh mellow 7 hours ago

    Why...are you so good? Like ohmahgash sister, dis sister is shook

  • Joanna Tapini
    Joanna Tapini 7 hours ago

    "That’s a brow. Maybe not a good one, but it’s a brow." Me after I do my eyebrows everyday

  • ItzMeeraa
    ItzMeeraa 7 hours ago

    omgg i thought he's makeup would be bad omg im sister shook!!! i love ya james charles

  • ShpookyBear369
    ShpookyBear369 8 hours ago


  • Josie Chan
    Josie Chan 8 hours ago

    *Do a backwards makeup challenge!* 😃
    Start your routine with your last product and end with your first product!
    Foundation with liquid lipstick and lips with foundation! Etc.

  • Reese Hauk
    Reese Hauk 8 hours ago

    James is magic and amazing. How can he do a WHOLE face of liquid lipstick when I can’t do my lips good with liquid lipstick.🤣
    You are awesome!!!

  • Taylor Holland
    Taylor Holland 9 hours ago

    i wonder how long it took for this to come off

  • Hailey Le’blanc
    Hailey Le’blanc 9 hours ago

    He sounds like Mickey Mouse when he gets exited Omfg

  • Naomi Jewel
    Naomi Jewel 9 hours ago

    James u should do a video where u do a full face with kids makeup

  • Laura 2k17
    Laura 2k17 9 hours ago

    king of vine references lol i loved the singing old lady

  • Abbey Sills
    Abbey Sills 10 hours ago

    I hope In 2019 im as happy as James was when he was doing his eye look

  • Lewis Pryke
    Lewis Pryke 11 hours ago

    James charles kissed u like to undo

  • Broken Angel
    Broken Angel 11 hours ago

    His smile❤😶

  • Maia Leckey
    Maia Leckey 12 hours ago

    Literally James can do anything and make it look insane

  • Lalaland With Lil and El

    Just became a sister

  • Atiza Afzal
    Atiza Afzal 14 hours ago

    Can you do a sister spuad vid

  • Bexster
    Bexster 15 hours ago

    Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Shanzay Farooq
    Shanzay Farooq 15 hours ago


  • Sarah Ab
    Sarah Ab 15 hours ago


  • Geralda Heshta
    Geralda Heshta 15 hours ago

    am i the one who thought about "how is he washing the face later and clean this all"😅😅 must be not that nice .

  • aaminah wahab
    aaminah wahab 15 hours ago

    this looks soooooo good ;D!!!!!!

  • HerAnonymousSelf
    HerAnonymousSelf 20 hours ago

    *wait why did the final result look so good tho*

  • Ki De Ruiter
    Ki De Ruiter 21 hour ago

    WHAT moisturizer did he usedddd. He talks so fast haha

  • Chimchim Butttrash
    Chimchim Butttrash 23 hours ago

    hI sIsTeRs


  • Brielle Sherman
    Brielle Sherman 23 hours ago

    damnnnn okayyy

  • Dream Dolls
    Dream Dolls 23 hours ago

    I think morphe restocks the palette more than he thinks... Every Friday I check if it’s in stock... I can’t remember the last time it said out of stock😂😂

  • Sinead Dalben
    Sinead Dalben 23 hours ago

    did anyone count how many times Jeffree was mentioned or his products were used????

  • Hanna and Maya
    Hanna and Maya 23 hours ago

    You have mad talent

  • Nikki Bonilla
    Nikki Bonilla Day ago

    Absolutely amazing ❤️

  • Want some Bleach?
    Want some Bleach? Day ago +7

    *see nothing wrong*

  • Liliy Ninva
    Liliy Ninva Day ago

    Do a video full face eyeshadow makeup

  • Create With Yma
    Create With Yma Day ago

    James: whebifinisheddecortingmybeautyroomtheotherday....
    Me: so this why....um....and... so uh....

  • Breanna Flores
    Breanna Flores Day ago

    Your so good at makeup!!

  • Samuel Fausto
    Samuel Fausto Day ago


  • Ari Rae
    Ari Rae Day ago

    okay wow i could never..

  • Alona the Ravenclaw

    When this is your first time watching James Charles and are already obsessed...

  • Gymnastics Squad

    James:highlights on the chin for natural glow
    Me: how is it natural if u used smt to do it

  • B.C D
    B.C D Day ago

    The other brow is *LITERALLY STRAIGHT*
    *im scared*

  • Graci Hetzer
    Graci Hetzer Day ago

    Hey sister James!, i need some advice i just found out that im lgbtq and i am bisexual but i dont wanna tell anybody because they would think im crazy so what should i do??

  • Calista Kilb
    Calista Kilb Day ago

    Dude your hand alone is a peace of art

  • Vinícius Venturine

    he speaks so fast 😥

  • Teagan Flamingo
    Teagan Flamingo Day ago

    I don't know how anyone could possibly hate on James, he is so kind and beautiful!! Some people just don't know what they are talking about.

  • Patricia González

    99.9% of the comments are how the lipstick matches his skin 😂

  • sayed munawary
    sayed munawary Day ago

    are you a he or a she

  • Alissa Pupich
    Alissa Pupich Day ago

    He can literally make anything work

  • Ashley Fernandez

    A video idea can be like have a family feud game about makeup and with people who don’t know much about makeup

  • Noah DelHierro
    Noah DelHierro Day ago

    He talks a lot!😒😩

  • Colored Rainfall
    Colored Rainfall Day ago +1

    “It is not the tools that make the artist, but rather what the artist makes with the tools he has” this is how you tell a good artist from a bad one and James honey, you’ve proved yourself an amazing artist by creating such a sickening look with just liquid lipsticks

  • Liv May
    Liv May Day ago +1

    not being funny but I can’t even do makeup this well with my actual makeup never mind with lipstick💀 ur amazing James!!

  • Its oreoz Duh!
    Its oreoz Duh! Day ago

    *when your an ivory 3 and the foundation still doesnt match your zkin tone*

  • ChronicNawa
    ChronicNawa Day ago

    Hi *SISTERS*???

  • Wendy Darling
    Wendy Darling Day ago

    u should do a make-up look for each character for a show (ex. riverdale)

  • Mae Rose
    Mae Rose Day ago


  • Mohammed Adnan
    Mohammed Adnan Day ago

    You are a puta

  • Nizia Jamee
    Nizia Jamee Day ago

    You are a genius!!!

  • Poopy Fart
    Poopy Fart Day ago

    Wait waiy what about brothers

  • its_just_emem emem_ofishal

    Please do a full face using only foundation ily

  • Kassandra Estrella

    How about trying to only use your fingers? No makeup brushes.

  • Isabella Haran
    Isabella Haran Day ago

    I cant even do my lipstick right on its own

  • Alia Rose
    Alia Rose Day ago

    oof. That moment when you think you should TOTALLY use liquid lipstick for makeup now... LOL I cant believe you pulled that off!! SHOOK SISTA!!!! Love ur vids and I hit the bell

  • xRøxRüby :P
    xRøxRüby :P Day ago

    Snack wrap a you pay

  • xRøxRüby :P
    xRøxRüby :P Day ago

    Stop the pain pain

  • xRøxRüby :P
    xRøxRüby :P Day ago


  • AlexLava
    AlexLava Day ago

    So this is James who I see many funny comments about, like;
    James Charles touched you, like to commit neck rope.
    James Charles is looking at you, like to look away.

  • Maddy Pie
    Maddy Pie Day ago

    Iᔕ TᕼᗩT ᗩ ᑭᗩᑭEᖇᑕᒪIᑭ Iᑎ ᕼIᔕ Eᗩᖇ

  • Victoria McKenzie

    i literally died with the short clip of the lady banging on the door 😂😂😂😂

  • Jackie Ellison
    Jackie Ellison Day ago +1

    I just endured 10 seconds of ads to watch this because I was able to skip literally all of them, :D

  • Rylie Dasilva
    Rylie Dasilva Day ago

    SISTER JAMES!!!!! I’M GETTING YOUR PALETTE!!! I’m ordering it TODAY!!!! Love ya❣️❣️❣️

  • Mathilde Is SWAG

    You are so beautiful 0-0 even without make-up WoW

  • Gjgu Vcgdy
    Gjgu Vcgdy Day ago

    cool 😍😍😍

  • Zyonia Gray
    Zyonia Gray Day ago

    Your makeup is pretty no matter what

  • Leahh Pugh
    Leahh Pugh Day ago

    Most of the comments are about his lipstick matching his face morw

  • Cori Laurence
    Cori Laurence Day ago

    Wow my favorite out of this challenge

  • Danielle Flores
    Danielle Flores Day ago

    Wow so talented !! 😍😍😍 👩‍🎨

  • Neil Mack
    Neil Mack Day ago


  • Lps Rose
    Lps Rose Day ago

    Omg its perfect! If I did that... lemme just say sis it wouldn’t be good 😂

  • Εvridiki N.
    Εvridiki N. Day ago

    If James put into his skin rocks would be perfect... I believe in that 😂😂😂💞💞

  • Danie Bonga
    Danie Bonga Day ago

    Full face using only liquid foundation 😍😍😍❤️

  • حسين/ hussain 29


  • Pickle Reee
    Pickle Reee Day ago


  • Irma Julher
    Irma Julher Day ago

    Why does the lipstick match you’re skin better than you’re foundation❤️

  • Banulo Jnr
    Banulo Jnr Day ago

    Fack off