Arnold Schwarzenegger FLYING KICKED at the South Africa Arnold Expo (2. angle)

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked in South Africa
    Arnold has stated on his Twitter account that there is nothing to woory about. He's okay!
    Numero Uno, Arnold.
    #Arnold #ArnoldSchwarzenegger
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  • simon hue
    simon hue 21 minute ago

    Looks like a wild gorosaurus has appeared.

  • godsplayingfield
    godsplayingfield 48 minutes ago +1

    tobe fair, Arnold might have fallen down withoutthe crowd.... but at the same time that is still fecking awesome. dude is 70+ and usually that would break a spine of a man that age. Arney is still built man damn.
    also for real, the hell is that kid saying?

  • Mani5592011
    Mani5592011 58 minutes ago

    He deserves it for ruining small trucking business in California fuck this pos!.

  • Sentor TV
    Sentor TV Hour ago +1

    How sick in the mind are you to drop kick a seventy something year old

  • Michael Wayne
    Michael Wayne 3 hours ago

    He had more chance drop kicking a wall down

  • AncientWarrior Indignation

    Akon what you doin bro ? Arnold didn’t lock you up 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Jay Rogers
    Jay Rogers 9 hours ago +1

    Fuck that little bitch he should’ve knocked him out

  • john doe
    john doe 21 hour ago +1

    That guy could of had a blade in his hand n did a forward lunge nvr mind a drop kick!!! Those bodyguards need sacking..

  • Abang Sayang
    Abang Sayang Day ago

    Rideerrrr kiickkk 👠

  • Tim Heckerd
    Tim Heckerd Day ago

    Isn't anyone commenting on like why the dude did this? Like how mentally disturbed and unstable must you be to fly kick him? Fucking bizarre lunatic. Should be in a psych ward.

  • Don Lah
    Don Lah Day ago

    I would never do anything for these people. They act like assholes.

  • 直樹 吉田
    直樹 吉田 Day ago


  • Ilhom Ilhom
    Ilhom Ilhom 2 days ago +1

    Arnold terminator

  • todd mcrae
    todd mcrae 3 days ago

    The black guys like "this is for Tookie Williams".

  • Andrew Lenio
    Andrew Lenio 3 days ago +2

    Someone get this man a Lamborghini!!!!

  • Ro Cabral
    Ro Cabral 3 days ago

    The f he's doing in Afrika.. RIP KING Tookie

  • Katie Hyatt
    Katie Hyatt 3 days ago

    It’s clearly “Help me I need an appletini”

  • El Primo
    El Primo 4 days ago +5

    Arnold: gets drop kicked*
    Arnold: god damn mosquitoes

  • dillyflap
    dillyflap 4 days ago

    Dudes still a brick wall

  • Ian Touzel
    Ian Touzel 4 days ago

    What a fucking looser, hope they choke him like he deserve.

  • Rohan Ledger
    Rohan Ledger 4 days ago

    mrw i don't get my appletini

  • Fernando Delgado
    Fernando Delgado 4 days ago

    He also got terminated

  • aygecko
    aygecko 5 days ago +1

    Not all cultures are equal

  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 5 days ago +1

    He wants to fly kick the Terminator? Is he crazy?

    • Battle Forever
      Battle Forever 4 days ago

      He is very stupid, trying to kick a T-800 like that. He basicly asked to get his legs broken 😂

  • Murat Kalender
    Murat Kalender 5 days ago +1

    Thats so annoying. Such a loser. You can not pull a man down who clawed his way up to top. Arnold has our respect. Hard working and ambitious man. Those thing will only rise hate to its performer

  • Padiso Matsole
    Padiso Matsole 5 days ago

    Mara I love my country yazi😤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇿🇦🔥

  • Clay
    Clay 5 days ago +1

    Fuck that cunt!

  • AV RIO
    AV RIO 5 days ago +5

    Now the Attacker has to Deal with 99%, of the People that Arnold motivated ,Which includes.
    Bodybuilders , MMA fighters , fan clubs etc .
    Sad . . . .. . ..#stupidmove

  • TheRealGlitchEXE
    TheRealGlitchEXE 5 days ago +2

    Why would he need security when his back is the security.

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia 5 days ago

    It looks like Arnold got pinched in the back LOL

  • The Snark Knight
    The Snark Knight 5 days ago

    He just looks so bewildered at what's going on 😂

  • Danny Costa
    Danny Costa 5 days ago

    O meu Deus 😦

  • musicman399
    musicman399 6 days ago

    What the actual ass what that for?!?!? Lol

  • Dion Walsh
    Dion Walsh 6 days ago +1

    Drop kicks are a fake wrestling move dickwad

  • Deogen
    Deogen 6 days ago

    Probably got angry at Arnold for promoting vaccinations and poisoning children

  • Garland Shaw
    Garland Shaw 6 days ago +1

    That one guy grabbed him so fast

    • jp3813
      jp3813 2 days ago

      Not fast enough.

  • Samba Joyy
    Samba Joyy 6 days ago +1

    Absolutely Crazy ! 🔨🔨🔨💉💉💉💉

  • Flag Football
    Flag Football 7 days ago +1

    Arnold fans can all go kill themselves. That dude is a hero

    • oibaf
      oibaf 6 days ago

      Flag Football what

  • Muller Doskov
    Muller Doskov 7 days ago

    "Wait a sec, i think someone pushed me"

    DANK BOİ 7 days ago +1

    help him! he needs a lamborghini!

  • Ben Mercer
    Ben Mercer 7 days ago

    Hopefully they beat that punk halfway to death

  • AvantJeeef
    AvantJeeef 7 days ago

    I love that he didn't even flinched, he just got pushed then looked back to see what happened. Just amazing..

  • per48er
    per48er 7 days ago +1

    Why this guy attacked Arnold?

  • S G
    S G 7 days ago

    Arnold barely felt that lol

  • VGgod
    VGgod 8 days ago

    Hes really saying! !help me!

  • Mick Preljevic
    Mick Preljevic 8 days ago

    Not bad for an old man. He hardly released that his been attacked.

  • Fazal Fariz
    Fazal Fariz 8 days ago

    He thought a kick to a celebrity would get him a Lamborghini.

  • hurley3000gt
    hurley3000gt 8 days ago

    can someone please add in the terminator drums as Arnold gets kicked please? Like ASAP!

  • Icisex
    Icisex 9 days ago

    This t1 whas sended from the future too execut t-100 😅

  • Ethan Cummings
    Ethan Cummings 9 days ago

    Mental illness is so sad...South Africa needs to invest more to get that poor mentally I'll man some help.

  • AtommHD
    AtommHD 9 days ago

    I reckon he go that Lamborghini.... Only a bet like that would motivate someone to have elephant ball's.....lool

  • Dilly Pickle
    Dilly Pickle 9 days ago

    *Heavy Armor 100*
    *Restoration 100*
    *10% Chance to Deflect Power Attacks*

  • Gringo do Cavaco
    Gringo do Cavaco 9 days ago

    He was checking if Arnold was a real Terminator.

  • theone2be33
    theone2be33 10 days ago +1

    Arnold: Hold my Beer! I'll be back!

  • Matt Alibozek
    Matt Alibozek 10 days ago

    Well that was crazy..... lol

  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu 10 days ago +3

    Kid: Help me!!! I need a Lamborghini!!!
    No, son, you need a wheelchair!!!

  • Joaquin Phoenix
    Joaquin Phoenix 10 days ago +5

    He protec
    He attac
    But most unexpectedly
    He get kicked in the bac

  • Friendly Hobbyist
    Friendly Hobbyist 10 days ago

    Thats the effects of Meth 101

  • max hardcore
    max hardcore 10 days ago

    Arnie still solid as a rock, was that fuckwit saying help me i need a Lamborghini, hahahahaha.

  • Radhika Das
    Radhika Das 10 days ago

    0:31 skip to

  • HB
    HB 10 days ago +1

    If this guy still working as a bodyguard. Hollywood is dumber than I thought

  • HB
    HB 10 days ago

    0:06 you see the attacker clearly! as a matter fact he's standing right next to this so-called bodyguard yet this stupid lump of junk is totally unaware of the danger. Useless over-muscled jerk off!
    Bodyguard my ass. Who trained him? What's his combat experience? Navy seal or some over puffed gym sap pumps weights and watches himself in the mirror all day long

  • HB
    HB 10 days ago

    He could have easily been stabbed and killed. For all those reading who don't understand what a bodyguard is supposed to do. This is not it.
    They should have situational awareness and the talent and ability to respond in micro seconds and they absolutely don't! . His bodyguard/s are worthless. It's always amusing to see these Hollywood celebrities with their pumped up muscle men . Useless . Send them to clean restrooms

  • SurrealGlow
    SurrealGlow 11 days ago

    Help me i need a Lamborghini should become a meme

  • Ungarmax
    Ungarmax 11 days ago

    Falcon kick!

  • Mokhles Turkman
    Mokhles Turkman 11 days ago

    How could he do that to the great T-800, you fucking maggot

  • Hoani Pakau
    Hoani Pakau 11 days ago +6

    Bodyguards... had one job!!! What were they doing!. So glad it wasnt worse.. Hes a Legend!

  • Gary Smalling
    Gary Smalling 11 days ago +3

    That was so funny. Hope Arnold's t shirt is ok. 😂😂😂

  • Vasilios Agio
    Vasilios Agio 11 days ago +4

    Liked to have seen thatt dude do a flying kick when arnold was in his prime in 74 .

  • sirf Ayesha
    sirf Ayesha 11 days ago

    But why Arnold is a good man

  • Sam .P
    Sam .P 11 days ago

    That was like the weakest drop kick ever.

  • Pasquale Gelardi
    Pasquale Gelardi 11 days ago

    I’m tired of Obamas kids

  • F-zero91maru
    F-zero91maru 11 days ago

    You got to be a retard to do a kick like that for no reason

  • Trigger McJigger
    Trigger McJigger 11 days ago

    The bodyguards hand must of hurt more than the drop

  • James Ark
    James Ark 11 days ago

    He truely is a Terminator! Lol

  • Da Soviet Union
    Da Soviet Union 11 days ago +3

    Arny: I did nothing! the pavement was his enemy.

  • Da Soviet Union
    Da Soviet Union 11 days ago

    Arnold doesn't need security, they're just for show.

  • Piterixos
    Piterixos 11 days ago

    Imagine being pathetic enough to attack a 72 years old man from behind xDDD

    IGROFAG 12 days ago

    Imagine to be the security guard in this situation.

  • Dragomir George
    Dragomir George 12 days ago

    Watch this at the min 3 😂 is the same situation between a monkey and a man,but here the monkey hit harder than the guy 😂😂😂

  • universshitter
    universshitter 13 days ago

    This guy failed hard . When you do a move , you have to shout the move's name to improve damage +500% or it will be useless like in the video . He should have shout "mosquito flying kick !!!" ,at least like this he would have get EVASION +5 ...... yeah terminator is imune to body atk andf if you try you'll get gravity effect instantly like the guy .

  • David W. Elam
    David W. Elam 13 days ago

    "Help me! I'm grandpa all-star! Help me! I need a Lamborghini! Help me! I need a Lamborghini! Help me! I need Amber Gini!"

  • Reece Lewisham
    Reece Lewisham 13 days ago

    They gone send a 1-1000 out 2 murk him 4 that

  • MoonKnight214
    MoonKnight214 13 days ago

    Road house

  • quantomic1106
    quantomic1106 13 days ago +1

    I'm sure that dude is now terminated.

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson 13 days ago

    He bounced off of him like a rubber ball

  • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel

    Help me ! I need a Lamborghiniti ?:)) '' LAMBORGHINITI '' ?!?!

  • İsa Miriyev
    İsa Miriyev 14 days ago


    ASMR’S R US 14 days ago +2

    That guy got hurt more then Arnold did lol

  • Z Afana
    Z Afana 14 days ago

    Isn't it the same idiot the bodyguard pushes away the first time at 0:05 and still comes back with a flying kick?

  • Brent
    Brent 14 days ago

    He's lucky he didn't get terminated

  • Darren Unknown
    Darren Unknown 14 days ago +1

    *jump and kick Arnold*
    Arnold: I'll be back

  • catani
    catani 14 days ago +1

    *Around blacks,*
    *Never relax!*

  • Andrew Ortiz
    Andrew Ortiz 14 days ago +2

    “Whoever threw that paper you moms a hoe”- Arnold right after the light tap

  • PipiDie 11
    PipiDie 11 14 days ago

    I dare you kick 30 year ago :)))))

  • Frank T
    Frank T 14 days ago

    What does he want? An Appletini?

  • Christian's school stuff Carbajal

    If that would have been Chuck Norris that guy would have died trying to Chuck Norris

  • Maggot 8
    Maggot 8 14 days ago

    Kid: drop kicks Arnold
    Arnold: get Terminated Bitch!

  • Tom _
    Tom _ 14 days ago

    Bro I want a lambo too, you don't see me drop kick Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger

  • Matthew Kagan
    Matthew Kagan 15 days ago +1

    I don't care what anyone says...Arnold is the best ever!!