DanTDM & Technoblade Play MINECRAFT!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • i was legit hacked. the only reason we didn't win..
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  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    Play sky block

  • Triple Turtle
    Triple Turtle Day ago +1

    I love the new editor :)

  • Supergulp
    Supergulp 2 days ago +1

    No way guys...dan team death match got nerfed

  • Sorry.I’m.Slaying Xox

    **New game**

  • Cluster Flux a.k.a Capt. Foxy

    Best team up of the century

  • T T
    T T 3 days ago

    R.I.P Aphmau

  • ajak dwayne dexter
    ajak dwayne dexter 3 days ago

    Dan go see your twin brother her channel called "Bijuu Mike"

  • Migixkem Jord
    Migixkem Jord 3 days ago

    by the way dan said in the last second that he will link technoblade channel onthe description
    it was not ther

  • Migixkem Jord
    Migixkem Jord 3 days ago

    im still sad that dan disconnected

  • Behruzbek1
    Behruzbek1 5 days ago

    Plz play other games

  • Borlagon BYS
    Borlagon BYS 5 days ago

    best animation do it every video

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 6 days ago

    Tech wanna team me hecknah

  • Yasser Alyaseen Yarbou
    Yasser Alyaseen Yarbou 6 days ago +1


  • max _maje
    max _maje 6 days ago

    What is the server IP??

  • VisionXPlayz
    VisionXPlayz 6 days ago

    Preston was playing TNT Run and he won!? :o

  • NavilNDG
    NavilNDG 10 days ago

    We need more techno and Dan ngl

  • Carlos
    Carlos 11 days ago

    Dan what happened to your editing.
    Did you hire an editor?
    You’re editing style is different

    I’m so annoying lmao

  • Cody Mendoza
    Cody Mendoza 11 days ago +1

    I stopped watching your videos 3 years ago damn your vids have changed

  • UND3R6R0UND 01
    UND3R6R0UND 01 11 days ago +1

    Should dan collaboration with denis?

  • Scare Student 685
    Scare Student 685 12 days ago

    Who also recognised the tnt run song from ps access

  • GuardianTamer
    GuardianTamer 13 days ago +1

    7:58 Man U just hit me with the Mario kart wii theme

  • ImNot YudhaMan
    ImNot YudhaMan 13 days ago

    9:27 i respect the pokemon fire red victory music

  • ImNot YudhaMan
    ImNot YudhaMan 13 days ago

    *I want to die*

  • [GD] Color
    [GD] Color 14 days ago

    Techno would be able to destroy amyone

  • Mobile Gaming Channel
    Mobile Gaming Channel 14 days ago

    Izee is pronounced ice but z

  • Rock Finch
    Rock Finch 15 days ago

    I just wanna see the BABY

  • Ashurblox Spencer
    Ashurblox Spencer 15 days ago

    DanTDM: he came from a tree
    Me: watch out

  • moonlight _pro3
    moonlight _pro3 15 days ago

    WAS THAT REALLY TBNRfrags aka Preston

  • DRBEAR Darofdoom
    DRBEAR Darofdoom 15 days ago

    T1! And greek

  • brooklyn foster
    brooklyn foster 16 days ago +1

    omg watch with the playback speed set at 0.25, it makes them sound so hilarious

  • slimysludge
    slimysludge 16 days ago

    u didnt link technos channel

  • CheetohGamer
    CheetohGamer 17 days ago

    why u put so many naruto songs in the vid
    i love nrto btw

  • Cheez Man
    Cheez Man 17 days ago


  • Ika675
    Ika675 17 days ago

    play together again

  • NintendoMemer
    NintendoMemer 17 days ago

    Music At 2:46?

  • Mikkel Suguitan
    Mikkel Suguitan 17 days ago

    The editing is good

  • GamingMM
    GamingMM 18 days ago

    tbnrfrags is prestonplays another utuber who i watch

  • Shake Red
    Shake Red 18 days ago

    Did i just saw DenisDaily?

  • lol troll
    lol troll 18 days ago

    preston was there

  • Ember
    Ember 18 days ago

    I cant believe Dan really mined straight down.

  • GᖇᗩᔕᔕY ᒪᗩᗰᗩ


  • legendary gamer
    legendary gamer 19 days ago

    Did preston and sparkle played minecraft with dan and techno????????

  • Logzy The God
    Logzy The God 19 days ago

    Guys stop commenting *oh dan ur gonna be a father* Guys it's really none of our business u guys don't need to continuously comment it!. Your welcome dan

  • sian Donaldson
    sian Donaldson 19 days ago +1

    Only og's remember the red one has been chosen

  • albebac1124
    albebac1124 20 days ago

    Tbnrfrags and captain sparkles is seen in 4:33 and Skeppy is seen in 4:43

  • Puppy UwU
    Puppy UwU 20 days ago

    1:08 has anybody saw Captain Sparkles

  • Mr Pendekk
    Mr Pendekk 20 days ago

    Who will reject to team with techno??

  • Anyone Mining
    Anyone Mining 20 days ago

    Well whoever edited this is a good editor, but I think there’s way to much editing in this vid. A bit less would do it too

    • Anyone Mining
      Anyone Mining 20 days ago

      Probably no one is gonna see this comment though

  • Craize
    Craize 21 day ago

    I saw denis

  • Briana Butera
    Briana Butera 21 day ago

    The naruto music was a great touch

  • Briana Butera
    Briana Butera 21 day ago

    I love this new editor

  • Meteo
    Meteo 21 day ago

    3:09 FitMC

  • Neon Blue
    Neon Blue 22 days ago

    14:55 dantdm laughing at techno because he just hit a million

  • Nevaeh Vineyard
    Nevaeh Vineyard 22 days ago

    I seen Aphmau twice in this video, I wonder if she was making a video too?

  • Ivan Ly
    Ivan Ly 22 days ago

    Who else is not excited for school

  • Alfie Gamer
    Alfie Gamer 22 days ago +1

    Why was Denis in the game

  • GJ CrazyBanana
    GJ CrazyBanana 22 days ago

    Denis killed Dan😂

    But Dan GOT revenge

  • Jan Mihevc
    Jan Mihevc 22 days ago


  • Puppy Playz
    Puppy Playz 23 days ago

    Did anyone notice that his icon on the messages /w tecbnoblade still had blue hair, update urself buddy. LOL

  • Zinc ZX
    Zinc ZX 23 days ago

    so many mc ytbers