Justice League END CREDITS SCENES! (Injustice League Explained)

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • Justice League Post Credit Scenes explained! What is the Injustice League from the DC comics, and how do these scenes set up the future Justice League, The Batman, and Flashpoint movies?
    Spoilers below!
    Justice League features TWO end credits scenes! The first shows The Flash (Ezra Miller) and the resurrected Superman (Henry Cavill) racing in the fastest man alive contest. The second shows Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), having escaped from Arkham Asylum, meeting with DEATHSTROKE (Joe Manganiello) on a yacht. Sam Bashor explains what goes down in these scenes, and what they mean for the future of the DCEU. Who is Deathstroke, and what is the "league" Lex refers to? Is Flash faster than Superman?
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  • cartoon rewatch
    cartoon rewatch 5 days ago

    Who wants to have garlic bread with a penguin

  • Emanuele Esposito
    Emanuele Esposito 8 days ago

    And you called it 5:04

  • Plague Produkshuns
    Plague Produkshuns Month ago

    I liked the movie

  • Gordon Denny
    Gordon Denny 2 months ago

    and it's... double gasp... DEADPOOL!

  • SuperPandaBoi
    SuperPandaBoi 5 months ago

    My injustice league Line up

  • CC 6134
    CC 6134 5 months ago

    I want Gorilla Grodd.

  • Alex Poels
    Alex Poels 7 months ago

    You said we need a Flash villain in flashpoint? Well the Reverse Flash ofcourse...

  • The WaPikmin
    The WaPikmin 7 months ago

    Like the cartoon shows have 2 enemy teams led by Gorilla Grodd and Lex Lothor, they could fight eachover, usurp leadership and join forces at the end.

  • hayalet oyuncu
    hayalet oyuncu 7 months ago


  • Silver Gaming842
    Silver Gaming842 8 months ago



  • Dawn Weed
    Dawn Weed 8 months ago

    I think Deathstroke will be in Titans.

  • huong tran
    huong tran 9 months ago

    Cyborg movie and flash

  • Angeluz Errare
    Angeluz Errare 9 months ago

    But he was flying...

  • Guille James
    Guille James 9 months ago

    Epic scene 😍🔝 DC number 1

  • Jacob Keenan
    Jacob Keenan 10 months ago

    They need the teen titans

  • Jack
    Jack 10 months ago

    Am I one of the only people who loved this movie?

  • -Jang Kenet-
    -Jang Kenet- 10 months ago

    This was the only scene that I liked

  • jehu conaniah
    jehu conaniah 10 months ago

    Flash was too corny in Justice league.. Maybe I should direct or write movie scripts ughhh!

  • The Amethyst Wizard
    The Amethyst Wizard 10 months ago

    should i call him deathstroke or slade

  • Evil Smile邪惡之笑
    Evil Smile邪惡之笑 11 months ago

    i think justice league is above average

  • wing eye
    wing eye Year ago

    this video is bad for the first 3 min all hes talking about is how much of a fan he is and what the hell does black Adam got to with JL post credit scene

    EAT MY JUNK Year ago

    Solomon Grundy please

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon Year ago

    I never knew Green Lantern was a ginger with a headband on.

  • Patrick aka Canrugger

    meanwhile ....at the legion of doom

  • Vocal Fry
    Vocal Fry Year ago

    Get bent with your shitty click bait

  • Bat-Seal
    Bat-Seal Year ago

    I think jared leto joker in injustice league

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    Dishank Sahu Year ago

    All hail marvel , RIP DC

  • Decent Spud
    Decent Spud Year ago

    Justice league 2 fight would be awesome

  • Shadow XxX
    Shadow XxX Year ago +1

    I watched Justice League and it was amazing

  • Mr Fraser Sir
    Mr Fraser Sir Year ago

    i want darkseid to be the villain in justice league 2 cause hes like the main enemy of the justice league (besides brainiac)

  • Robert Downs
    Robert Downs Year ago

    Having there own movie

  • KnowYourStuff
    KnowYourStuff Year ago


  • Oreo KN!
    Oreo KN! Year ago


  • sarikatimmi
    sarikatimmi Year ago

    love dark dc

  • Circle Jerker 67
    Circle Jerker 67 Year ago

    "hey there kids"
    *instantly dislikes*

  • ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ
    ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ Year ago +1

    justice league not as good as Thor or even WW but it was okey

  • It's All About Hollywood


  • Purge
    Purge Year ago

    god damn I just want to watch the scene without some doucher telling me about them

  • Shadow Dancer
    Shadow Dancer Year ago

    I would love Captain Cold, but if they would and were p;anning to replace Wentworth Miller, I won't be able to trust it.

  • MRWOohooPLAY Z
    MRWOohooPLAY Z Year ago

    Deathstroke or slade

  • Fernando Hernandez

    lex with armer deathstroke captain cold black manta ares revived and joker

    TFP FL4RE Year ago

    My dream injustice league is
    Reverse flash
    Harley Quin
    Black adam

  • Oscar Santiago
    Oscar Santiago Year ago

    Please bring the secret society too!

  • James Morris
    James Morris Year ago

    Kick rocks DC...

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    Kenneth Monfil Year ago

    When is the film of "The Flash" gonna premiere?

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil Year ago

      Robert Buchanan I don't think so bcause there rn't any "news" in the "internet".

    • Robert Buchanan
      Robert Buchanan Year ago

      Fast as lightning.

  • Flynnzer89
    Flynnzer89 Year ago

    Injustice League Members I'd to see would be:
    Solomon Grundy
    Killer Croc

  • Just Some English Kid

    Who watched it because yknow greatest mustache CGI

    • Elvin Glass
      Elvin Glass Year ago

      Clash Gamer Annoying orange has better mouth cgi.

  • Kasper Nielsen
    Kasper Nielsen Year ago

    BAD MOVIE! BAD ACTING! to bad DC can make a decent movie except for nolans batman..

  • Steve Klemetti
    Steve Klemetti Year ago

    It is cheating when superman flies.

  • only1option
    only1option Year ago


  • Baljeet Bernal
    Baljeet Bernal Year ago

    Hi I'm Baljeet

  • F9AG
    F9AG Year ago

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  • BTH ???
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    Steven Li Year ago +2

    I love JL better than Avengers

  • Primarina Queen
    Primarina Queen Year ago

    Aww, and here I was about to guess deadpool, just for lulz.

  • Beaudoin Motorsports


  • Beaudoin Motorsports

    Thought the movie was great! Don't know why it didn't get welcomed. (CAUSE IT'S NOT MARVEL)

    • Beaudoin Motorsports
      Beaudoin Motorsports Year ago

      The Angry Voltorb yeah, but at least they got a movie.

    • The Angry Voltorb
      The Angry Voltorb Year ago

      Beaudoin Motorsports Many DC fans have also been disappointed because of the movie.

  • David D
    David D Year ago

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  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee Year ago +1

    Head injury?

  • UwU
    UwU Year ago

    My cousin tell me about the last scene and there will be more justice league make sure stay until the end to see the scene

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    Victor 101 Year ago +1

    #notmybarry !!

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan Year ago

    Everyone was saying this movie was shit, seen it myself last night and I really enjoyed it.

  • Djo Fortunato
    Djo Fortunato Year ago

    We Need Bizarro in this Universe ! ! ! And he doesn't speak backwards. He speaks opposite. As in - Me Am Bizarro. Me Am #1 Superhero.
    This entire universe could honestly use a Whole Lot of lightening up - !

  • Tobyzilla Ehh
    Tobyzilla Ehh Year ago

    I like his shirt

  • jinender thakur
    jinender thakur Year ago

    I am also big Deathstroke fan

  • Omar Valderama
    Omar Valderama Year ago

    I would love to come a superman /flash movie since they already did a batman /superman movie

    CAMRON RAMSEY Year ago

    Flash is faster than a white dwarf star superman is this is faster than a speeding bullet

  • Nitro Blast
    Nitro Blast Year ago

    Red Hood should have his own live action movie

  • Taylor Wachacha
    Taylor Wachacha Year ago

    I feel like I’m the only one that flipped out over seeing a green lantern in one of the flash back battles...

  • Kris Marz
    Kris Marz Year ago

    it was a garbage film lmao

  • Gotham_Knight_Gaming

    No end credit scenes!! :(

  • BrokeLast
    BrokeLast Year ago

    JUSTICE LEAGUE HD Quality = ow.ly/iKio30h37GH

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  • OneClownShoe
    OneClownShoe Year ago

    I want to see Solomon Grundy!

  • Da'k!DD
    Da'k!DD Year ago +48

    Just watched it. It wuz the💣💣💣💣💣

    • Hunterhammond123
      Hunterhammond123 8 months ago

      Lemon Douglas it was terrible

    • Lemon Douglas
      Lemon Douglas Year ago +2

      It really was, I mean not perfect but no movie is without sin


    Can’t stand that peep squeak playing lex Luther.

    DOKTOR BATMAN Year ago


  • Cheezeblade
    Cheezeblade Year ago

    Cmon sammmyy, they already said in the movie, Alfreds "One misses the days when ones biggest concern was exploding wind up penguins" which teases a possible previous dealing between batman and the Penguin/Joker/Toymaker. And are we really going to even breathe life into the idea that THIS lethal version of Batfleck is someone who takes prisoners? If penguin/joker/other bad guys, have already had fights with batman, lets be honest, theyre dead.

  • Jadejaceharp
    Jadejaceharp Year ago +1

    Loved it and want to know who won

  • The Chimichanga
    The Chimichanga Year ago

    Villains, I don't really find them as getting a solo movie for themselves. But those who have been anti-heroes like Deathstroke, Catwoman (that last one was a screw-up though), Deadshot, etc., I can see them getting solo movies. I still like seeing villains IN movies, but to have their own? I'm not very sure about, but if something like that ever comes, I will definitely check it out.

  • The Chimichanga
    The Chimichanga Year ago

    No, that "solo movie" for Black Adam is actually for Shazam, which Black Adam will appear in.

  • Athul S Kumar
    Athul S Kumar Year ago

    Death stroke is in the solo batman movie

  • aye Buddy
    aye Buddy Year ago

    What's with the faggy hairband?

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    Henry Chimanga Year ago

    I don't know what Rotten Tomatoes are on... This movie ain't bad!

  • Tee Roller
    Tee Roller Year ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is the best flash!

  • Yo Soy Bob Oso
    Yo Soy Bob Oso Year ago +1

    Establish the villains in their own superhero films, like Batman vs DeathStroke. DeathStroke has to be a formidable opponent to Batman and flesh out DeathStroke. Do this to at least another five villains and then make your injustice film. The characters are established and the movie can begin without having to give a backstory or just giving a lot of exposition like Justice League.

  • Mearc
    Mearc Year ago

    Flash runs like a bitch

  • Nappy Boy
    Nappy Boy Year ago

    The WB animated series was EPIC !

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    Dig VR Year ago

    suicide....squad...2..can't wait says Ralph the Movie Maker

  • andrew sour patch177

    Characters in suicide squad 2
    1 captain cold
    2 captain boomerang
    3 dead shot
    4 death stroke
    5 Harley Quinn
    6 killer croc
    7 joker
    8 rick flag
    9 el diabolo fire ghost

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Year ago

    Being that the Shirt he is wearing says Legion of Doom...i think that’s the League...still this is going to be good. Quick question though if Ben does exit stage right who is gonna play the Bat?

  • Ryan Ridge
    Ryan Ridge Year ago

    Sweat-Band Sam got into the medicine cabinet....😂😂

    CARL KACHU Year ago

    Im aint a fan od DC but i like both marvel and Dc and i watched justice league but u forgot the post credit scene and i thought it was alfred looking at green lantern and say your late q

  • WatchDogMan
    WatchDogMan Year ago

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    Adam F. Year ago

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