• Published on Dec 4, 2019
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  • castelnedd
    castelnedd 10 days ago

    Great role models the both of them. No trash talk just respect. No matter what he was the first Mexican heavy weight champion of the world. You can never take that away from him. Well done champ.

  • John Andrew O'Rourke
    John Andrew O'Rourke 19 days ago

    Ruiz is old news.

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 19 days ago

    He got schooled by AJ :)

  • zudinz magar
    zudinz magar 21 day ago

    Lol hahaha that lucky punch 🥊 he knew AJs game plan and he complaining n making excuses after his loss. Cut off the ring n every punch he throw lands lol he could not land a punch n became a punching bag. He does not say he not practicing now he is ready to knock down Joshua now... excuses excuses after the fight. Lol

  • Shaun
    Shaun 26 days ago +2

    Didn't prepare that hard, either that or you underestimated his footwork, like he underestimated your brawling style in the first fight..... The third fight, if it happens, will be very interesting to watch!

  • Joseph Feirouz
    Joseph Feirouz 27 days ago

    Everybody knows the bitch slap...

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK 28 days ago

    This bloke is a disgrace and insult to all boxing athletes. Turned up looking like a beached whale. Where was Greenpeace when you need them

    MATT44RYAN 29 days ago

    Who's here to not hear any excuses like every word post fight.
    .... I didn't think he said anything to him in the face off, I thought he was just working loose some food between his teeth.

  • Real
    Real Month ago

    Hey the fool got his shot twice and got paid twice, if you don't blow it all the way he's spending maybe he'll be set for life.. I honestly don't know if you should be considered one of the top heavyweights. Let's see where his head and focus is down the road.

  • hyena131
    hyena131 Month ago

    Fat, fake humble himbo. Thank fukc he'll soon vanish into obscurity - a flash in the pan one hit wonder who got lucky.

  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th Month ago

    BUM = Doesn't even respect OR represent his homeland USA. Glad he's out.

  • Who said it was me?

    Fat boy didn't train

  • 20XX
    20XX Month ago

    Complacency written all over him with my 20/20 hindsight 🧐

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips Month ago

    Is a lamp bought to be put under a basket or under a bed? is it not to be set on a lamp stand? for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. if anyone has ears to hear let him hear!

  • Paul Omoteso
    Paul Omoteso Month ago

    I guess talk is cheap.

  • King Fury
    King Fury Month ago

    Was a titleholder in a miner blip not a true champ fat twat

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales Month ago

    Too bad he embarrassed himself in the rematch. He was just happy with the first win.

  • Kiusza CM
    Kiusza CM Month ago +2

    Crazy that he knew all this time that Joshua was going to box him around but he didn't do shit about it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • S Cooper
    S Cooper Month ago

    How that go for you champ?

  • randumz randumz
    randumz randumz Month ago

    lol didn’t really go to plan did it .enjoy your money it won’t last u long an i can’t see u getting another money fight like that again

  • Agboola Adebowale
    Agboola Adebowale Month ago

    So much humility in one man. Even though he was a champion as at this time. A.j too is very humble though. I respect the way they both reacted even after losses

  • Ben Dj Topvibe
    Ben Dj Topvibe Month ago +1

    Maybe switch from a box of snickers to a box of twirl before nxt fight maybe you’ll have more of a chance 😂😂😂😂

  • Shoaib QQQ
    Shoaib QQQ Month ago +1

    He knew he’d box him around but says ohh yeh I’m prepared for it hmmm then you say in the interview after the fight ohh I didn’t train hard stick to one fucking story mr Kentucky fried chicken

  • imabadmofosofux2
    imabadmofosofux2 Month ago

    This dude a bum had a chance of a lifetime and blow it

  • djxsquizit
    djxsquizit Month ago +1

    Whos hear after watching Titanic?

  • Dog Francais
    Dog Francais Month ago

    He said "hey, you got a sandwich?"

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago

    One hit wonders

  • Zach Zoud
    Zach Zoud Month ago +2

    2:10 is what your here for

  • Gary Perkins
    Gary Perkins Month ago

    Ruiz was woeful.......shockingly bad! Thought Joshua could have let the fists fly a bit more with some sting in the tail.....bit lazy, got a bit cocky near the end there too. After the first fiasco it looked a decent win, but who knows whats been planned ahead of times with this crooked lot........

  • David Poulton
    David Poulton Month ago

    It was a dreadful performance from Ruiz since winning he now has a army of bums around him and took him away from what he has done over the years, maybe he fights dillian , or Dubois next I just don't want him to fade away such a nice man but needs to cut the bums out

  • Dakota Brown
    Dakota Brown Month ago

    So thats wht he told him

  • Faapoituuloa Fuao
    Faapoituuloa Fuao Month ago +1

    I thought I saw TVclip videos of this guy lost heaps of weight.
    What happened?

  • Briddy Hll
    Briddy Hll Month ago

    I am pleased AJ won. but this guy also has a nice persona. hats off to them both.

  • Choose Life
    Choose Life Month ago

    Both AJ and Andy are great guys.

  • Crimson Twins
    Crimson Twins Month ago +2

    He told him how good the buffet was back at the hotel.

  • Lyndon Fair
    Lyndon Fair Month ago


  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    He is nothing but a Excuse of why . You have DISRESPECTed yourself and the one's that got to the brass ring and excepted lose and the win to fix the mistake by going back to the point where they were having the problem but you didn't all that you have done is cry like a little girl. Not going to make excuses but here is my list of them all . Nothing but a has been a will go down as a paper champion that's all .

  • Aleksandar Lukic
    Aleksandar Lukic Month ago

    love this guy. sorry he lost

  • Jay Basi
    Jay Basi Month ago

    He looks like the kid from UP

  • Rick Rojas
    Rick Rojas Month ago

    He lost cause of his unresponsbility move on he had a chance not no more👎

  • joel rangel
    joel rangel Month ago

    He’s a fat slob that’s why he lost. He couldn’t wait for Dec 7th to lose lol

  • john John
    john John Month ago

    All that time he meant, "during the one sparring session I have had during my entire summer camp, that's what I worked on"

  • king leer
    king leer Month ago +2

    Even though I was rooting for aj I kinda like this guy he's so nice and he's peaceful

  • Sathes .
    Sathes . Month ago

    HAHAHAHAHA ... andy got too much candy ! now the world has balance again.

  • Derek Nadeau
    Derek Nadeau Month ago


  • Jay Pete
    Jay Pete Month ago +1

    Who cares, he’s Buster Douglas Jr.

    • Carlos Morales
      Carlos Morales Month ago

      Jay Pete yup. You are right. Not a real champion to me. Didn’t take the rematch seriously. Says a lot about his professionalism. Not a professional.

  • naz s
    naz s Month ago

    Hmm cutting the ring ... more like cutting out meal times would have helped ...

    • Relentlessy
      Relentlessy Month ago

      So funny I think I forgot to laugh

    ZEUS MELO Month ago

    I can't wait for the rematch, hopefully there's a lot more fighting going on this time. I don't think any boxer should be aloud to win by scoring points/ decision.

  • Ayks
    Ayks Month ago

    He is absolutely right the Kapsa is delicious

  • iron man
    iron man Month ago

    Ruiz is most dangerous heavyweight fighter respect

  • Butter Cup
    Butter Cup Month ago

    HA HA

  • Adam Allan
    Adam Allan Month ago

    If u like kabsa then you’d love the taboola

  • raymond sweeney
    raymond sweeney Month ago

    so he was more than ready before the fight ! yet full of shit after he got beat ? clown

  • alan treloar
    alan treloar Month ago +1

    who here after he got scholed every round hahaha

  • Andile Ntlokwana
    Andile Ntlokwana Month ago

    Keep it up champ, I really like your personality and humility, very rare in boxing!

    • hyena131
      hyena131 Month ago

      Andile Ntlokwana
      You made a type-o. 'Chump", not "champ."

  • Maxwell Udodiri
    Maxwell Udodiri Month ago

    What you said is what he did, boxing you around, take what belongs to him

  • SuperUltraSugarShit
    SuperUltraSugarShit Month ago +1

    Good at cutting off the ring? Fuck off pure punching bag in this fight

  • Isa X5
    Isa X5 Month ago +2

    i feel sorry for him man, he seems like such a nice guy

  • TheNab2323
    TheNab2323 Month ago

    I’m blessed man

  • RG GT
    RG GT Month ago

    You have to respect his professionalism