Sculpting MONSTER CLAY - This stuff is Epic!!

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
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Comments • 7 985

  • Olivia Day
    Olivia Day 17 hours ago

    make a dragon

  • Ly Hengpor
    Ly Hengpor 8 days ago

    For me the way you sculpt is kind of rough

  • Zayden Suleiman
    Zayden Suleiman 8 days ago +1

    Thumbs up for another part of monster clay

  • stacey crowley
    stacey crowley 10 days ago

    Jazza: I LIKE TO TAKE RISKS *even if there stupid* ÙwÚ

    Also jazza: *aHHhHhhHhhHh iT MeLtEd* TvT

    Me: *ah the intelligence of a jazza*

    *no but seriously this dude is amazing at sculpting* - w -

  • Lenka Kozarova
    Lenka Kozarova 12 days ago

    Make pennywise

  • Buddiebot
    Buddiebot 12 days ago +1

    Ha ling ling would only need to microwave it for 40 seconds

  • Keith Cunningham
    Keith Cunningham 15 days ago

    Where can you get the monster clay

  • KittyBatSeth
    KittyBatSeth 15 days ago

    A couple.... Of.... MINUTES....
    You must have a HORRIBLE microwave...
    My experience is less than a minute will turn the clay into a molten blob surrounded by a thin layer of deceptive.... Devious.... EVIL flim hiding the hot HELL inside....

  • Sierra Hill
    Sierra Hill 15 days ago

    When your parent comes in to get you up for school.

  • iron troll3
    iron troll3 17 days ago +1

    Me : Mom can we get Nutella ?
    Mom : We already have Nutella at home
    Nutella at home :

  • Sorin Tudor
    Sorin Tudor 18 days ago

    Now I see i will watch all of your videos in a day

  • Sorin Tudor
    Sorin Tudor 18 days ago

    Sort of monster clay to make a Last day Zombie and i agree of you making it i will watch you all time video

  • Mahek
    Mahek 19 days ago +1

    All beautiful hearts people. ...plzzz sport

  • Libby Gacha studios
    Libby Gacha studios 19 days ago

    This wanted my to watch black summer

  • blue ninja
    blue ninja 26 days ago

    I can make a playdoh wall

  • Jamie Farrell
    Jamie Farrell 28 days ago

    4:42 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Trevan Thornton
    Trevan Thornton 28 days ago

    It looks 2 chooklet

  • watsgoinonhere1
    watsgoinonhere1 Month ago

    Tell me this stuff doesn't look like a giant slab of Tootsie Roll.

    • Redo Gaming
      Redo Gaming 22 days ago


    • watsgoinonhere1
      watsgoinonhere1 22 days ago

      @Redo Gaming Thank you.

    • Redo Gaming
      Redo Gaming 22 days ago

      watsgoinonhere1 this stuff doesn’t look like a giant slab of tootsie roll.

  • Mike Janson
    Mike Janson Month ago

    First 5 minutes was useless and wasn’t needed for this video.

  • the real creeper
    the real creeper Month ago

    Not being a perv or somthing but.... am i the only one that cannot stop staring at the girl character at the left of the background

  • Rosana Mezrioui
    Rosana Mezrioui Month ago

    Jazza is the next Dr pimple poper😂

  • Yolett Delatorre
    Yolett Delatorre Month ago

    Him:this is the reavel me: wtf is that

  • JCGR8 gamer
    JCGR8 gamer Month ago


  • Nalanix
    Nalanix Month ago

    how much does monster clay cost?
    (sorry if he said, i don't have audio atm and subtitles may be wrong

  • kittygamer
    kittygamer Month ago

    When the liquid came up I died it’s so satisfying

  • Petr Machane
    Petr Machane Month ago

    Please do i need to heat up Monsterclay before using? In the beginning of video i see its hard, than there is something liquid, can you tell me more? thx

  • Iuri Nóbrega
    Iuri Nóbrega Month ago

    This video gave me a uncontrollable desire to eat chocolate pudding

  • Mayank Kardam
    Mayank Kardam Month ago

    Is it only me or does that sculpture really looks like Jhonny sins!!? 😂😂😂

  • 107masoncowen
    107masoncowen Month ago

    9:35 out of a horror movie

  • Amir Leslie
    Amir Leslie Month ago

    Stop talking and work

  • Penguin Gaming
    Penguin Gaming Month ago

    Cool that you said matter's

  • Kristen Page
    Kristen Page Month ago

    I need a link to the video at 2:00 XD

  • santos quintana
    santos quintana Month ago

    That sh#ts crepy

  • LiMe
    LiMe Month ago

    Alright so anyone knows what clay I can use to apply to my face and create a mask that way? Maybe even silicon? Please please reply

  • Antonio Sherrill Jr

    I dare you to make a Avenger

  • Benjamin Wilkin
    Benjamin Wilkin Month ago

    Y do people ask for most likes .

    make this the most liked.........

  • Gamin’ Hamster
    Gamin’ Hamster Month ago

    I don’t need to act

  • Timeless _Jay
    Timeless _Jay Month ago

    the video was uploaded on my lil brothers birthday! :D


    Is that melting ice cream

  • Thomas Nicolson
    Thomas Nicolson Month ago

    Looks a bit like iron maidens mascot

  • jake102 Becerra
    jake102 Becerra Month ago +1

    Who likes ZHC better

  • akaious May
    akaious May Month ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    What you want to see
    Is 9:22

  • Fateema’s World
    Fateema’s World Month ago

    I like to take risksksk -jazzy 2k 19

  • William Perry
    William Perry Month ago +6

    Someone: What Are You Watching?

    Someone Else: A Adult Getting Excited About Clay Turning To Liquid When You Squish It.

    Someone: Okay...Uh...Why?

    Someone Else: WHY DO YOU CARE?!

  • Giraffel Tower
    Giraffel Tower Month ago +1

    Literally the scupter’s face is basically mine when I saw it

  • MineZombE
    MineZombE Month ago

    Wow he rely captured me in the morning

  • dandy relos
    dandy relos Month ago +1


  • Stacy Hoff
    Stacy Hoff Month ago


  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze Month ago

    Where did you learn the art of sculpture? College? Natural talent? Subscribed!!!

  • Anthony Barrett
    Anthony Barrett Month ago

    Corvo from Dishonored

  • El Chico Carlos
    El Chico Carlos Month ago

    Great job

  • TruthSurge
    TruthSurge Month ago

    having to constantly heat it to get it to some consistency seems like a drawback, to me. But what do I know?

  • Blorps _Gaming
    Blorps _Gaming Month ago

    The forbidden *P E A N U T B U T T E R*

  • Moonkookie _369
    Moonkookie _369 Month ago +1

    “Playing around with it”
    “I don’t know what I’m doing”

    *caught in a liiieeee*

  • Willie Wonka
    Willie Wonka Month ago

    He-who-must-not-be-named has a nose!?

  • Saya is Bad at ww
    Saya is Bad at ww Month ago

    Looks like chocolate maybe i should eat.... no no its not chocolate it clay

  • Reapz / Alpha Strike
    Reapz / Alpha Strike 2 months ago

    looks like chocolate 😋

  • Zicil Zdn
    Zicil Zdn 2 months ago

    Tanah liat

  • Shadow Wolf Gamer
    Shadow Wolf Gamer 2 months ago

    That thing looks a lot like red skull from marvel befor u added the details