How to Cook: Sushi Cake 🍣 | MeganBatoon


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  • michelle koons
    michelle koons 3 days ago

    March 10th :)

  • Ana Kat
    Ana Kat Month ago

    It is on the 20

  • Ana Kat
    Ana Kat Month ago

    My birthday is in March

  • CzechRiot
    CzechRiot Month ago +1

    Hey, it's ok, I grew up on a diet of "let's just cut the rotten part out".

  • Sulaf Sharaan
    Sulaf Sharaan 2 months ago

    Mine is in March 23

  • GREGG2099
    GREGG2099 2 months ago

    "We are NOT gonna consume this cake!"
    *proceeds to eat cake*

  • w w
    w w 2 months ago

    645 to much rice to fish ratio u should of add fish in the middle of the rice to equal it our more Megan

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Just looking at the thumbnail, I thought Amanda was your mom. And that’s just fine.

  • Galaxiaas
    Galaxiaas 5 months ago


  • w w
    w w 7 months ago


  • Shindy Badanguio
    Shindy Badanguio 8 months ago

    Omg! The got rice song! Throwback!!!!

  • Kelsey Lenhart
    Kelsey Lenhart 9 months ago

    My birthday is in March

  • Chillichambie
    Chillichambie 11 months ago

    it got brown bc air got to it.

  • Carly Williams
    Carly Williams 11 months ago

    My whole familys birthday is in march too

  • Ellie.
    Ellie. 11 months ago

    So it’s basically a poke cake lol

  • boshra abbas
    boshra abbas 11 months ago

    My birthday is on March 7th 😭❤
    When I was about to check the date she posted this video on, I had the feeling it was going to be March 7th.. which is why i got so excited lol

  • Carly Williams
    Carly Williams 11 months ago

    My whole familys birthday is in march too.

  • Chloe.Edwardss
    Chloe.Edwardss 11 months ago

    Omggggg this was filmed on my birthday, the 7th of marchhh

  • Tina Sanders
    Tina Sanders Year ago

    My buthday is March the 31
    You are to young to cook I love you so much I love you too and I love 😍

  • Jessica Toni
    Jessica Toni Year ago

    I remember that song ! haha

  • Rica Cinco
    Rica Cinco Year ago


  • Mia Wasabi
    Mia Wasabi Year ago

    Less of your face. More of the DIY. The video is about the cake after all.

  • Laura Le
    Laura Le Year ago +2


  • Giang Lai
    Giang Lai Year ago

    I'm gonna add more things in the middle

  • Jaren Lopez
    Jaren Lopez Year ago

    Make megan any food shell love it lmao

  • Hailey Ekleberry
    Hailey Ekleberry Year ago


  • Gabby Jones
    Gabby Jones Year ago +1

    *Megan shows Amanda the rotten avocado
    Amanda"It's ty-died!"
    Amanda. Always tryna make things better.

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia Year ago

    June 7th thanx

  • Hailey Ekleberry
    Hailey Ekleberry Year ago +1

    wow, she's 26 she looks like she's FREAKING 19, you might think I'm kidding but I'm absolutely telling the truth

  • John Okamoto
    John Okamoto Year ago

    wonder what it would look like with the avocado between the layers? like a filling?

  • Ash Has Quit
    Ash Has Quit Year ago

    HELPPPPPPPP! MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash Has Quit
    Ash Has Quit Year ago

    My birthday is in July! HAH!!!!! OMG FIREWORKS ARE BEING SET OFF HELP ME

  • Ibe Brycen
    Ibe Brycen Year ago

    who bah, da pigeon came out cuz lol

  • moraine labandero

    I m half Filipino and half Maltese i was born in cebu city,even if i don t look like lool cus i m blonde, strangers they always think that i m Russian lool they never guess in a million years where i m from originally .but!! who care i m proud to be half Filipino.btw my birthday it is also in march lool i was born in saint patrick s day :P are you also a Pisces megan ? btw again i love your positive personality keep it up :)

  • noelle.
    noelle. Year ago

    When is your birthday ??Mine is March 17

  • Jedie Justiniano
    Jedie Justiniano Year ago

    best of luck

  • Dave H.
    Dave H. Year ago

    "Sal from Manila" is from an old video.

  • Eric Nielsen
    Eric Nielsen Year ago

    I Love Suchi

  • Trishelle Vlogs
    Trishelle Vlogs Year ago

    Is it me or would they make a good couple

  • Viva Lalalalalalalalalal

    My birthday is also in March

  • Jenny_Fortnite
    Jenny_Fortnite Year ago

    Megan is the only one who makes me laugh.

  • rose sword sole
    rose sword sole Year ago

    Is ur birthday March 26th ? mine is!

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    Best Of Luck.

  • Lynnette Rae
    Lynnette Rae Year ago

    I know I'm late but my birthday is March 1st

  • Zim DC
    Zim DC Year ago

    Shoulda mixed rice with vinegar!

  • Jimilah B
    Jimilah B Year ago

    This makes me wanna try to do this, but it might not end up like Megan

  • big red's outdoor adventures

    it's just called sushi. not sushi cake. obviously you don't how sushi is made.

  • Bre Tainatongo
    Bre Tainatongo Year ago

    Am i the only one who died laughing when Megan said mist

  • Ashleigh Carey
    Ashleigh Carey Year ago

    i'm sorry but is anyone appreciating whats happening at 5:08-5:10 hahaha

  • Danica Valdez
    Danica Valdez Year ago

    Ahhhh, you still could've eaten that salmon and tuna! As long as it's frozen and now thawed out for a couple of days, it's still considered fresh!

  • Ina B.
    Ina B. Year ago

    ayee my birthday is on the 27th of March

  • David Stech
    David Stech Year ago

    You ever wonder what happened 9 months before your birthday and presumably your families birthdays for them all to be in March?

  • XyzaDoingStuff
    XyzaDoingStuff Year ago

    I also turned 26 this month! Happy birthday March babies!

  • mikey's cliffaconda

    best of luck

  • Sheenah L.C.
    Sheenah L.C. Year ago

    am i the only notices she had a seaweed crumb on the side of her mouth lol

  • StudioBAS
    StudioBAS Year ago

    I totally remember the "got rice" rap lol

  • HI.Bradder
    HI.Bradder Year ago

    Hahaha "Whoa Braddah"?!?!?! Megan have you been hanging with people from Hawaii??

  • Russell Anonuevo
    Russell Anonuevo Year ago


  • MidNight DarkChocolate

    Follow this recipe and you're guaranteed to be in the hospital for the next 3 weeks

  • Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

    I have moments like this where I can't film my sushi video and my ingredients are expired lol

  • xuanthuy ngo
    xuanthuy ngo Year ago

    Me too my b-day is also in March
    Here is my day of my b-day:March 27th

  • Anaya K
    Anaya K Year ago

    That whip. Everything in this video. I love you both together omg😭

  • John greatoptimist

    OMG I love Sushi, I would love to have a sushi cake!!!
    Although I would make the height of the rice half the size.

  • Audrey 899
    Audrey 899 Year ago

    u look like chloe bennet

  • cbstringham13
    cbstringham13 Year ago

    Hilarious video!! Love the concept, the raport was good, the banter was funny, and the end product looked fantastic! Thank you for sharing and for brightening my day.

  • RKade gaming
    RKade gaming Year ago

    my birthday's in March.

  • RJackson
    RJackson Year ago

    What is an unrotten 26th birthday? That's when you lose your health insurance

  • the-twisted-samurai

    Shoulda put some fish in the middle.

  • Diya Sethi
    Diya Sethi Year ago

    My birthday also comes in march🙋❣️❣️

  • pauline lim
    pauline lim Year ago

    glad to see that Sal from Manila is still making appearances

  • leawesomeguy
    leawesomeguy Year ago

    rotten tomatoes gives this a 10/10 LOL
    honestly still looks good though i know i wouldve risked that poison lololol

  • Vang Xiong
    Vang Xiong Year ago

    happy birthday!!!!

  • Daniel López
    Daniel López Year ago

    that was tooo much rice! i would have filled the layers with more fish.

  • All in Movies
    All in Movies Year ago


  • lara jamillah
    lara jamillah Year ago


  • apple pie
    apple pie Year ago

    You camera angle is crap. You should show more of the cake not your faces

  • Frida Nilsson
    Frida Nilsson Year ago

    my birthday is soon XD

  • Natasha Lim
    Natasha Lim Year ago

    "we will not be consuming this"
    *eats cake*

  • LookatLyssa
    LookatLyssa Year ago

    As soon as Suki attempted to sing "Got Rice" I just blurted out all the words I possibly knew to that song. wow. That throwback hit me hard lol

  • UpAndUps
    UpAndUps Year ago

    That ending!!! xD

  • Elisha Marie
    Elisha Marie Year ago

    best of luck ❤

  • KyrraDailey
    KyrraDailey Year ago

    Best of luck to the best birthday ever!

  • Alysia Figueroa
    Alysia Figueroa Year ago

    ayeee ironyyyy my brithdays today :P

  • PK Kopitiam
    PK Kopitiam Year ago

    you gave me a great idea! i gonna make a sushi cake tooo! in my birthday!

  • ąղժɾҽա ҍɾąժӀҽվ

    thats a lot of rice

  • Doug M
    Doug M Year ago

    So cute, so talented so amazing!

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    best of luck

  • Mich A
    Mich A Year ago

    Happy birthday M! All the best

  • Anthony Ho
    Anthony Ho Year ago

    I don't know how you'd eat that entire cake... that's a LOT of rice LOL...

  • Rosa Diaz
    Rosa Diaz Year ago

    Your shirt! Plz come to Colorado ❤️
    Best of luck 💋

  • fssilvia90
    fssilvia90 Year ago

    I like all the struggles you get every time you're in the kitchen! 😂 😂 it's just too hilarious! Anyway happy birthday Megan!

  • Lisa Nguyen
    Lisa Nguyen Year ago +3

    That is too much rice girl!! One layer of rice next time, add some vinegar, some sesame oil, some sesame seed, and a little bit of sea salt. Mix it all together and that's your cake layer. Salmon, tuna, albacore, and fresh boiled shrimps as toppings. In between each protein, you can do seaweed salad, pickled radish, or some fried veggies. Honestly, this sushi cake idea is amazing because the possibilities are endless!! Good eating!!!

    • 볼아해bts
      볼아해bts Year ago

      Lisa Nguyen you right you right

    • Roya Figueroa
      Roya Figueroa Year ago

      Agreed, even a layer of avocado and protein between layers would've been better.

  • Alena Mataele
    Alena Mataele Year ago


  • kyle s
    kyle s Year ago

    They are both just so darn perfect.

  • HiitsIris
    HiitsIris Year ago

    FRIENDSHIP GOALS lol i love you guysss 💛💛

  • Mg Reyes
    Mg Reyes Year ago

    I know no one who loves & wastes food the most like Megan. Those are some expensive foods to see go to waste.

  • livi d
    livi d Year ago

    your intros and outros are my aesthetic

  • Sof.
    Sof. Year ago

    Megan you're really shinning in this video! You're so stunning! Happy 26th birthday! =)

  • Destiny A
    Destiny A Year ago

    I enjoy these vids 😊

  • Pilar DRP
    Pilar DRP Year ago

    If the fish has been frozen, it's fine