Why American voter registrations are disappearing

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • And how to avoid the purge.
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    Voter purges are a means of removing ineligible voter registrations from the rolls - meant to clean up the system. But what happens when aggressive purges end up getting rid of the registrations of eligible voters?
    Critics say states like Georgia and Ohio - purging through “exact match” or “use it or lose it” laws - are disproportionately eliminating thousands of minority voters from the system.
    What states are doing them, how do they work, and what should you do if you find out you’ve been purged?
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  • Vox
    Vox  Year ago +403

    Voting is one of the most fundamental parts of democracy, so why aren't eligible voters registered automatically? Check out our video on the push for automatic voter registration, and how it could improve the US electoral process: bit.ly/2Jyhwry

    • kid kurmudgeon
      kid kurmudgeon 6 days ago

      i use mail in ballot. Skips the line to participate in the faux democracy show and leaves a paper trail!

    • karben
      karben 7 months ago

      In the US, Kansas anyway, by law you're you're allowed to take time off to go vote. Australia doesn't have the same immigration issues as the US. Being an ISLAND contributes to this. Can you please educate me on your immigration laws? Because voter fraud and lax immigration law go hand in hand.

    • ToMMy Beats
      ToMMy Beats 11 months ago

      America isn’t a democracy it’s a democratic republic guys

    • Randy Smith
      Randy Smith 11 months ago

      I guess it's the same reason we don't remove dead people from voter rolls

    • Mardas Man
      Mardas Man 11 months ago

      The US is the only country worldwide without automatic voter registration. Its perpetuity is the result of racism.

  • Malacki 655
    Malacki 655 29 days ago

    1:34 Who else clocked the Papers Please reference?

  • DCFunBud
    DCFunBud Month ago

    This video does not even go into how difficult it can be to register to vote in some states like Alabama. Hope you have a car with a lot of gas!

  • DCFunBud
    DCFunBud Month ago

    Disgusting Republicans. And you wonder how we wound up with Trump.

  • Citavalo
    Citavalo Month ago


  • Rhyno Souris
    Rhyno Souris Month ago

    My grandfather has voted in every election since he died in 1938

  • Trey Noe
    Trey Noe 2 months ago

    Voter fraud is a real issue and it is wide spread

  • Xander
    Xander 2 months ago +2

    It's not "voter fraud"
    It's "racism"

  • Untimely Avengest
    Untimely Avengest 2 months ago

    I want to be able to vote online

  • Lance Rothman
    Lance Rothman 2 months ago

    How about 1st proving that voting does anything or for that matter has any power.
    Till then, proud to be a lifelong non voter. Never voted. Never will.

  • Go Cini
    Go Cini 3 months ago

    Let's purge fraudulent voter registrations. How hard is it to get your own name right?

  • Robert Jung
    Robert Jung 3 months ago

    That this is even possible is a huge shame and scam towards democracy. Those in power in the US are racists for doing this. Seems it's getting worse every day, not better, it's getting worse.

  • Getta Petta
    Getta Petta 4 months ago

    Black and Brown sounding names are -HARDEST HIT!!!!! Grover Norquist & OTHER REPUBLICANS openly bragged.

  • Alex Durdan
    Alex Durdan 4 months ago

    So change the rules because their skin color? Sounds pretty racist to me good job being racist again vox...

  • Don Rollins
    Don Rollins 4 months ago

    I find it very hard to believe that only 35 illegal voters were found since Texas found 58.000 all by themselves.

  • Scott Bluth
    Scott Bluth 5 months ago

    There should be a national voting council to fight for voter's rights. A council that can lock up people who suppress any vote. Voting is a right. Any person that attempts any voter suppression should be instantly arrested and thrown in jail

  • Kevin Swartz
    Kevin Swartz 5 months ago

    Every state should do this

  • Elijah Guttman
    Elijah Guttman 6 months ago

    No hyphon? DISCREPANCY DETECTED! INTERROGATE: Why do you have different names on different papers? -It's a typo. DETAINED!

    Reference to papers, please. It's scary that the US is becoming more and more like Arstotzka.

  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright 8 months ago

    Never voted ever

  • David
    David 8 months ago

    I know I am late on this video but I love how the format is just like "Papers Please" the game!!

  • mekoandlibby
    mekoandlibby 8 months ago

    My little brothers passport has his middle name spelt wrong.

  • curtis shaw
    curtis shaw 8 months ago

    Democrats want to give voting rights to illegal immigrants. Vox doesn't report that here.

  • CitizenFoffie
    CitizenFoffie 8 months ago

    1:37 papers please refrence

  • Angelique Coke
    Angelique Coke 8 months ago

    Also note that the Head of Secretary of State (the governmental institution that supervises Fair elections) just so happened to be running for governor and had access to all voter information while he was running for governor. This includes all voting history for all registered voters in the state of Georgia in addition to their ethnicity, social security numbers, signatures and address.

  • aicram62
    aicram62 8 months ago

    MANDATORY VOTING. If you want a civilized society. you should have to participate. You can always vote none of the above. At least this way no one can get kicked off.

  • I'mReallyTired
    I'mReallyTired 10 months ago

    This happened to me! I registered to vote with plenty of time to spare for the midterms, and I'm completely eligible, but when I went to vote, my name wasn't registered. Like ???????

  • Ci Wa
    Ci Wa 10 months ago

    Thanks for this.

  • DoubleDS9
    DoubleDS9 10 months ago

    This is appalling, disgusting even. I hate how Republicans justify voter suppression like this. it mars the myth of American democracy being amongst the best in the world.

  • הוنᄀバコᄂᄃɸฅจـهـ母表จาøนحöܠʢܢחق한국어י

    Anyone in the US can vote any number of times. There are no identity, registration or multiple voting checks.

  • ToMMy Beats
    ToMMy Beats 11 months ago

    Voting isn’t a right it’s a privilege

  • ToMMy Beats
    ToMMy Beats 11 months ago

    We don’t live in a democracy we live in a republic... if you’re American and you don’t this I feel bad for you

  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy 11 months ago

    Why does the narrator for this video sound like the girl from brain pop jr.?

  • john malcolm
    john malcolm 11 months ago

    while the rest of the world has risen to be a titan.

  • Ugly German Truths
    Ugly German Truths 11 months ago

    Why is it that in the US the individual states make the rules for FEDERAL Elections anyway? Seems pretty unequal to have 50 different sets of rules and regulations for ONE and the same election.

  • andrew grandison
    andrew grandison 11 months ago

    Honestly Vox staff what tools do you use to make your videos ? I'm saying the charts, the little peeps, the words - it all looks great and I want to learn ! Hit me up.

  • deanb007
    deanb007 11 months ago +3

    FYI: At 4:00 the map is very hard to read for a colorblind person (the blue and purple are almost the same). I would suggest not using colors together such as blue and purple, light green and yellow, brown and dark green, or brown and red. Here is a good resource to see whether an image would be suitable for a colorblind audience: www.toptal.com/designers/colorfilter
    It was an otherwise great video! Keep it up.

  • hillo wassup no username
    hillo wassup no username 11 months ago +1


  • Largo Di Milano
    Largo Di Milano 11 months ago

    How can you argue that exact match is a bad thing? You're literally arguing that bureaucrats are bad.

  • Diego Shinoda
    Diego Shinoda 11 months ago

    Funny, in my country you have a government issued Id that automatically registers you to vote, people are often encouraged and issued extended deadlines to the registry or update of personal info for them to vote

  • Cobi Lancaster
    Cobi Lancaster 11 months ago

    1:42 So they can purge you from the voter rolls for protesting against the choices you have by not voting?
    "Why didn't you vote?"
    "Because both choices were awful."
    "Sorry, I'm going to have to take your voting rights away for that. Next time please reconsider disrespecting our glorious and eternal leaders."

    • Randy Miller
      Randy Miller 11 months ago

      Being purged doesn't take away your right to vote, it just makes you re-register.

  • Kaushik Poojary
    Kaushik Poojary 11 months ago

    And America is a democratic republic

  • David Allen
    David Allen 11 months ago

    This has me wondering if the people that are doing this believe that a Christian Saudi Arabia/Iran should exist. Everyone who says I'm moving to Canada" because of a liberal decision would actually do us a favor by leaving; the U.S. is effectively the last bunker of Christian conservatism left; even Vatican City, the CAPITAL of Christianity, has had popes that are more liberal in decisions (Popes are absolute monarchs there, if you didn't know). I am considering moving to either Canada (due to its closeness and lack of language barrier) or Spain (due to its incredibly lax scheduling) but either one to escape this place that has people that, in the end, would probably want my head... The only thing is that such an act costs FAR too much.

  • camilofroes2
    camilofroes2 Year ago +1

    Sweet "Papers, Please" reference

  • LPyourplay
    LPyourplay Year ago

    Where I live, every citizen who is registered within the country is also registered to vote (for EU, Municipal, and Water Board elections some non citizens can also vote) and everyone is mailed a voting pass telling them where to vote and to bring some form of ID that has not expired for more than 5 years (having valid ID is required by law). The only people who have to register to vote are citizens living outside the country (and they only have to do it once).

  • NolaGal2601
    NolaGal2601 Year ago

    What if your state AG is a Republican, too. Won't he be likely to ignore you?

    • Randy Miller
      Randy Miller 11 months ago

      If you have a legitimate issue and they intentionally ignore you then you can sue them for violating your civil rights.

  • Endo
    Endo Year ago

    GOP is corrupt

  • Lynn M
    Lynn M Year ago

    Oh he'll nah I live in ohio and I missed a election

  • Rahil
    Rahil Year ago

    Well if you don't vote what difference does it make if your vote registration is gone

  • ray z.
    ray z. Year ago

    Lmao I'm here in Asia not an American citizen,but I can vote in American election.

  • Răzvan
    Răzvan Year ago

    It's mind boggling why US still hasn't automatic voter registration and federal level ID that can stop all this "self inflicted" idiocy by politicians or bureaucracy.

  • Josha Curlie
    Josha Curlie Year ago

    In European Law (as in EU law specifically) we call policies which just so happen to always disadvantage one group of people more than another indirect discrimination and it is as bad as literally making a flagrantly discriminatory law (i.e. This Law says that X group is always excluded from Y). Also governments have the burden of proof to show that they really weren't being discriminatory. The more I learn about your legal and political system the more the EU law graduate in me just goes ~WTF how is this even a country that's a dumpster fire o.O

  • GalacticHero
    GalacticHero Year ago

    Papers please 1:33

  • scottind
    scottind Year ago

    I like the Papers Please reference

  • WaterDerp
    WaterDerp Year ago

    1:34 that looks familiar

  • Michellea Dowlin
    Michellea Dowlin Year ago

    Her voice kinda sounds like ruby from max and ruby

  • Addison Clarke
    Addison Clarke Year ago

    Surprise surprise. Racist republicans strike again.

  • AntiSocial Atheist

    in Alabama they sent out notices that looked like junk mail so voters would not actually want to read them and instead would throw them away. they usually target minorities. they are criminals

  • Ed Yang
    Ed Yang Year ago

    Welcome to the Land of the free!

  • Dilithium Crystals

    Americans never heard of unique id and biometrics?

  • Brett Carroll
    Brett Carroll Year ago

    WTF is up with Nebraska? GOP/Nonpartisan?