• Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • SOMEONE SENT ME AN IPHONE! PO BOX FAN MAIL UNBOXING/OPENING! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and follow me Twitter: SSSniperWolf
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  3 years ago +6501

    PO BOX FAN MAIL OPENING/UNBOXING! Sorry for the late upload everyone my internet was being awful today... hope you all enjoyed :D

  • Kryzia mae Dulay
    Kryzia mae Dulay Hour ago

    Sssnipper wolf im your big fan i dont have any mistery suprise sorry but i really love u and your so funny everyday and thats why i like u and thats but firts can i have a shoutout

  • Dahlia Beaudry
    Dahlia Beaudry 8 hours ago

    Please tell me your address so I can send you stuff pllllllllllllllllllz

  • Alice Xu
    Alice Xu 10 hours ago

    That laugh killed me

  • Rea Ponce
    Rea Ponce Day ago

    I’m watching to

  • Rea Ponce
    Rea Ponce Day ago +1


  • Marian Aguilar
    Marian Aguilar Day ago

    What size are you in shirts

  • Bananas
    Bananas Day ago

    She only remembered a few people lol

  • Bananas
    Bananas Day ago

    Ksi got fd

  • Annika Lalim
    Annika Lalim Day ago


  • Seashark Doherty

    anyone here 2020

  • Dan Wahl
    Dan Wahl 2 days ago

    why u said u got iphone but not in vid??

  • Chloe Robinson
    Chloe Robinson 2 days ago

    Is 2020 right now

  • Lailani Villagomez
    Lailani Villagomez 2 days ago

    What’s your address I’ve been always wanted to send you fan mail if not can you tell me a way please

  • Mariah Thomas
    Mariah Thomas 2 days ago +1


  • Emaans World
    Emaans World 2 days ago


  • Mishel Piña
    Mishel Piña 2 days ago +1

    Ñoooooo your alergic to kit Kat!!!!
    I feal Bad that your alergic to kit kats ☹️☹️☹️

  • Nyath Maxwell
    Nyath Maxwell 2 days ago

    I'm in your wolf back

  • Fire Star
    Fire Star 3 days ago

    5:06 i have the same nerf gun!!

  • Ayla J VINCENT
    Ayla J VINCENT 3 days ago

    I wish I could have all the wolf stuff 😪 I love wolves! I have a wolf hoodie hehe luv you

  • Shaun Neeley
    Shaun Neeley 3 days ago


  • Zayde Gamalia
    Zayde Gamalia 3 days ago

    🌗🐕🌗🐕🌗🐕🌗🐕 I love dogs 🐶

  • Isabela Oliveira
    Isabela Oliveira 3 days ago

    wHo'S hErE iN 2020

  • Ivy Yawn
    Ivy Yawn 3 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Mr pineapple the Weasel

    I want to see the apples

  • Tammy Sanderson
    Tammy Sanderson 4 days ago

    I love wolves they are my favourite animals but i love that pillow case i wish i had one and i swear i am your biggest fan in the world

  • Nikolas Rice
    Nikolas Rice 4 days ago +1

    Any 2020?

  • Tiffany Bruce
    Tiffany Bruce 4 days ago

    Sssniperwolf I want to send you something that is like a little that is like a little snuggle bud it has little hearts on its stomach and it is tie-dye it is a little puppy that are so cute and I wanted to give it to you but I got it for my birthday but I want to give it to I don't know how

  • Selena Muasau
    Selena Muasau 4 days ago


  • Selena Muasau
    Selena Muasau 4 days ago

    ThNk you for being so nice and caring and you don’t care what people send you love all your fans!

  • Keegan_WolfQueen Yass

    Hi I subscribed 3 years ago today and I love you so much!!!😘😘😘

  • Madison Tomlin
    Madison Tomlin 4 days ago

    Hey! Your awesome but you probably won’t see this but if you do you awesome!!!!!

  • Gia Polk
    Gia Polk 4 days ago

    this is my birthday 3 years ago

  • Bemjamin Gabriel
    Bemjamin Gabriel 4 days ago

    i love your vids

  • Kaylin Martin
    Kaylin Martin 5 days ago

    did anyone see the phone i didnt

  • Bubu Sun
    Bubu Sun 5 days ago

    Hello! You are the best TVclipr on this entire platform! I wish I am in the wolf pack......I just subscribed!!

  • Ronda Reid
    Ronda Reid 5 days ago

    That house is not a girl without a Pomeranian I have but it says a house is not a home without a poodle

  • Lil Dyslexiella
    Lil Dyslexiella 5 days ago


  • Kristy Walsh
    Kristy Walsh 6 days ago

    hi sssniperwolf I've been watching your vids for ten years now I love your vids there so cool

    • Coral Dayz
      Coral Dayz 6 days ago

      So you watched her when she didn’t even start her channel? Stalker.

  • belle louisejohnsonbrady

    i wonder if u will see this but anyway i love u your the best and yer plus your dogs are sooo cute

  • Brittany Wilt
    Brittany Wilt 6 days ago

    I love u

  • Pam Welge
    Pam Welge 6 days ago

    I'm watching in 2020.😣

  • Unidentified user
    Unidentified user 6 days ago

    Oof I'm just watching old videos and they are some good memories

  • robert armstrong
    robert armstrong 6 days ago

    2020 anywone?
    also like if she is completly difrent no

  • Evil
    Evil 7 days ago +1

    Imagine not watching in 2020

  • shia davis
    shia davis 7 days ago

    Hi my name is Shia but the I is long

  • flames f
    flames f 7 days ago +1

    Hi I'm in 2020

  • isaac the elementary kid

    Im watching in 2020 and ive been fan since 2k17

  • AthlyixMøøn -
    AthlyixMøøn - 7 days ago

    Hi SSSniperWolf o watched this vid a few yrs late sorry 😐 but this vid is as long as it takes to brush my hair right after a shower and I luv uuuuuuu

  • Ashleigh Fearn
    Ashleigh Fearn 7 days ago

    You make me smile every time I see your vids love it... I'm in pain though just got my braces and making me smile Herts but you keep insanity

  • colored playz
    colored playz 8 days ago

    i am from slovenia

  • Kristin Anderson
    Kristin Anderson 8 days ago

    Who else noticed that the word thingy said Brandy [satin] exists?!?😂😂

  • Ellie Martin
    Ellie Martin 8 days ago

    people woching in 2020?

  • Cokie Lover
    Cokie Lover 8 days ago

    Im in 2020😅

  • Rebecca Helmer
    Rebecca Helmer 8 days ago

    And I feel really left out... I'm watching in 2020!!😓😓😭😭

  • Rebecca Helmer
    Rebecca Helmer 8 days ago

    You make me laugh!!! Me on me mom phone

  • copypaste watermelon
    copypaste watermelon 8 days ago +1

    2020 anyone?

  • Endfire
    Endfire 9 days ago

    It's 2020 I'm so sad right now

  • Sydney Sonja Thomas
    Sydney Sonja Thomas 9 days ago

    Lia: I love me some laffy taffys. You guys tryna give me diabetes.

    Me: u be so lucky bein' able to eat some laff taffys. I have metal teeth SO I CANT HAVE THEM GOSH DARN. i sneak them when my parents r not home tho 😂

  • Faith Meyer
    Faith Meyer 9 days ago

    I am all alone watching this in 2020