Crazy Rich Asians Star Awkwafina Recalls Her Dating Past | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • "Crazy Rich Asians" star Awkwafina talks dating an intellectual without an appreciation for My Cousin Vinny.

    Director: Sara Shaw
    Fashion Editor: Alexandra Gurvitch
    Story Editor: Liana Satenstein
    Hair: Josue Perez
    Makeup: Matin Maulawizada
    Editor: Theo Rosenthal
    Filmed at: 325 West Broadway, 3, Courtesy of Douglas Elliman
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    Crazy Rich Asians Star Awkwafina Recalls Her Dating Past | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue

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  • PurpleSwils
    PurpleSwils 14 hours ago

    Omg I LOVE her!

  • Hero Wong
    Hero Wong Day ago

    I love her. Feeling like you’re enough is so important 🌟

  • shsueh21
    shsueh21 Day ago

    Feel bad for all the graphic designers out there

  • flaoflao
    flaoflao Day ago

    2:26 says it all

  • SoCali
    SoCali Day ago +1

    If a man doesn't respect who you are and the things that make you happy he is definitely not the man for you.

  • Richard .torres
    Richard .torres 2 days ago

    Love her

  • Natty B
    Natty B 2 days ago +7

    Everyone knows her for her acting, but I found her through her rap career. Definitely recommend checking out her on Spotify!

  • atikah rostam
    atikah rostam 2 days ago

    Nnnooo I wanna see a picture of her cat!

  • panita k
    panita k 2 days ago

    I need more of this

  • 00943_jfti
    00943_jfti 2 days ago

    Where is the picture?

  • 박채채
    박채채 2 days ago

    부잔지 뭔진 모르겠는데 못생긴건 맞아보인다

  • Ur Daddy Owe Me Money
    Ur Daddy Owe Me Money 3 days ago +2

    Seriously tho, who even likes brutalist architecture?

  • Happyme!
    Happyme! 3 days ago

    Um, so why didn't they show us the cat...

  • NuclearNow_SolarLater
    NuclearNow_SolarLater 3 days ago +1

    SHIIIIIET marry me girl

  • milk before cereal
    milk before cereal 4 days ago

    god that story of the guy is fr something happening to me right now

  • milk before cereal
    milk before cereal 4 days ago

    god that story of the guy is fr something happening to me right now

  • pleasantly drifting
    pleasantly drifting 4 days ago +2

    It was a mutual ghosting which is dope 😂

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I will go with her to any sea food buffet !!!!

  • Quest Mode
    Quest Mode 7 days ago +24

    "It was like a mutual ghosting...Which is dope." lol

  • L.Whitney
    L.Whitney 8 days ago +1

    Love her personality and omg white chicks is one of my fav movies too

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 9 days ago +11

    No one has ever fully read infinite jest. Anyone who says they have read infinite jest is just pretending to have read infinite jest

    • silvari
      silvari 5 days ago

      most effective contraceptive in my book? a copy of infinite jest on my bedside table. don't worry mom, i'm using protection.

  • William Cochrane
    William Cochrane 9 days ago +1

    You were my favorite in CRA I sometimes just skip to your scenes when I watch it a few times

  • Lucha Lew
    Lucha Lew 12 days ago

    Her beats and rhymes are dope.

  • Dominique Osorio-Davis

    Growing up in Vegas Asian dudes that drove "Rice Burners" when I was coming up weren't pulling baddies.

  • Mithras Smith
    Mithras Smith 18 days ago

    Dating past: 100% white men

  • tony barlow
    tony barlow 29 days ago

    I love her voice and glad to see her adding to her career besides me knowing her as a rapper

  • D. D.
    D. D. Month ago +1

    I saw you in crazy Rich Asians and I loved you I wish we could’ve been best friends growing up we would had a blast

  • Astro Pirate
    Astro Pirate Month ago

    Omg, I literally have her personality! 😂😂😂

  • SJtheMFZB
    SJtheMFZB Month ago

    Her positive energy is so infectious.

  • Hugh Hughes
    Hugh Hughes Month ago

    "Why don't we watch my favorite film, white chicks". ROFL

  • Le Garçon Qui ment

    LMFAAOOO OMG @ THE CRITERION COLLECTION 😂😂 I love them and I’d never behave like that moron she dated poor her I’d love to date this woman

  • peba land
    peba land Month ago

    Bring her back! Please!

  • Anabel Chun
    Anabel Chun Month ago


  • Candace Shirley
    Candace Shirley Month ago +1

    Gosh, Awkwafina, I would be just as bored on any date you just described.
    That My Cousin Vinny and you look at this sour puss face, I'd find it funny and appreciate it.

  • Candace Shirley
    Candace Shirley Month ago

    I love this, and her

  • Stephen Schlachter
    Stephen Schlachter Month ago +1

    I think you are asome!👍🤞😘

  • Dwayne Payne
    Dwayne Payne Month ago

    Love her personality!!

  • Late Night Owl
    Late Night Owl 2 months ago +2

    One single af asian girl here 🙋🏻‍♀️
    She's super interesting. I wish to see amazing asian characters like this in hollywood more!

  • PenguinDropings
    PenguinDropings 2 months ago +1

    "He has references" lmao

  • Makayla Weatherman
    Makayla Weatherman 2 months ago

    If people want know what type I girl I like then here you go. This type right here.

  • Thevioletdreams
    Thevioletdreams 2 months ago

    I LOVE her.

  • Steven Guatemoc
    Steven Guatemoc 2 months ago

    You think Awkwafina likes Chicano..

  • s
    s 2 months ago

    She's the asian natasha lyonne

  • Lisa
    Lisa 2 months ago

    She is so relatable. I had a similar first date story. You should always stay true to yourself.

  • Bebe Kiddo
    Bebe Kiddo 2 months ago +15

    " Mutual ghosting which is dope" 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Mei Leong
    Mei Leong 2 months ago

    She is hilarious

  • Micah Snow
    Micah Snow 2 months ago +3

    “I loved yelling-"
    "At pigeons"
    XD I ded

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen 2 months ago

    I want to see her cat periodt

  • bombaestic 94
    bombaestic 94 2 months ago +1

    That’s what you get for dating a libertarian

  • FancyUnicorn
    FancyUnicorn 2 months ago +1

    White Chicks is a cinematic masterpiece. It deserves to be in the Criterion collection. Anyone who says otherwise... is probably right

  • Silver Shandiin
    Silver Shandiin 2 months ago

    I love you, awkwafina! Too bad I didnt catch you while you were in town!!! #vivalanewmexico

  • Tessa Holland
    Tessa Holland 2 months ago


  • Qwerty Asdfghjkl
    Qwerty Asdfghjkl 2 months ago

    She’s so beautiful wtf

  • Meyriana King
    Meyriana King 2 months ago

    So genuine and true to herself. The kind of people I like to know and hang out with.

  • Paula Wolf
    Paula Wolf 2 months ago

    can we be friends?

  • Anna Pfeffer
    Anna Pfeffer 2 months ago

    where is the picture of the cat ? :(

  • Lisa N.
    Lisa N. 2 months ago

    Lmao @ body of a graphics designer

  • first name chloe
    first name chloe 2 months ago

    2:39 Thats when I knew I liked her :D ITS MY FAVOURITE MOVIE TOO!

  • Victoria Chaplin
    Victoria Chaplin 3 months ago +1

    Love her 💛

  • hey rose
    hey rose 3 months ago

    one of the best interviews ever

  • sawadee
    sawadee 3 months ago

    None of her business how someone likes their steak.

  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel 3 months ago

    I feel like Awkwafina and Miley cyrus will vibe very well together. Their personalities would mesh well!

    • Jam Slam
      Jam Slam 2 months ago

      You mean the RACIST Miley Cyrus who body shames Asians?

  • Cameron Clark
    Cameron Clark 3 months ago

    Gosh she is so naturally hilarious I could listen to her talk forever lolol

  • Sandra Halskov
    Sandra Halskov 3 months ago

    Who else waiting for that picture?

  • Lauren Adcock
    Lauren Adcock 3 months ago

    BUT WHERE'S THE PICTURE, VOGUE?????????????????

  • artisticagi
    artisticagi 3 months ago

    The body of a graphic designer...I lol’d

  • Genesis nunez
    Genesis nunez 3 months ago

    Anyone else waiting for a picture? This girl is awesome haha

  • 王琰
    王琰 3 months ago +2

    Omg I wish I was wise and confident like you. I was in a 6 year relationship with a guy like that and it became abusive.

  • Marie R
    Marie R 3 months ago

    sooo funny asian reality. i love her!

  • Lissette Rosado
    Lissette Rosado 3 months ago

    Omg why are we not friends