Most Offensive Jokes by Jimmy Carr

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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    you could follow on facebook aswell but who uses facebook anymore apart from old racists named brenda
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  • Vyretth
    Vyretth 3 months ago +2

    Kinda disappointed that he didnt go full, dark, super saiyan.

  • cɪɴɴᴀᴍᴏɴ
    cɪɴɴᴀᴍᴏɴ 4 months ago +2

    Jimmy be like
    I use sarcasm to make people laugh
    Me:I describe
    I found on the internet that social psychology says comedians are depressed
    I mean if your not a comedian jimmy you must be describing the jokes you made to your invisible friends whilst you were you abused when you were a child.
    Orrrr you would have realised you were an abortion that went wrong
    Either way or it could be worse
    But not much worse
    I am actually very offensive but i don't realise it

  • Ophelia T420
    Ophelia T420 4 months ago +3

    A work-out for snowflakes😆😆

  • I couldn't think of a username

    What's the difference between a Jew and Harry Potter? Harry Potter made it out of the chamber.

  • Floyd Freeman
    Floyd Freeman 5 months ago +9

    What the worst thing you can say after telling a bad joke to a cancer patient?
    keep your hair on

  • Dalton Robert Pepple
    Dalton Robert Pepple 6 months ago +8

    5:45 Never high five a rabbi

  • BoB
    BoB 6 months ago +12

    Offensive jokes are the best

  • Itech Iwizard
    Itech Iwizard 6 months ago +3

    Islam fundamentalists are the stupidest people in the world. They are stupid enough to kill people for their imaginary god, who happen to be an imaginary piece of shit!!!

  • -Lloyd-
    -Lloyd- 7 months ago +4

    this guy ain't funny.

    • Paul Harris
      Paul Harris 5 months ago

      You're right he isn't funny......... He is fucking hilarious.

    • -Lloyd-
      -Lloyd- 5 months ago

      Dark comedy can be funny, but this guy just ain't funny.

    • joe buffalo
      joe buffalo 6 months ago

      @Deigh Oakes I'm impressed again. This time by your exactitude :)

    • Deigh Oakes
      Deigh Oakes 6 months ago

      @joe buffalo Well... 50.4%F/49.6%M where I am, so close enough 😂

    • joe buffalo
      joe buffalo 6 months ago

      @Deigh Oakes Sorry. Deigh sure is a purty name but not one I was familiar with. Now I feel all sheepish and embarrassed to have been telling such off-colour jokes in the presence of a fair damsel albeit a fair damsel who would appear to be able to teach me a thing or two about a thing or two. Also on the 50/50 gender error possibility I would suggest your figures are a little out-of-date there too.....

  • Gamfluent
    Gamfluent 7 months ago +18

    Is it bad that I didn’t get offended

  • Harry Collins
    Harry Collins 7 months ago +1


  • Gustav
    Gustav 7 months ago

    6:06 yeah we Danes, really are good at taking the piss on people and not giving a fuck

  • Morgan._. Attrill
    Morgan._. Attrill 7 months ago +26

    4:40 Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • josh jarvis
    josh jarvis 7 months ago +42

    1:22 he has got a fair point

  • Kovu 07
    Kovu 07 7 months ago +31

    Not safe for snowflakes

    • steven mills
      steven mills 4 months ago

      @Calista its true you can draw blood from a stone 😂

    • Calista
      Calista 4 months ago

      The Jester I think he may have melted.

    • The Jester
      The Jester 6 months ago +8

      You just proved his point idiot, lmfao

    • Zaz5y
      Zaz5y 7 months ago +6

      @STONEFREE It's not though lol. How is that douchey at all?

      STONEFREE 7 months ago

      Fuck Off, douche...

  • MrNEWz MrNEWz
    MrNEWz MrNEWz 7 months ago +9

    Always something funny, needs more best of Jimmy Carr.

  • Coen A
    Coen A 7 months ago +48

    6:57 Jokes on you, I didn't buy anything.

  • Clijano
    Clijano 8 months ago +9

    I didn't get the hitle and animal part 😂

    • Ranger Man
      Ranger Man 6 months ago

      @Sophie yeah... legit

    • Sophie
      Sophie 6 months ago

      John David wait seriously?

    • John David
      John David 7 months ago +3

      He got his own pet dog killed to test a nerve gas.

  • Idarix
    Idarix 8 months ago