I Bought A GoJo From The Hilarious Infomercial

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Remember when I found the most incredible commercial showing off the GoJo hands free phone kit? Well I bought one! Let's see if it actually works
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  • miki ljocev
    miki ljocev Hour ago

    youtube; no ass
    jack; am i thich af

  • DJ X_Viper_X
    DJ X_Viper_X Hour ago

    12:30 no thaank you even thought your trying to be a woman

  • tol or smol
    tol or smol 2 hours ago

    its 2 am and i do NOT want to wake my mom up

  • Blakely Shewbart
    Blakely Shewbart 3 hours ago

    those emergency underpants look like panties so in a way ol' jack a boy wore panties in a way :-P

  • blairmax85
    blairmax85 4 hours ago

    if some1 watched the scene where jack keeped showing his ass without sound they would probably think its gay

  • coryxkenshin2.0
    coryxkenshin2.0 6 hours ago +1

    When did I load up pornhub

  • Davion Ervin-hairston
    Davion Ervin-hairston 7 hours ago

    cringiest dances ever 2:43

    nevermind cringiest video ever seen

  • J F
    J F 7 hours ago

    That’s a cute cat

  • Villain Deku
    Villain Deku 7 hours ago

    You dummy thick

  • Gavin Reynolds
    Gavin Reynolds 8 hours ago


  • KDS
    KDS 8 hours ago

    I think the reason that the GoJo wasn't working aswell as it was in the commercials was due to the difference in phone sizes and materials, the phone that you have Jack seems to be more smooth than that of the one in the commercial.

  • Kirby Bell
    Kirby Bell 9 hours ago

    People use those gloves at raves

  • Rachel Brinkmann
    Rachel Brinkmann 9 hours ago



    6:18 captain underpants needs that

  • kookeekwisp
    kookeekwisp 10 hours ago

    The Nono is an actual product. It's Laser hair removal.
    Also it didn't stop working until you licked it :/

  • Feral Raven
    Feral Raven 10 hours ago

    0:46 This is like some creepy horror movie shit right there
    1:00 Jenna Marbles, is that you?

  • Zach Vandine
    Zach Vandine 11 hours ago

    Me watching the camera shake realizing someone had to sit there and watch Jack do his shenanigans in person.

  • Lukas Muir
    Lukas Muir 11 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure he was having a seizure

  • Accidental Genius
    Accidental Genius 14 hours ago +5

    This episode: "I'm a small boy."

    Other episodes: "I'M NOT SMALL!!!"

  • Funny compilation videos

    Wtf is this vid

  • Tim Brookman
    Tim Brookman 15 hours ago

    dear Seán... if you still read this... i bet my damn potatoes and whiskey im taller and more manly than you yet have hands that fit those gloves perfectly!

  • Randallizer12
    Randallizer12 15 hours ago

    Why does jack have wine thought? he’s a child HE SHOULD BE PROTECTED

  • SallyWilliams Playz
    SallyWilliams Playz 15 hours ago

    awwwww is that a maincoon

  • Michele Hatfield
    Michele Hatfield 16 hours ago

    Epilepsy warning!!!👌

  • SaltySpaceGoat
    SaltySpaceGoat 18 hours ago

    I had no idea he made this video. I wanted so badly. I'm so happy and just laughing.

  • DaringHealer 93
    DaringHealer 93 18 hours ago

    That is a nice wine "rack"
    (I hope someone understands this)

  • Simon Tanggaard
    Simon Tanggaard 19 hours ago

    Playing with them? Jacksepticeye= chernobyl confirmed?

  • Miguel Casale
    Miguel Casale 20 hours ago

    Where's the chair?

  • Elias Davalos
    Elias Davalos 20 hours ago

    When jack goes channels Arin energy for a sec at 12:07

  • owl tas
    owl tas 21 hour ago

    What the hell Sean

  • BrennanPlays 300
    BrennanPlays 300 22 hours ago

    Jack being slightly homosexual for 18 mins and 51 seconds

  • BrennanPlays 300
    BrennanPlays 300 22 hours ago

    2:43 you’ve always had the best of best moves of dancing time

  • Julia Forsyth
    Julia Forsyth 22 hours ago


  • SlicedBREAD69
    SlicedBREAD69 22 hours ago


  • noizkilla
    noizkilla Day ago

    12:22 proof that sean isnt human, if he could beatbox that would be ana amzing bassline :D

  • Aidan
    Aidan Day ago +1

    He knows Bo Burnham?! Nice!

  • Pixiloves
    Pixiloves Day ago

    3:34 just close your eyes and listen..

  • UltraDestroyer Gaming

    Jack: nothing good ever happens in my living room
    Nintendo Labo: ( °¬°)

  • Gage The coolest

    2:49 Jack's mating dance

  • Amethyst Mei
    Amethyst Mei Day ago

    Now, (Even though I AM a female,) I plan to act (or at least cosplay) as Miles Edgeworth. If you've even heard of him, you should know how LITTLE he smiles or laughs. This is the ultimate test for those in the audience who want to goof off. Also, I CAN SING TENOR, YOU INTERNET B****ES

  • Zombie Rusher
    Zombie Rusher Day ago

    The mad lad did it

  • Ethan Robertson
    Ethan Robertson Day ago

    The only thing I can think of is how weird this is for robin

  • Silverwolf 777
    Silverwolf 777 Day ago +1

    Jack:It’s like business in the front party on the back
    Also Jack:It says lets go on the front
    Me: realizes let’s go and the lights are on same side 🤯🧐🤨

  • Eddy & Tony yt
    Eddy & Tony yt Day ago

    Jack: I will bring these to bed and play with them tonight...

    Later that night: Fap 100

  • Jessica Kinslow
    Jessica Kinslow Day ago

    You missed the perfect opportunity!!!!
    "Gojo? More like a NoGo"

  • The EpicGamer2.0 /HeroBrenn

    Oh Jack. If someone as crazy as you can find a lover. Maybe there's hope for me...also great Jack. Now I'm gay.

  • Juliana Reiter
    Juliana Reiter Day ago

    Shouldn’t of licked it, because now the gojo won’t work

  • Tezeract
    Tezeract Day ago

    Please more content like this! I'd totally subscribe to a jacksepticeye living room show!

  • Quintin Gaming
    Quintin Gaming Day ago

    That was good singing

  • MyRandom YouTube
    MyRandom YouTube Day ago +1

    “Do you think Jesus goes on twitch and watched girls”- *add plays*

  • Tayler Wiley
    Tayler Wiley Day ago


  • Tayler Wiley
    Tayler Wiley Day ago

    Was that a CAT also I love you chanile

  • Bridger Brat
    Bridger Brat Day ago

    Literally just turned to a porno 7 minutes in

  • Bere18 Random
    Bere18 Random Day ago

    Succ da tiddy empty

  • Layzer Rl
    Layzer Rl Day ago

    This made me cringe so hard... I love it

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer Day ago

    Jack you are kinda weird at some times.

  • Dragon Rider7570

    What’s the cats name

  • Xavier Chapa
    Xavier Chapa Day ago


  • Nariman Kobissi
    Nariman Kobissi Day ago

    bro my dad came in and he thought i was watching porn

  • Linkz XD
    Linkz XD Day ago

    2:52 why does jack act like he's high