Dance Moms-"KELLY & ABBY'S BIGGEST FIGHT EVER!"(Season 4 Flashback)

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
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  • jordan bermudez
    jordan bermudez Day ago

    All the moms look like stale bread

  • Miss Sincere
    Miss Sincere Day ago

    Somebody call CPS and investigate please.

  • Alisan Bresnahan
    Alisan Bresnahan 2 days ago

    *yOuR eAtiNg mY fAcE!*

  • this was an accident 2.0

    Kelly is such a can i speak to the manger type

  • Harry Potter Compilations

    This is one of the craziest fight ever

  • Glen Johnson
    Glen Johnson 4 days ago

    can i have kelly's address so i can pull her hair?

  • KarenLPS Playz
    KarenLPS Playz 5 days ago

    1:04 Om Nom Nom

  • SniperMonkey 900
    SniperMonkey 900 6 days ago +2

    There is a version where they whisper this scene on Twitter which makes it 10 times funnier

  • Supreme Feett
    Supreme Feett 6 days ago +2

    I would have busted out laughing omg 😂😂😂

  • Macie Scott
    Macie Scott 6 days ago

    You too Maddie lol

  • Hey man
    Hey man 6 days ago

    Ronda Rousey vs. Becky lynch

  • Dankus Wankus
    Dankus Wankus 7 days ago


  • philip andrews
    philip andrews 7 days ago +8

    1:32 Melissa is thinking omg I’m gettin slapped next 😥

  • Lydia Markrud
    Lydia Markrud 8 days ago


  • Elsy vasquez
    Elsy vasquez 8 days ago


  • Itz Zoey
    Itz Zoey 9 days ago

    that was so fake lmao

  • Eli Keziah
    Eli Keziah 10 days ago

    poor brooke crying ☹️

  • hispanicpapi
    hispanicpapi 10 days ago


  • christine fitz
    christine fitz 10 days ago

    “no im not crazy she is eating my face”

  • Shelby Dixon
    Shelby Dixon 11 days ago +2

    I love how holly like GIrLs OUt Of tHe RoOM

  • GOOG 92
    GOOG 92 13 days ago

    This is really really bad acting!!!

  • 2 Lit
    2 Lit 14 days ago

    Lmao how is she gonna let her smack her and pull her hair?

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC 14 days ago

    Why am i watching this again... Oh yeah, cause its hilarious!

  • Sulay11
    Sulay11 14 days ago

    White ppl can’t fight for shit

  • Jamaal Austin
    Jamaal Austin 14 days ago

    “Yeah you would EAT me BISH!!”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • melissa evans
    melissa evans 15 days ago +2

    Abby decided to go to jail for talking to other people kids and trying to bite her

  • Elizabeth Bowers
    Elizabeth Bowers 16 days ago

    Your rude

  • Konstantina Oikonomou
    Konstantina Oikonomou 17 days ago


  • Fatou Singhateh
    Fatou Singhateh 18 days ago

    Well Kelly getting arrested 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😀

  • Levi Oscar
    Levi Oscar 18 days ago

    Why would she say that that's just dumb Abby is a beautiful,

  • maria salgado
    maria salgado 19 days ago

    Abby your a fat ass and Kline your are fatter than you here

  • Valentina Blandon
    Valentina Blandon 19 days ago

    Abby is so stupid who does she think she is like why is she even a teacher take that Abby because you know what you deserve two slaps so take that I just hope that god punishes

  • Gachalife Wolfgirl22
    Gachalife Wolfgirl22 20 days ago

    This is Kelly’s fault becaue she said a lie

  • Michelle Rookes
    Michelle Rookes 21 day ago +34

    Abby is a beast i agree with kelly because abby was like a croadile

  • Ava Goforth
    Ava Goforth 21 day ago +2

    Abby never said that Kelly’s kids should be replaced

  • Zari Greer
    Zari Greer 22 days ago

    Christi’s reaction though

  • Elissa Meade
    Elissa Meade 23 days ago


  • Hollie Lawson
    Hollie Lawson 24 days ago +1

    Abby. Does not. Deserve the job. To. Be. Mean. For. The job
    She. Needs. To. Be. Nice. I'm. Sorry. For. The. Parent that
    Has. To. Go. Through. That. But. va. Judge. Like. That.
    Does not need. A. Job like. That. IM. STANDING
    TO. LEARN. HER LESSEON I'm. sorry

  • Salma try not to laugh try not to laugh Mohamed

    O m g they say bad words

  • Sheena Durham
    Sheena Durham 25 days ago


  • marky24uk
    marky24uk 25 days ago

    Still fake all for the camera's

  • Abigail Tinjamnem Haokip

    I like aunty Holly because she is so protective

  • Llama Kween
    Llama Kween 26 days ago

    He turned into Pac-Man oof

  • Loredana Saputo
    Loredana Saputo 27 days ago

    Kelly is mean to baby & baby is mean to kelLY

  • Ashley Todd
    Ashley Todd 27 days ago

    i cried when abby got hit by kelly

  • Marina Bowers
    Marina Bowers 28 days ago

    I love this kind of drama

  • Grace Collis
    Grace Collis 28 days ago


  • Pablo Sergio Rivera
    Pablo Sergio Rivera 29 days ago

    Oh my God, the world just exploded over a queef

  • nabil elkharraz
    nabil elkharraz Month ago

    Oh my god

  • The mythical gamers


  • Clara Verastek
    Clara Verastek Month ago

    Holly is so helpful

  • Tereza’s Life
    Tereza’s Life Month ago

    We love Holly❤️💖

  • Mawada Farah
    Mawada Farah Month ago

    Maddie was crying thats what i call a teachers pet

  • Hoor Khaled
    Hoor Khaled Month ago +1

    That so rude, 👎👎

  • Jean-Luc deshayes
    Jean-Luc deshayes Month ago

    les possibilités d'intervention , aucunes en fait

  • Dee Ohlea
    Dee Ohlea Month ago


  • ASMR k*ng_cj.
    ASMR k*ng_cj. Month ago

    Abbys weave got snatchrd

  • Aaron Nantz
    Aaron Nantz Month ago

    I dont know if all this is scripted which I think it is but if it's real then why does abby have to be so mean to the girls if she was nicer to them there wouldn't be any trouble and the moms wouldn't have a problem with their daughters being in the class and abby teaching them.

  • Jennifer Everhart
    Jennifer Everhart Month ago

    She did not do nothing Abby

  • Melody Carrillo
    Melody Carrillo Month ago

    I hate abby

  • Catie -_-
    Catie -_- Month ago

    *yOuR'e EaTiNg My FaCe*
    How abby if your hungry instead of eating Kelly maybe go eat you fat ass instead

  • Lisa_Alex_ Layla
    Lisa_Alex_ Layla Month ago

    I don't know why Maddie is crying she's not related to Kelly or abby she always tink she's the star🙄

  • Abril Hernandez
    Abril Hernandez Month ago

    1:02 maddie was like alrrady used to this

  • Talented Braiding hair stylist

    I love Holly Melissa and kolani mom

  • Altina Ibishi
    Altina Ibishi Month ago

    Omg that mom has to shut up for the hell of god

  • Findlay Robertson
    Findlay Robertson Month ago +11

    Abby wants some fingers for lunch

  • faith fitzgerald
    faith fitzgerald Month ago

    OUT OF THE ROOM OUT OF THE ROOM GIRLS I SAID OUT OF THE ROOM!!!! *girls just sitting there* the girls just wanna see the drama like it won't harm the kids watching adults fight like kids🙄

  • Princcessłãsiã Kñøtt

    Y’all really thought I was going to actually wast my time 😂😂😂😂

  • Liz
    Liz Month ago +1

    This show is so retarded lmao

  • Affrroo Child
    Affrroo Child Month ago

    “No I’m not crazy you were eating my face” 💀💀💀

  • How to aesthetics
    How to aesthetics Month ago

    I Feel bad for maddie because she startwd to cry poor maddie

  • faith
    faith Month ago

    Holly is the best mom

  • How to aesthetics
    How to aesthetics Month ago +2

    Holly girls out of the room after godda get out the room apsoulootly not

  • Keira Warbrick
    Keira Warbrick Month ago

    Abby’s brain : hmm I haven’t had lunch today so I might as well eat Kelly’s face of she won’t do anything 😁😁😁

  • Honey Savage
    Honey Savage Month ago

    Lol 😂

  • Alicia U
    Alicia U Month ago

    Abby calls police on kelly
    *Later get arrested*

  • SelenaVang OMG532
    SelenaVang OMG532 Month ago

    Girls sitting watching the fight.
    Girls walk slow in place

  • Cinnopop
    Cinnopop Month ago

    Girls, OUT. OF. THE. ROOM. NOW.

  • Cinnopop
    Cinnopop Month ago

    I feel bad for Abby’s _weave_ .

  • Hichu Candy girl
    Hichu Candy girl Month ago

    bruh this is straight up child mental abuse just... look at what the poor girls are seeing. :/

  • Jack Atlas
    Jack Atlas Month ago

    Kelly:get away from me Melissa

  • Jack Atlas
    Jack Atlas Month ago +1

    Abby:grow the hell up
    Kelly:you shut the hell up
    Abby:you see how she takes to me?

  • Meme me Inside
    Meme me Inside Month ago

    Baby shark do do do do do do
    1:05 Abby shark do do do do do do

  • Fluffyunicorn1230’s sister

    Why do you keep having the same outro in every video make a different outro instead of the same one over and over

  • Melanie
    Melanie Month ago

    *wig snatched*

  • Mary ann Turner
    Mary ann Turner Month ago

    😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 omg omg omg omg

  • tayler.maries .slimes

    I never really liked this show but i whatch it anyway cause i like the drama

  • Levi Oscar
    Levi Oscar Month ago

    Holly you are so protective

  • Levi Oscar
    Levi Oscar Month ago

    Holly is so good getting the girls out of the room why the woman's fight

  • emma james
    emma james Month ago

    I'm happy that Kelly did that! Because Abby's a fat rat she has a smart mouth

  • Cailyn John
    Cailyn John Month ago

    Good job Abby......

  • Paige aldc
    Paige aldc Month ago

    I love how Jill Said”stawwwp”😂

  • Jasmin Begumxox
    Jasmin Begumxox Month ago +2

    Oh my Holly is amazing she is making all the kids okay and safe

  • •Cute Wolfie•
    •Cute Wolfie• Month ago

    I think Kelly is a criminal...

  • Regina Palomares
    Regina Palomares Month ago

    Why Maddie always cries ??

  • Marlo Alex
    Marlo Alex Month ago

    Holly:maddie you to!!!!

  • Queen_Ema 2009
    Queen_Ema 2009 Month ago

    Omg does Kelly think when she does things because I don't think so

  • Jade Kelly
    Jade Kelly Month ago +3

    Christi in the corner covering her mouth it's mostly always Christy who causes fights but WOAH

  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel Month ago

    I love this

  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez Month ago

    Yes Brooke get it girl