Tesla Model 3 Review - 6 Months Later

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • The best features of the Model 3 after 6 months of ownership, how well the car has held up, issues we've had with the Model 3, and improvements Tesla can make to future versions of the car.
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  • 6 Months Later Reviews
    6 Months Later Reviews  9 months ago +53

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    • Mike L
      Mike L 6 days ago

      Watch tvclip.biz/video/TNDUq1yZ8Eo/video.html as there are common issues with Teslas.

    • Tim MacKinnon
      Tim MacKinnon 12 days ago

      It's all free for life where I live.

    • severn sea
      severn sea 20 days ago

      I have to agree. 35k is still a lot of money for most working people, certainly in the UK where it's likely to cost considerably more anyway. And what do you do if you live in an apartment and don't have somewhere else you can charge it overnight? You're screwed.

      Also there's replacing the battery when it's worn out, which is going to cost you $x,000's more again. What. you'll sell it and get a new one? Thing is with a knackered battery it will be next to worthless.

      As for the list of faults in 6 months, well what can I say - you're young and naive. My Volvo is 18 years old neither I or the previous owner, who I know, haven't had that many faults with it in all that time. That's inexcusable in any car at that price.

      That huge monitor panel - that's all it is - looks like it has been stuck on as an afterthought but the worst thing is it undoes all the safety work that has been done on cars over the decades. it HAS to be more distracting having to use a touch panel than using buttons that you can feel without taking your eyes off the road, and that big ugly blank panel on the front where the grille would normally go, well put it this way if that was on a petrol engined car everybody would say it looked ugly.

      No doubt the future is electric but there's a lot to think about before I'll make the change.

    • Jackie Keltner
      Jackie Keltner 3 months ago

      6 Months Later Reviews

    • Worldatistics
      Worldatistics 5 months ago

      Take a look at Model 3 Sales tvclip.biz/video/SX8MsduNBhU/video.html

  • 2012daffyduck
    2012daffyduck 4 hours ago

    save 14 minutes of your time = he says "it's a good car"

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 17 hours ago

    I would miss the gas...why? BECAUASE CALIFORNIA just shut off the power grid to 800,000 customers to avoid wild fires and TESLA had to notify people to charge their cars because the power was going to be off for days....Electric cars will never replace fossil fuels until you can drive 12 - 15 hours continuously on single charge. Unfortunately, in Detroit, we are dependent on our vehicles because we have zero form of public transportation.

  • loren salazar
    loren salazar Day ago

    For a nice "affordable” $50k car , , ,
    shame they couldn't have thrown in an attractive grill (or front).
    Room for improvement in coming years for this fine car.

  • John C
    John C Day ago

    Audi E-Tron has a much better interior. I don’t like the empty interior. Vegan leather is fake leather then?

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 2 days ago

    Dude, look away every now and then. Melting my brain. Or glasses, yes, get some glasses. Now, back to enjoying your vid, nice job.

  • Mingie Cao
    Mingie Cao 3 days ago

    I would say, the 3 most important things that needs constant improvement is battery life, safety, and price in a tesla model 3. As a driver, I dont need high end infotainment system to distract me from driving like videos and streaming. :D Good video tho, I wish to purchase a model 3 in the future.

  • ALVD
    ALVD 3 days ago

    For a $40K+ vehicle the issues he pointed out are unacceptable. I had never had a car in the past 20 years that would exhibit such problems in the first 6 months. Squeaky console armrest? Wipers rubbing against hood? An entire charging port had to be replaced? Damn. Also, am I the only one who felt the guy was reading text from a teleprompter?

  • bart sim
    bart sim 3 days ago

    Is 'vegan leather' polyurethane? If so, that's crap... How about a real leather version for those who want durability and know there was other uses for the rest of the cow so don't feel too bad eating their burger while sitting on their real leather seat.... I believe the choice is more about cutting cost than anything else... Also too many things on the tesla seem too cheaply made, that plug cover, how easy things are to scratch, etc. Beef up the car a bit, another $1k worth of improvements would go a long way...

  • Richard N
    Richard N 4 days ago

    No doubt that it's a great car, but there are several Cons:
    1) AutoPilot is actually dangerous as it brakes inappropriately when approaching and passing cars on your right (adjacent lane). This bug is known and is actually listed in the Manual (believe it or not)! Instead of addressing this and fixing it, Elon has added his second "Fart" feature, video games and NetFlix. Warped sense of priorities.
    2) Inability to turn on front camera as a safety and parking feature. Can only turn on the rear camera.
    3) The steering wheel is smaller, but the placement of the screen is so close that when driving in a "10 o'clock - 2:00 o'clock manner, your right hand blocks the view of the blind spot warning for cars on your left. 10 -2 is recommended by professionals and is widely considered safest.
    4) Since there is no warning light on the outside rear view mirrors, this makes blind spot traffic on your left even more dangerous. Actual mirror warnings are superior. Also, there is no audio warning like on most modern cars.
    5) The display will only show miles left or per cent of battery remaining instead of displaying BOTH simultaneously (like other EVs).
    6) The glass roof is popular, but there is no interior cover to block out the sun. Car gets extremely hot inside in Summer. All other cars with a moon or sun roof have a sliding interior roof cover.
    7) The front head restraints are stationary and not adjustable. If you do not drive with the seat almost straight up, the head restraints will not be effective. If you need to recline your front seat to account for a back problem or other issue, you are in danger from a rear end collision.
    8) No "Bird's Eye View."
    9) You have to actually step on the brake pedal to put the car in what is called "Hold." If the Hold is released or not even initiated, the car will roll free Backwards! Almost all modern cars have "Hill Assist." The Nissan Leaf will brake and hold automatically resulting in true one pedal driving. If you want a mode that will not roll backwards, you need to set "Creep" mode which will force you to hold your foot on the brake to keep it from moving forward on its own. Creep mode should be automatic (and always on) and only the Hold mode should be optional.
    10) The interior heating system is very poor; car is cold. The A/C is good.
    11) No heated steering wheel (even in the dual motor performance model that costs way over way $50,000.

  • chez421
    chez421 4 days ago

    I don't mind Tesla, but 'stunning' it is not, unless you think an iPad is stunning, the Alfa Romeo 8C is stunning, but a Tesla? Not so much.

  • Cristian Doicu
    Cristian Doicu 5 days ago

    To his money... can Elon find a designer to make something that doesn't look so cheap?

  • Nathan
    Nathan 6 days ago +1

    You sounds like antvenom

  • Alberto Esteban
    Alberto Esteban 7 days ago

    How much this car cost?

  • Rowenn M
    Rowenn M 7 days ago

    What wrap color is this? I like it!

  • Keanu Haumahu
    Keanu Haumahu 7 days ago +3

    Very nice review. Also good to see that Tesla has added Spotify to the screen now. Fuck I really want this car

  • Gary E
    Gary E 8 days ago

    Appearances are subjective, to me Model 3 is okay looking, really nothing that special. Fit and Finish has been an issue at Tesla. However, my concern is all the technology, which means all the more to get glitches. The more stuff / technology there is, the more stuff you have to fix. The big screen in the middle for the map is a good idea. I prefer knobs for the radio and heater. I have found that LCD screens can be difficult to see when bright light (sun) shines through a window and reflects off the screen. Also, the screen gets all smudged up with finger prints after awhile. Give me an old fashion speed odometer, and a battery readout. I like to keep things simple.

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 9 days ago

    congrats Tesla engineers and manufacturing, keep improving!

  • Bluelights aquarium
    Bluelights aquarium 9 days ago

    My Nissan Titan gets 16 mpg (sometimes). It is literally singlehandedly melting poles.

  • Ray Davies
    Ray Davies 9 days ago

    The 3 looks like a 90's Saturn that would cost 20k now.

  • Brani Sulek
    Brani Sulek 10 days ago

    Do you sleep with her? :o))) Sorry buddy, but it really seems like you are on Elon's payroll... Of centre display is a security flaw, no matter how much one can get used to it. You turn your eyes away from the road in the horizontal direction, not vertical only as it is in case of traditional layout. Working the trip around the charging is not exactly what I consider convenience. I am happy for you that you like your car so much, but your review really seems to be very, very biased...

  • Greg Phillips
    Greg Phillips 11 days ago

    Looking forward to when I can finally getting my hands on one, but may be a couple of years. I have slowly transitioned, in a way, as I have been Hybrid now for 8 years...so, unless Toyota can actually make an all electric to rival the model 3, I am all in on the Tesla for my next car.

  • dwight palmer
    dwight palmer 11 days ago

    i perfer pandora. it plays whatever i ask of it. but you have to subscribe. been with pandora for 18 years heard about spotify maybe 3 years ago and don't want to change.

  • dwight palmer
    dwight palmer 11 days ago

    i use pandora and it does play the song i ask for. i do not want spotify.

  • Little Cripple
    Little Cripple 12 days ago +1

    Its funny/great how some of those improvements you suggested have already happened cause Tesla can just update the software, which they do often, and improve the car. Things you wont even think of like a quiet mode not to wake kids. Plus updating the software to better manage the system giving you more range and a higher speed. And i love that your Tesla will now pre-heat your battery before getting to a supercharger giving a high rate of charge from moment you connect, rather than starting to heat the battery when you plug it in. A great time saver.

  • Christian Libertarian
    Christian Libertarian 13 days ago

    I believe you love your car, but the list of problems you gave would put it at the bottom of the list for new car problems.

  • brooz karami
    brooz karami 13 days ago

    اولین ویدیو بارگذاری کردم - ببینم یوتیوب چطوره ؟ چطور موفق باشیم - با شناخت رفتار های بازنده ها

  • Elisa Umaña
    Elisa Umaña 13 days ago

    This car looks amazing--if only my country had support for it; I also think that, if it ever did, it'd probably sell for twice its cost in the U.S. One can still dream, right?

  • Mike Z
    Mike Z 13 days ago

    Take it from someone living in Florida...when a hurricane is coming your way you will WISH you had a gas powered vehicle. If you fill up your car before the storm, you absolutely know you're going to have enough for at least a week of running around...With ANY electric car (not just a Tesla -- just in case any fanboys' ears perk up thinking I'm hating on Tesla), you will be depending on that single full charge and then what? Even if you don't use the car that much...it still loses between 1-2% battery per day just sitting idle (tested by Hoovie's Garage on his Model S).

    How do you charge your beautiful e-vehicle when there is no electricity for days (or potentially weeks in a bad storm). If you have a solar array with enough wattage to run your house and charge your car congratulations! you're about 1/10 of 1% of the population...

    Don't get me wrong...the model 3 is a great leap forward in car technology, but don't use the 'when there's an emergency and people are crazy looking for gas' reason for touting it...In an event of a real emergency, the first thing to go is the power...you can still get gas from many sources (even other cars)...can't do that with an electric car when there's no power.

  • Clifford Jacobus
    Clifford Jacobus 14 days ago

    Waaay too many issues in 6 months.
    No luxury car owner would be this happy with this many issues. I guess it’s true.
    Love is blind.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  14 days ago

      We’ll be doing a follow up review at the 2 year mark. Only service we’ve had since that video is getting new air filters and tire rotations. No other issues.

  • Balli
    Balli 14 days ago +4

    The interior is stunning? 😁🤣😅😆 The interior of a Tesla look like a living room with no furniture except for a oversize "iPad" in the middle. I honestly do not understand the hype.....if I had a free car for six months, my 👃 nose would be brown too!
    The car does look sharp though....I like the lines.

    • Zion Negus
      Zion Negus 9 days ago

      Odometer is not in front of the steering wheel is a major turn off. Tesla need to move it back.

    • Zion Negus
      Zion Negus 9 days ago

      Odometer should be in front of the steering wheel. This is a major turn off...

    • Esben Serafin
      Esben Serafin 10 days ago

      It’s a car

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  14 days ago

      Yeah the interior can be a bit polarizing for people. The car definitely wasn’t free though. I had to pay for every cent of it.

  • Joeltravels
    Joeltravels 16 days ago +1

    Amazing how much things change in 6+ months. Looking forward to the 12 months review!

  • GBuckne
    GBuckne 17 days ago

    ..even the electric trolley buses from the late 50's had high torque...

  • Andre Klippert
    Andre Klippert 19 days ago

    Can u tell me wich colour u have on your teslar? It looks different than the colours in Europe. It is black?

  • Rob Beard
    Rob Beard 19 days ago

    What a load of wank, you obviously dont like cars.

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 19 days ago

    I need normal looking suv like rivian style from tesla. Tesla looks pretty ugly for me.

  • epicdeuce
    epicdeuce 19 days ago

    this guy looks like Data from Star Trek

  • Bruce Chapman
    Bruce Chapman 20 days ago

    Tesla is a fucking piece of shit Porsche plans to prove it.

  • TC
    TC 22 days ago

    Tesla is done now that the major motor companies are introducing all electric vehicles. BMW and Jag are going crush this car.

    • TC
      TC 19 days ago

      @6 Months Later Reviews totally agree.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  20 days ago +1

      Tesla’s battery technology will likely continue to be superior for the time being. Plus, no system comes close when talking about charging stations on trips like superchargers. You plug in and charge, it’s that simple. No payment terminal, futzing with your credit card, nothing.
      The car manufactures need to solve the charging issue for their cars in order to viably compete.

    • Jeff Richie
      Jeff Richie 20 days ago

      Nobody has stopped them from crushing it before now except themselves. Tesla invented this industry. They have an amazing track record of successfully introducing new technology. Everyone else is a follower. The Chinese are more of a threat to Tesla than any of the auto manufacturers.

  • Putochingarkabron A
    Putochingarkabron A 22 days ago

    Nice but maybe unnecessarily nice especially for that price.

  • Sebastien P
    Sebastien P 22 days ago

    Great review, thanks! Do you have the Dual motor? Could not see that in your video. Thanks again.

  • Markus Sprenger
    Markus Sprenger 23 days ago

    once you have experienced a Model 3 - you never walk back - INDEED

    • TC
      TC 22 days ago


  • Macio Luko
    Macio Luko 23 days ago

    @11:40 Oh Slacker!!! Will you ever get it together?

  • William Inbody
    William Inbody 23 days ago +1

    It’s butt ugly. Look at poor fit on the front hood shots. Yuk.

  • Moe Kano
    Moe Kano 24 days ago +3

    It's just a car. Ittakes you from point A to point B.

  • AutoBum
    AutoBum 25 days ago +1

    Did he actually said the design looked "angry"? The look is at best controversial.
    I would say at this price range for an "EV" vehicle it is one of the better looking cars out there.
    But at "this" price range there are a lot of better looking cars out there. Mustang, CLA, A class, Golf GTI, Camaro, Charger, etc.
    I thought it was gonna be an unbiased opinion of a car, oh boy am I wrong about that.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago +2

    Never mention Range on road trip and Charge Time the only two thing and body cares about.
    Just says it takes longer to do road trips.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago

    Without a supercharger a once 8rh road trip is 36 hrs with a hotel room.
    Battery have a 160k warranty and cost $7000 to replace and they will need to be replaced.

  • Tommy Maltipoo
    Tommy Maltipoo 27 days ago +3

    Vegan leather ? I’m old school. Gimme pleather Baby!

  • Dannie Pushkin
    Dannie Pushkin 28 days ago

    waaay TOO FINICKY

  • Teresa Rice
    Teresa Rice 28 days ago

    With your door situation get the model x and you won’t have to grab or touch your doors 😩

  • Teresa Rice
    Teresa Rice 28 days ago

    Is it WiFi in the car? If you paid cash would they discount it to that tax cut price? Did you finance?

  • Charly T
    Charly T 28 days ago

    Just a beautiful and solid car!

    • Charly T
      Charly T 27 days ago

      @Rodrigo Juez Bought rumours cleverly placed from German car companies!;) The Tesla is solid.

    • Rodrigo Juez
      Rodrigo Juez 27 days ago

      solid not really as the quality is pretty bad and it falls apart xd

  • nordfresse
    nordfresse Month ago

    What we need the least in this world is THINGS that look aggressive! Especially not in road traffic. Check out the new VW ID.3, that looks like a friendly and confident car. Much better!

  • Aleksander Hoff
    Aleksander Hoff Month ago +2

    Quite intereseting... Model 3 in Norway has Spotify.

  • lwkjlfksdjf flskdjflsdkjflskjfdsflskj

    You look like Mark Zuckerberg

  • Mike Holly
    Mike Holly Month ago +1

    Typical millennial first complaint of the car is the music streaming service.

    • Lyle S
      Lyle S Month ago

      Mike Holly it’s already a convenient vehicle you’d think they’d have better music streaming. It has nothing to do with the generation you’re born in.

  • Kenji
    Kenji Month ago

    Does Tesla offer cooled seats?

  • Pasquey Pasquey
    Pasquey Pasquey Month ago +3

    Can’t wait to get one

  • SRC
    SRC Month ago

    Cool, thanks for sharing your plethora of knowledge you are acquiring along the path.