DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Karin Brushmarkers

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • This feels wrong! Don't make me do this! haha It said to on the let's see what happens.
    Karin Brushmarker PRO:
    Sakura Pigma Micron Pens:
    Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen:
    Canson XL Bristol Pad 9x12:
    Crayola Signature Blending Markers:
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  • Grace B
    Grace B 23 hours ago

    Is it only me who was kind of annoyed about her nails?

  • Carless Cat
    Carless Cat 23 hours ago

    You should make a silhouette in one of your videos!

  • Izzy Heart
    Izzy Heart Day ago

    I hate mixing markers
    I use old highlighters if I do it

  • Karin Hikkerova
    Karin Hikkerova 2 days ago

    The brush markers have my name on them cool😉😂

  • Strawberry cat
    Strawberry cat 2 days ago

    Sa-koo-ra. Not sa-cure-ah.

  • Foxy Lovelace
    Foxy Lovelace 2 days ago

    You've invented bearabbits.

  • Ollie Lollie
    Ollie Lollie 2 days ago

    In your next vid do you think you can try drawing this anime girl called Wendy from a series called Fairytale

  • Divine Adedji
    Divine Adedji 3 days ago

    I need to put water on them

  • America Luevano
    America Luevano 3 days ago

    Ahh red thw color of love-takes it out of the box-yeah screw tjag love

  • Alanna Dominique Gonzales

    I also have Pigma Brushes!!

  • Creamq Cat
    Creamq Cat 4 days ago

    Karin , Karin , Karin , Karin , Karin , Karin , Karin and Waffles

    Whoever knows where this reference is from i will reply back to their comment :3
    Ill give you guys a week

  • CK Brewer
    CK Brewer 4 days ago

    You can do the press to gather and make gradient with sharpies and a lot of other marker and it works the same

  • VenusQueen
    VenusQueen 4 days ago

    Are prismacolor markers considered alcohol based markers? What would you recommend to use them for?

  • Michelle Cramer
    Michelle Cramer 4 days ago

    I love watching this while I'm drawing because then it feels like I'm drawing with someone. I always draw by myself. It can become lonely, so Thank You so much. 😀😀😀

  • Jennifer Doetsch
    Jennifer Doetsch 6 days ago +1

    (hEaVy BrEaThInG)
    (MoRe HeAvY bReAtHiNg)

  • Canyon Thompson
    Canyon Thompson 6 days ago

    4:11 cringed so hard and also that’s what she said

  • Beth Xoxo
    Beth Xoxo 7 days ago +1

    Rin: red! The colour of love!
    Me: *mutters* I would have said blood but I guess love works too

  • Stefanie Johansen
    Stefanie Johansen 7 days ago

    *penguin sounds*

  • John Clark
    John Clark 7 days ago +2

    I want to say something........

    You've inspired me❤

  • Clarisa Santana
    Clarisa Santana 9 days ago

    The crayola markers are non-toxic so that means that there are no alcohol based markers in crayolas hole series of markers or nothing really I hope this information is useful for you
    Love you waffles see you later

  • A_Dusty_Book
    A_Dusty_Book 10 days ago

    Rin: here's my mess...
    Me: *gasp!* it's a MESS-TERPIECE

  • Madelynn Terrell
    Madelynn Terrell 10 days ago

    Bunny + mouse = bouse

  • croccie
    croccie 11 days ago

    Did you consider the paper being the problem? I think it might be.

  • Madeleine von Muhlen
    Madeleine von Muhlen 11 days ago

    isn't there men't to be a prompt???

  • leena Barnes
    leena Barnes 11 days ago

    rin: its not just a brushmarker

    also rin: its the brushmarker ...... *pro*

  • Lexi And Repeat
    Lexi And Repeat 11 days ago

  • Lexi And Repeat
    Lexi And Repeat 11 days ago

    Aww red the color of LOVE. ~* Throws on table*~

    AFJ UNEEK 14 days ago

    Watching this after having seen the newer video with these markers, I would say this piece is not bad at all

  • Natalie Kennedy
    Natalie Kennedy 15 days ago


  • Loveleen Sasan
    Loveleen Sasan 15 days ago


  • Keegan Andrzejewski
    Keegan Andrzejewski 15 days ago

    She just pretty much showed her address in the bigining

  • Minnetallah Awad
    Minnetallah Awad 15 days ago

    You really should try the chameleon markers, SuperRaeDizzle tried them. They look very cool!:)

  • LittleBushBaby
    LittleBushBaby 16 days ago

    Call the animals mitchies

  • lu kA
    lu kA 17 days ago


  • Wolf rider Da beast
    Wolf rider Da beast 17 days ago

    Guys can you watch me pls I have only 10 subs and I’m 8

  • Twenty One Pilots Trash

    Tell me why the sketch looked like Megami and Osana

  • Hailz Bellz
    Hailz Bellz 18 days ago

    I am a horrible drawer......

  • Hailz Bellz
    Hailz Bellz 18 days ago


  • Hailz Bellz
    Hailz Bellz 18 days ago +1

    It looks cute. I can't draw....I watched this and tryed to draw, I can't draw ANYTHING, not animals, not people, NOTHING! I got mad, crunched my paper up and threw at the floor, and my pencil.....I get angry sometimes....I wish I can draw, my friends can, but I feels like a weirdo.... 😢😭

    • Shelby Bilicki
      Shelby Bilicki 18 days ago

      The more frusturated you are the harder time you'll have. Art should be fun, find something you have fun with and keep working with it. I'm not very good with people and i always tried but never really could do to much. I got discouraged and quit for a long time. I'm an interior design art student now and for me drawing and rendering perspectives of rooms is what I am really passionate about and I'm really good. I have also always liked drawing flowers too. Just understand that art is 75% hard work and 25% talent. Anyone can be great with patience and passion. :)

  • egg arts
    egg arts 18 days ago

    “If in doubt draw a floaty girl” words to live by

  • Kayla Barnett
    Kayla Barnett 18 days ago +3

    Person: aww the coulor of love

    Me: awww the coulor of blood


  • Fotoğraf Kraliçesi
    Fotoğraf Kraliçesi 18 days ago +1

    You soo cute😍❤️

  • Karolina Adamczyk
    Karolina Adamczyk 22 days ago

    Redhead monkey uuuuuuuoooooyyyyhhhh😆

  • Hannah _ Monster high
    Hannah _ Monster high 22 days ago


  • Anglewolf 290
    Anglewolf 290 23 days ago

    And the color of blood

  • Shimada Gaming
    Shimada Gaming 24 days ago

    Waffles:bear rabbit
    Me (a strange person): soviet rabbit

  • Wes Wilkerson
    Wes Wilkerson 24 days ago

    I love to draw too😜

  • Brianna Banana Banana
    Brianna Banana Banana 24 days ago

    Love your videos

  • Party Time by Stella M
    Party Time by Stella M 25 days ago +1

    You should try “Magical Water Markers”, it’s a marker and you write on a table for example then wait a second then pour water on it the drawing “magically” lifts off the table

  • Wolf Fire
    Wolf Fire 25 days ago

    I have that sketch book in Blue!

  • Khrityai Muhunthan
    Khrityai Muhunthan 25 days ago

    Drawing with waffles you are the best you tuber in the world I love art

  • ツnAkEdPoTato
    ツnAkEdPoTato 25 days ago +1

    Aw red the colour of lov-
    *it reminded me of that crayon song*

  • Purple Sshadow
    Purple Sshadow 25 days ago

    Waffles: very hard to get
    Me: ummmmmm... exuse me?
    Waffles: markers
    Me: oh

  • BR0NY4_Z4YCH1k _
    BR0NY4_Z4YCH1k _ 25 days ago

    What type of pencil do you use?? (hb 2b..) and also I LOVE UR VIDS CUZ U GIVE ME HOPE FOR MY DRAWING

  • Gabbi Congine
    Gabbi Congine 25 days ago

    3:59 what the heck

  • Xx spring trap CZech
    Xx spring trap CZech 25 days ago

    A lot of the comments have a laughing crying emoji why?

  • jason booth
    jason booth 25 days ago

    If you forgot it’s paint pen not trying be rude😂😂😅

  • Beyonce Mathew
    Beyonce Mathew 26 days ago +1

    Ya know what.. I’m an Aussie and I think those animals look a lot like wallabies

  • Lychii .i
    Lychii .i 26 days ago

    why’d you leave me Karin

  • unicornbtsfepscappochino :6

    Do tutorial

  • unicornbtsfepscappochino :6

    How does the micron looks ?

  • Keira xox8117
    Keira xox8117 26 days ago +1

    Im so annoyed because in school today i drew a picture and it was the best drawing i have ever made but im not even allowed to take it home because its for our work 😭😭😭

  • Darcie Butlin
    Darcie Butlin 26 days ago

    Can you do coligrify with them pls

  • Cosmic_gacha •_•
    Cosmic_gacha •_• 26 days ago

    It’s a bunnyrole!!!

  • hello is it me ur looking forr

    Can u go live ? :)

  • Abigail McLean
    Abigail McLean 27 days ago

    20:32 I can realate

  • wiggle- ninja
    wiggle- ninja 27 days ago

    Those crayola markers look pcool

  • Super Eva 1000
    Super Eva 1000 27 days ago


  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
    Elizabeth Gonzalez 28 days ago

    Omg she posted this on my birthday

  • Miget Miri
    Miget Miri 28 days ago +1

    Sukura? Do you mean Sakura (Japanese word) Sock-ku-ra

  • Miste Woods
    Miste Woods 28 days ago

    Find the beautiful face
    If you couldn’t find it, don’t worry because the only beautiful face is the one reading this! Have a great day. (And yes this was stolen from another video by a different youtuber.
    Have a great day and an awesome life (if you want to I’m not trying to tell you how to do stuff)

  • nicky tait
    nicky tait 29 days ago +1

    🌻💙I love your art you so amazing I wish I could be like💙 🌻

  • Evelyn Story
    Evelyn Story 29 days ago

    16:41 I find this very relatable...

  • Aemp Zan
    Aemp Zan 29 days ago

    Sakura= sawkoora

  • MacKenzie H
    MacKenzie H 29 days ago

    I wish I was as good at drawing people as you are 😭

  • D Rae
    D Rae 29 days ago

    I so want to come and fix your nails for you girl. Give you a bomb manicure, whatever length or colour you like! But just a sleeker looking one :p and while I give you your manicure we can use that time to talk about art and whatnots! ^^

  • doubletruble scully
    doubletruble scully 29 days ago

    Wht eraser do you use

  • Moonlightbutera Ariana grande fan

    Not just a brush marker....... a brush Marker... PRO 😂

  • The Daily Games
    The Daily Games 29 days ago

    You giggle a lot....... your just like me! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️x

  • shalini monish
    shalini monish Month ago


  • Roizu
    Roizu Month ago

    Those markers took the kids

  • Kythra Kel
    Kythra Kel Month ago +1

    What do you use to erase?

  • basically Brooke
    basically Brooke Month ago

    Her : pigma pigma
    Me : more like Ligma ligma

  • xXLunarpawXx :3
    xXLunarpawXx :3 Month ago

    i haven't used a chameleon pen but i know Chameleon Markers and Color tops are a lot easier to blend... if you haven't already used Chameleon Markers and Color tops i would suggest it ;)

  • de.weirdest _gamer
    de.weirdest _gamer Month ago

    i can draw bodies fine but how do you draw the head .O.

  • Sarah Murphy
    Sarah Murphy Month ago

    I have the same tin that you have your Crayola markers in!!!

  • The Great Cornholio M

    I have those micron brush pens

  • Hayly Koonts
    Hayly Koonts Month ago

    The Karin brush marker pros are similar to chameleon markers

  • Mia bailey
    Mia bailey Month ago +2

    Who came back to this video From the December box video to see if the lilac with a K Actually also had the number 226 ...just me okay

  • Sssniper Wolf
    Sssniper Wolf Month ago +2

    Hair = omygodsocool
    Dress = doesn'tlookgoodatallsomenodyburnit

  • Kuji Chan
    Kuji Chan Month ago

    Ah red, the color of love!
    *silence *
    Me: ...
    *and blood*

  • Inøchi Desu_
    Inøchi Desu_ Month ago

    It's like Brazil's flag

    ( Yes I'm Brazilian)

  • Levy Beti
    Levy Beti Month ago


  • Nitro Wolf
    Nitro Wolf Month ago +3

    Like the chameleon marker it's alcohol baced marker so that's why it can blend so well. Paint baced markers don't work so well but it's possible!

  • Daine Death
    Daine Death Month ago

    Lol I plan to be an artist but I have one issue Basically when I write even if you erase it some of it will still be there 😂

  • TheBeaverNextDoor !
    TheBeaverNextDoor ! Month ago +13

    Ah red, the colour of love

    *and my blood >:3*

    • Pegapow
      Pegapow 8 days ago

      And my enimies blood

  • J Larionova
    J Larionova Month ago

    I feel like kids love you 💕

  • Sara sareno
    Sara sareno Month ago

    You can activate the brush markers with water

  • GentrieJaydin TorticillRichredson

    Ots like camelons ya I have some

  • Alisha Lee
    Alisha Lee Month ago

    I don’t know why but the Video doesn‘t match up with the sound .❤️🤷🏽‍♀️