The Jester | A Short Horror Film

  • Published on Oct 29, 2016
  • After a closing shift on Halloween night, a man stumbles upon what seems to be the embodiment of Halloween itself. Trick or treat?
    THE JESTER: CHAPTER 2 out now!​
    This film was shot over three consecutive nights for a budget of around $500, and a crew of four.
    Original Music scored by RAFAL GOSCIMINSKI
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  • Amir Nasralah
    Amir Nasralah Hour ago

    تي براو نيكو

  • سـಿـلفـಿـآدور آلعرآقـಿـ

    اكو عرب بل تعليق 😭😭😭😭

  • TH3_R3AL_ Aqouan
    TH3_R3AL_ Aqouan 5 hours ago

    Nice its Rlly nice Bro you Van bring it as a Film

  • The GamingLog
    The GamingLog 5 hours ago

    clap his ass jesus

  • Georgios Kanterakis
    Georgios Kanterakis 7 hours ago


  • nasif Rashid
    nasif Rashid 14 hours ago

    So, where did the man go after he disappeared

  • Jeremy Greer
    Jeremy Greer 14 hours ago

    That's what his unappreciative, ungrateful, inconsiderate ass get!!! The Jester was only trying to fill his night wonder, happiness and JOY and that asshole couldn't even give the young Jester an applause?!?! WHAT A DICK!!!..LIKE IF YOU APPRECIATE THE JESTER'S MAGICAL SKILLS!!!

  • David Quintanilla
    David Quintanilla 16 hours ago

    TheJoker,Stiches,Pennywise,killjoy,Jeff the killer, = the Jester

  • tahiel jonas
    tahiel jonas 17 hours ago

    Clara tenías que aplaudir

  • Georgeo Go
    Georgeo Go 21 hour ago

    Now that was a great short!!!!

  • Jakub Zelek
    Jakub Zelek Day ago

    That’s new joker looks dope

  • Finish strong Fortnite

    This reminds me of micheal Myers I love the film great job

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse Day ago +2

    Death battle - Art the Clown vs the Jester

  • gaming life for tf2

    This guy should join the akatsuki

  • Liam Azemia
    Liam Azemia Day ago

    Wow now that's called magic

  • The most Random channel

    Now I know my Halloween costume

  • Bliss Nungchim
    Bliss Nungchim Day ago

    I want his mask but why does this guy not have a phone :| but the movie is great

  • Hasleft theclan
    Hasleft theclan Day ago

    Jaster vs hacker vs 🤡 yang stuju like

  • Monica Minard
    Monica Minard Day ago

    What I’m confused about is what happened to the man? Did he die? Is he kidnapped? Or did something more sinister happen?
    Either way, great short film! Really creeped me out!

  • OkTysm
    OkTysm Day ago +1

    2:18 this man is like me talking to the muted people in discord

  • Jeppe Olsson
    Jeppe Olsson 2 days ago

    Good horror film - I really like the jester's costume! But couldn't help to notice that the dude picked ace of diamonds, but at 2:47 it looks like he's putting 3 of diamonds back in the jester's deck? I am the only one to see this? :)

  • mustafa khudair
    mustafa khudair 2 days ago

    واوووو تمثيل جميل

  • lars gregersen
    lars gregersen 2 days ago

    Fucking bitch jester

  • ZERO CAPITAL PRODUCTIONS watch my horror startling stranger

  • Cesar Solorio
    Cesar Solorio 2 days ago

    8:42 liiiiiiiiiisto mmmmm este pendejo quedo delicioso

  • ismael bahurdin
    ismael bahurdin 2 days ago

    That was really scary 😱😱

    MANGEL KM 2 days ago

    we x cz

  • L524K
    L524K 3 days ago

    So the moral of the story is don't be some socially incompetent jerk who goes "is that it?" when someone tries to show you a magic trick.

  • x gamer
    x gamer 3 days ago

    Wow amazing where is your circus I want to visit. Amazing tricks and the last one.... I am left with no words.
    Hope this was enough

  • goat gaming
    goat gaming 3 days ago

    I think that the magician is sucidel and he wants people to clap for him so he feels better

  • Osama Azhar
    Osama Azhar 3 days ago

    It was scary

  • 葉月屋八咫烏
    葉月屋八咫烏 3 days ago


    SENIW PL 3 days ago

    music is the main role in this movie

  • Dávid Bernáth
    Dávid Bernáth 3 days ago

    Magyar előzetes nincs?

  • Daniel Carcamo
    Daniel Carcamo 3 days ago

    I feel like it's trying to be like art the clown

  • Тоха Грицюк

    Это кино??

  • Jayden Pippin
    Jayden Pippin 4 days ago

    Omg he can’t go no where

  • Naruto
    Naruto 4 days ago

    Jester t-pose

  • Random Videos24
    Random Videos24 4 days ago +4

    I can come up with a full length story for the jester and maybe a big book to finish off the short film.👍👍

  • Khan ahmed Mohammed tanvir

    What is the namr of this film?

  • PartyKingsOfYi
    PartyKingsOfYi 4 days ago

    Batman we need you!

    GOLDEN BERUNIY 4 days ago

  • Llaza P
    Llaza P 4 days ago


  • Wisnu eminPump
    Wisnu eminPump 4 days ago


  • ᄆᄆ TEMPEST
    ᄆᄆ TEMPEST 4 days ago +6

    The card scene when he covered his eyes i just wanna make him my lover even tho im a guy it was so cute like verry verry cute

  • HelloAzu
    HelloAzu 4 days ago +5

    Jester is an evil magican.

    But joker is a crazy legend ;)

  • Midnight Haze
    Midnight Haze 4 days ago


  • Austin Jay
    Austin Jay 4 days ago

    bruh I thought this was Payday

  • Biswaraj Singha
    Biswaraj Singha 4 days ago +8

    I love it the evil magician please make a full movei

  • KyXendo!
    KyXendo! 4 days ago

    *Jevil would like to know your location*
    ♥ *Show location* *well no?*

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi 4 days ago

    YOOOOO This guy really needs to make a call and get a crew to make a movie off this because I know I and everyone watching wants too see that

    I Love this ❤️

  • TheFBM2011
    TheFBM2011 4 days ago

    What kind of bully and joke is this hahah damn

  • jayden gummy bear MSP

    I wanna fuck the cape guy

  • Antoine Andrieux
    Antoine Andrieux 5 days ago

    Best mini movie of all my life I mean damn that jester

  • Felix Hernandez
    Felix Hernandez 5 days ago

    Blue Man group

  • Ragor75
    Ragor75 5 days ago

    Where is full film? Very nice (tranforms real film)

  • Shreyasi Banerjee
    Shreyasi Banerjee 5 days ago +1

    What's wrong with this Jester.. this guy didn't disturbed him🙄🙄

    • Faisal Alfarizi
      Faisal Alfarizi 3 days ago

      Shreyasi Banerjee but this guy didn't respect him

  • Human Male
    Human Male 5 days ago

    Well well, my mans is slick, he tripped him with his cane with the slickest skill I’ve ever seen.

  • Donta Johnson
    Donta Johnson 6 days ago

    This my question yall be trying to make shit scary by the mask like wtf

  • 2pac shakur
    2pac shakur 6 days ago

    Good job

  • Vitta Holod
    Vitta Holod 6 days ago

    Зачем он маску ему надел

  • Nikolcia MSP
    Nikolcia MSP 6 days ago

    Jestem tym Polskim komentarzem którego szukasz

  • Harsh Magic
    Harsh Magic 6 days ago

    *Any magicians here?*

  • JadenTheDragon1231 Seanthedragon1231's Bro

    Kind of looks like jelly

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 6 days ago

    Bro his mask is sick as i need it

  • Gaberz444
    Gaberz444 6 days ago +1

    Gravity falls anyone?

  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez 7 days ago

    This should be a real horror movie

  • Alex Dynamic
    Alex Dynamic 7 days ago +39

    Joker:"im the only psycho magician"
    Jester:I dont think sooo

  • Syahrul Gunawan
    Syahrul Gunawan 7 days ago +1

    Lay lay lay layy layyyy laaayyy layyy layyyy layyy

  • al11pacino
    al11pacino 7 days ago +1

    The joker !

  • ZT Dragon
    ZT Dragon 7 days ago

    He just wanted to get to work

    TIGER SGS 7 days ago

    Iutgygf aedd tytd one sut

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind 7 days ago

    anyone else think he's related to sam from trick r' treat?

  • I am Living free
    I am Living free 8 days ago

    I started clapping while watching this 😅

  • Baratinha123 Gamer
    Baratinha123 Gamer 8 days ago +2

    Como wu vim parar aki meu jesus cristo aaaaaa

  • jack clown
    jack clown 9 days ago

    The jester is in mcu or its a scary man lol

  • Panda
    Panda 9 days ago

    That guy is from Britain Got Talent right?

  • Callie Smith
    Callie Smith 9 days ago

    What would you if you saw this creepy face

  • Carissa Kuhn
    Carissa Kuhn 9 days ago

    that mask is fucking creepy 🤡

  • 1 Leon_Tricky
    1 Leon_Tricky 9 days ago

    Bicycle but i dont know the full name

  • 1 Leon_Tricky
    1 Leon_Tricky 9 days ago


  • 1 Leon_Tricky
    1 Leon_Tricky 9 days ago

    No way i have these cards at my rook

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split 9 days ago +13

    So, kids, everytime you see a wizard with a scary mask and you watch his tricks with his blood, be sure to clap in the end

    • Banana Split
      Banana Split 3 days ago +1

      @MaY-pOP MaYhEm thx bro

    • MaY-pOP MaYhEm
      MaY-pOP MaYhEm 3 days ago +2

      I'm literally dancing because I got to get this comment to 10*does snoopy dance*

  • Sanju Tamang
    Sanju Tamang 9 days ago +1

    Wow I like this joker I love you joker haney

  • Allen Moreno-Gonzalez

    Halloween police !!! Cuffed, and remain silent. Dont worry I'm sure he teleported him to his place of residents so that he can reflect on what he did wrong ! Seriously the jester seems like a nice guy.

  • Nasta - Foof
    Nasta - Foof 9 days ago

    This film is well done with- by the looks of it, a pretty low budget.

  • ٰآنِيـــقـهٰٓ بـذِوووقٰ

    Please I want to follow up complete Please 😢😭💔
    Please I want to follow up complete Please 😢😭💔

  • Hazem Ta
    Hazem Ta 9 days ago

    well , I wouldn't clap for that either

  • hernan caceres
    hernan caceres 9 days ago

    The Jester, oh no. 🇱🇷😈🔪🤐🤐😨😨

  • Das
    Das 10 days ago

    1:28 where tf did his hat come from

  • Soya Net
    Soya Net 10 days ago +1

    I didn't understand that he should clap!

  • wingeddanny
    wingeddanny 10 days ago

    So he is basicly a shaco with a mordekaiser ult?

    • wingeddanny
      wingeddanny 9 days ago

      @MoistFry112 But i'm lazy as fuck bro, and if it doesn't get any better results, why should I? i still like to thank you for pointing out my mistake, i think i can remember the word basicelly now(even though it still sounds weird to mexD). and even though i might still forget the double I now and then.

    • MoistFry112
      MoistFry112 9 days ago

      @wingeddanny it would've took you at the most 4 minutes to check over your words even if you weren't good at speaking English

    • wingeddanny
      wingeddanny 9 days ago

      @MoistFry112 why should I? 99% of the times i type something people do understand. the other 1% mostly just ask what i mean or make a weird joke about it, so i try to explain it differently. or someone else who did understand would. it would take me for ever to check every word i type when i type in english.

    • MoistFry112
      MoistFry112 10 days ago

      @wingeddanny I'm just saying check over your words when you are trying to type a comment

    • wingeddanny
      wingeddanny 10 days ago

      So one error oh ohh better call it out to someone, who doesn't even speak english on a daily basis.... Even tho you clearly understood the word i ment. Droeftoeter.

  • 莊清凱
    莊清凱 10 days ago


  • Oscar Marroquin
    Oscar Marroquin 10 days ago +1

    Meh that was pretty lame.

  • Andrea Cosacazzoneso
    Andrea Cosacazzoneso 10 days ago

    Why only him :(

  • Ramon Synigal Productions

    Fantastic Film🎬📽 I'm definitely going to learn from this film, I'm a student of Cinema. 💯💯 I'm make sure I keep watching this amazing short Horror Film. Congrats!!! Keep up the Great work MakeDo Entertainment!👏👏

  • hocine zerrouki OFS
    hocine zerrouki OFS 11 days ago

    ترحلو G_اع

  • TSM _Higglif
    TSM _Higglif 11 days ago

    That's really cool tho, good jop