16-Year-Old Bugha WINS $3 Million Fortnite World Cup, Tana Mongeau Paul PPV Wedding, & MUCH MORE

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • Happy Monday! Too many stories to fit in the title today!
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    Today’s Stories:
    Protests in Moscow:
    Trump Tweets at Sharpton and Cummings:
    Internet Quickies:
    New York Decrminilizes Marijuana:
    More News Not Included In Show Today:
    Equifax to Pay Up to $700 Million for Data Breach, Here’s How to Claim Your Money:
    New York Criminilzes Sharing Photos Without Consent:
    A$AP Rocky Charged in Sweden:
    North Carolina Woman Defends Offensive Language:
    27 Children Removed From Montana Alternative Treatment Center:
    Judge Rejects Juvenile Sentencing for 4 Michigan Teens in Fatal Rock Throwing Case:
    N.Y. Is Trying to Stop a Fake Heiress From Profiting Off a Series About Her Crimes:
    Pennsylvania School District Threatens Foster Care Placement Over Lunch Debt:
    NJ Judge Who Spared Teen Because He Was From a “Good Family” Steps Down:
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  4 months ago +1408

    Hey. Happy Monday. You're beautiful. I'm kidding. You're okay.
    Timecodes: Fortnite 00:06 - Jake and Tana 2:27 - New York Decriminalizes 4:30 - Disney MIllenials 4:58 - TIA 6:23 - Russia 8:17 - Trump 11:17

    • Morph94
      Morph94 4 months ago

      Until the blood and shit start streaming down your face in a visceral image of pure douchebaggery

    • Morph94
      Morph94 4 months ago

      And putting it on your head

    • Morph94
      Morph94 4 months ago

      And sawing it off

    • Morph94
      Morph94 4 months ago

      Now imagine taking your ass

    • Morph94
      Morph94 4 months ago

      In2umniaKillH3r imagine being so scatterbrained and busy failing to make anything of yourself you legitimately forgot what some asshat on the internet said to you the other day and your TVclip app wouldn’t let you read the comment until that same asshat called you an idiot.

  • Windows Home
    Windows Home 3 months ago


  • Brett DuGuay
    Brett DuGuay 3 months ago

    Calling Al Sharpton a "Reverend" is an affront to all religious leaders everywhere. There's nothing wrong with advocating for racial equality, but don't hide behind God. Nothing he does or has done, falls in line with what a Reverend is and does? Can't stand that guy.

  • Sellyei
    Sellyei 3 months ago

    So many mass shootings in US because of so many guns all out in the wild...how the hell nobody shot this idiot off his high horse already?

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney 3 months ago

    Haven't dropped a comment in a while, life gets bz! Thx as always Phil!

  • MyLife4Aiur
    MyLife4Aiur 3 months ago

    In my opinion, I don't think Phil is part of the #Trump2020 team...

  • Jake38nine
    Jake38nine 3 months ago

    The IRONY of a black person talking about another person acting like a child and being thin skinned. LMFAO. As a white person if you say anything racist, black people reaction like children and are thin skinned. You can't make this shit up. This is exactly what a black government official said describing our president, while the statements also being ironic because black people act the same exact way. You can't make up this IRONY. Seriously, I'm NOT taking that black government official seriously because he's SO UNAWARE of his own irony and hypocritical words and actions. You can write that in the books. Dumbest black government official in the world right now. Don't vote for him ever again.

  • Sean Callahan
    Sean Callahan 3 months ago

    Phil being a sjw leaning cuck confirmed

  • nicodemusrahl
    nicodemusrahl 4 months ago

    The last story shows that we would rather scream racism then take care of problems. Its a media black out tactic, we only see this crap and not the stuff happening behind the curtain. Trump isn't the president we need but the one we deserve.

  • heartgirl40
    heartgirl40 4 months ago

    Al Sharpton IS an opportunist, but he's not wrong about that dickhead in the white house 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    Gods Russia is such a fucked up place politically. That place is in dire need of a nationwide upheaval. I hate saying that. I hate saying that there is a place that is in need of violence and death. But if there was a country that I just don't have faith in its capacity for peaceful change, it would be Russia. And that's nothing against the innocent masses there either. The state is just so far gone now at this point. Pretty much on par with China. If not for their nuclear stockpile, I would be all for advocating for military intervention there. I'd gladly lay my own life on the line for something like that.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I'm personally not a big fan of Disney, but I'd happily defend any innocent person's right to go to Disneyland and NOT feel judged.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    Ayyyyy people of New York! Welcome to the modern age! Too bad my state hasn't caught up just yet. I actually personally don't indulge in weed myself, but I'd fight to the death to defend someone's right to do so. We one step closer boyzzz!

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    Jake Paul and Tana Mojojojo... yeah that's a match made in fake heaven. Normally I hope couples find happiness with each other. But both of them are scummy human beings. So I guess I don't give a shit WHAT happens to them.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    Always does my heart good to see the E Sports scene advance. That moment between the dad and his son was so fucking sweet! Really goes to show the change in perspective regarding gaming as a whole.

  • Chester Clingan
    Chester Clingan 4 months ago

    History, read it and learn. Remember the dot com bubble.
    Not trying to be a downer, but in my 75 years, i have learned one thing to be true. Change is constant. C. C. Clingan, author, editor, publisher.

  • Brian Niccolo Macabidang
    Brian Niccolo Macabidang 4 months ago +1

    Hi Phil, can you please do a segment on Queer Kids Stuff / Lindsey Amer?

    To briefly summarize her content: her main channel (QKS) talks about explaining LGBTQ concepts to kids at an early age through sing songy videos and metaphors to young kids (as early as 4 yrs old as mentioned in her newly released video on TED Talk). She also hosts segments that touch on these concepts on her channel. Just watched her TED Talk and something was off form me when she was speaking to the audience. In her personal channel, she also discusses the haters that have come on her channel, disliking her videos and questioning her methods of discussing such sensitive topics to kids, saying that she has a good heart in place but that her videos are more damaging than helpful and that she is executing it in the wrong way. She has also disabled comments on her QKS channel, which is a bit odd for me since that is a sign that a person is not open to constructive criticisms or further discussions. I dont know, maybe that's just me.

    To be honest though, I am a straight male, but I too want too learn how to respect and understand people from all spectrums of life. And I want to know where they are coming from.

    I wanna get yours and the community's thoughts about her content. Hope you see this! Cheers!

  • Jake Elfner
    Jake Elfner 4 months ago

    1. The Paul Brothers are idiots, but they are marketing geniuses
    2. That sounds like our President... hmm...
    3. Where they differ though is that our President is a racist, misogynistic asshole, where as the Pauls are just misogynistic assholes (even though they've done some things that are quite culturally insensitive, that seems to have come from lack of knowledge rather than actual hate and bigotry)

  • Under Ruze
    Under Ruze 4 months ago

    Phil for the Cummings story you forgot about the part where Cummings house in Baltimore was robbed.

  • EeveeVSArt
    EeveeVSArt 4 months ago

    When will we get to the point where The Truman Show is real

  • iheartigloos
    iheartigloos 4 months ago

    I was promised 20 minute episodes!

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor 4 months ago

    Nothing makes me happy, so I wish I'd die a little faster if possible.

  • Christian
    Christian 4 months ago

    Trump was talking about litteraly rats, why is everyone making such a big deal over this?

  • mmmk
    mmmk 4 months ago

    Doesn't tana know that Jake is a sex addict? He has some serious self-esteem issues. Cheating scandal is a ticking time bomb.

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson 4 months ago

    The first 4.5 minutes of this video are pretty pathetic and shouldn't have been covered.

  • Meg_Maverick
    Meg_Maverick 4 months ago

    Reds a good color on you Philly

  • ProfessorPond
    ProfessorPond 4 months ago

    I love the polls!

  • nobodyofnaught2
    nobodyofnaught2 4 months ago

    You know, given the state of abortion laws in the United States, there are actually lots of people who were forced to have kids...

  • Goblin
    Goblin 4 months ago

    >fortnite world cup
    I want to die

  • Clarks Joint
    Clarks Joint 4 months ago

    What's in Defranco's hair?

  • Dat_Gay_Boi
    Dat_Gay_Boi 4 months ago

    So like pot is legal in DC, the nation's capital, but the feds are still like "hmm nope it's a crime"

  • Aristotélēs
    Aristotélēs 4 months ago

    "... and next, Jake Paul and Ta..." **skip**

  • BiaXia
    BiaXia 4 months ago

    man I've lived in maryland most my life and loved to visit the harbor and Lexington market... I dont know where all this talk about how great the city is right now is coming from. all I know is I used to be able to enjoy myself even up to midnight in downtown Baltimore I know you cant do that now...

  • Impolite Lad
    Impolite Lad 4 months ago

    1:30 - E-Sports is incredibly over evaluated as an industry. The main corporate powers behind E-Sports are using executives from the sports industry proper, they are very very good at making things look bigger than they are. While undoubtedly audience numbers are massive, events are popular, the industry itself is struggling to actually monetize it. Digital audiences actively reject what is considered typical monitization schemes in other entertainment spaces. It's a matter of Real-Sports minds struggling to engage without alienating E-Sports fans. If they can figure it out then E-Sports will soar, but as it is now, it is very much a bubble. A very thin bubble. E-Sports is being held together by fans that really want it to succeed and will view events just to add to the metric regardless of interest, and corporate salesmen that are peddling something that is very close an investment scam.

  • Nanner Slice
    Nanner Slice 4 months ago

    I’ve seen the wire Baltimore sucks

  • Sayaka Rise
    Sayaka Rise 4 months ago

    If you could please cover the story about Alexandra, this Romanian girl from Caracal who was kiddnaped, managed to call the police and they treated her rudely, like a liar even if she even managed to give them an adress. After they got there they waited in front of the killers house for hours even tho screams could be heard from inside the house. When they entered she was long dead (they don't have a body tho). The whole country is in shock about the police's incompetence

  • Kanpeki Ken
    Kanpeki Ken 4 months ago

    Wow blast from the past. Never realized Phil is a pioneer for “YouTubing”

  • Jason Phoenix
    Jason Phoenix 4 months ago

    Okay, about the fort-nite story. How is this legal? Last I checked people under 18 could not enter an event where money is involved. In the United States its 21. This is not a good idea. You Americans do not allow online poker, which is considered a game of skill, but some little shit wants to play online all day with a game, and thats allowed??? Okay, good luck with that.

    • Alexander Sjöberg
      Alexander Sjöberg 4 months ago

      The people running the tournament sets the age I believe. Playing for money with nothing to lose isn't gambling

  • Thatcoolwhiteguy
    Thatcoolwhiteguy 4 months ago

    Trump is so thin skinned. He goes after anyone who opposes him. He targets anyone looking into his possible wrong doings, and to me that is very concerning and almost guilty like...

  • One Wheel Man
    One Wheel Man 4 months ago

    Saying it has above average home prices is a very bad defense.....that essentially means it costs more to live there/people with the same income as somewhere else (with average or below average home prices) will essentially be poorer and have a lower standard of living due to the higher home prices. Why not share something like crime statistics? Trying to go against Trump's statements by saying that homes cost more there isn't a good look at all.

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 4 months ago

    in mu opinion both Trump and Al Sharpton are racist.

  • Madison Scarpella
    Madison Scarpella 4 months ago

    So good of you guys to cover horse racing welfare failures. So many people won't touch the issue because not enough people care. The only way to end the trade is exposure, things like that gets people attention.

  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson 4 months ago

    Trying to potray a certain side spinning an narrative. While showing the other side as saints. Tell ppl sharptons truth

  • Pacific Pleb
    Pacific Pleb 4 months ago

    13:58 "So with that context" lol fuck off Phil! The real context was the Rat King and other Dems blasting more border patrol people acting like its their fault that there's a border crisis. Can't believe i used to proudly promote your fake news channel

  • Pacific Pleb
    Pacific Pleb 4 months ago

    Seriously Phil?! Still trying to hang on to more Russian conspiracy theories?! Get over it!

  • Hanna Moore
    Hanna Moore 4 months ago

    Tana looked super not surprised by the whole drink throwing thing and didn’t seem real bothered by it either.

  • Bad Sketch
    Bad Sketch 4 months ago

    Esports will continue to grow. But the games are still bubbles that will burst and get replaced by new longer lasting bubbles until eventually we reach something that requires so much skill while still being skill that it will take as much dedication and time as any professional job.

  • dog de la frog
    dog de la frog 4 months ago

    fuck epic

  • Evan Stock
    Evan Stock 4 months ago +1

    Can we get some coverage of the democratic debates?

  • TheBigAppleNYC
    TheBigAppleNYC 4 months ago

    Three million dollars for winning a Fortnite tournament. I hope the young kid invest it wisely.

  • karen cashio
    karen cashio 4 months ago

    yes. im tried of the children in Congress bickering.

  • karen cashio
    karen cashio 4 months ago

    love that shirt Phil.

  • Charles Badger
    Charles Badger 4 months ago

    Honestly Phil I have been noticing that you have been doing this mainly when it comes to POTUS and I got to say, I am a little disappointed; you seem to have been leaving out facts to do with POTUS and everything. Regardless of Trumps beef with Cummings. He was watching a fox news report of a BLACK WOMAN reporting to the fox news reporter the status of Baltimore. Literally his entire tweet storm was in response to the Fox news report about Baltimore, and TPusa even went there and filmed in the areas Trump was talking about. tvclip.biz/video/Se16U6DSE7o/video.html
    And that CNN reporter just called himself and other black and brown people rats and rodents when he tried to do some mental gymnastics to conflate that Trump was referring to black and brown people as metaphorical rats and rodents. Baltimore is filled with them, just watch this video where they are asking the residents themselves.

    When it comes to POTUS Phil, you seem to have this bias against him and also seem to push it when you are not presenting all the facts. Just trying to help you.

  • Kenzie Taylor
    Kenzie Taylor 4 months ago

    I swear that the quotes Philip defranco used from fox/spokes people for Trump, sounded like "look, he is an asshole. Just nod your head and agree. I'm tired of making excuses"

  • Miles Ackers
    Miles Ackers 4 months ago

    Trump....what else can be said...this dude trying to take credit for Black Unemployment is like Colonists acting like they "Discovered" America

  • Hecubusx
    Hecubusx 4 months ago

    Fuck Trump. Thats my thoughts on this whole matter. If you support him you are enabling white nationalism and racism, and maybe you are ok with that.

  • Jackie Warden
    Jackie Warden 4 months ago

    "No one made you have those kids and it doesn't give you the ability to decide what is ok for people that don't have them." ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK, PHIL!!!!!!!

  • Elaine
    Elaine 4 months ago

    Umm people really gave Tana and Jake views AGAIN for fake news AGAIN? Y'all are clowns, you don't look anymore, you ARE.

  • Nub93
    Nub93 4 months ago

    Well at least E-Sports actually pays their young players unlike some other Sports out there.

  • raynebc
    raynebc 4 months ago

    Bad mouthing Baltimore with the truth is in fact not racist. I don't think the Democrats or the MSM will stop lying about it though. Sharpton is just an old race hustler and I can't wait for him to be too old to cause more trouble for the country.