30 Days Of Sex • Life Change

  • Published on Mar 12, 2016
  • “I feel like my dick is going to fall off…”
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  • Runtime: 6:16
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  • Neeoila Cl.
    Neeoila Cl. Hour ago

    Lmao have kids! You'll see what I'm talking about

  • Tony Mann
    Tony Mann Hour ago

    I feel lonely watching couples on YouTube I'm nearly 23 and only had 1 girlfriend she literally broke my heart cheated on me with my mate then lured me near a park and basically got mobbed by 3 people that I thought that were my mates, I will always stand my ground now, and I guess people don't like me because I don't like to be pushed oh can't forget my mates girlfriend right so we all got drunk and she kissed me on the forehead I didn't know what she was doing.. I did nothing then my old mate came and broke my finger like a week later I was blocking but he hit the spot that fractured my finger
    Can't forget the chick in turkey when I moved over there she lived with me for abit me and my mate both liked her, and basically I told her to leave and my mate abounded our friendship because I basically told her to leave
    The more I think about what's happened, the more I wonder if it's me or other, I'm generally a really nice guy always honest and genuine

    • Tony Mann
      Tony Mann Hour ago

      Sorry for the random comment just yeah i feel so alone now need to get back out there but it's hard doing it alone

  • Ricardo Antonio
    Ricardo Antonio 2 hours ago

    That hipster groucho marx couple... gross

  • Arthur D Walls Jr
    Arthur D Walls Jr 3 hours ago

    Where are the black or Spanish couples?

  • satrio eko wicaksono
    satrio eko wicaksono 3 hours ago

    What about menstruation?

  • cristian lopez
    cristian lopez 8 hours ago

    Wtf I destroy my gf every night

  • Brooklyngamer0529
    Brooklyngamer0529 9 hours ago

    One time in the gym we were going to play a game that evolved hula hoops and this boy sat in it and he got in trouble and our couch started to joke around and he said "is that like your nest were you lay your eggs"he was like "no males don't lay eggs"my friend stared to burst out laughing and said "we don't lay eggs period."

  • lightnin bolt
    lightnin bolt 11 hours ago +1


  • salem mushref
    salem mushref 12 hours ago

    What about period time 5-8 days ??

  • Ju 21
    Ju 21 12 hours ago

    Yes right. It's better to not have it all the FRIGGIN time. My. Man is hung. And my cookie gets to sore to do it ALL THE TIME. He's 47 and we've been together 8 years I lie all the time ABOUT cuming just to get it over n done with. He's older and I thought by now he'd slow Dwn I'm 42 n perimenapausal. I get annoyed. He just wants to fuk n cum n I get no turn on no kissing no passion. Hey totally deprives me. I had to cheat I found this guy last summer that turned me on to my core and disappeared for a weekend we locked ourselves in a hotel and banged n made love I came 100xs. He was so good. Grrrr. What's a women to do😠?

  • Gaby Luriz
    Gaby Luriz 13 hours ago

    demo please. lol...

  • Luna
    Luna 15 hours ago

    No periods?

  • Arian Mallory
    Arian Mallory 18 hours ago

    Gay part ffwd Gay Part FFWD

  • SuicidalDystopia
    SuicidalDystopia 19 hours ago

    The gay guys are disgusting

  • randy beard
    randy beard 20 hours ago

    Why was it Necessary to have two Sodomites in this Video???

  • Max Tjernsten
    Max Tjernsten 21 hour ago

    4:20 mr and mrs glasses

  • rjnotjonnyable
    rjnotjonnyable Day ago

    That one guy is literally the real life version of bob from bobs burgers.

  • Merco Sage
    Merco Sage Day ago

    Sex professor with no ring? Does she prey on her students or something

  • etbadaboum
    etbadaboum Day ago

    From sexual emancipation to mandatory intercourse. We're going too far into this thing.

  • DefiantBoris
    DefiantBoris Day ago

    It's fucking depressing how these people are slaves to their desires.

  • Omar Nieto
    Omar Nieto Day ago

    I wonder who's behind this post (((hand rubbing intensifies)))

  • Clayton Weaver
    Clayton Weaver Day ago +1

    Soyboys dont want vagina, what a surprise

  • Sammy Weston
    Sammy Weston Day ago +2

    BuzzFeed retards should be lined up against the wall and shot to death.

  • Eduardo Figueroa

    legend says, “they are still having sex”

  • Michael from Kendall Plumbing

    I had a girl that threw dishes at me if we didnt do it twice a day....... she lasted 6 months. 1 month, once daily ? Easy !!!

  • Michael Shelton
    Michael Shelton Day ago

    Too much of a task to get it OOOONNN

  • jonathan glamm
    jonathan glamm Day ago +1

    Always gotta include the gay dudes- Buzzfeed logic

  • King Crimson
    King Crimson Day ago

    *sniff sniff*
    smells like *THOTS*

  • BufferingLlama
    BufferingLlama Day ago

    ...the chemistry juices flowing mentally, physically...

    The way she's moving makes her look like the "love yourself, accept yourself, embrace yourself." guy lol 😂

  • mangkaw321
    mangkaw321 Day ago

    I've done this 3x a day for 1 year and its easy !!!

  • MonoreX
    MonoreX Day ago

    So nobody will talk about the gay couple?

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Day ago

    I’m a sexologist 😐😑😬

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Day ago

    0:27 r they gay

  • Lil' Cutie Babe
    Lil' Cutie Babe Day ago

    I’m a virgin and I’m watching this, is that wierd?

  • SaraPandora
    SaraPandora 2 days ago

    they're wearing...
    a *couple* of glasses.

  • SaraPandora
    SaraPandora 2 days ago

    but the real question is
    who bought the condoms for a month of sex without pregnancy?

    LITTLE DEATH 2 days ago

    humans don't necessarily respond well to repetition ...

  • Kiran Dudhane
    Kiran Dudhane 2 days ago

    Every day sex is madness .Teacher wants to have sex it seems, ha ha ha.....

  • Joe Simon
    Joe Simon 2 days ago

    King Solomon had it right

  • STOP making babies human pigs

    UGLY Fucking Pigs !

  • rerod
    rerod 2 days ago

    Put the homosexuals on another channel

  • brave heart
    brave heart 2 days ago

    Tried sex 3 times a day during my teenage days...i can't live without sex in a day...

  • Ray Wall
    Ray Wall 2 days ago

    Dude with glasses look like he played in UP

  • Conch Shell
    Conch Shell 2 days ago

    Bro Kevin is so hawt I wish I was Mallory

  • الوحدة قاتلة

    لعنة الله على الكافرين

  • AirsoftGang46
    AirsoftGang46 2 days ago

    U need more than sex even though it's a huge part. Do it constantly and it will get old, I remember I had sex with my girl every day perfectly fine I wanted to, I stopped being able to get as hard as I used to. U also need to set the mood go on a date go experience things u gotta do all that too not just sex.

  • Eric Eyerman
    Eric Eyerman 2 days ago

    What wimps. Sex everyday would be great. They are all trying to hard.

  • Kunta Kinte
    Kunta Kinte 2 days ago

    The only ones I feel sorry for is the. Gay guys .. .there buts must be like walking thru the wasteland on Fall out Shelter

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 2 days ago

    This makes me terrified to be a couple.

  • Miles Dugar
    Miles Dugar 2 days ago

    How did the gay couple do it every day

  • Blaze Bik
    Blaze Bik 2 days ago

    Them glasses Jesus

  • francisco darko
    francisco darko 3 days ago

    Sample size made up of robots (recent Virgins).

  • Dawid Wilczewski
    Dawid Wilczewski 3 days ago

    that is the guy from oceans xD

  • S J prakash
    S J prakash 3 days ago

    so people don't have sex every day in general.. ok.... hahaha

  • Hurly Cabalan
    Hurly Cabalan 3 days ago

    Hey BORAT! is that YOU?

  • Justin Vallente
    Justin Vallente 3 days ago

    h0nestly I pressed this cus I’m single and I accidentally push the girls who like me away without knowing it and lose chance of not being single : (

  • sam
    sam 3 days ago

    gay people im out thank you

  • Aulia angela
    Aulia angela 3 days ago

    Wtf i am doing here??😱😱😱😱....aarrrggghhh....i'm proud that i'm still virgin

  • jasko Sport Channel
    jasko Sport Channel 3 days ago

    shutup gays...

  • Aidan Schwalm
    Aidan Schwalm 3 days ago

    Who the hell makes up this stuff

    1CBRDUDE 3 days ago

    Leave the men on men out sex is a woman and man that's it .

  • Screamitloud Studios

    this isn't awkward at all

  • chillofi
    chillofi 3 days ago

    STIs For days!!! Hell yeah!

  • Mung Daal
    Mung Daal 3 days ago

    Gay Sex is gross

  • Thomas Estwick
    Thomas Estwick 3 days ago

    Constant blasting of the neurotransmitter sites does exactly this. Desensitization. Extremely unhealthy.

  • jonathan alvarez
    jonathan alvarez 3 days ago


  • Flower Curls
    Flower Curls 3 days ago

    SO GROSS 5:35

  • Flower Curls
    Flower Curls 3 days ago

    SO GROSS 3:42

  • James M
    James M 3 days ago

    That's weird because a healthy marriage usually have sex twice a day, if not more.

  • kutangelwings
    kutangelwings 3 days ago

    Wtf are these people complaining about? There’s no such thing as to much sex

  • kneil bagayana
    kneil bagayana 3 days ago

    Cant relate im a virgin

  • SheepBelly
    SheepBelly 3 days ago

    Plz take off those fucking glasses before i snap them in half

  • Jay Gunter
    Jay Gunter 3 days ago

    Jesus Christ what is wrong with those peoples glasses like we get it your hamsters now go away

  • Me Again
    Me Again 3 days ago

    Why those 2 men? That’s nauseating!!! So weird!! Nauseous!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Singh
    Sandy Singh 3 days ago

    Ohh, those fashion shows props... Are on his eyes,,, car's windshield

  • Chase Sandman
    Chase Sandman 3 days ago

    I would've included more couples such as transgendered, crossdresses, lesbians,and so... It would've been waaay more interesting

  • Ohhveraa
    Ohhveraa 3 days ago

    I can’t with the glasses 😩😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    I'm not gay! It's gross

  • Nathan Phillips
    Nathan Phillips 4 days ago

    “He got a cold ... then I got the flu.... then we both got aids...”

  • Riggers Ge
    Riggers Ge 4 days ago


  • Josephus Lanit
    Josephus Lanit 4 days ago

    This is Fake! I never seen these Guys at Pornhub. Haha!

  • Naturallyposh31
    Naturallyposh31 4 days ago

    Their glasses are so freakin’ huge, yikes.

  • Archibald Tuttle
    Archibald Tuttle 4 days ago

    Trump has an University too but I sign up with you, Ava!

  • Alex Lex
    Alex Lex 4 days ago

    This world we live in is fucked up every day. This video's the proof

  • Reza Pratama
    Reza Pratama 4 days ago

    I have sex about twice a day. For a year now.

  • danny suarez
    danny suarez 4 days ago

    Having sex every day is stress relief

  • Warring Woob
    Warring Woob 4 days ago

    I need the bible

  • H Y
    H Y 4 days ago

    Why'd u have to bring gay guys

  • Gaby J
    Gaby J 4 days ago

    It shouldn't be a nightmare or a chore specially if its with the love of your life.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez 4 days ago

    gay sex is no sex

    JIMMY JUKEBOX420 4 days ago

    They Concentrated On The Sex, And Forgot The Human Body Needs Certain Foods For Great Sex,, The Lady Conducting The Experiment Should OF Said These Foods Will Help You Achieve Great Results..... Plus Vitamins

  • Jake Colbert
    Jake Colbert 4 days ago

    When he took his glasses off he looked like the guy in the wheelchair in Scary Movie 2 😂😂

  • Husky dog
    Husky dog 4 days ago

    Once every 20 years

  • Husky dog
    Husky dog 4 days ago


  • Moses
    Moses 4 days ago

    Where the brothers. And check the consensus.

  • hot xxx sex desi bhabhi romantic short movie video

    Great video guys .❤

  • HalfEatenMedia
    HalfEatenMedia 4 days ago

    Having only but sex must be a deterrent, luckily I'm not gay cause vaginas feel amazing.

  • deemy
    deemy 4 days ago

    how do 2 boys have sex

  • Romeo Rogers
    Romeo Rogers 4 days ago

    The mustache is great

  • I'm bored
    I'm bored 5 days ago

    6 years?! Congrats