Sequels That Aren't Sequels (The Sequel)

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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    Today we finish what we started last week, with the help of a surprise special guest, and another guest that is neither special nor a surprise, and is also made of cardboard.
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    A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 181

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller 7 months ago +11166

    omg he actually made

  • Tully Wilson
    Tully Wilson Hour ago

    i honestly didn’t look at danny’s face so i thought it was just drew.

  • letsgetnuts
    letsgetnuts 5 hours ago

    You forgot to mention tooth fairy 2, which ALSO stars Larry the cable guy

  • Recluse Reginald
    Recluse Reginald 15 hours ago

    I want a part 3 with “daddy day camp” the god awful sequel to daddy day care

  • Yesi Perez
    Yesi Perez Day ago

    It’d be awesome if you made a video doing a thorough analysis on American psycho- your interpretation and opinions about it

  • Kayleigh Klondike

    You forgot ab grease 2

  • Jomaster The Second

    0:45 is what you came for

  • LosersAndJedi
    LosersAndJedi 2 days ago

    Hey I would actually totally watch a whole video of you doing some hardcore film analysis on American Psycho

  • Summer Reagan
    Summer Reagan 3 days ago

    Not even kidding, I didn’t notice it was Danny reacting to life hacks and not drew.

  • naudia
    naudia 3 days ago

    this is what finally got me to watch American Psycho. bomb ass movie. thanks drew

  • Audrey Molidor
    Audrey Molidor 3 days ago

    I didn’t realize that it wasn’t drew reacting to the life hacks

  • SkyfallTheTimeCat
    SkyfallTheTimeCat 3 days ago

    Hold on... American Psycho 2 reminds me of Dexter...

  • Cha MCyeaah
    Cha MCyeaah 5 days ago

    One in a billion god this was heart warming

  • Ben Daly McKenna
    Ben Daly McKenna 6 days ago

    Jingle All the Way 2 is so awful 0/10 . It makes Jingle All The Way 1 look good. They are both bad.

  • Julian Carreon
    Julian Carreon 6 days ago

    0:40 never even found the link to the video
    thought this was a meme

  • mEmE 2000
    mEmE 2000 6 days ago

    I looked up and holy crap it's real

    WEST SIDE 6 days ago

    Don't just look at it, eat it!

  • Joy Cloud
    Joy Cloud 6 days ago

    You have 1.69 million subscribers 😏

  • abigail nicole
    abigail nicole 6 days ago

    Quirky girls can literally get away with murder

  • Brian Fernandez
    Brian Fernandez 6 days ago

    So cshe bows to kill other serial killers but kills students for a TA position whut¿

    MOST RANDOM STUFF 7 days ago

    Bruh pls do Silence of the lambs 2, it is so shit and it is kinda of an embarrassment to first one ;)

  • RequiemForABuckeye
    RequiemForABuckeye 7 days ago

    Well said, julie brtek

  • RequiemForABuckeye
    RequiemForABuckeye 7 days ago

    I hate every single person responsible for American Psycho 2. They should be in prison for making that garbage

  • abi summers
    abi summers 8 days ago

    nah dude, you complaining about videos is great

  • Myishen Haines
    Myishen Haines 9 days ago

    Well said! Subscribed!

  • Lila Beaudry
    Lila Beaudry 9 days ago +3

    the passion in your voice talking about these movies gets me every single time. love u drew :(

  • Sarah Faulkner
    Sarah Faulkner 10 days ago +1

    I think it would be amazing to listen to you and John Mulaney discuss movie plots and production in a video or podcast or something like that

  • Small and Stressed
    Small and Stressed 11 days ago

    Your review of American Psycho lead me to watch it, and I loved it. Psychological movies like Silence of the Lamb are my absolute favorite

  • outsider flys
    outsider flys 11 days ago

    Talk about crush

  • Rusty Mocha
    Rusty Mocha 11 days ago

    I feel like a kid wrote American Psycho 2

  • Shmigdanbloo
    Shmigdanbloo 12 days ago

    It’s like if you took Deadpool, who is fucking beautiful, but they took that and shit all over it. This is trash lmao

  • sonik0727
    sonik0727 12 days ago +1

    Good job on a another amazing video Danny!

  • Emily
    Emily 12 days ago

    Wow I love your cosplay

  • aya
    aya 12 days ago

    Fun Fact: while Mary Harron is the director of the original American Psycho, a guy named *Morgan J. Freeman* directed American Psycho 2.

  • Dougy Dozier
    Dougy Dozier 12 days ago

    Did anyone else not notice that it was Danny reacting to the life hacks and not drew

  • Kam Bam
    Kam Bam 13 days ago

    road work ahead a yea i sure hope it does (#^_^#)

  • Hannah Renner
    Hannah Renner 15 days ago

    "Hey lil stinkers" lolol

  • Ce Ce
    Ce Ce 15 days ago

    Why'd Drew's voice suddenly change at 0:40 ???

  • Greg Dys
    Greg Dys 16 days ago

    Okay ngl I'm really disappointed that the first time I watched this video I didn't realize it was actually Danny at 0:43

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 1900 16 days ago

    The tooth fairy 2

  • RWA
    RWA 16 days ago

    American psyco 2 was cool.

  • Belen Peralta
    Belen Peralta 16 days ago

    the fact that i finally watched american psycho yesterday ... and now im watching you talk about it .... im shook

  • Dean Friedel
    Dean Friedel 17 days ago

    I immediately went on priceless

  • Ariana Zayas
    Ariana Zayas 17 days ago

    Sorry drew but your boyfriend is really hot

  • king seokjin
    king seokjin 18 days ago

    Sorry I just have to return some videotapes

  • Elise Reehl
    Elise Reehl 18 days ago +1

    Please please please watch and comment on the movie Trolls 2 (not the animated one, it’s a live action film) it is a literal sequel to nothing and it doesn’t even have trolls

  • Natalie Tribbey
    Natalie Tribbey 19 days ago

    He could have TOOK HIS FAMILY NORTH. More snow, more time with the snow, and other reasons why this is the dumbest thing he could have done to get his daughter snow.

  • The Lonely Piece Of Gum

    the last shot looks like that meme with the little girl in front of the burning house smiling

  • Kais Fadel
    Kais Fadel 20 days ago

    please do mean girls 2

  • kiyomi onuma
    kiyomi onuma 20 days ago


  • Dominee Laz
    Dominee Laz 21 day ago

    We like to pretend American Psycho 2 didn't exist

  • its caffeine
    its caffeine 21 day ago

    Wait christian bale is patrick bateman in american psycho and then 5 years later he becomes batman now add an E to batman and then you get bateman

  • Squonk
    Squonk 21 day ago

    Shut up Meg

  • XoXoTrenni
    XoXoTrenni 21 day ago

    FUCK OFF.... that’s what your momma said

  • Ryun
    Ryun 21 day ago

    Guys this is just cringe

  • Jess Scholtz
    Jess Scholtz 22 days ago

    I need a follow up. Mean Girls 2 please!

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi 26 days ago

    Jumanji 2 is a good example.

  • Jack Sharp
    Jack Sharp 27 days ago

    is it bad that i didn't notice danny at the start and thought it was drew

  • KittyIsDaBest
    KittyIsDaBest 27 days ago

    You don't understand my absolute burning HATRED for American psycho 2 😤

  • one jellofist
    one jellofist 27 days ago

    Wait he just said that only 8 people on earth has killed 8 people or more what the hell