Which Countries Have The Best Education?

  • Published on Nov 2, 2015
  • Which Countries Have The Best Sex Education? bit.ly/1MwRHqq
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    In terms of quality education, the US has fallen far behind many countries. So what countries offer the best education?

    Learn More:
    Global school rankings: Interactive map shows standards of education across the world
    "One in five British students leave school without acquiring basic skills, according to a new report commissioned by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)."
    *The OECD refers to city-states, nations, and independent territories as 'countries' within its report

    Asia tops biggest global school rankings
    "The biggest ever global school rankings have been published, with Asian countries in the top five places and African countries at the bottom."

    Education post-2015
    "Next week, UNESCO will convene the world's educational leaders in Incheon to set the agenda for educational development over the next 15 years."

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Comments • 3 473

  • Adam Banks
    Adam Banks 5 days ago

    Not the U.S. for sure

  • Pratham Mehta
    Pratham Mehta 6 days ago

    Hey im a 16 year old from India. I feel that comparing asia with west is irrational. Countries like India and China have huge populations and less land hence the competition ia alot, dont know about other countries but a typical student aspiring to score A in high school here has to study 2~3 hrs every day along with 6 hrs of school. The pressure is moderate, the simple reason that countries in asia focus on more tests so as to provide poor children living in villages equal opportunities of getting into a college, I feel there’s nothing wrong in this. feel free to comment and discuss

  • Han
    Han 7 days ago

    Hong Kong is not a country

  • Robert Spies
    Robert Spies 10 days ago

    The definitions of `educating' , education', `educator', etc. are too fragmented to be meaningful, it seems to me, and seem beside the point, anyway. What everyone wants is `learning'. `Teachers' and `educators' are supposed to promote learning, but not so many do that. Far more likely to work, it seems to me, is to show people and young people `what there is to learn'. Give them the opportunity and means to `explore' subjects to the `depth' they want, and when a match is found, the job of the system is mostly done. To me, the secret is having `environments to learn', where students can find what they want to learn, and then have the resources to learn at the rate they want to learn. Nothing should prevent any person or young person from learning more than one subject at a time, and/or at different rates.

  • Kisang Yun
    Kisang Yun 14 days ago

    Me, South Korean in 2016: Senior(Gosam in Korean), Sleep 6 hours/day(pretty much in korea actually), Spend 16 hours(7~23) in school if not weekend, spend 10 hours in private institute(Hakwon; not accurate word I found) if weekend, repeated this everyday every week! Best education if you wanna make clockwork machine instead of human.

  • marko JOVANOVIC
    marko JOVANOVIC 15 days ago

    I was doing pisa test this year

  • Weiwen WWE
    Weiwen WWE 18 days ago

    The first five school's in the top 10 list uses standardised tests, and previously they suggested that standardised test is not beneficial. Wow that irony

  • nasir91
    nasir91 21 day ago

    i would love to nut on her face :D

  • 수백
    수백 21 day ago


  • Jeffrey Hawthorne Goines

    It is very surprising not to see Germany mentioned, as the general culture which the educational system gives students is both very thorough and intelligent. The Humanities are given full respect as they should, since Germany understands that whether for the sciences or literature, anthropology and the likes, we need to be generally well rounded and reflective, as opposed to being a trained parrot who performs little practical tasks without any deeper understanding of the world. By the way, I am not German

  • kl316
    kl316 24 days ago

    If you notice the countries with the best education system resides in countries where there are little to no Spics, Muslims, or Jiggaboos.

  • Bossbot The CEO
    Bossbot The CEO Month ago

    North Korea has the best Education

  • That School shooter

    Of course asians

  • stomp me
    stomp me Month ago

    Any Singaporean here searched this knowing Singapore will be on the list?

  • GOATcheese !
    GOATcheese ! Month ago


  • Mohamed Zerouk
    Mohamed Zerouk Month ago

    Morocco 73 well not bad

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas Month ago

    how corrupt is Ukraine Gov?

    ABHISHEK RAY Month ago +1

    In India the education system is too worst

  • Adam Zorkot
    Adam Zorkot Month ago

    This is defined wrong, america didnt turn out 29th but 13th and they forgot to talk about the middle east Lebanon is the 7th best country in education as of 2016 get your facts straight people

  • Baroque Obama
    Baroque Obama Month ago

    European countries, the USA has the worst education, in my opinion!...

  • Salih Madadi
    Salih Madadi 2 months ago

    I wish i could go to school, but since I am emigrant i can't go to school or 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Merli Raudsepp
    Merli Raudsepp 2 months ago

    7. Estonia? Sorry but our school system is the most stressing thibg ever that just makes you hate school

  • FuryC
    FuryC 2 months ago

    Canada might have an amazing education but it's similar to Singapore, where it's extremely stressful... :(

  • pro gamer 225
    pro gamer 225 2 months ago +1

    Hong Kong is not a country

  • guycn1
    guycn1 2 months ago

    In Singapore, teachers are encouraged by the government to beat pupil who don't behave well. How can you say this is an educated country?

  • Not Again
    Not Again 2 months ago

    Malaysia: I have better education system. Uhm..Wait... Nope, i'm wrong. That's Okay. Not a big deal. Who cares!
    P.S: Happening in Malaysia.

  • Instagram lover
    Instagram lover 2 months ago

    Singapore should make it in the least for most children commiting suiside due to academic strees :(

  • Nicole Mak
    Nicole Mak 2 months ago

    What can I say about Singapore's education system? I've died and revived many times especially when examinations draw near...

  • Skinny Skink
    Skinny Skink 2 months ago +1

    Singapore's education system is not what many people think it is. It does not produce students who truly think. It only teaches students to get around the systems used for testing their so called intelligence and competencies. That's why you don't see many great figures coming out of our tiny little nation. Our education teaches us to be crafty, not smart, and somehow, at the same time, blindly obedient and submissive to all those above us. We don't question authority. We only stick to what we are taught and rarely ever adapt and improvise when what we are taught doesn't work. You think this kind of people are really smart and can solve real problem? No.

  • Guru Kanchana
    Guru Kanchana 2 months ago

    everything is learned from tamil gurukulam education system

  • Scotland Ball
    Scotland Ball 2 months ago

    Asian countries

  • Queen Tamada
    Queen Tamada 2 months ago

    Excellent and very useful video! thanks for doing this!

  • m0nius
    m0nius 2 months ago

    Well the asian stereotype checks out.

  • Sabawoon Afzali Afzali
    Sabawoon Afzali Afzali 2 months ago

    where's finland?

  • Undja Kasete
    Undja Kasete 2 months ago

    Where is Namibia? They never mention it but they mentioned South Africa

  • Jusuf Erg
    Jusuf Erg 2 months ago

    You know that PISA tests aren´t very accurate! In sweden for example national tests disproved Pisa scores as it showed that students didn´t Carle much of them because the test didn´t impact their grades

  • Taavo Lippus
    Taavo Lippus 2 months ago

    OMG my country is 7. in this list! There is hardly 1.3 million living in my country and were still one of the best!!

  • Jason Nge
    Jason Nge 2 months ago +1

    Not to start a war but I don't understand why so many people in the comment section keeps saying how bad the education system is... I mean when Asian countries overtake western countries in something, westerners will quickly denounce them. I mean everything has its pros and cons after all.

  • AJjammer 38
    AJjammer 38 2 months ago

    Just study in Hong Kong and you’ll spend your whole teenage years studying 10 hours a day for the freaking DSE exam

  • Anything Anywhere
    Anything Anywhere 2 months ago

    I guess yay Canada 🇨🇦

  • Matthias W
    Matthias W 2 months ago

    I'm going to guess Finnland

  • 吴晓莹
    吴晓莹 2 months ago

    HK is not a country!

  • Saurav Khadka
    Saurav Khadka 2 months ago

    i am in finland and i am a engineering student i believe that finland should be at top. They have very good edu system

  • Eve Evelin
    Eve Evelin 2 months ago


  • NovemberRain
    NovemberRain 2 months ago


  • Shiny Vaporeon
    Shiny Vaporeon 3 months ago

    I live in Singapore and my brother isn't rlly that smart lol but I am '.'

  • Drakash Yadav
    Drakash Yadav 3 months ago


  • C0nrad HD Fusion799
    C0nrad HD Fusion799 3 months ago

    Well the British government is and incompetent bunch of blabbering idiots. And this is coming from a brit. PRO EU

  • Psychic Surinum
    Psychic Surinum 3 months ago

    Go to Stanford or. Harward

  • The.joint.gamer Helgesen

    Still the uk has one of the heighist iQ’s in the world

  • A I Edits
    A I Edits 3 months ago

    Lol where is Pakistan and India...They are the only smart people !

  • Nuriddin Najmiddinov
    Nuriddin Najmiddinov 3 months ago

    I live in South Korea and when my Korean friends say that they are taught at school till 8 pm, I say like did you learn too?
    "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit while wisdom is not putting it in our fruit salad"

  • Loreen Vlogs
    Loreen Vlogs 3 months ago

    im from Finland :D

  • D. A. jr Gabriel
    D. A. jr Gabriel 3 months ago

    You must admit that asians are entelligent. we are now entering what we called the asian century

  • Professor Penguin / JPKK

    Im a Singapore and my lessons are quite fun

  • Kangaroo Airsoft
    Kangaroo Airsoft 3 months ago


  • Loaddkz Load
    Loaddkz Load 3 months ago


  • korea peruna
    korea peruna 3 months ago

    good thing that i live in Finland

  • Amanda Huang
    Amanda Huang 3 months ago

    I studied 1 year of middle school in Taiwan. I left home at 7am(which is quite late compares to some of my classmates) and went back usually around 9pm. 10pm in exam season. I spent less than an hour with my parents every day. One of the student in the high school department eventually committed suicide. It was pathetic.

  • Ann Marie Cummings
    Ann Marie Cummings 4 months ago

    Us work is too easy

  • Isabella Castro
    Isabella Castro 4 months ago

    At least the people with lower test scores are happier and have a life aside from school

  • Aicha Lammat
    Aicha Lammat 4 months ago

    Well i am moroccan and i am not surprised that we are 73 that's really sad

  • Beskt
    Beskt 4 months ago

    Thailand have the best education, Because their teacher dont teach, They just tell you the answer without how to do ir.

  • 花桜の
    花桜の 4 months ago +1

    Dumb, happy, Easy or Hard time enduring, Intelligent
    What is ur choice??

  • Bruno David
    Bruno David 4 months ago

    If they changed the same stupid,no motivational , tierd, school systeme all would go up to the best

  • Kari Puusaari
    Kari Puusaari 4 months ago

    So Finland has the best schooling system if you don't count Asia. I'm proud to be Finnish

  • Useless Kapi
    Useless Kapi 4 months ago

    Inst Finland 1st. Last year i took PISA we ranked 1st. Our scores are dropping butt how did we dropp 6 ranks like that.

  • Gladys Chong
    Gladys Chong 4 months ago

    I live in Singapore and our education system isn't that great. Firstly, there is a social hierarchy because 12 year olds are sorted into different schools with different levels of prestige based on their PSLE scores. In Singapore, the content that is usually taught in secondary school/high school is taught in primary school/elementary school. Students are pressured into learning difficult content by their teachers and parents. I am in secondary school and most students (including myself) are regularly sleep-deprived and stressed.

    RANDOM EPIC GAMER 4 months ago

    Northern Ireland should be top

  • TheHappy1
    TheHappy1 4 months ago


  • Nick Overeem
    Nick Overeem 4 months ago

    Japan is the best

  • Ignacio Piedrahita
    Ignacio Piedrahita 5 months ago

    Wtf my country cuba its not here 🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Chireny de groot
    Chireny de groot 5 months ago

    I live in the Netherlands and even though i see a decline in our overall grades, students at least have a life and can do fun stuff. We only have a maximum of 7 hours of school a day (normally 5 hours) and then maybe 1 hour of homework( if you decide to make it 😋) so i rather be the 9th on this list than have all the pressure of the east asian countries on you and not enjoy your youth as much. I really hope east asian countries will stop pressuring their students so much 🙏🏼

  • I'm Turkish
    I'm Turkish 5 months ago

    Turkey (lol)

  • Tan Yi Jun
    Tan Yi Jun 5 months ago

    Exams Are Starting Tomorrow The Whole Week Is Full Of Them And After that week The Whole Month Will Be The Official Exam
    PS. (I Study And Live In SG)

  • BrunoAndroid
    BrunoAndroid 5 months ago

    Canada Is Better That Switzerland

  • daniel halachev
    daniel halachev 5 months ago

    29th is too high for USA.

  • Emilie Baunach
    Emilie Baunach 5 months ago

    Go south Asia :)

  • darklorel matt deat
    darklorel matt deat 5 months ago

    Singapore is so gud
    We only have like 8 hours of schooling

  • Victoria Matthews
    Victoria Matthews 5 months ago

    In the USA, many school systems hire younger teachers, "the Millennials aka Generation Y" from programs like America’s Choice, or Teach for America, or some other groups and develop a reciprocal partnership to get a financial, federal kick-back in funds. Why keep an experienced senior teacher making more money when they can hire an inexperienced young teacher and pay that person much less? Unfortunately, money is more important to them than cultivated education. So aside from 14th amendment violations practiced by some preferential principals, money is another motive for firing tenured senior teachers. If these senior teachers do not retire, or resign then, they are issued unsatisfactory evaluations, or their working environment is made uncomfortable. . . In other countries, experienced, senior teachers are greatly valued and respected for their knowledge. Perhaps that is the reason that “U.S. students’ academic achievement still lags that of their peers in many other countries.” www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/02/15/u-s-students-internationally-math-science/
    Show less

    Victoria Matthews

  • Happy
    Happy 5 months ago

    Hong kong is not a country neither is Taiwan a country. Learn someone geography like omg

  • Clash Boomer 09
    Clash Boomer 09 5 months ago

    Well the philippines is in the middle of all good countries.

    PPEKK 5 months ago

    Suomi Finland PERKELE

  • Sub to the Emerald pigs and my mommy And me

    Are there any other 12 year olds watching this?

  • Lordi974
    Lordi974 5 months ago

    I'm French and I would like to know France's rank and what you guys think about our system.

  • vuong hoang
    vuong hoang 5 months ago

    I wonder why Finland wasnt on the list. It's the idealest education in the world. The video just pointed out via international paper tests.

  • emilia _
    emilia _ 5 months ago +1

    It's shocking that here in Finland school is not that expensive. You will get a great education much cheaper than in America.

  • Lovino Vargas
    Lovino Vargas 5 months ago

    We talking about the "education" provided not about which country has the smartest people.

  • Brandon Kabamba
    Brandon Kabamba 5 months ago

    The East Asian countries all use rote learning methods, just like the US and UK.

  • CuzImLeuart
    CuzImLeuart 5 months ago

    the refugees messed up Germanys Education.

  • Choi Paul
    Choi Paul 6 months ago

    1) This video is based on a 'PISA' scores.
    2) Asians tries harder than any other countries in terms of academics. However, it does not mean they are born with smarter brains.
    3) Asians wants to study in countries like U.S and Canada. Yes because it is much easier, it is less stressful, it's got less competitions, which mean more opportunity to get into better universities.
    4) Top ranked universities, for example Harvard, is in U.S. Yes, but the fact that Harvard university is located in the states, does not mean they only have Americans. There are lots of intellegent international students in Harvard.

  • CE_2438
    CE_2438 6 months ago

    That's why I'm SOOOO jealous at US's happy little kids.

  • Kyrakia
    Kyrakia 6 months ago

    Who else isn't surprised by the US's ranking

  • Juan Martín Ferreira
    Juan Martín Ferreira 6 months ago

    First country to provide laptops to all students.
    Actually decent education system.
    Yay us.

  • Duru Maria Loredana
    Duru Maria Loredana 6 months ago

    I lived in Finland

  • Sergio Milho
    Sergio Milho 6 months ago

    I live in SA.....I knew it was bad but not that bad

  • Youtube you're high, high as the sky, why? ?

    In sweden we learn full english at like 8 years old

  • Anymous Mystery
    Anymous Mystery 6 months ago

    Singapore u miss it

  • Owez Khan's Science
    Owez Khan's Science 6 months ago +1

    Can I get some likes on my comment

  • Owez Khan's Science
    Owez Khan's Science 6 months ago +1

    What about india