Unethical Practices Companies Use To Scam Us That Should Be (Or Are) Illegal


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  • Kyto Bytes
    Kyto Bytes Day ago

    The Hippocratic Oath is more for tradition than actually being a rule or law.

  • luciferangelica
    luciferangelica 3 days ago

    i think, technically, it's malfeasance unless you do it to the gov'mint

  • luciferangelica
    luciferangelica 3 days ago

    what i seen and don't like is dr.s and nurses using coercion on an old ladybto make her take ects

  • Tone
    Tone 11 days ago

    Doctors DO NOT have to take the Hipcratic oath... and very rarelly do

  • X X
    X X 17 days ago

    tax evasion IS ethical since we all know that taxation is theft...

  • Kevin Jan Enerio
    Kevin Jan Enerio 20 days ago

    "Checking their social media instead of punching numbers" felt the guilt watching the infographics during office hours. Closes youtube. After 5 mins checks youtube again because im bored ASF like who the hell cares? my company earns a lot from me

  • johnny Jameson
    johnny Jameson 23 days ago

    Great movie, but the common p0erson is as mucha t fault for the economic crash as the big banks. They borrow more money than they can afford to pay back, and buy everything on credit.

  • IntermediateJesus
    IntermediateJesus 23 days ago

    The guy who died Red Bull is either an ingenious troll. Or criminally stupid. Like "a strong case for eugenics" stupid
    Also why not just have a strong government that enforces rules that makes these kind of practices unfeasible.

  • Ben Wagner
    Ben Wagner 25 days ago

    You wonder why the USA is in debt

  • iraqiboy syed
    iraqiboy syed 26 days ago

    John Q.

  • Who Are You?
    Who Are You? Month ago +1

    Today I found out 3x8=12

  • Chromium Animations

    Apple has been bullied by three companies, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.

  • smile444
    smile444 Month ago

    a lot of those problems could be solve with anti-lobbying laws. Prevent big corporation to have a say on how a country is run and i can garantee that loopholes will quickly disappear.

  • Daniel von Strangle

    The biggest business scam:
    The ad at the very end of this video

  • TypeAAA
    TypeAAA Month ago

    There are companies that build their entire mission on intentionally scamming people and yet they're allowed to file for bankruptcy and build another business! I'm not talking about things like Red Bulls' slogan being misleading when it's obviously a metaphor, but companies that intentionally do not deliver anywhere near close to what they promise or do the opposite of what they say just to rob people of their money. Why are they allowed to file for bankruptcy? They should be obligated to pay for their malicious intent for the rest of their lives or until all debt is paid off. Why are they also allowed to build a another company? They should be banned from building another company period!

  • Jeff1244
    Jeff1244 Month ago

    Hypocritical Oath

  • Matt B
    Matt B Month ago

    And these companies will continue to use these methods untill people start giving a 💩 and do something about it. Untill then we all get IT in the A wether we consent or not.

  • J1.92c
    J1.92c Month ago

    Redbull have the guy 13 million?? Wtf

  • David Mays
    David Mays Month ago

    2:34 what the flock

  • Sagnik Biswas
    Sagnik Biswas Month ago

    I violate internet policies. I watch TVclip often. I don't have numbers to crunch. There are occasions when u hve no work at office.

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH Month ago


  • Pepe Washington
    Pepe Washington Month ago

    Ironic ... i watched this 1 day (sep 1 2018 ) after jeff skilling (ex-enron exec) was released from prison

  • Li
    Li Month ago

    Nah, just good old fashion capitalism. You can be one of them too :).

  • gartut200
    gartut200 Month ago

    He praised Trump! get him!!!!!!!! :)

  • Mark Magill
    Mark Magill Month ago


  • Amin The researcher

    At least donald trump did something useful

  • Michael Wheatland
    Michael Wheatland Month ago

    A lot of places in the world provide medical treatment for free as a public service, we don't need insurance at all. And it works out much cheaper than insurance.

  • Yash Tipirneni
    Yash Tipirneni Month ago

    I used to enjoy this youtube, but know I found out it supports Trump who is RACIST

  • Nosh
    Nosh Month ago

    The biggest unethical behavior in the workplace that I have seen personally is just upper management blatantly lying to their employees. My job has us illegally change food labels to increase the shelf life of food. I asked my manager if they would fire me if I refused to do it and they said yes. I told her that if they did that I could sue and most likely win and then she folded and said yeah we can’t technically fire you for that. So for anyone being forced in their job to do something illegal you don’t have to do it.

  • Daniel Verner
    Daniel Verner 2 months ago

    This guy is so liberal

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 2 months ago

    Lobbying and tax havens need to go.

  • Larry Southerland
    Larry Southerland 2 months ago

    First, doctors in the Western world today do NOT take the Hippocratic Oath. Banks were not the primary causes for the 2008 housing crash;; rather, one major US political party enacted laws or created administrative regulatory pressures supposedly in an effort to combat "redlining," that is, the refusal of Banks to make loans to people who were almost certain to be unable or unwilling to pay back their mortgages on the theory that everyone should own a home. Banks reacted to those laws and pressures by making these "foolish" loans, but the Banks shifted the risks by creating bundles of these loans and selling them off to investors. As long as the bubble that this political party was creating did not pop, these bundles of mortgages seemed like a good investment. The bubble kept increasing in size and the eventually burst. One needs to place the blame where it truly lies: that political party and its legislators. Third, your comments on using one's political clout to petition members of Congress is entirely legal: Persons have the right to petition Congress. Persons have the right of free speech. Corporations are persons within the ambit of the law Therefore corporations have the rights of free speech (and free speech includes the right to make political contributions and to petition members of Congress. Q.E..D. Finally, your 8th supposedly unethical behavior consists of charging the same prices for goods, e.g.,, coffee, in all locations regardless of other factors (wage and rental differences, median income, etc.) However, companies are also held to be unethical in they charge different prices for their products in different markets (e.g., pharmaceutical companies that charge much more for medicines in the first world than they do in the second and third worlds. In other words, corporations get the blame no matter what course of action that they might take.

  • Vegas Mgtow
    Vegas Mgtow 2 months ago

    Employers use a program called keylogging which prints out the locations of the websites/ pages your on. So they can follow you on TVclip or whatever. Been available for about 4 + years ish now.

  • Whitebeard
    Whitebeard 2 months ago

    Tobacco company in Indonesia is the best lobbyist.

  • sunshine lollipops and rainbows

    1:20 inter graphics show?

  • Reasonable Doubt
    Reasonable Doubt 2 months ago

    Way to give Donald Trump credit where it's due

  • jpking2012
    jpking2012 2 months ago

    Free Bernie! Bernie Bernie 2020. Madoff to rob the rich, Sanders to give it to the poor.

  • Potato
    Potato 2 months ago

    Pretty sure diamond's top guys are guilty of number 3. People who hold the most diamonds all said they'd keep prices high and only sell a fixed number per year so that profits are high and remain that way.

    Thing is, now their market is dying cause the new generations are settling for alternatives or simply not buying them as much. As well as the decline of diamond's best friend, weddings, what I'm also certain is also declining.

  • Splash
    Splash 2 months ago

    #1 Bitconeeeeeeeecccttt

  • winglessang31
    winglessang31 2 months ago


  • Grant Goldberg
    Grant Goldberg 2 months ago

    You're wrong on the facts again. Apple and Samsung have had almost half a dozen lawsuits against each other over patent infringement. Do you even reasearch these subjects or just pull the info straight out of your ass.

  • Nico Vansimpsen
    Nico Vansimpsen 2 months ago

    BS in Belgium they check health insurance before they even touch you... no insurance.... NO HELP

  • whatsgoingon07
    whatsgoingon07 2 months ago

    What about sex in the workplace during lunch break? Technically it’s not illegal

  • Prepperjon
    Prepperjon 2 months ago

    Doctors no longer take the Hippocratic oath and haven’t in quite some time. I’m a doctor aged 52 and my father is a doctor aged 72. Neither of us were required to take the oath.

  • Hack McGraw
    Hack McGraw 2 months ago

    If you sell a product and advertise that it is useless, but people find a use for it, can you be sued with a class-action lawsuit for false advertisement, similar to the redbull incident?

    • David Mays
      David Mays Month ago

      Good question, the answer is NO, would you like to know why?

  • matthew galer
    matthew galer 3 months ago

    Yay Trump

  • Slim Kilam
    Slim Kilam 3 months ago

    Watching infographics while at work

  • A Blanco
    A Blanco 3 months ago

    I dealt with drama for so many years trying to get doctors to help me out. They played so many games with me telling me I have anxiety when I'm legitimately feeling pain and illness. Then one day it struck me, I thought I was going crazy, but reality was doctors were refusing to help because of my insurance. I'm thinking if just traveling to Mexico for help now. Lol. My grandparents seem to like it better.

  • LucarioRoolz
    LucarioRoolz 3 months ago

    You know why you can't import cars younger than 25 years to the us? Mercades and some other groups lobbied to ban the import of them since people were buying nicer versions of the cars overseas then importing them.

  • Muffey
    Muffey 3 months ago

    my dad's a surgeon. he used to work at multiple hospitals throughout the town, and one of them would always forward patients to another hospital because they didnt have insurance (I dont think it was the doctors themselves who refused, it was probably the business side of it).
    Because of some other inside issues, a bunch of the surgeons working at that hospital moved to work at the hospital they were forwarding all the patients to.

  • vvav
    vvav 3 months ago

    And politicians say that we have too many restrictions on businesses in the United States... usually politicians who are getting paid by some business or other to say those things. Some day we will make "lobbying" bribes illegal, but until then I guess we just have to bend over and accept it every time a big corporation decides to screw us.

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 3 months ago

    Ima go sue McDonald's now bc the happy meal didn't make me happy

  • Eric Augusto
    Eric Augusto 3 months ago

    Wait what?
    U can do things like no 1?

  • Selinaisonlyme
    Selinaisonlyme 3 months ago +1

    First off, only 30% of medschools even offer the Hippocratic Oath so the misconception that all doctors are bound by oath is misleading. There are other oaths that medstudents take when they receive their MD. The Hippocratic oath is dated and does not accurately portray contemporary attitudes towards medicine care. The issue that doctors aren’t treating those without insurance has a different reason.

  • Dalton beverly
    Dalton beverly 3 months ago

    Capitalism is unethical

  • Mariana Paredes
    Mariana Paredes 3 months ago

    I plan on majoring in Accounting in college.... can someone spot me to make sure I never do this?

  • T Pham
    T Pham 3 months ago

    Only in Merica

  • Richard Lazarus
    Richard Lazarus 3 months ago

    And the one crook to be the most successful is sitting in the white h... I mean playing golf.

  • Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller 3 months ago

    According to walmart corporate,, supplying workers with 3 years expired med aid box is not unethical. Yet they replaced it immediatly when i told corporate.

  • Jennifer Alvarado
    Jennifer Alvarado 3 months ago

    I’m surprised Quip Pro Quo is not on the list.

  • Backyard Stranger
    Backyard Stranger 3 months ago

    Superb video. One thing left - politics and political parties system.

  • buddrfingrs
    buddrfingrs 3 months ago

    Jesus, the red bull example is bull shit. That guy is retarded, its like saying I'm sueing my local pizza shop for saying 'best pizza in Town' when I think my Italian grandmas pizza is better.

    AFIYT 3 months ago


  • Selmir Avdic
    Selmir Avdic 3 months ago +1

    Why not, not invest in the stock market? Gaining money from money, like gambling, is theft in my and many others books.

  • gredangeo
    gredangeo 3 months ago

    Yeah but, refusing to give medical treatment if the person doesn't have insurance might actually get Americans to fully realise how many actually don't have insurance.

  • Lynn Baker
    Lynn Baker 3 months ago

    The biggest ponzi scam in America today is Social Security. And it's run by criminals, the Govt.

  • Jason Holland
    Jason Holland 3 months ago

    Corporations are the new nations

  • Evanston Conner
    Evanston Conner 3 months ago

    I agree with trump that pharmaceutical companies are MURDERs

  • M N
    M N 3 months ago

    What about planned obsolescence in the tech world? That's pretty scummy because the companies purposely make it so you can't update things anymore.

  • TAProductions
    TAProductions 3 months ago

    I found a job on Craigslist where I'd be selling food at a concession stand out of a wagon during a lacrosse tournament with people all over the USA coming for their kids to play. It was only a couple days. One day I dropped a hotdog on the nasty ass floor. I went to throw it away when the lady grabbed my arm and asked what I was doing. I handed her the hotdog and she popped it right into a bun then served it. Just a dumb little story but think of all the times you've eaten food that was actually on the ground covered in dirt

  • rebecca smith
    rebecca smith 3 months ago

    Number 6 should be its own segment and if so focus on Netflix, because that would be interesting.

  • Jaguarrix
    Jaguarrix 3 months ago

    Ahhh, the beauty of capitalism

  • Alessandro Falco Renzulli

    Some are very incorrectand disgusting practices, but I think that two of them don't fit on this list and are very misunderstood:
    - Tax havens: Taxes in a lot of western countries are way beyond what could be considered correct and they're downright legalized extorsion. It is a fact that businesses of all sizes, and therefore a country's economy, thrives when taxes and bureaucracy are low - and that a government desperate for high taxes is also one that is a black hole for money and extremely inefficient in spending.
    Small countries that are developing or that are geopolitically disadvantaged give business owners, even small ones, a win-win deal. Malta is a heart-warming example of how a business friendly government can make all kinds of citizens stupid rich and happy - even unskilled ones that wouldn't stand a chance in a global economy if left for themselves..
    It is not unethical, and actually bigger western countries should be learning a lot of things from this.
    Price standardization: the differences aren't nearly that big in reality. But even if, this still favors a lot the developing country through jobs, taxes an especially improvements to the touristic sector - while making more profit for the corporation. Therefore also a win-win scenario.

  • Billi-Jacquelin
    Billi-Jacquelin 3 months ago

    Love show, but is the sponsor video that was selected...could have been better selected?

  • MrSandman_TV
    MrSandman_TV 3 months ago

    ya, I'm totally watching this at work

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 4 months ago

    Disliked because he said something in support of tRump.

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 4 months ago


  • Corey Fellows
    Corey Fellows 4 months ago

    Im not exactly the best at wiping..

  • RespawnRestricted
    RespawnRestricted 4 months ago

    The bankers didn't cause you financial crash it was the people who bought knowing they couldn't afford them and decided not to pay their mortgages you can't blame the bank for giving someone a at owning their own home

  • makouras
    makouras 4 months ago

    The Red Bull example ridicules an otherwise serious problem and sort of absolves this practice. You could have found a better example.

  • dynamiths86
    dynamiths86 4 months ago

    There are no ethics in capitalism. When a state endorses the free market economy, it endorses all these practices, meaning that a capitalist state actively works against the majority of its people. Saying that capitalism would work fine if people didn't do this, is like saying basketball would work fine with no points.

  • The Russian dirt
    The Russian dirt 4 months ago

    lay's potato chips...

  • Sara Felix
    Sara Felix 4 months ago

    Ummmm... doctors don't have to take a hippocratic oath. That's just a myth. Although some schools do have thier graduates take an oath, there is no standard oath doctors take, and there is no law or rule requiring them to take one. We

  • Vikram Adithya Anand
    Vikram Adithya Anand 4 months ago


  • meep meep
    meep meep 4 months ago

    Should be illegal? Who said I wanted your 2 cent? Ehh?

  • Polrous
    Polrous 4 months ago

    I honestly don't understand why Red Bull even had to settle for them giving money for "no wings" when even in their hands they had small text saying it didn't and in cases also having someone's voice sped up saying "Red Bull doesn't actually give you wings" for the very reason so no one could sue. Yet how did someone do so and get money?

  • tehfawkinman
    tehfawkinman 4 months ago

    In Michigan, it's illegal to not treat an emergency patient.

  • Anttac221
    Anttac221 4 months ago

    Donald Trump doing something right? do a couple more and people will speak his name like George Washington.

  • Samuel Dormervil
    Samuel Dormervil 4 months ago

    150 years?! Seems a tad bit excessive

  • Iamhallucinatingnow
    Iamhallucinatingnow 4 months ago

    Got to love MI! 😉

  • Happy Life WISH
    Happy Life WISH 4 months ago

    Military industrial complex

  • Ben Parker
    Ben Parker 4 months ago

    I love the dumbass looking Trump supporters.

  • Lilith Scyther
    Lilith Scyther 4 months ago

    Well this doesn't exactly improve my misanthropy 😓😣👏

  • Fire Nation Files
    Fire Nation Files 4 months ago +2

    *Don't trust commercials.*

  • Abdul jamal shariq lequif rahman the beeg deek the 3rd

    damn i wanna see up those drawn womens skirts mmmmmm

  • Nightmare2018
    Nightmare2018 5 months ago

    I agree with the not operating, however, as terrible as it is to say hospitals are a business not a charity. You can't profit by working for free on people without insurance who walk out before paying. It doesn't work. As awful as it is it has to happen to keep the lights on

  • Zekrom12515
    Zekrom12515 5 months ago

    Just a question, is scamming a scammer unethical?

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 5 months ago +3

    The tax part is questionable. Excessive taxation is also theft.

  • Amy Carroll
    Amy Carroll 5 months ago

    The authors of this video need to be better fact checkers. In the US, if a patient presents to the emergency department for any reason whatsoever, they must be evaluated for and treated for any life or limb threatening situation. This includes imminent delivery of a child. Patients cannot be turned away due to inability to pay. It's called the EMTALA law (Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act). I've been an ER RN for 20+ years and worked in hospitals all across the US. I have never seen nor heard of any patient being turned away at the ER doors.

  • Ishrod Tweaks
    Ishrod Tweaks 5 months ago

    EU regulation as a result of lobbies: if a product has a 15% of the diary recommended dose (drd) of the active ingredient that has scientifically proven its efficacy, you can announce that the whole product (even implying all the other ingredients) has this effect as long as it is disclamed in the small print (as small as you want) which are the ingredients that have such effects.
    e.g.: New very expensive tryptofan tablets that balance your mood and your brain*.
    *It is the cheap 15% drd magnesium in the tablets what is doing that ( and it is 6 times less effective as 100% drd cheap magnesium tablets but I am not gonna tell you that).