Triplets Separated At Birth

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Hey, I’m Emilia and my parents are kinda rich. They gave me a monthly allowance of $2000 and I always used it to buy myself clothes.
    But one day, while I was on a shopping spree, my whole life turned upside down.
    I was looking for white pants, but couldn’t find any.
    So I decided to ask one of the staff members for help. I said “Excuse me…” and the staff turned around. Oh my god, she looked exactly like me!
    I asked her “are we related or something?” And she started laughing and said “haha… wow, you really look like me.”I said “no, you look like me!”
    We both laughed and made plans to grab coffee later. We met at a Starbucks and it was the strangest conversation of my life.
    Her name was Selma and I immediately felt a strong bond between us, as if we had been best friends for our entire life. When we found out we had the same birthdate, we knew for sure that we were identical twins.
    Selma said: “My mom told me I had a twin who died of a lung infection at age 3.”I said “that’s weird, my parents told me I was adopted as a baby. Are you adopted?”
    Selma said “I don’t think so. But we should go ask my mom, maybe she can help us.”
    We drove to her mom’s home who was living in a trailer. When she opened the door, I could smell she’d had a few drinks already.
    She said “Did I eat some mushrooms today or are there 2 of you?”
    Selma said “Her name is Emilia and I met her at the mall today. We are pretty sure we are identical twins. But maybe you can explain it to us.”
    Her mom said “Mary?”I said “Eh… no. My name is Emilia.”
    But her mom said “No… I named you Mary.”Then she gave me a hug. But I didn’t like it, I could smell she hadn’t taken a shower in days.
    I said “are you my biological mother?”
    And she said “yes, I am, which means you are my daughter.”
    I know I should have felt excited to get to know her, but I really didn’t.
    We sat down together and my biological mom told us what happened. She said her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant when she was 22. And after she gave birth to triplets, he ran away. And because she didn’t have enough money to raise 3 kids, she took me to an orphanage and left me in front of the door.
    She further explained that because heating was too expensive for them, my 3rd sister suffered a lung infection and sadly passed away at age 3.
    In that moment, I realised how lucky I’d been to be adopted by my caring and loving parents. My biological mom seemed troubled, to say it nicely.
    But I also felt guilty that I’d been so blessed while my triplet sister didn’t have the same luck.
    The following week, I invited her over to my parents house. She was very impressed and said she had never seen such luxury.
    We also had a long conversation about our biological mom. Selma told me a few stories about her. Like one time, when she pressured Selma to have a baby. She said she really wanted to have a granddaughter. But Selma was only 16.
    Our biological mother had serious problems and I felt bad for Selma. That’s why I offered her to live with me and my parents.
    I didn’t expect her to say yes, but she said “Oh my god, I would be so grateful. I just can’t take living with our mom anymore, all she does is scream at me.”
    That’s when our twin… or triplet life started and in the beginning it was so much fun. For a few weeks, we even dated brothers. They weren’t twins but only 1 year apart. We sometimes switched and it was hilarious.
    But having a triplet sister slowly turned into a nightmare. I went through the phone of my boyfriend and one of the messages to his brother was: “yeah, Selma has the prettier face and better body.”
    Reading that message hurt a lot. I knew Selma hadn’t done anything wrong, but it was the first time, I resented her. And things got worse.
    When she hung out with my friends, they all treated her like they had known her for years. And they often made us stand right next to each other and said “Oh… Selma’s face is a bit more symmetrical. She’s definitely a bit more beautiful.”
    But Selma was also funnier and more talkative than me. When she was around, my friends were always laughing and having a good time. They liked her more than me. And one time my friends watched a movie without her without inviting me.
    But nothing was worse than my parents. They treated her as if she was their daughter. They thought she was me and I was her. But we are 2 completely different individuals.
    I knew Selma wanted to replace me.
    And I decided I had enough. I told to her “I’m sorry… but I don’t want you to live here anymore.”She was shocked and said “What?! Why not?”
    And I said “I feel like you are stealing my friends, my boyfriend and even my parents.”
    She said “What? That’s crazy!”
    But I said “I don’t care what you think, I don’t wanna see you anymore.”
    It was a hard conversation, but afterward, I felt so relieved that she was gone. I mean she still lives in the same city as me and I sometimes have nightmares where I marry a guy who then leaves me for my prettier triplet sister.

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  • Kae Pxstel
    Kae Pxstel 4 minutes ago

    i mean sis she just wanted to have a life better than her recent years that she's had not "steal" your life wtf. this girl is so selfish and jealous like please realise your sister did nothing wrong

  • jose melara
    jose melara 44 minutes ago

    I’m rich

  • Muffin Dumb2
    Muffin Dumb2 59 minutes ago

    I love this film

    So cute

  • Matthew Moreno
    Matthew Moreno Hour ago

    Huh interesting

  • D assasin lol
    D assasin lol Hour ago

    I you didn't understand, she kicked her out not only because her sister was stealing her life, but also the chances of her getting her parents money

  • Natalia Cazares
    Natalia Cazares 2 hours ago +1

    “She was a sneaky little rat! I know that because we’re so similar to eachother...”

    Did she just call herself a sneaky little rat? 😂

  • Andrew Coopoosamy
    Andrew Coopoosamy 2 hours ago

    You're story's are so cool I started following you're channel

  • Mathilde Miller
    Mathilde Miller 3 hours ago

    Wait, did she just call herself a sNeAkY rAt?!

  • Jasmina Ilic
    Jasmina Ilic 3 hours ago

    Kinda spoiled

  • Melisa Yacoob
    Melisa Yacoob 4 hours ago

    youl look like twins

  • Courtney Connors
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  • Kholoud Al Assal
    Kholoud Al Assal 4 hours ago +1

    And me too my birthday is December 22😂😳

  • RitnyGaming
    RitnyGaming 4 hours ago

    Talk about a spoiled rich kid, kicking out her sister identical sister cause shes "better than her" it makes sense. She had nothing growing up so personally was all she had to depend on. So she more charismatic that the rich one 😂😂

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  • Psycho PaLe
    Psycho PaLe 6 hours ago

    Selfish bitch

  • aLmA :,0
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    Y’all get money every month?

  • Ultimate Gamer863
    Ultimate Gamer863 6 hours ago +1

    everyone here: 2000 dollar allowance? me: uum hey guys my allowance is 0$ i have to do jobs for money

  • Leow Chee Wai
    Leow Chee Wai 7 hours ago

    You here...

    Is messed up bc you kicked ur own sister out when she did nothing

  • Nwadiuto Ojielo
    Nwadiuto Ojielo 7 hours ago

    My parents are POOR

  • Potexian ruleS Girls drewl

    Idiots longlife friends though they were separated at BIRTH

  • Potexian ruleS Girls drewl

    Death is not sepertion. It is but...

  • Joey Shim
    Joey Shim 8 hours ago

    I'm an older sis u will know the pain soon if u r older sibling

  • PROZ Tsm Sibgat
    PROZ Tsm Sibgat 8 hours ago

    Omg 2000$

  • Molon Gangsta
    Molon Gangsta 9 hours ago

    My god she didn’t even try to do anything she was just living her life i1

  • Kunal Chauhan
    Kunal Chauhan 9 hours ago +1

    Lol they both didnt even bother about their mentally ill biological mother.

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    Sponsored by *Starbucks*

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  • Miss MSP
    Miss MSP 14 hours ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Why don’t you kick her ass
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  • Might King
    Might King 14 hours ago

    ayy no, if things got bad, this is bad

  • IloveJell0
    IloveJell0 15 hours ago

    far as i am concerted you both are sneaky little rats.

  • butterNIC
    butterNIC 15 hours ago

    basically, she was really jealous
    *_the more you know🌠_*

  • love haven
    love haven 15 hours ago

    "she was a sneaky little rat!
    i know that because....
    we're so similar to each other.."

  • Daksh Bhalla
    Daksh Bhalla 16 hours ago

    Go to buy pants

    Ended finding her mother

  • The power Of memes
    The power Of memes 17 hours ago

    Okay Emilia is a spoiled brat who throws her sister out of her house because she was “stealing her life” that isn’t okay and this isn’t justified by any of her reasons

  • JustAChillgirl !
    JustAChillgirl ! 17 hours ago +1

    “OH....hello stranger! You look like me!”
    “HAY GURRRL! YOU look like ME stranger”
    “Oh! Kool, wanna get some Coffee Total stranger that I didn’t even know your name and known for less than 30 seconds?”

  • Little guinea Piggies 23
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    Without inviting me

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  • Zombieboy2645 :
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    It dose not mean your parents treat her more your parents still like you



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    Hi I’m Amilia and my life is kindaaaa crazy

  • Mr. Loyal
    Mr. Loyal 21 hour ago +1

    She given 2000$ monthly allowance
    Me:Not even a single penny

  • dontrae scott
    dontrae scott 21 hour ago

    She wasn't tryna steal your life

  • Amy Rose
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    YOU LIE >:( YOU BAD >:(

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    why do all your thumbnails look like hentai.

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