DP/30: Mad Max: Fury Road, George MIller

  • Published on May 7, 2015
  • George Miller has directed just 10 films in 36 years. Four are about Max Rockatansky. (Also, two Happy Feet, Twilight Zone, Lorenzo's Oil, Witches of Eastwick, Babe: Pig In The City) This time, 30 years since the last Max film, there is a new Max, a new kind of villain, and Max's first sidekick who (at least) is his equal. George discusses the new film, the new technology, the evolution of the choices of films he has made over these decades, and the low point of his Hollywood experience.
    Shot in Los Angeles, May 2015
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  • Narek Avetisyan
    Narek Avetisyan 9 months ago

    George Miller is a living legend man!

  • Tim Francis
    Tim Francis 11 months ago

    What a horrible fucking review! ... not a word about the actor's performances, not a word about the Chrome release George Miller wanted for Fury Road...fucking terrible!!

  • pvthitch
    pvthitch Year ago

    That was one of the best interviews I've ever seen. On any subject. Smart and charming and informative. Miller is such a groovy guy.

  • blackheartsbirth death metal

    Don't like the extra cuts like he said cinema has changed but other than that perfection :)

  • EJK k
    EJK k Year ago

    He really reminds me of Martin Scorsese. A humble, informative man who loves what he does and does it better then most. Scorsese obviously has more acclaim because he has been around longer and has made over 20 films and George Miller has made 9. But what an impressive 9 films! Road Warrior and Fury Road are considered some of the best action films of all time and it is truly earned. I truly hope we see Mad Max: The Wasteland, soon.

  • cibriosis
    cibriosis 2 years ago

    Do another one..you simply must!and this time..Furiosa..just sayin

    CAMPS 2 years ago

    I could literally listen to this guy read a fucking manual.

  • Master Knife
    Master Knife 2 years ago

    This guy is like the Aussie version of Steven Spielburg

  • Nikoloz Bedoidze
    Nikoloz Bedoidze 3 years ago

    wrong type of george miller b0ss

  • Luigi Thebaud
    Luigi Thebaud 3 years ago +1

    I love how he wears this awesome jacket all the time XD

  • SamuraiJack
    SamuraiJack 3 years ago

    He's out of focus.

  • Timber Humphrey
    Timber Humphrey 3 years ago +1

    we need more action movies like this

  • Palash011
    Palash011 3 years ago +9

    Who thinks Academy was unkind to film?It deserved best picture

  • MarkFilipAnthony
    MarkFilipAnthony 3 years ago

    7000 days = 19.1653649 years

  • Ignes
    Ignes 3 years ago +18

    Badass grandpa, is like he came out of retirement to teach new filmmakers how to make a proper action film perfect in every sense.

  • Angela Joy Hames
    Angela Joy Hames 3 years ago +1

    I thought this was a joji Miller/ George miller/ filthy frank interview

  • baekjen
    baekjen 4 years ago

    amazing movie, amazing man! gotta love Aussies

  • Wild E
    Wild E 4 years ago

    Absolute brilliance shining at huge magnitude! The Road Warrior was awesome! This guy knows how to make a throat grabbing action movie!

  • timefilm
    timefilm 4 years ago +1

    Champion person. Model human being.

  • kikiki mumumu
    kikiki mumumu 4 years ago


  • RagdollRalph
    RagdollRalph 4 years ago +1

    10:24 Bit of a missed opportunity to scream "Do not get addicted to water!" :D
    (It will take hold of you, and you will recent its absence)

  • RagdollRalph
    RagdollRalph 4 years ago +1

    He's seventy!? Wow man :D

  • Old-Man Parker
    Old-Man Parker 4 years ago +1

    This epic operatic Hot-Rod Apocalypse is a complete awesome MASTERPIECE! Very glad George Miller got to make this great mythological fantasy film, it's a work of ART.

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister 4 years ago

    love fury road it set the bar high for film. PS: george miller looks a lot like immortan joe

  • checotey
    checotey 4 years ago

    he seems to be a jolly fella :) very nice, humble, etc.!!!

    xXJAKMACKXx 4 years ago

    what is this fucking political correctness nudging, I just wanted to visit this world, not think about ours.

      xXJAKMACKXx 4 years ago

      @Derke73 weren't there a bunch of feminazis harping on about it as per usual?

    • Derke73
      Derke73 4 years ago

      +xXJAKMACKXx The Mad Max series has always been a reflection of current times. Kind of a worst case scenario. Nothing PC about it.

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff 4 years ago +2

    I just clicked on the video just to write that this guy is fucking amazing. He makes the best films in a genre, waits for 30 years for everybody else give it a shot, then makes a film that's still better than everything else that preceeded it, what an absolute boss.

  • StageLined
    StageLined 4 years ago

    This man has quiet an imagination. And it's amazing how he can make great family movies and great violent action movies.

  • John West
    John West 4 years ago +1

    Mad Max Fury Road and George Miller made me proud to be Australian! Can't believe he came up with this action masterpiece after (good) films about talking pigs and dancing penguins! He hasn't slowed down a bit, and is a breath of fresh air after the CGI/Greenscreen saturated imagery of todays films. At 70 years of age Miller still knows how to kick ass! Brilliant!

    • steve mcquen
      steve mcquen 4 years ago +2

      @John West Definitley fan of Australians...

    • John West
      John West 4 years ago +1

      @steve mcquen Haha, he's a legend over here! Happy to share the madness with you all!

    • steve mcquen
      steve mcquen 4 years ago +1

      @John West And you should be, this guy literally restored my faith in movies and especially action ones... I gave up a long time ago on Hollywood and this bullshit CGi crap and then this guy came and blew me away. What a brilliant man and a truly great director, well my dear Aussie thank you for this great man and a gift for all of us who appreciate great movies...
      And by the way, this is so much more then just a great action movie, it is a brilliant piece of art...

  • Cruzboy
    Cruzboy 4 years ago +4

    Australia's James Cameron.. doesn't make many movies, but when he does, it's usually fucking awesome.

  • Miervaldis
    Miervaldis 4 years ago +3

    Finally an action movie not shot wholly on green screen.
    It was like a breath of fresh air.

  • Wilbur jones
    Wilbur jones 4 years ago

    great interview, George Miller is very interesting to listen to and seemed very relaxed and open in this, And he is 70? well damn, the dude shines with enthusiasm ,he looks great.

  • Boifeicasempre
    Boifeicasempre 4 years ago

    Great job with the Mad Max saga. Just brilliant. A first movie who was supposed to be a low cost movie just for the Australian audience turned into a worldwide classic.

  • Chevy 4x4
    Chevy 4x4 4 years ago

    This is an amazing visual movie if you have not seen it you must go before its out of theaters because this movie was made to be watched on the biggest screen in the loudest theater you can find

  • j baker
    j baker 4 years ago +1

    Awesome !!!!!

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J 4 years ago

    He does anybody know if the screen play is for sale?

    • Vinnie J
      Vinnie J 4 years ago

      @Vinnie J sorry I meant the storyboard

  • Tabitha Seccara
    Tabitha Seccara 4 years ago

    This years best action movie! maybe for years to come! i loved it can you tell?! George is a great man!

  • TheMadThresher
    TheMadThresher 4 years ago +5

    This man must be an absolutely pleasure to work with judging by his demeanor during his interviews and his positive attitude apparent in Mad Max behind the scene footage. May he outlive us all.

  • richfictionfighter
    richfictionfighter 4 years ago +1

    Mr Poland, do you have a podcast page where we can download your interviews and play them on iPods?

  • topcatrox
    topcatrox 4 years ago +3

    Is it the best film ever directed? No. But damn, do I want George Miller to get some academy award nominations for it. It really comes across like a labour of love and I spent the 2 hours just in awe scene after scene.

  • olderloverxx
    olderloverxx 4 years ago

    As usual the BEST interviews on the net - and by god FURY ROAD blew my mind today - going to see it again on Monday. Thank YOU George Miller - masterpiece, immediate cult masterpiece. My faith in cinema has never really diminished, but my faith with action movies at the cinema had. Probably the last action movie I truly enjoyed was THE RAID 2 - anyway ------ George has raised the game. Can anything this year, or this decade from Hollywood come close to touching the magnificence of FURY ROAD??

  • Utsusemi
    Utsusemi 4 years ago

    now i know why he keeps ending his sentences abruptly
    hes 70

  • thescowlingschnauzer
    thescowlingschnauzer 4 years ago

    Furiosa is interesting because really she should have been a wife. Could it be that Immortan Joe didn't want her for a wife because of her missing hand? And then she survived by becoming a warrior, and then she was the only warrior who understood the wives and wanted to free them. Her handicap made her uniquely positioned to do something great. That'd be a marvelous message, wouldn't it?

    • Derke73
      Derke73 4 years ago

      +thescowlingschnauzer Theron said that her theory was that her mother cut off her arm so that she wouldn't be taken in as breeding stock.

    • snillocgrom
      snillocgrom 4 years ago

      @thescowlingschnauzer same difference.

    • thescowlingschnauzer
      thescowlingschnauzer 4 years ago

      @snillocgrom I don't think it's brilliant that the movie doesn't answer those questions. I do think it's brilliant that the movie is evocative enough that I don't mind that it doesn't answer to those questions.

    • snillocgrom
      snillocgrom 4 years ago

      @thescowlingschnauzer the brilliant thing is that the movie doesn't answer these questions. it just shows her as the Imperator serving the Immortan and that she has a missing arm.

  • videowilliams
    videowilliams 4 years ago +1

    He's just a pleasure to spend time with, isn't he? Highly intelligent yet crystal clear in everything he says, good-natured, polite... and he just showed the younger generation how to make an action classic again. Nice interview. I like the way you let him talk because a sound byte really doesn't do him justice.

  • zac moore
    zac moore 4 years ago +1

    When he says films have changed since the last Mad Max movie my first thought was 'Yup, and now you've changed it again'.
    This film is an amazing achievement.

  • Rei Reznor
    Rei Reznor 4 years ago +47

    I always said that some of these old timers are still better if not superior directors. I got to see Furious 7 and hated it. Fury Road had John Seale coming out of retirement to be DP for this movie. He's 72. George Miller is 70. Guy Norris, the stunt coordinator from the first mad max movies came back to do stunt coordination and second unit direction. All of them geezers, man. Lol. Awsome.
    I think Quinton Tarantino said that directors get worse with age. That might be true about him, but not Miller or guys like Scorsese

    • Gaur Singh
      Gaur Singh 5 months ago


    • Hellstone
      Hellstone 3 years ago

      @John Noble I do not sound like a basement dweller. Shut up

    • Hellstone
      Hellstone 3 years ago

      @DaveNoodles No I don't

    • DaveNoodles
      DaveNoodles 3 years ago

      +God When God isn't busy doing other stuff, he aparently trolls youtube comments.

    • Hellstone
      Hellstone 4 years ago

      @John Noble ok

  • Dam Son
    Dam Son 4 years ago +1

    Way to go, Miller! Fury Road was such an achievement.

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff 4 years ago +1

    Seriously Mad Max should had been renamed Mad Charlize Theron! It was 99% Theron and 1% Max.

    • Daniel J Maximoff
      Daniel J Maximoff 4 years ago

      @alekesam Says who?

    • alekesam
      alekesam 4 years ago +1

      @Daniel Maximoff I know you're trolling but suggestion? Troll better.

    • Daniel J Maximoff
      Daniel J Maximoff 4 years ago

      @roloug95 Ha, no you haven't! You're not wining any points for persistence!

    • roloug95
      roloug95 4 years ago

      @Daniel Maximoff Dude I just proved to you why what you said is tosh and you're still going? give it up

  • cabalofdemons
    cabalofdemons 4 years ago

    I just saw this movie. I really enjoyed it and hope there is a sequel.

    • hoferlg
      hoferlg 4 years ago +4

      He's confirmed another called "Mad Max: The Wasteland"

  • LoneHero2
    LoneHero2 4 years ago +1

    Nice fucking guy. Talented fucking guy.

  • AlexEwing
    AlexEwing 4 years ago +2

    Fury Road is the movie of the year. Every year.

  • AJ Byrne
    AJ Byrne 4 years ago

    Great.... now this fucken prick will die before the next 3 films are even published. I fucken hate age.

  • Syed Farooq Ahmed
    Syed Farooq Ahmed 4 years ago

    I was !4 when I watched MAD MAX in a theatre.How can I forget George Miller.He is a fabulous story teller.He keeps it simple and engaged till the end

  • Waidara Cabudu
    Waidara Cabudu 4 years ago

    Who are these people that count the number of shots in movies?

    • Waidara Cabudu
      Waidara Cabudu 4 years ago

      @John Noble I meant about the # of shots in the final edited film, I assumed that's what Miller was talking about.
      But yeah I forgot about shot lists & such

    • Rei Reznor
      Rei Reznor 4 years ago +2

      Producers. Sometimes you can determine a cost by counting your shots and also making the list for what will go into that shot. I'm sure someone makes a list with a bill stapled to it. And from there the director and his film crew figure out what they can do without. The matrix script had a car chase sequence. Too expensive. So the chase was shot on foot. And they made a list. "Neo runs down sidewalk. Block a sidewalk with extras. Neo snatches a cell phone off yuppie. Hire extra. Get prop department to provide cell phone."

  • Eli Friedmann
    Eli Friedmann 4 years ago +6

    most fun movie i've seen in years. what an insane ride.

  • Try_Me
    Try_Me 4 years ago +2


  • Spore Hux
    Spore Hux 4 years ago

    Morgan Freeman finally has some competition for the title of President GOD.

  • cqtaylor
    cqtaylor 4 years ago +27

    A heavy metal guitar with flames on a desert truck with drummers on a tower: this guy imagined that. Awesome.