How the Corvette C8 is Priced Under $60K *Mid Engine Corvette*

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • GM really worked hard to keep the pricing of the all new 2020 Corvette C8 down! But is it too good to be true? Check out my video on the new C8 Corvette!
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Comments • 457

  • G F
    G F 23 days ago

    Best car for replica

  • tormentor one
    tormentor one 24 days ago

    The catch is your gonna have to deal with the engineering problems.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 27 days ago

    The car is awesome but it’s way more than $60k after the likely desired options are added. Go down the list of options and it starts adding up quickly. It’s expensive. The Z06 will be around $110k -$120k after the options are added. My C7 Z06 will due just fine and as far as the value plummeting like some predicted, I think sticker shock will hold sales down from the C7 numbers and the C7 will be a sought after option because of affordability. I was all ready to go for the C8 Z06 but that car isn’t going to be anywhere near the C7 price unless it’s a base model with no options. Is it still a great deal?, yes. Is it badass?, yes.

  • Ronnie Jay
    Ronnie Jay 29 days ago

    They'll make it up on parts and scheduled maintenance. Mid engine cars are notoriously expensive to work on.
    I knew a guy that had an '09 R8 and to replace the AC condenser was quoted $7000 from Audi. As it basically required dropping the motor.

  • AM D
    AM D 29 days ago

    I think it's interesting that the Ferrari guy felt it looked better in person, because what I've seen online also left me nonplussed just like that guy

  • ObiWanbruhnoby
    ObiWanbruhnoby Month ago

    I wonder if the first guy from LA in the forum is the same guy that wrecked the first c8 on public roads.

  • S C
    S C Month ago

    how they reduce the cost? parts are made in china and mexico maybe?

    • Dolby109
      Dolby109 29 days ago

      Economy of scale. Simply put, it is mass produced, and some parts are shared with other cars. Engineering a car is one of the biggest costs, so the more you produce the more you can offset that cost and make the car cheaper.

  • 300zxdriver
    300zxdriver Month ago

    Show me one with a window sticker showing 60k.

    • 300zxdriver
      300zxdriver Month ago

      SEAN L correct

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      @300zxdriver no one will buy a stock car lol.

    • 300zxdriver
      300zxdriver Month ago

      SEAN L My point was, that your not ever going to see one like that on a dealers lot. Have to order it.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      It's the one with stock paint and stock wheels, no options if you just open up the configurator.

  • James Camarillo
    James Camarillo Month ago

    the only reason the carbon fiber is so expensive on the Ferrari is because theres way more on the Ferrari than the corvette

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      l0l? Mainstream Ferrari cars are all aluminum chassis (458, 488, f12, etc), and the carbon fiber is just there for the trim pieces... Only the million+ hypercars have a carbon monocoque.

  • AWC
    AWC Month ago

    My problem is just the name: to me it doesn't look like a Corvette. A Corvette has more car in front of the driver than behind.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Well, GM is targeting a wider audience than before, and it's always best to prioritize increasing profits over enthusiast preference, unless the car depends on enthusiast preference for sales. GM has mouths to feed too you know....

  • DUBcars411
    DUBcars411 Month ago

    Hopefully nothing brings this car down aka defects

  • Lee Ackerson
    Lee Ackerson Month ago

    I am curious as to the leg and headroom for the new C8. Is there enough room for a 6ft 3in person or is the Corvette a small person's car.

    • Brendan Adams
      Brendan Adams Month ago

      Here's a vid showing a 6'5, 300lb guy fitting in fine. skip to 10 mins

  • Bob A Booey
    Bob A Booey Month ago

    Not a chance in hell this car will be under $125,000.00.

  • fullyloaded one
    fullyloaded one Month ago

    Time to invest in GM.

  • Kuhaku
    Kuhaku Month ago

    I wish I was living in a country that would allow me to buy this car as the only car, here in Canada you need another car if you are gonna buy a sport car like this. Not yet rich enough for that! But I'll make myself rich enough. Can't see this one getting me through a winter! haha

  • Gavin Phillips
    Gavin Phillips Month ago

    You look beautiful

    • Gavin Phillips
      Gavin Phillips 29 days ago

      @SEAN L thank you so much that's so nice

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      So do you, but no one seems to tell you that.

  • Sandy Jenkins
    Sandy Jenkins Month ago

    I would be concerned with maintenance with that car. Along with that how long will a clutch last, how long before things start breaking. With 495 hp things will break a lot sooner than your average car.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      @Sandy Jenkins Corvette powertrains are under 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty...

    • Sandy Jenkins
      Sandy Jenkins Month ago

      @SEAN L you can laugh all you want but I know a lot of sports cars that need transmissions every 20k. Had a friend with a vr4 that needed one at 45k and that only had in the higher 300 hp range. That could be a deal breaker for me.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Lol, it's a GM car, parts are bound to be cheap due to high production volume. True DCT transmissions are more expensive to fix, but they are more forgiving to novice drivers who don't know how to shift at appropriate times. There are no manual transmissions available, so most people will know how to drive it properly.

  • Scott McMan
    Scott McMan Month ago

    How many people will be paying under $60K? Very few. Dealers will jack the price up into the stratosphere because of the demand. Second, who in their right mind is going to make such an investment on a first year of what is essentially a prototype. Thant's right buyers! You are literally beta testers for the mid engine corvette. That duel clutch is where I suspect issues to pop up most. In fact, odds are, it won't be until year 3 before all the major issues, glitches and initial recalls will be worked out.
    So, you are the first year guys who will be the wild west tech owner/pioneers and if you get it for under $60K, good on you. Then comes year 2 and Chevy will tell us they can no longer maintain these price points. I see year 2 coming off the line at $70K after all the "adjustments" have been made. That said, it may sound crazy, but do we really want a corvette cheap enough that those on a lower income level can now buy them? In other words, getting a corvette under $60 means at least twice as many on the road. So, you'll be proudly driving yours off the lot and pass three more on the 2 mile trip home. Then everywhere you look, you'll see them. And, since Americans have a tendency to buy things they have no business owning, especially Americans who are at a certain income level, you will now see corvette's parked in front of 1,200 sq fr houses that haven't been painted in 10 years. In other words, if the guy who will end up on the TV show 'Cops' is driving a vet, then where's the mystique? Where's the cache?
    You walk into Dunkin Donuts with a 3 piece suit, headed off to your middle management job and the exchange goes like this:
    Counter guy: What can I get you?
    You: Decaf Hazelnut Macchiato...Iced chief! You want me to repeat it Jasper?
    CG: Hey, that your car in front?
    You (trying to be laid back and cool): The vette? like it?
    CG (handing you the drink): Sure, it's nice. That's mine over on the left. I prefer the blue, but the bus boy got a red one. It's middle right, over there. Hey! We're like a corvette club here at Dunkin! LOL! Hey, if you wait 10 more minutes, Joey from the Golden Corral will be in. Then we'll have 4!
    You (clearing your throat): Huh?...yeah, very....nice...uhh...thanks.
    You are now a full foot shorter as you shuffle out to your waiting chariot that just this morning was in your option, the most prestigious car within 20 miles. Now, it's not even the best car in the first two parking rows of a Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Lol someone is too poor obv to lease cars, who the hell pays cash for a depreciating asset that is untested? Dealer near me is going to offer a lease deal for a z51 2lt package for $799 a month 36 months with $3999 due at signing. It's kind of a no brainer for me to just lease a brand new untested car and have no risk on my part due to the warranty.

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage Month ago

    60.000 USD for corvette is penny ...
    mercedes C200 cost 100.000 USD in my country dude
    huracan cost 1 mil USD here

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      @Sam la toast You think that's crazy? A honda accord is $120k, enough to buy an optioned out S-class here in the states. Then again the high cost of cars here is mainly to keep the peasants from driving cars and adding to the already terrible congestion. Singapore has one of the best public transport in the world, so theres no need to own a car, taking the subway is faster than driving.

    • Sam la toast
      Sam la toast Month ago

      @SEAN L wow thats crazy!

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      @Sam la toast Lol in Singapore, a Bugatti is like a $12 million dollar car because of extreme import, and gas guzzling tax.

    • Sam la toast
      Sam la toast Month ago

      What country?

  • Daniel O’Conner
    Daniel O’Conner Month ago +1

    Love the performance for the price that is the car its a steal.
    Design wise I'm not a fan tho

  • mirror talk
    mirror talk Month ago

    Love it...

  • raceboy1971
    raceboy1971 Month ago

    The reason Chevy can sell the C8 for the price they do is because they sell them at a loss. It's a halo car and great advertising for Chevy. Think about it, this car requires far more engineering than anything else GM builds and it cost far more to build than anything else GM builds, yet they will sell roughly just 20,000 a year. Compare that with 600,000 Silverados or even 150,000 Malibus and it becomes very obvious the Corvette exists just for publicity and that's a great thing! If there had to be a strict business case for this car, it would not exist. If you want to read something really interesting and similar, google the Porsche 959, widely regarded as the first supercar ever made. Porsche sold them for roughly $200K in 1996 and it's widely known it cost Porsche over $1,000,000 to make each one.

  • Jeffrey R Williams
    Jeffrey R Williams Month ago +1

    Better to make a quick nickel than a slow dime

  • Bonkiru
    Bonkiru Month ago

    cause the rest of the cost will be for the repairs and such when that legendary reliability kicks in haha

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +1

    Made in China. :)

  • Lenta Jzx
    Lenta Jzx Month ago

    This car had a ton a ton of R&D and I fell like GM having this MR history it was going to be hard to mess up the design and still it came out flawless now imagine when it comes with a manual option forget it they are going to have sells thru the roof.💪

  • Upcycle Shoes
    Upcycle Shoes Month ago

    Vette was always the everyday American's super car.
    Glad to see them sticking to their roots.

    • daveinstlouis
      daveinstlouis Month ago

      I hope you're being sarcastic. I would consider myself an average middle class "everyday American" ...but I sure as hell don't have 60 grand to blow on a Vette.

  • Remain Calm
    Remain Calm Month ago

    I am betting parts will be the catch. I could be wrong, but we have how many other mid-engine high performance sports cars now? Ill admit, I don't like the car. It deviates from the spirit of tradition of the car (which is the trend here in the US now). I'm sure it outperforms the models, but it's a different girl.
    Will be interested to see the new market influx of modifications exclusive only to the Corvette and the prices.

  • james83925
    james83925 Month ago

    Has The Vette killed the Supra and critically wounded the Mustang and Viper? It will be interesting to see how the C8 effects sales on the lower cost Supercars like Maserati and the V8 Ferrari.

  • My_Supercar_Life
    My_Supercar_Life Month ago

    "Under 60k" doesnt include the Z51 Sub 3 second 0 to 60 package.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Yeah, no shit sherlock, car manufacturers make most profits from add-ons and options. if its under 100k, then sub 3 0-60mph is still a steal.

  • DarknoorX
    DarknoorX Month ago

    As someone who can't and won't be able to buy a V8, this car broke the market by being the best there is so far.
    I hope no factory malfunctions are found.

  • DavidF Melbourne
    DavidF Melbourne Month ago +2

    At last a Corvette that is going to be built in right hand drive at the factory. And it's coming to Australia! Can't wait. It's certainly going to be more expensive here with import duty and luxury car tax, but I can't wait to visit my local dealer and get my hands on one of these. I used to have a C3 when I was in the States, and this is just worlds apart from that.

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey Month ago

    GM dealerships will mark up that thing over $100k, just like the Miata and prowler and...

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Not if they make keep making them and ramp up production volume.

  • James Dyess
    James Dyess Month ago

    You do not get the sub 3 0-60 for under 60K.

  • Yuelin Fan
    Yuelin Fan Month ago

    Hope this will be a wake up call for all the manufacturers. Get your shit together and go make some badass cars.

    • daveinstlouis
      daveinstlouis Month ago

      The American public doesn't want "badass" cars. They want four door "crossovers", pick-ups and suv's.

  • genericdenizen1
    genericdenizen1 Month ago

    Best aspect of the C8? Smoking deal I got on a 2019 Grand Sport with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION. Girls drive automatics. Will consider a C8 when the MANUAL arrives.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Manual transmissions are best used for a car that is a purist's dream, like a honda s2000, miata, or a vintage porsche. This car was built by chevy to break records.... No one on earth can shift faster than a good DCT transmission lmao, and I guess a more streamlined production line and massive output allows them to cut down on the price.

  • David
    David Month ago

    They roll out a $100,000 LT2 Z71 packaged Corvette but quote the base model price

  • Omar Chin
    Omar Chin Month ago +5

    Well, in price terms lets hope that the C8 dont go in the same path that the Nissan GTR.

    • Dolby109
      Dolby109 29 days ago +2

      I still don't understand how they took a car and kept raising the price without significant changes.

  • t s
    t s Month ago

    The BEST part about a C8 at $60k is that there are a slew of brand spanking new C7s (with manuals) going for just over $40k!!!!!

  • T Dalb
    T Dalb Month ago

    I've always liked Corvettes.
    When I was a little kid, my uncle had a 59 Corvette, followed by a 63 Corvette.
    He had others after, but I'm going back to the 1970s, before those cars were so collectable.
    I was a high school senior when the 84 Corvette debuted.
    It was like a spaceship. So far ahead of any other American car.
    The C5 Corvette was a leap above that, the C6 an evolutionary advance.
    The C7 a jump beyond that.
    I'm now in my early 50s, and I've never been more excited about a new Corvette, than I am the new C8.
    I really want one, but I'm going to need a few years, and a low mileage used one might be possible.
    I've owned a 68, 84, 96, and 01 Corvette.

  • lemans 350
    lemans 350 Month ago +4

    There priced under 60,000 But! The dealers are asking 20,000 over sticker.

    • SEAN L
      SEAN L Month ago

      Yeah no shit sherlock, give it a couple of months and the prices will drop. You don't have to be the first to own it if you don't want to pay a premium... 2018 porsche gt2 rs were going for $500k, almost $150k over sticker, but now they dropped down to sticker price of around $350k.

    • Myles
      Myles Month ago +2

      They did that for all new sports cars

  • Matthew Albitz
    Matthew Albitz Month ago

    The reason it’s 60 K is the engine has been in production forever and the rear end is just a Camaro

  • kyleucf
    kyleucf Month ago

    Don’t really know why people knock the base model so much, it’s still pretty solid. My only gripe is I don’t like any of the wheel options so I would go LT1 and upgrade (which may even be a downgrade) to aftermarket wheels. Does the car have adjustable coilovers for ride height? The car sits too high for my liking. The lift upgrade is nice and all but the car just has too much gap in the fender.

  • Joshmeself Highup
    Joshmeself Highup Month ago

    Corvette should always always be lower cost then other high ass cars

  • Taylor Rhodes
    Taylor Rhodes Month ago +1

    There’s a reason a car like this has never been cheap before. I don’t trust GM at all to do this right at that price.

  • Dmix remix
    Dmix remix Month ago

    If you want a mid engine car I don’t see why you would buy anything else. Unless you want the pay the prestige tax of 200k for a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    Mid life crisis car. Only thing missing is a 20 yr old mistress in it.

  • Tewthpaste
    Tewthpaste Month ago +1

    *the catch is that it only have about 495 HP. the 2019 ZO6 have 650 HP at $80K. the 2019 ZR1 have 755 HP at $120K.*

  • Aaron Thai
    Aaron Thai Month ago

    Tj hunt said his spec came out to 90k. So averaging most c8 would probably be around the 80k mark. This car will never be sold under 60k.

  • chad haire
    chad haire Month ago

    This video is BS. First, GM is NOT making money on a Vette at $60K, it costs them more than that to make. They make money by adding options--THAT is the profit, NOT the number of cars they sell, because they can only make so many of these per year. You will NEVER EVER see one of these at $ is a lowball price to suck you in.

  • Claudio Vasquez
    Claudio Vasquez Month ago

    Used GTR or new C8 🤔🤔 C8 😍

  • Anas
    Anas Month ago +25

    The only modern supercar with pushrod engine. Love it.

  • Bob Hans
    Bob Hans Month ago

    It’s going to kill the overpricing of modern cars

  • casualsuede
    casualsuede Month ago +1

    Doesn't go into much detail, meaning there is no analysis. Spends more time talking about ferrari and his only point on the topic (which is how did Chevy build a car for under 60k) is a rehash from a Chevy interview. Economies of scale doesn't affect just Chevy but everyone, so that doesn't answer anything, as most car companies (actually companies in general) capitalize on economies of scale (EoS is a basics of business and not an explanation).
    If there was any design or component compromises, it is not mentioned in this video.

    • Full Throttle Drive
      Full Throttle Drive  Month ago

      @casualsuede I see, you want me to provide R&D figures that don't exist to the public. Makes sense... and on top of that your Mr. X is rich because he has a lot of money does nothing to aid in backing up your point. GM had cost regardless if they had money or not (fixed cost). It has nothing to do with how much money they had previous... it only has to do with how much they will make into the future. If they sell 100,000 corvettes instead of 50,000 they become more profitable with economies of scale. To help boost this they kept their pricing down to help entice more buyers. Seriously, this is not rocket science. Even though you are trying to make it complicated to prove an incorrect point.

    • casualsuede
      casualsuede Month ago +1

      @Full Throttle Drive To say that Economies of Scale is how they will keep the price low is like saying "Mr. X is Rich because he has alot of money". Of course that is why he is rich, but the real question is "HOW DID HE GET THE MONEY".
      Of course, EoS will not only divide a larger variable number to a fixed cost, and that Chevy can buy slightly cheaper on larger quantity purchases, but the concept of Economies of Scale isn't something that is unique to Chevy.
      IF you wanted to do an analysis, you would have been better to give specific reasons, not ambigious explanation of basic business terms. Such as "Chevy saved alot of costs because they didn't need to retool their plants, saving $X" or "Chevy saved money because they re-used their engine from the C7", or "They decided to make part X out of Steel instead of Aluminum, saving them $X."
      If you can't provide actual reasons why the Vette is selling for $60K, then what was the point of this video?
      I am looking at the Vette too, but I buy cars and keep them for a long white, so their very low price is very suspicious to me without a proper explanation. I would rather go without, or buy it used after everyone tests it out, if I don't get that explanation.
      All I hear on TVclip are TVcliprs hyping the Vette and throwing down deposits, without having done something as simple as a test drive. I too can straight out buy a $60 or $70K car but I'd be loathe to sight unseen, unless I had the highest confidence that this car was solid.
      The answer could be a simple as other companies are just greedy and relying on their brand to justify high prices and Chevy is just charging a reasonable price, but no one is saying that at this point.

    • Full Throttle Drive
      Full Throttle Drive  Month ago

      No other sports car has the value the all new Corvette C8 will provide. While the materials used may not quite match the Ferrari, the cost of engineering is equally as high. This fixed cost must be recovered. This is why economies of scale is so important and why selling a larger amount of units is more important for Chevrolet than other sports cars. They kept pricing much lower because they believe higher units will even out their bottom line. Simple as that, and going any more in depth with analysis does not make sense. So yes everyone is effected by economies of scale as you said but at very different levels. So your point is invalid.

  • Texarmageddon
    Texarmageddon Month ago

    C8/GT500 are both amazing cars, but my god they are both a combination of everything that’s wrong with the market today. Making cars more and more complicated for the sake of nothing..

  • panda007
    panda007 Month ago

    Like all corvettes and why they’re affordable - fiberglass body panels.

    • panda007
      panda007 Month ago

      chad haire ugh. You’re not getting the point. I get it, traditional FRP has been replaced with a denser matrixed SMC, still a plastic reinforced composite and still using *drum roll* fiberglass!!! The funny thing is, it’s still the same ingredient reframed differently. OK, Booger? The point is to reduce cost where luxuries are not needed, like a fiberglass transverse leave spring used in vettes instead of a traditional hollow steel tube used in modern exotic cars.

    • chad haire
      chad haire Month ago

      @panda007 Well Goober it is like this--the new 2020 Corvette is NOT made of fiberglass----the only fiber parts are in the front trunk, rear trunk, and dash. Better try again. Also Goober the last fiberglass Vettes were made in 1973---by 2016 fiberglass was only 20% of material in a plastic-composite part used on a Corvette.

    • panda007
      panda007 Month ago

      Not really BS. It’s all in the perspective of value. Does fiberglass reduce the value of the car’s performance? No - actually enhances via weight savings. But it does reduce the value of cost of raw materials and tooling. If you think FG raw costs and tooling investment is on par with aluminum and/or exotic composites + tooling investments are clearly delusional.

    • chad haire
      chad haire Month ago

      fiberglass is no cheaper----stop spreading BS.

  • Jeremiah Mauricio
    Jeremiah Mauricio Month ago

    Putting a deposit down is not a down payment.

  • Jon Murdock
    Jon Murdock Month ago

    I like it but it's not as good looking as a 458 or the NSX.Price is great and it does look good although they took Ferrari design and ran with it.I gotta see it in action to make a final decision about it I'm skeptical still.

  • khackett7
    khackett7 Month ago

    I think the catch might be that it’s not that good once it’s driven. I’ve no doubt it’ll be a screamer and pull some Gs and brake on a dime, but the mid-engine segment has some stalwarts. Can GM really pull off looks AND driving dynamics?? It sure would be historic, but count me skeptical. The C7 gives me confidence, but even it wasn’t all roses, and that was decades of platform refinement.

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf Month ago

    Base price 60k, good luck finding one for less than 100k though, because dealers don't order anything with less than 40k in options anymore...