Making a Cuban Chain


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  • Nic Parker
    Nic Parker 20 hours ago

    Only person who would wear that is some Arab or Jew. Look fake. You wore it now it is used and only worth 300 dollars US. Good luck eating a piece of gold when it doesnt sell better take the 300 now...

  • Haley Paige
    Haley Paige Day ago

    Instrumental is fire

  • Long Johnson
    Long Johnson Day ago

    Keep hacksawing like that an you're gonna lose a finger

  • Guy Ward
    Guy Ward Day ago

    Very nice nothing better then handcrafted work

  • Phi. Genius TV
    Phi. Genius TV Day ago

    Fake ass link

  • ZL
    ZL 2 days ago

    The song is powder by jaymvrc

  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago

    Yours for £1,99

  • PYSCHO tv
    PYSCHO tv 2 days ago

    How long does it usually take to make a chain like this

  • Andariel Drachen
    Andariel Drachen 3 days ago

    Garbage chain. Garbage clasp. Very unprofessional

  • Manu
    Manu 3 days ago

    Mi chain de roque

  • Mocking69
    Mocking69 3 days ago


  • Zombiekiller44 R
    Zombiekiller44 R 4 days ago

    That’s fire

  • hindustan meri jaan
    hindustan meri jaan 4 days ago

    I am also goldsmith

  • Tankz' tube
    Tankz' tube 4 days ago

    What’s this beat bruh!!

  • L'Quik Shrtz
    L'Quik Shrtz 4 days ago

    Is gold?

  • RecklessHawk
    RecklessHawk 4 days ago

    I’m boutta drop some money on a Miami link, these are fire 🔥 best looking chain in my opinion

  • Omega Effect
    Omega Effect 4 days ago

    Song ?

  • SuckaFree 2017
    SuckaFree 2017 4 days ago

    Gold plated like a mfer...

  • Lucas Maciel
    Lucas Maciel 4 days ago


  • Lauro Huitron
    Lauro Huitron 5 days ago

    really cool but wash your hands before touching gold😂

  • Quincythaking
    Quincythaking 5 days ago

    Is this real gold

  • Nabil Villamil
    Nabil Villamil 5 days ago

  • Razik Jewelleries
    Razik Jewelleries 5 days ago


  • L.PhaChino
    L.PhaChino 5 days ago

    When does the cocaine come into play?

  • Edgy McEdgelord
    Edgy McEdgelord 6 days ago

    Lol its like the pimp bracelet in friends

  • Mark Mayen
    Mark Mayen 6 days ago

    I would kill for a cuban chain man

    Not really...

  • Koz Renaissance
    Koz Renaissance 6 days ago

    That beat is so refreshing

  • Dem Mar
    Dem Mar 6 days ago

    No quality at all can tell he's a rookie a real jeweler would laught at this mediocre work

  • Lil Hip hopper Vevo
    Lil Hip hopper Vevo 7 days ago

    make me one and ship it to my house

  • Alex Dobre
    Alex Dobre 7 days ago

    Uuuuu shiny, me like it

  • Crystal MFK
    Crystal MFK 7 days ago

    My friend from my ap art class knows how to make things similar to this. I wish I could so my AP portfolio could be better. Beautiful chain.

  • Mark Spohrleder
    Mark Spohrleder 7 days ago

    The chain is pretty, the clasp looks kinda lumpy.

  • John Leaf
    John Leaf 7 days ago

    good i give yoiu 20 cents

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon 7 days ago

    Same stupid little song

  • Jaxon McKim
    Jaxon McKim 7 days ago

    This shii fake af tho

  • Kate Rin
    Kate Rin 8 days ago

    As a Cuban I feel obliged to inform you that our typical chains are made up of actual gold that our jewlers mold into links and then chain. 99% of us are allergic to brass and other non precious metals (including cooper), our skin would turn blue or green if we were to be in conatct with them.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 8 days ago

    I’ve been to Cuba numerous of times I could not even find a pair of trainers alll fake never mind bracelet pretty sure it’s grass even All sunglasses so called Ray Ban never all fake

  • Tyrese Loyola
    Tyrese Loyola 8 days ago

    so thats how they make my cuban chains

  • Vicente Echeverry
    Vicente Echeverry 8 days ago

    how do you do this with gold

  • Stanley Hillery
    Stanley Hillery 8 days ago

    Ho w cool is that 1___________________10

  • Romain Hilschger
    Romain Hilschger 9 days ago

    Thank you a lot for sharing ,now i'ld like to craft one for myself

  • hokiepokie
    hokiepokie 9 days ago

    24K brass... Lol

  • Pilar Cordero
    Pilar Cordero 9 days ago

    Eres un crak saludos de Ecuador xd

  • SBP
    SBP 10 days ago

    *Quavo wants to know your location*

  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia 10 days ago

    Hey how much would it cost me to buy it off your hands

  • Beautiful Great
    Beautiful Great 10 days ago


  • Fulkrom
    Fulkrom 11 days ago

    This is really good.

    E. DOLINSKY 11 days ago

    это пиздец

  • Savage Rolo
    Savage Rolo 11 days ago

    Thats a bracelet not a chain

  • Ramasses D
    Ramasses D 11 days ago

    Yup that’s exactly how we make our chains in Cuba 😂

  • Tokyo
    Tokyo 11 days ago


  • Peter Unrund
    Peter Unrund 11 days ago

    2:17 My old Master kicked my Ass as i did that xDD

  • NbaYoungBoy_ TootieRaww
    NbaYoungBoy_ TootieRaww 11 days ago +1

    make a iced out version

  • Alfredo Reconco
    Alfredo Reconco 11 days ago


  • Daryle Granderson
    Daryle Granderson 12 days ago

    Damn always wanted 2 know...

  • Tence One
    Tence One 12 days ago

    Should I get a Cuban Link chain white gold or a Tennis Bracelet white gold?

  • FrankX TheXspank
    FrankX TheXspank 13 days ago

    Music is wack asf

    TAVTAV 13 days ago

    0:50 it look like macaroni XD

    FFSAKE 13 days ago

    Ok TVclip Ill watch the damn video

  • Thomas Terörde
    Thomas Terörde 13 days ago

    Wow, it only takes 5 minutes to make such a chain wow, I thought it would take hours.
    - medium sized ant

  • Khmer Jewelry
    Khmer Jewelry 13 days ago


  • Habiba Deyji
    Habiba Deyji 13 days ago

    Made out of cubic zirconium🤣

  • Stan Van Der Nat
    Stan Van Der Nat 14 days ago

    Thanks for the recommendation TVclip!

  • maximum power
    maximum power 14 days ago

    At first I was finna say dis nibba made a chain dat can't fit em😭😭😭

  • Death Sweet
    Death Sweet 14 days ago +167

    “My hands look like this, so the chain can look like this”

  • heyou
    heyou 14 days ago

    I have to ask, why do you call braising soldering?

  • frazier
    frazier 14 days ago

    can you sell some, I would definitely buy it

  • Grey Abbott
    Grey Abbott 15 days ago


  • Thicki Nikki
    Thicki Nikki 15 days ago +1

    Any Cubans here? I'm one 🇵🇷

  • Adrian Sawa
    Adrian Sawa 15 days ago

    What a shit... what a SHITTY Polishing maschine... pooooooor!!!

  • Mohd Fareed
    Mohd Fareed 15 days ago

    want 😁

  • Büsra Özcan
    Büsra Özcan 16 days ago

    I want one ...

  • Awesome Addie
    Awesome Addie 16 days ago

    Ice on my neck but it put in flames

  • Andrés Feliciano
    Andrés Feliciano 16 days ago


  • myLove CaneCorso
    myLove CaneCorso 16 days ago

    Nice job man👏😍👍

  • Joker
    Joker 16 days ago

    Go to Cuba and walk by el malecón with that chain at 9pm 😂😂. Great work tho 💪👍🏻

  • Dark SkinQueen
    Dark SkinQueen 16 days ago

    I love the background music

  • Dark SkinQueen
    Dark SkinQueen 16 days ago


  • Sugar Rush
    Sugar Rush 17 days ago

    Some day this video is going to be 2 years old and some kid is going to comment and say

  • SJ Villegas
    SJ Villegas 17 days ago

    Wow, the finished looks is amazing

  • SJ Villegas
    SJ Villegas 17 days ago

    I was watching people threw things from a buildings before i lost in here

  • Michael Trinta
    Michael Trinta 17 days ago

    it's ugly

  • Princess Derp
    Princess Derp 17 days ago

    Thank you. Now, my chain is untangled.

  • Royal Gamer
    Royal Gamer 18 days ago

    Ok i want the intro song please

  • Ray Farthing
    Ray Farthing 18 days ago

    I’ll pop round when he’s gone home I can do magic it will all disappear over night

  • Ty Uzumaki
    Ty Uzumaki 18 days ago

    Fine TVclip I'll watch it

  • Guilty till Proven innocent

    I appreciate my bracelet even more now

  • Tomás Morgado
    Tomás Morgado 19 days ago

    Like, very good video. Done, you have a new supporter

  • El Pulpo
    El Pulpo 19 days ago

    Esas uñas! Por dió!

  • king amenazzy
    king amenazzy 19 days ago

    el diablo asi es que tumban a uno

  • Joe T. Plumber
    Joe T. Plumber 19 days ago

    A little Tripoli, some Rouge & you’re good to go. Great work young lady.

  • Lulthooter Bop
    Lulthooter Bop 19 days ago

    Fuck now they make me want one

  • Blue Line
    Blue Line 20 days ago

    The work is fine. I do not like the catch lever. It will bend especially after it was soldered. Not so springy anymore. Also no back up safety catch. But is was a nice construction. I was more interested in finishing techniques between links but well you can not have it all for free.

  • I Finn
    I Finn 20 days ago

    Wrist turned green by the end of the day. 😂

  • Eric Mancia
    Eric Mancia 20 days ago


  • PaSt riotz
    PaSt riotz 20 days ago

    That is coll

  • Nicole Payan
    Nicole Payan 20 days ago

    Esta vergas esa cadena

  • Hanna Shmn
    Hanna Shmn 20 days ago

    Never heard something about 'safety at work' ?

  • Louie Dane
    Louie Dane 20 days ago

    Ah TVclip recommended has brought us all back together

  • megachef04
    megachef04 21 day ago

    It's made of old metal wire curled up and pretty uped and it's worth close to 400 dollars. Don't let those looks fool you.