Making a Cuban Chain

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • How to make a cuban link style chain. I used 4.8mm brass wire and this chain ended up 20mm wide.
    Also, if you'd like a more instructional write up, check out my instructable:
    This video was recorded at the ANU School of Art and Design Jewellery and object workshop.
    Thanks for watching!
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    IDGAF MDB 4 hours ago +1

    Se llevó mi Chain de Roque 🎶

  • blaze thompson
    blaze thompson 14 hours ago

    Tbh this looks fake as fuck dont even look like real gold looks like copper or brass can clearly see it when your sanding down plus gold is not that shiny so clearly this is the basic method on making a Cuban chain but you didnt do with real gold👎

  • alex t
    alex t 14 hours ago

    Ok. If that thing fake, I would like to fuck your whole family. Let me know the place and time! You fu..g trash!

  • Alright so
    Alright so Day ago +1

    0:21 That's dangerous!😲😅

  • CesT
    CesT Day ago

    I come back here for that beat man 😌

  • Mashup Brain
    Mashup Brain Day ago

    Name the song?

  • Gyasi Wynn
    Gyasi Wynn Day ago

    Jonny Dang mad asf rn

  • Funky White
    Funky White Day ago +1

    I can do that somebody hold my joint.

  • Lucas Roberto
    Lucas Roberto Day ago

    Very nice

  • Drift Garage
    Drift Garage Day ago

    That shit is ugly

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    • Kevin Beef Chip
      Kevin Beef Chip Day ago

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  • Hunter Sharp
    Hunter Sharp Day ago

    I fucks with the beat homie, sounds good af.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 2 days ago

    "Just rocks and metal, it's only worth what you're willing to do for it."

  • SoggyMcNuggets
    SoggyMcNuggets 2 days ago

    So... where’s the chain

  • Anthony Portillo
    Anthony Portillo 2 days ago


  • Sergio Chocler
    Sergio Chocler 2 days ago

    Fuck Cuba!.

  • Cody Mata
    Cody Mata 2 days ago

    Trash ass Cuban tho clasp was way to big and bulky and Cuban wasn’t filed down properly but big ups to maker for trying

  • Sarah-Louise McVeigh
    Sarah-Louise McVeigh 3 days ago +10

    Can’t beat handmade jewellery, always better quality than the mass produced stuff

  • Cesar Perez19890
    Cesar Perez19890 3 days ago

    This is a mario bros song?

  • Daniel Arroyo
    Daniel Arroyo 3 days ago

    How can I buy one from you please 959-333-8923

  • Bernando Turner
    Bernando Turner 4 days ago

    Sad at how brainwashed & behind the Times this country is. Wild horses would NOT drag me there.I like the booty there. But just not worth the Risk!👎🏿

  • Gabel Dahle
    Gabel Dahle 5 days ago


  • Grayson Plays
    Grayson Plays 7 days ago

    ill take that off your hands

  • Noranei Souza
    Noranei Souza 8 days ago

    Eu tenho uma pulseira acho que e desse laminada grossa da marca cuban e cara eu achei quebrada achei num barro a myuti anos atras uns 20anos tenho ate hoje

  • Niz Nizhar
    Niz Nizhar 9 days ago

    Is it gold or copper

  • dead logic
    dead logic 9 days ago

    Clasp is trash and come on man, brass? Weak shit !

  • Shamus Dan Leeman. Aka Shaun Dalton

    Any tips for getting a chain like this to hang straight when completed??

  • Josue Flores
    Josue Flores 11 days ago

    I give you 3 dolars for that chain :v

  • Zita Zemanova
    Zita Zemanova 12 days ago

    Fuj kokot..Dement Gold

  • Alex Rodrigeuz
    Alex Rodrigeuz 13 days ago

    so it's dipped in gold

  • XxYeezus350xX
    XxYeezus350xX 13 days ago +2

    That clasp is a pickpockets dream.

  • MrEliteCo
    MrEliteCo 13 days ago

    I’ve made a song using the same instrumental on this video. If you’d like I can send it to you so you can have a personal song to use with these videos

  • Frank Artus
    Frank Artus 14 days ago

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  • Şafak
    Şafak 15 days ago +1

    *Oof boi that chain is brighter than my future*

  • Khn Yar
    Khn Yar 16 days ago

    ...v nyc

  • Combustion Brothers
    Combustion Brothers 16 days ago +21

    If you actually speed the video x2 it’s only 3 minutes and the music sounds cooler.

    TIGER NINJA 18 days ago

    It Is a bracelet

  • Mex King
    Mex King 20 days ago

    Dam bro all that time for 3.99c braclet.!!!really!!!.you could have just went to the dollar store and buy one.
    And isn't wearing braclets a girl thing...i don't know.somthing is odd about you Cubans.a little to odd😁

  • Luci Ano Rodriguez
    Luci Ano Rodriguez 21 day ago

    333 ?

  • Frank
    Frank 22 days ago

    I would be the dude hidden in a corner with a vacuuum afther he grinds that gold tho🤣

  • Machito Opresor
    Machito Opresor 22 days ago

    Clave el don roque?

  • west coast LA
    west coast LA 22 days ago

    Can i buy a couple them from you? jlescot81@gmail.comi

  • Dempsey Fau
    Dempsey Fau 22 days ago

    Nice beat anybody know the name of it

  • BielXP
    BielXP 22 days ago


  • Anisete L
    Anisete L 23 days ago

    Ame una loko

  • Alano
    Alano 23 days ago


  • Wesley sipe
    Wesley sipe 23 days ago


  • 907 250r
    907 250r 24 days ago +1

    Lol struggling much with those pliars? Lookin like Michael J Fox

  • teogamer 23307pro mcrbff

    Είσαι Έλληνας;

  • Johann Sälhoff
    Johann Sälhoff 24 days ago

    Fake wie deine ! :D

  • marcos cristhiano
    marcos cristhiano 25 days ago

    this is gold?

  • Anas rullah
    Anas rullah 25 days ago

    Background song please?

  • GoldenFew
    GoldenFew 25 days ago

    I thought I heard the jeweler said here go yo chain my nigga

    NYX SAPIENS 25 days ago +1

    Did he plate it so it can have that color??

  • kemalettin kıllı
    kemalettin kıllı 25 days ago

    Nerden nereye geldim la :D

  • Pedro Trejo
    Pedro Trejo 25 days ago +3

    Smoking a fatty and watching this, dope music

  • George King
    George King 26 days ago +1

    todo lo que tenemos que hacer por estos trappers ndeaaah

  • Edison Aquino
    Edison Aquino 26 days ago

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho parabéns muito bom

  • Rayman William
    Rayman William 26 days ago

    Looking Good mr cartel

  • Андрей Дрокин

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  • Vinícius Assmann
    Vinícius Assmann 27 days ago

    what an ugly piece of sh*t, but nice work!

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima 27 days ago +1

    Cuban is my favorite when it comes to chains and cigars

  • swirl reacts
    swirl reacts 27 days ago +1

    Im just wondering is that fake or real? since he made it himself he could have cut his self and if that is fake that is stupid when he could get one like that off of Amazon or ebay for like $20 $25 or $30

  • declan kendall
    declan kendall 28 days ago

    Ight now make me one

  • REDPOWERable
    REDPOWERable 28 days ago

    Lol wtf, this shit is so primitive

  • Carter Currie
    Carter Currie 28 days ago +3

    That background music tho

  • Semyon Dovzhenko
    Semyon Dovzhenko 28 days ago +1

    Почему я смотрю это в 2 часа ночи?
    Why am I watching this video at 2 am?

  • Thiccy's Garage
    Thiccy's Garage 28 days ago +14

    How is this supposed to effectively chain up a cuban?

  • bento kitten
    bento kitten 28 days ago

    Could you please put a link to the soldering wire you used? Please and Thank you!

  • Danny Bravo
    Danny Bravo 29 days ago

    Who do i contact for one of these bracelets and matchin necklace

    YOUNG JHOWW 29 days ago


  • Christopher Velasquez
    Christopher Velasquez 29 days ago +8

    You know if you from Miami
    You have one
    Miami 305 All Day👊💯

  • freddy santiago
    freddy santiago 29 days ago

    Let me keep the gold dust


    Amazing craftsmanship 👏😁

  • Иван Ушаков

    Как-то всё через ж@пу ,а колибровка где??? Замок не доделанный ,изделие сырое получилось.

  • Esxobvr
    Esxobvr Month ago

    Gay ass song

  • Masta G A F
    Masta G A F Month ago

    Damn those are pretty much pieces of shit.

  • Michael Avery
    Michael Avery Month ago +39

    All that work when they be costing 12 bucks on Amazon. Damn.

    • ivor
      ivor 3 days ago +2

      +sara SaruZZa You realize this is brass he's working with and not gold.

    • sara SaruZZa
      sara SaruZZa 3 days ago

      Are you kidding?! Not even the trigger of the clasp of this chain can cost 12 "bucks"!!! Check solid gold price/gram on google...

    • ivor
      ivor 10 days ago

      Ones on amazon are hollow and made of zinc alloy or other cheap metals

  • Gabriel Melo Silvestre


  • Hoàng Anh
    Hoàng Anh Month ago

    Đẹp vãi . Có ai người vn xem k

  • DiiegoÜ 64
    DiiegoÜ 64 Month ago

    Que chingón.

  • Jesus Leon
    Jesus Leon Month ago

    Lmfao that’s not a chain

  • Hellen Pacheco
    Hellen Pacheco Month ago

    Cuban linksss

  • Fornite y más
    Fornite y más Month ago

    Oye muchacho a cuento es q tu me va a vende eso

  • TheSkull 647
    TheSkull 647 Month ago +1

    He spent 19 months washing those hands smh for him

  • Eno Alleno
    Eno Alleno Month ago

    Shitty looking Cuban Chief

  • topic Joias
    topic Joias Month ago

  • topic Joias
    topic Joias Month ago

    Muito bom o trabalho

  • Николай Янев

    Made in china

  • Drip Depot Shop
    Drip Depot Shop Month ago +1

    OK and exactly What type of metal is that????

  • Nick Coudounellis
    Nick Coudounellis Month ago +6

    The brass or copper used to make the chain will turn your wrist green when wearing it, especially if you sweat

    • K Digiacomo
      K Digiacomo 27 days ago +1

      +Nick Coudounellis - Totally appreciate your humor, well done.

    • K Digiacomo
      K Digiacomo 27 days ago +1

      +Nick Coudounellis - Lol can I legally get pissy then?

    • Nick Coudounellis
      Nick Coudounellis 28 days ago +1

      +K Digiacomo if you did sweat green liquid you might turn into the hulk.

    • K Digiacomo
      K Digiacomo 28 days ago

      I don't sweat green liquid...

  • Cade Cunningham
    Cade Cunningham Month ago

    Is that real gold

  • Insultez Moi
    Insultez Moi Month ago +1

    Powder - Jaymvrc

  • Music all I need Vane


  • Pogo M
    Pogo M Month ago

    How many t oz of gold would that take? 6? (Assuming 24k)

  • vickster hoe
    vickster hoe Month ago

    Suddenly tempted to make a Cuban chain now 🤔

    • Gee C.
      Gee C. Month ago

      vickster hoe lol

  • Bryan Livingston
    Bryan Livingston Month ago

    Do you understand just how stupid that locking mechanism for the chain is. This guy is a fucking retard.

  • curco 100
    curco 100 Month ago +1

    no amigo es la chain de roque

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep Month ago +1

    I’m a stranger from the future so I’ll ask my question in about 2-4 years brb