Rewilding Brexit Britain: the radical shake-up of Britain’s farming

  • Farmers will get financial incentives for taking measures that protect the soil, the water and tackle climate change under plans being brought in by the government's new Agriculture Bill. (Subscribe:

    The bill is being hailed by green groups as a genuine opportunity to change how we manage our countryside, for nature as well as for food.
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  • N L
    N L 13 days ago

    knepp has shown farming and massive ecological restoration are possible restore carbon save soils and we might just survive

  • James Fox
    James Fox Month ago

    Wait until you Brexiteers get a load of our US chlorinated chicken and other poison dumps on your island. The EU was protecting you dummies.

  • Kelvin Faulkner
    Kelvin Faulkner Month ago

    Why should the UK taxpayer pay farmers to do the right thing for the environment? They are already privileged enough by owning the land! The government should make policy/laws to encourage and ensure environmentally restorative practices; if farmers can't make it work for them (the farmers) financially then they need to sell up or cope with the same level of social support provided to the rest of the people who can't make a proper living. There shouldn't be extra funding available just because you happen to own land.

  • Patricia et Colin Clegg

    The book by Isabella Tree "Rewilding" is a truly inspiring story

  • Fastidious Sloth
    Fastidious Sloth Month ago

    Good report but some quibbles. 4:48 Larch is not a native tree, so its regeneration is not rewilding. Tree planting is freqently branded as rewilding, as if trees are impotent. Tree planting often replaces higher biodiversity of less agriculturally improved pasture with ranks of the wrong trees & plastic tubes. Many of them are overstocked or die. Unimproved grasslands are often shaded by inappropriate planted trees (not native to zone) and trees are planted where natural regeneration is already taking place. Unimproved grassland biodiversity is usually maintained by the right level of grazing, often seasonal. Meanwhile globally people elect far right governments (USA, Brasil, Australia, UK, etc.) addicted to GDP, consumption, waste and/or deforestation.

  • alex corder
    alex corder Month ago

    Government land grab basically. Their agenda to own everything. Wait for the rewilding conference in India this year. Scary.Nothing to do with conservation. Soon we won't be able to walk anywhere.

  • Hazel Hatswell
    Hazel Hatswell Month ago

    Whatever happened to Ch4 balanced reporting! If anyone cares to dig, not very deeply, into actual FACTS (good grief!) you will find that this is biased and quite simply wrong!!!!!!! Be sure your sins (and omissions to facts) will find you out Ch4 .... disappointing.

  • dillan maneny
    dillan maneny Month ago

    there is nobody better than farmer to do this

  • Cam Gold
    Cam Gold Month ago

    Why not sell low and higher quality food and let the consumer decide what to buy. As long as the products are labels so consumers know what they are buying.

  • angry brit
    angry brit Month ago

    Re wilding 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • David of Yorkshire
    David of Yorkshire Month ago

    I still remember commonplace New Zealand lamb. We almost bankrupted them in 1973 when we entered the EEC. There is going to be a change and it's not all going to be smiling faces, but it's time we looked at long term sustainability and a new approach to diverse farming, not just to maximize grants but to improve the future of farming itself.

    • Istvan Glock
      Istvan Glock Month ago

      I remember those days back in the 50's and 60's - we lived on fresh fish and NZ lamb.

  • jan van ruth
    jan van ruth Month ago

    so cheap imports are to be restricted to get the prices up to a level the british farmers can compete at.
    but who is going to pay those higher prices?
    having a herd of galloway bovines run semi free and making money is not hard, the premium beef will fetch great prices with the lucky few, but feeding the country in that way will prove a lot more difficult.....

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark Month ago

    Green New Deal ☠🌐

  • Living with land rovers

    they should bring up more divers farming and smaller livestock headcount, and some restrictions for cheap import. they have the chance to do this now. Prices will go up but taxes should go down. Quality will be better. Not getting payd to farm poppy"s

  • Ken Mackenzie
    Ken Mackenzie Month ago

    New Zealand farmers stopped having Government subsidies and financial incentives and they survived. How about we do the same.

  • Gregg Bisgrove
    Gregg Bisgrove Month ago

    Pie in the sky rhetoric. We could have done this at any time .

  • John Salvage
    John Salvage 2 months ago

    Stop using Hectares. Stop building millions of unnecessary homes on our greenbelt.
    Sustainable environments are far more successful with nature, working with those whom love it, not abusing it.

    • Istvan Glock
      Istvan Glock Month ago

      So long as immigrants and refugees continue to flood in, homes are necessary.

  • richard murphy
    richard murphy 2 months ago

    Didn't the nazis have the same policy for Poland etc

  • Marius M
    Marius M 2 months ago

    way too late. nice try at 12 seconds to midnight . #abruptclimatechange #humanhabitloss #yougetwhatyouvotefor #davidwallacewells #theuninhabitalearth #planetaryhospice #6thextinction #holoceneextinction #atmosphericcompression #managedretreat .

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood 2 months ago

    So yet more fiddling around the margins and handing money to landowners rather than taking the serious action needed?
    This is why we need a Green New Deal. Preswrving and rebuilding the natural environment should go hand in hand with creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs.
    But why do that when we can throw farmers a bone and ask them to be a little nicer to the environment, pretty please?

  • Tony Ergonie
    Tony Ergonie 2 months ago

    Well at least when the farms go under, they'll be plenty of land for the developers!

  • JimJ
    JimJ 2 months ago

    Our farmers will go bust after brexit

  • LeonVincent H.K.
    LeonVincent H.K. 2 months ago +2

    ahh stop the lights!! How is it that in Ireland, farmers have been doing this for years? It has nothing to do with EU policy but UK policy.

  • New Name
    New Name 2 months ago

    its not about how many sheep, its about how long you keep them grazing on the land!

  • Frederick Sanna
    Frederick Sanna 2 months ago

    Wasn’t easier push the EU Commission to change the laws instead?

  • Joe King
    Joe King 2 months ago

    All this whining about chlorinated chicken and yet people consume worst stuff in the drinking water, the national lack of awareness is staggering.

  • trevor underhill
    trevor underhill 2 months ago

    its all down tl bullshit of stay voters bad losers

  • ScapeNation
    ScapeNation 2 months ago +1

    Channel 4 being positive about Brexit? What kind of alternative reality is this?

  • DJ M
    DJ M 2 months ago

    BREXIT 👍👍👍

  • william quinn
    william quinn 2 months ago +1

    Where will our food coming from afterwards ?

  • Epiphany
    Epiphany 2 months ago +4

    Too many immigrants not enough houses for them so they will build it on green lands. Shut the door on way out we are but an island.

    • Ryan Howard
      Ryan Howard 2 months ago

      Ones that won't even assimilate anyway. This is why putting people without brains in power is dangerous.

  • Königstiger
    Königstiger 2 months ago +1

    Rewilding? But how will we produce enough food?

    • Istvan Glock
      Istvan Glock Month ago

      We don't produce enough right now. Most is imported. To produce enough to support ourselves, we'd have to turn the whole country into one intensively-run farm.

  • Scott Reed
    Scott Reed 2 months ago

    Free trade means the poor pay less for food. UK farmers can compete but might need to go high end. The rich middle class would pay more, like they do here.
    It's important that the remainers don't get all xenophobic while preaching imagine.

  • thisisbob1001
    thisisbob1001 2 months ago

    We can rewild all the factories once they all close down.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 2 months ago +1

    Channel 4 rowing in behind their new brexit masters. Spouting their idiotic lies without the need for facts.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 2 months ago +1

    Gammon in a cowboy hat lying to gullible brexitards.

  • Logan Ullman-Campbell
    Logan Ullman-Campbell 2 months ago

    Scotland has been doing all these things for years... Way before Brexit.

  • Ronnie G
    Ronnie G 2 months ago +3

    Too many people is the problem. Stop immigration. Building houses is the worst kind of pollution. Don't villify farmers!

    • Marius M
      Marius M 2 months ago

      hahahahahahah...immigration again. another fascist diet lite wacko.

  • elaine hollingsworth
    elaine hollingsworth 2 months ago +1

    As people are generally cutting down on their meat and dairy consumption, I guess we could re-wild vast areas of the UK and produce all the meat and dairy we want - no need to rely on cheap, low welfare imports?

  • Inwe David
    Inwe David 2 months ago

    EU never stop them from doing what they want, it is just the minister that did not negotiate and also abandon the farmers, also farmers that are too much greedy.
    Once the trade deal with US is signed they will all get bankrupted.

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 2 months ago +4

    Sorry but this rewildering guy is talking nonsens

    • Chris Redfield
      Chris Redfield Month ago +1

      @Istvan Glock Blames EU for failing British domestic policies.

    • Istvan Glock
      Istvan Glock Month ago

      If he is, then you need to explain why. If you choose not to explain why, then you're not convincing anybody.

    • Chris Redfield
      Chris Redfield Month ago +1

      @JamesXT77 indeed.

    • JamesXT77
      JamesXT77 2 months ago +1

      Sorry but this rewildering guy is talking nonsens

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer 2 months ago +13

    Here in the Philippines we planted 1 million new trees in a couple of days. If we can do can do it!

    • Jon TeeHee
      Jon TeeHee Month ago

      probably Gmelina or some other unsuitable specie and improperly planted

    • ExplodingPiggy
      ExplodingPiggy Month ago

      Andrew Palmer how many did you plant?

  • David McReynolds
    David McReynolds 2 months ago +3

    Extraordinary lack of balance in this! Has Johnson nobbled C4?!

    • Jon B
      Jon B Month ago

      No, just truth. This one must have slipped through C4's anti-Brexit, pro-EU policy committee!

  • Chris Hampton
    Chris Hampton 2 months ago +2

    Simply not true regarding EU restrictions. The Dutch have some wonderful re-wilding projects. However re-wilding and adopting some old farming techniques will help with re-balancing things. Environmentally and ethically speaking.

  • oneillcfc7921
    oneillcfc7921 2 months ago

    This is propaganda at its finest. Rich land owners gunna be smiling from ear to ear now they wont even have to have animals just re forest the place🤣🤣🤣 cant do that inside the eu... fcuk n bullllllllllllsheeeeeet

  • Bruno Brizzi
    Bruno Brizzi 2 months ago

    Perhaps you need Rangers to work with farmers.
    Be well.
    Bruno Brizzi Maccaferri.

  • Christopher Rutherford
    Christopher Rutherford 2 months ago

    One thing i can guarentee is that the new system will be hopelessly inefficient requiring huge numbers of civil servants. The uk system for giving every cow a trackable passport requires 300 civil servants to operate. In Australia it takes 2. Currently in England 25% of the money set aside for English farmers by the eu is spent on administrative costs

  • anon anon
    anon anon 2 months ago

    This is very weird because the CAP does reimburse you for environmental protection and most EU country has rewilded quite successfully.

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 2 months ago +1

    Where are the racists now that a Muslim is shilling for Brexshit, that must be a dilemma for them caught between islamophobia and ultranationalism!

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 2 months ago

    Live vegan, evil breeders!

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 2 months ago +7

    Stop giving welfare to the RICH!

  • Spideog formerly of Highgate

    There is a pathetic childishness to the british like that one guy who spends his rent money on sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks for a party fully aware he's getting evicted very soon but secretly plans on squatting.

  • 20 Acre Life
    20 Acre Life 2 months ago

    So... will humans be allowed to rewild themselves and hunt these rewilded lands and reconnect with nature and ancestral health? Somehow I doubt it. Instead we'll get North Face wearing Boomers walking around previously private land litter picking and congratulating themselves (Whilst their boomer homes remain strictly theirs, you understand).

  • Dutch Uncle
    Dutch Uncle 2 months ago +1

    Just a question, forgetting all about the EU, how will UK agriculture survive the import of US agriculture products that are produced on massive industrial farms by whatever means. Using growth hormones and relying heavily on preventive use of antibiotics for example. Also it is well known fact that hygiene standards are much lower in the US. All of the above reasons contributing to a huge cost advantage enabling the USA to undercut any UK farmer.

    • Duh Ni
      Duh Ni 2 months ago +1

      It won't, that's the idea i guess.

  • TheDesert IsPatient
    TheDesert IsPatient 2 months ago

    It’s all about the money.

  • manuel jorge Duarte
    manuel jorge Duarte 2 months ago +1

    england=trash finaly 13 days and BYE BYE NO DEAL!

  • Dublinfanofficial 1
    Dublinfanofficial 1 2 months ago

    The biggest reason Europe don't want Britain to leave is because of AGENDA 21 . Forget everything else because it all pales into comparison. All countries need to get away from those wolves in Europe. They are sinister unelected dogs .

  • Stephen Young
    Stephen Young 2 months ago +5

    This is fantastic. A green future full of rare butterflies, rich soils and healthy watercourses.

    • Lesser Spotted Mugwump.
      Lesser Spotted Mugwump. 2 months ago +1

      Robert Kirk The anti Brexit ideologues are out in force. It’s amusing to watch, but muh Germany...

    • Robert Kirk
      Robert Kirk 2 months ago

      Lots more Birds and wild animals and rarer species, just what the doctor ordered, I am all for it.

  • Vera Higgs
    Vera Higgs 2 months ago +12

    There is one crucial flaw in this video - blaming the current state-of-play on the EU, again. Take a look at Austria, for example. It is defined by a very small scale agriculture overall, compared to the UK, with a much larger number of sustainable, organically producing farms. The result, which the agricultural lobby in the UK as well as consumers weren't willing to support, are higher prices for dairy and meat. Seems there is a lot of room for national decisions after all, if a country actually want to take advantage of it. Hence, it hasn't been "blocked" by the EU but national consumer and producers decision. 🤷‍♀️

    • purnapratima
      purnapratima Month ago +1

      I completely agree. In Austria organic produce has been available in regular supermarkets for decades - it was almost impossible to get any organic produce in South London where I lived in the late 1990s. Food quality is so much worse in the UK than in Austria or Italy, and it will get even worse when they have to allow American products into the country.

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 2 months ago +41

    Blames EU for failing British domestic policies.

  • Francisco C.
    Francisco C. 2 months ago +1

    done while inside the E.U.

  • Deep Thought
    Deep Thought 2 months ago

    A pro Brexit report from Channel 4?? They must be concerned about losing their franchise after their anti Brexit poisonous venomous hatchet jobs they've been peddling for the past 4 years..

  • Michael Buck
    Michael Buck 2 months ago +2

    Now we're coming out of CAP it's a great chance to diversify & improve the land....
    some more trees yes , but let's not spoil our existing 'patchwork' scenery of fields ,
    copses , woods ,hedges etc .This is a delicate balance , & farmers have done much
    to create it . Also, the amount of concrete being laid over greenfield sites cannot be
    sustained at current levels , especially in the south/south-east of England .

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell 2 months ago +1

    Come to think of it Johnson did not attend the C4 debate on the environment and I hear that he is threatening to close C4 down.

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell 2 months ago +2

    Maybe Brexit could achieve something constructive. Still, I wonder how the Government is going to fund this?

    • Adam Powell
      Adam Powell 2 months ago +1

      @CHILLIN DILLAN Where is the evidence that the EU is a Nazi master plan?

      CHILLIN DILLAN 2 months ago +1

      @Adam Powell Cost, it is a numbers game the EU isn't Europe the EU is Nazi masterplan for NEW WORLD ORDER control. The 41 & under don't know this & the 41+ should know this. The pound is stronger than the EU$ do you not concur? because of economic stability. Easy prediction the pound will be stronger as the EU experiment will fail as we all regain our sovereignty. It is a thank God WIN WIN situation.
      The Scots & N Irish just don't get it, UK control or EU/UN control is still controlled, capes? );-)

    • Adam Powell
      Adam Powell 2 months ago +1

      @CHILLIN DILLAN I don't know what room for manoeuvre you think that the UK has got? Please will you explain?

      CHILLIN DILLAN 2 months ago +1

      Dam Powell, you're onto something EU takes trillions, no EU will save the UK trillions giving the UK lots of wiggle room.

  • Toinen Osoite
    Toinen Osoite 2 months ago +1

    O you British farmers! Good luck with American standards - you will not survive... Well, some "ecosystems" have to perish in order for society to get rid of "dead weight". Congratulations to every farmer who voted for Brexit!

  • icdgyixify
    icdgyixify 2 months ago +4

    The CAP became corrupt. It always favours the French. Let's change what needs changing, and keep what is sensible.

    • Strofi Kornego
      Strofi Kornego 2 months ago

      @icdgyixify Johnny the Little Racist from some shithole gives others the lessons on what it means to be British 🤣🤣🤣

    • icdgyixify
      icdgyixify 2 months ago

      @Strofi Kornego You will NEVER be British - go home!

    • Strofi Kornego
      Strofi Kornego 2 months ago

      @icdgyixify No, dear low-IQ person, we do NOT need racists like you !

    • icdgyixify
      icdgyixify 2 months ago

      @Strofi Kornego - Dear foreign person, we do NOT need losers like you!

    • Strofi Kornego
      Strofi Kornego 2 months ago

      @icdgyixify They do NOT need us at all if we do not follow their rules and standards !

  • Melissa H
    Melissa H 2 months ago +2

    Love when the hard questioned is asked and the guy turns into a French poet.

  • Volker Hett
    Volker Hett 2 months ago +3

    In other words, farming will be subsidised to become even less efficient. Exactly what the brexiteers wanted!

  • Stephen Salter
    Stephen Salter 2 months ago

    The first thing that should happen after we leave the EU is we should be concentrating on producing as much food in this country and not importing it from the EU, we can do whatever we want once we leave the corrupt EU CAP, give our farmers the power to protect their land and produce high quality food. Farmers are the best people to know what we need. We have to have a Britain first policy.

    • Sean G
      Sean G 2 months ago

      We could not feed ourselves without imports in the 17th and 18th centuries. Hence conquest and expensive empire. We could not feed ourselves without imports in two world wars. Hence lives lost at sea protecting grain ships from the New World.

  • Iancu Jianu
    Iancu Jianu 2 months ago +27

    So how on Earth did the European Commission prevent the Cumbrian farmer from planting trees? Completely bewildering the parallel.

    • Frederick Sanna
      Frederick Sanna Month ago

      Thomas Ward I’ll tell you why the Conservative party pushed Brexit so hard: tax evasion from EU checks. In fact is stupid that the tycoons’ party actually backed a populist initiative. There’s no real reason to leave the EU, even for the people in the eurozone that are experiencing problems with the euro currency. The thing is, not only you cannot point at the head of the EU (there isn’t one, is an hydra-ish organisation), but is much more democratic than every country in Europe, you can even push your laws to the commission through the European Citizens’ Initiative (, so with 7 signatures of 7 people from 7 different EU country and a 1 million people of support could’ve push any reform (and it’s relatively easy with internet nowadays) 🤷🏻‍♂️ Bet you can’t do it in UK, Italy or wherever.
      So you will see in the near future all the problem that leaving will cause without a real benefit back in our pockets.

    • Patricia et Colin Clegg
      Patricia et Colin Clegg Month ago

      Thank you Thomas Ward you summed it up nicely

    • Thomas Ward
      Thomas Ward 2 months ago

      Frederick Sanna
      I’m not to sure. From my limited understanding EU farming and fishing polices are to primarily to secure supply, not protect the environment. But on the same hand the UK parliament has only said there polices are going to protect the environment, so far they have just copied the EU’s. Change is hard :,(

    • Frederick Sanna
      Frederick Sanna 2 months ago +2

      Thomas Ward the only thing is that would’ve been easier to push changes in the EU than actually leave it.

    • Thomas Ward
      Thomas Ward 2 months ago +1

      The EU pays subsidies for the output and size of the farm. They bassicly subsidised the loss of sheep farming. Unfortunately sheep love baby trees, it’s a tasty little snack for them, and with farmers needing more room for sheep to earn the subsidies it leaves no room for trees. His points on it could make meat more expensive are valid I believe! So somehow we are going to have to find a balancing act on producing enough affordable food while looking after our environment. And that’s no easy task!!
      I’m impartial to leave or remain, I just didn’t want you to think the farmers here are playing a political game here.

  • Sean G
    Sean G 2 months ago +2

    EU membership prevented neither new land use regs nor land ownership reform. Sovereign British error turned vast acres into grouse moors and golf courses.

  • Marcio Silveira
    Marcio Silveira 2 months ago +1

    Let’s celebrate 🎉 burning union 🇬🇧 on brexit day

  • Eoin O'Callaghan
    Eoin O'Callaghan 2 months ago +62

    You are being told lies about Brexit AGAIN. Here in Ireland, we are doing percisely the same thing, re-wilding, growing more trees, returning poor quality land to trees, Because of E.U. benefits, and because it is better for everyone on the planet, not just the over protected farming sector.

    • angry brit
      angry brit Month ago

      You don't understand the cap

    • Jwj Greenwood
      Jwj Greenwood 2 months ago +2

      Ireland is nothing but a tax haven for big corporations

    • Rai Linly
      Rai Linly 2 months ago

      @wasupthere it doesn't matter and I don't live in England. It is great to see Britain leaving the eu though.

    • wasupthere
      wasupthere 2 months ago +3

      @Rai Linly it MATTERS. Because LIES have been thrown about to get POWER to turn England into a tax haven. Storage of wealthadn that is ALL. Forget anything productive. And forget the NHS, PRIVATISATION is on the card. THEY LIED , they had a totally different agenda. TAKE back control was all about THEIR POCKETS and avoiding EU TAX REGULATIONS.

    • Rai Linly
      Rai Linly 2 months ago

      It doesn't matter about the eu, what matters is government policy and their ability to make it. Brexit is a past issue now.

  • ChawenHalo 008
    ChawenHalo 008 2 months ago +2

    Good initiative but I doubt it amounts to anything other than green lip service...

  • ZANDOR 5
    ZANDOR 5 2 months ago

    and are they still going to keep ritual animal slaughter when they have put half of farmers out of business ?

    • kitemanmusic
      kitemanmusic 2 months ago

      Perhaps they will switch over to ritual human slaughter. (oh they already have.)

  • Brian McGuirk
    Brian McGuirk 2 months ago

    The opportunity to enlarge the syphon from the taxpayer to wealthy landowners is not to be missed while simultaneously increasing the profitability of the larger corporations and enabling smaller 'less efficient' operations to be swallowed up.

  • bertie cunty
    bertie cunty 2 months ago

    Lazy farmers selling land to builders 😈

    • Ronnie G
      Ronnie G 2 months ago

      If you had assets worth £10 million would you sit on it and earn £10 thousand a year by hard slog? Don't be stupid.

  • Stephen Morris
    Stephen Morris 2 months ago +9

    Farming as been subsidized since the second world war. It should be stopped.

    • angry brit
      angry brit Month ago

      @Current Comentor no not subsidised the cap means it encourages bad farm practice and not growing

    • angry brit
      angry brit Month ago

      You are moronic

    • Current Comentor
      Current Comentor 2 months ago +2

      @Seán O'Nilbud its true that farming has been subsidized since WW2. Since we are leaving the common agricultural policy we have an oportunity to be in full control without haveing to compromise with the french. .

    • Seán O'Nilbud
      Seán O'Nilbud 2 months ago +1

      Your ignorant stupidity is genetic.

  • joe caterman
    joe caterman 2 months ago +11

    is this pro brexit piece on c4? wow!