Wolves players didn't like Jimmy Butler because they didn't like winning - Scottie Pippen | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Scottie Pippen react to Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young saying "it's over" a little too early in his team's game vs. the Miami Heat, and also talk about what Jimmy Butler has brought to Erik Spoelstra's squad.
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Comments • 799

  • Gabriel soto
    Gabriel soto 4 days ago

    They are not undefeated at home lakers won them at home 😂

  • Tivn
    Tivn 13 days ago

    jimmy my man and the twin of jamie foxx!

  • joffn jokes
    joffn jokes 16 days ago

    You got this wrong Scottie. Twolves didn't like Jimmy cause he smashed towns' girl

  • milky ways
    milky ways 16 days ago +1

    Butler + herro + nunn = BAM

  • toshe yosihi
    toshe yosihi 17 days ago

    I was wrong for thinking that jimmy butler is a cancer to the team. He just wanted to bring out the best in his former teammates I guess he wants someone to challenge him as well.

  • Bob Brock
    Bob Brock 21 day ago

    Jimmy Butwuh

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter 25 days ago

    We got rid of Butler, Dunn and Lavine.
    We suck.

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter 25 days ago

    I thought it had something to do with the fact he banged his teammates gf?
    And Kat got all butthurt, like his gf. 😆

  • Kroocda3rd
    Kroocda3rd 28 days ago +1

    Those guys on the twolves have been getting star treatment form the start, those guys on the heat come from the gleauge, they got no ego they just wanna play and Jimmy is molding them from the ground up...

  • Alan KS
    Alan KS Month ago

    imagine there's a team they have beef with and play in the heat home court. Tickets would be sold out in seconds

  • OgLoC2
    OgLoC2 Month ago

    The heat are a bunch of dogs

  • Superfan2369 Slider

    Word really wolves fans figured that if we have jimmy we will win so naw they don’t want that do you understand just how dumb that sounds do me a favor and say that 5 times in a row and when it begins to sound as stupid as it sounds come up with another brilliant thought 💭

  • Maurice Nixon
    Maurice Nixon Month ago

    What has Jimmy won?

  • Th3 Kool Aid Man
    Th3 Kool Aid Man Month ago

    He liftestes his team up.." ... Ok Scottie

  • Felix hk
    Felix hk Month ago

    I only listen to pippen, mute the other two.

  • Michael Chavarria
    Michael Chavarria Month ago

    Stupidest argument to make, Pippen.

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake Month ago

    I know Jimmy glad he left Minnesota

  • Trey-Heru
    Trey-Heru Month ago +1

    Jimmy Buttler finally found a home 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • JEB's LSG
    JEB's LSG Month ago +1

    they look like peter griffen and lois like if its true

  • Krystal Giove
    Krystal Giove Month ago

    His forth team now, he better win in Miami otherwise he will be revealed as the problem.. not his 'soft' teammates. Butler had problems in Chicago, was a massive diva in Minnesota, and damaged the 76ers chemistry.. he better do right in Miami or his legacy will be that of a horrible teammate. Pippen is a clown anymore.

  • jeprox
    jeprox Month ago

    What jimmy won?

  • Marky Mcdo
    Marky Mcdo Month ago

    As heat fan since 04 Butler is the next franchise player for me!

  • Sparatic
    Sparatic Month ago

    Wolves too soft for Jimmy Butler

  • jakep1979
    jakep1979 Month ago

    Jimmy Butler was great against the Raptors in the playoffs, if only Simmons & Embiid stepped up their game they would have been champions.

  • vParacetamol
    vParacetamol Month ago

    I’m not the biggest Miami fan but I’m happy for them. I didn’t expect this from them. Hopefully they can keep it up.

  • Darien Turpeau
    Darien Turpeau Month ago

    Not sure why Minnesota has a team. League is watered down with trash teams. You could get rid of 4 to 6 teams & redistribute the talent

  • Accolade HQ
    Accolade HQ Month ago

    Scottie Pippen is the dumbest person on the planet

  • Calvin Leary
    Calvin Leary Month ago

    And your wife Dumped u cause u was to old & she could see no FUTURE with you..

  • iggyP 09
    iggyP 09 Month ago

    Then the Lakers happened

  • Joseph Orentas
    Joseph Orentas Month ago

    windy looking... prominent

  • Joseph Hermanowski
    Joseph Hermanowski Month ago


  • 3 Minute Poetry Analysis

    Pippen is such a winner; what a great personality!

  • future hofer
    future hofer Month ago +1

    Guess Bulls and Sixers players also dont like winning 🤧

  • Brotherof light
    Brotherof light Month ago

    He said he lifis his teammates up😅

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts Month ago

    Clicked the video just to dislike. That’s the dumbest title I’ve ever seen

  • MarLy MarLLe
    MarLy MarLLe Month ago

    A Gay, A Jew and a Black guy walk into a Bar....stop me if you heard this before.

  • Gregory Hanger
    Gregory Hanger Month ago

    ok boomer

  • jake b
    jake b Month ago

    trae young thought the game was over but the rest of the hawks didnt lol

  • blackhercules
    blackhercules Month ago

    Scotty is so full of sh*t. Jimmy wanted out of Minnesota because he wanted a max contract and the Wolves front office didn't give it to him. Then, after Wiggins got a max deal, he went on a scorched Earth media tour trashing the team and their young stars. If you're paying attention, you'll see that it's a pattern that repeats itself.

  • son goku
    son goku Month ago

    Remember last 2 seasons
    ago when wolvers were the 3rd seed in january then butler got injured . Wolves almost missed the playoffa if jimmy didnt come back.

  • Charles Perez
    Charles Perez Month ago

    we gonna take a guy seriously who says “he liftses his teammates up ?” cmon bruh... get that weak stuff outta here

  • lol
    lol Month ago

    I just watchedLakers and Heat game and Heat lose. I just don’t understand why Butler is the one shooting the 3 pt shot while they have Nunn, Robinson, and Herro. Butler you’re not DWade or Michael Jordan, let the 3pt shooters take the shot, my God , that’s why NBA sucks now.

  • Reiss Bruin
    Reiss Bruin Month ago

    Trae Young looks like the black Count Olaf.

  • Has1b
    Has1b Month ago

    Bout time Jimmy buckets gets respect

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Month ago

    Jimmy Butler + Winner Winner = Chicken Dinner

  • Lucky Choi
    Lucky Choi Month ago

    the sixets lost their swag and closer when they lost butler

  • LeBron the GOAT
    LeBron the GOAT Month ago +2

    I cringed at Rachel’s “ova”

    • Stinga TV
      Stinga TV Month ago +1

      @LeBron the GOAT
      I felt bad for her

  • Edwin Veras
    Edwin Veras Month ago

    Always said this. They seen him as a villain cause he wanted to win more lol. Just goes to show you how soft this era of players are.

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee Month ago

    Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins are soft AF.
    I agree with Scottie Pippen. The Timberwolves only care about their individual player stats because they're gifted with talent but they do not have a winner's mentality.

  • Anthony CoC-Minecraft


  • Kevin Bertrand
    Kevin Bertrand Month ago

    Wolves are garbage and Wiggins is a huge reason

  • Nathaniel Lacy
    Nathaniel Lacy Month ago +2

    "The thing that I love about Jimmy is, he liffes his teammates up"
    ~Scottie Pippen

  • Rahlm Rawji
    Rahlm Rawji Month ago

    I can't wait for the game tonight

  • Paul Mic
    Paul Mic Month ago +2

    everyone who talked down on Jimmy need to apologize

  • Sircarlos 7
    Sircarlos 7 Month ago

    I’m a wolves 🐺 fan and towns and Wiggins do frustrate me they are just content with stats and being the best ones on a team, they’re spotlight hogs and hate on whoever takes their shine. They should have built around butler and traded Kat and Wiggins for another superstar of Butlers choice. 😔 they paid the wrong dudes.

  • Somerandomguy
    Somerandomguy Month ago

    Or maybe they just didn't like having this jackass around whining and screaming about everything

  • Silenti
    Silenti Month ago

    Trey Young to The Lakers

  • TeZza Channel
    TeZza Channel Month ago

    KAT and Wiggins has delicate glass heart and a spoilt fat contract, they dont deserves such money in the first place.

  • Jackson Shelby
    Jackson Shelby Month ago

    Scottie's a clown...They didn't want him because he's a bad fit for the locker room.

  • Triggy McTrigger
    Triggy McTrigger Month ago

    They just didnt want to work harder than they have to for the money they know theyre gonna get