The TRUTH About Professor McGonagall | Fantastic Beasts Theory

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
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    Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss the origins of Professor McGonagall and how on Earth she was even able to appear in Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald when she shouldnt even be born yet!
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Comments • 6 456

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  Year ago +1231

    Who is your favorite Professor at Hogwarts?

  • W Hunt
    W Hunt Day ago

    Time Turner makes sense she may have went back to support Dumbledore during the war to give him the push he needed? Its so crazy it just might work, and thats a plan Dumbledore would come up with.

  • freddie naputi
    freddie naputi 4 days ago

    I just had to ask super new here. any relation to George Carlin?

  • crumbite
    crumbite 5 days ago

    So are people not allowed to have the same last name

  • Meghan Mallon
    Meghan Mallon 6 days ago

    Being 20 before you are born is really impressive.

  • Shane Wilson
    Shane Wilson 6 days ago

    I thought she was canonically in her 70s when she ascended to headmaster with Dumbledore passing away and age 119 or thereabouts. That would put her birth at 1918 to 1927 probably closer to the former.

  • Lina Al-Jarallah
    Lina Al-Jarallah 7 days ago

    I remember I bought a time turner at a convention :D Even if it's not the most canon thing, it's still super cool!

  • Ricky DJ Moore II
    Ricky DJ Moore II 9 days ago

    Here's a better theory : JK Rowley simply screwed up the backstory timeline of one of her hundreds of imaginary characters.

  • ThatSalesGuy
    ThatSalesGuy 11 days ago

    This makes sense

  • oriongaming
    oriongaming 12 days ago

    really love the idea of minerva showing up to young dumbledore telling him about it and him not being as surprised or disbelieving of it as one might think XD

  • j wallace
    j wallace 13 days ago

    it sounds like minerva's parents r darren & samantha stevens

  • saiyan prince
    saiyan prince 13 days ago

    Am sure Hermoine says she got the timeturner off Mcgonagall

  • Alex Pasko
    Alex Pasko 15 days ago

    6:29 Excuse me, I had to straighten the truth out, Bob has known about magic since the first day he laid his eyes on the natural spendor of a simple tree. He is there with the greatest wizards of all time, transfiguring the ordinary into extasis. He has mastered the greatest magic there is. It's Love, Harry, Love.

  • Vandalia1998
    Vandalia1998 15 days ago

    How much older is Hermione with all the Time Travel she did in the 3rd book?

  • Otterpook ,
    Otterpook , 18 days ago

    My favorite professor has to be Remus lupin second favorite is Minerva McGonagall

  • The_ TroyZ
    The_ TroyZ 21 day ago

    In the harry potter books he seas thet a theacher from the astromny department!!

  • Cloud
    Cloud 22 days ago +1

    But then the question is why would Dumbledore send Minerva back to help him defeat Grindelwald at a point where he already had? Then you might say but she technically had already helped him because that’s how the time travel works (as explained in the video), but then how would Dumbledore even now when to send her to the past and why? I just hate the time turner, it messes everything up and if you completely think it through it never truly makes sense!

  • Joseph Guerra
    Joseph Guerra 23 days ago +1

    Refuses to believe a mistake in adding McGonnagal, yet tosses cursed child behind his back...

  • JOHNNIE Boyyyz
    JOHNNIE Boyyyz 24 days ago

    I was screaming Time Turner before he got into family history 😂

  • Hoity Anderson
    Hoity Anderson 25 days ago

    You talk to much get to the point

  • 782000 1
    782000 1 26 days ago +1

    How come Peter loses his clothes when he changes but McGonagall does not?

  • Infinite Communities
    Infinite Communities 29 days ago +1

    being the fact that she didnt write any of her books after her first book aka she had a ghost writer anyone with a brain noticed the writing style drastically changed after the first book , so considering this if she did write fatastic beasts it could have been a mistake because she isnt the one who made the characters age etc. im sure im going to get a lot of hate for this but it is an obvious fact

    • Felix All star
      Felix All star 25 days ago

      Infinite Communities good job 👍🏻 on pointing that out

  • Kenna Raynor
    Kenna Raynor 29 days ago +2

    Love this channel but he is bending wayyyy over backwards to save Rowling from her mistake.

  • Oryctolagus Cuniculus
    Oryctolagus Cuniculus Month ago +1

    wouldn't it be nice to be a writer that has fans solving dumb plot holes for you so you dont have to

  • Spike
    Spike Month ago

    Well it is pretty obvious that it is just 100% a mistake by J.K. Rowling. It really wouldn't be the only one. Especially if you keep in mind how much she changes about the characters through... uh... social media...
    She probably did not think twice about it and made this mistake. But since this mistake, even though, well being accidental, it is canon, thus we have to make an explanation up for it.

  • Braxton Westberry
    Braxton Westberry Month ago

    So when did the future McGonnagal come back to Hogwarts and did the students notice the age difference??? 😩This is so confusing...

  • ollie lamch
    ollie lamch Month ago

    lootcrates r cool

  • Thomas Failure
    Thomas Failure Month ago

    I hate time travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bautista scorticati

    You are sick bro

  • Ravenclaw Here
    Ravenclaw Here Month ago

    God, I love Mcgonagall

  • hopper727rs
    hopper727rs Month ago

    *H O U S E H U F F L E P U F F ! ! !*

  • Ashley Sims
    Ashley Sims Month ago

    Its a plot hole easily fixed they don't look that much different in age McGonagall and Dumbledore I mean

  • Charlotte Stringer
    Charlotte Stringer Month ago


  • Randy Crawford
    Randy Crawford Month ago

    Maybe she didn’t work 39 straight years

  • Jack Juggalo
    Jack Juggalo Month ago

    2 questions, 1)Are you guys related to George Carlin? and 2)What muggle tech would either of you Integrate into wizarding society to improve convenience?

  • Futile Task, The Frontier Brony

    This is why fantastic beasts should only be cannon to the movies.

  • Alyssa Watson
    Alyssa Watson Month ago +1

    I just hate that this situation happened period. My gosh someone get JK an assistant to keep track of timelines -_- But I did get the picture in my head of Dumbledore just waiting for McGonagall tapping his fingers together like Oaken in Frozen lol.

  • Pratyush Mavuri
    Pratyush Mavuri Month ago +1

    During the whole video i was thinking that he-who-used-to-not-be-named was older than minerva

  • Peter Ludwig
    Peter Ludwig Month ago

    I think the fantastic beast films belong into the movie canon. They are a prequel to the Harry Potter movies. So nothing from pottermore and the book exists, just what was established in the movies. So no problem.

  • Ikezac
    Ikezac Month ago


  • Moses S
    Moses S Month ago

    He's wrong im sure James was seeker

  • Random Person7754
    Random Person7754 Month ago

    Wait, does a time turner allow you to age? Has that been answered, cause if she went 40 years back in time, then wouldn't she be 40 years older by the time she gets back to the time she left if she has to hide out from herself.... I think people would notice if a 20 year old suddenly looked 60. That is, unless time turners stop the aging process until back to the original time

  • Ashley Krowiorz
    Ashley Krowiorz Month ago

    That would explain why she was hired so swiftly simply by owl with out an interview and placed under another teacher which is unheard of. Hmmmm

  • James Shelley
    James Shelley Month ago

    She wasn't born in 1938 cause she wouldnt have been a baby going to school look at the ages of the kids in Harry Potter they were like 10-12 so that means she would have been born 1928 1927 or 1926 so she could have been there

    CCCRAZYPANDA1 Month ago


  • Chey S
    Chey S Month ago

    The quittach metal is minervas younger bro

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique Month ago

    Slow clap
    👏... 👏...👏
    You guys are the best at Wizarding World theory.

  • Jodee Rebecca Davey

    I Love McGongall,She Was Like The Mom That Harry Needed,Aunt Petunia Sucks

  • Sandra Aozora
    Sandra Aozora Month ago

    OH WOW. Minerva McGonagall and I have the same birthday.

  • Lumpy Duckling
    Lumpy Duckling Month ago

    are we sure that fantastic beasts is actually canon? i kinda thought it was only canon to the movies because in the books i could of sworn that Newt wrote that book some time in the 1700s

  • Scott Harrison
    Scott Harrison Month ago

    Minerva clearly has multiple lives, she is a cat animagus after all.

  • sanije Kazani
    sanije Kazani Month ago +1

    My favorite professor is Snape

  • Puja Barai
    Puja Barai Month ago


  • Mordor-star
    Mordor-star Month ago

    What if she is immortal?

  • Abdullah Amar
    Abdullah Amar 2 months ago

    J: The only explanation is...
    Me: it's gonna be--
    J: timeturners!
    Me: uuuuuaaaaarrgh

  • HK 25
    HK 25 2 months ago

    This one is so easy if you just consider she’s using the time turner.

  • Ta Hiya
    Ta Hiya 2 months ago

    My head is spinning 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🙄🙄 after hearing all this things

  • rmcaulif
    rmcaulif 2 months ago

    Professor McGonagall is said to be born on October 4th and is ‘about 70’ when Harry goes to Hogwarts, making her birthdate around 1921. Give or take a year.

  • my pretty Kitty
    my pretty Kitty 2 months ago

    1937 she had to have graduated at 18

  • Sebastian Cole
    Sebastian Cole 2 months ago

    I'm not a very big Potter head, but what would happen if a child showed signs of magic after the age of 11