What Really Happened at UFC 241 (Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Here I will breakdown and analyze the exciting bout in Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz. How did Pettis throw off Diaz? What were Diaz's adjustments? How did Diaz counter the leg kick?
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Comments • 819

  • Altair Ibn La-Ahad
    Altair Ibn La-Ahad 28 days ago

    Love how u mentioned Diaz’ guillotine defense, very unorthodox and uncommon

  • fightperspective13
    fightperspective13 4 months ago

    I would never trust a weasel but this guy can work for me il sponsor him but he gotta stay really far away

  • Carlos Silva
    Carlos Silva 4 months ago +1

    This man Diaz is what makes UFC EXIST.

  • KnozD
    KnozD 4 months ago

    So he can pretty much fuck up everybody in the devision

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 4 months ago

    When Diaz started checking those kicks Pettis should have had some side and oblique kicks to mix up and throw at those legs too

  • Lindaloo
    Lindaloo 4 months ago

    Listening to the break down gives way more appreciation for the fight when you don't know mixed martial arts! It's mind blowing how this hasn't taken over boxing or has it?

  • M.T. McLaughlin
    M.T. McLaughlin 4 months ago

    Dude, you know shit about the Diaz brothers. Round 1, get hit and let your opponent gas. Thats all she wrote.

  • William Christian
    William Christian 4 months ago

    Nope his boxing is a bit different due to more muscle mass. It’s altered his flexibility to a degree.
    I met him in 2005. And he walked past me afterwards and I noticed his muscularity right away.
    This was 2 minutes after he and his guys left the octagon. I’m taller and heavier but he looked big and muscular and I’m 3” taller and 50 pounds more. He looked totally fresh and much bigger than when I met him years ago. But that’s just my take. It’s the muscles that makes his boxing different than before. I don’t think it was ring rust though.
    Also for the record Richard Perez is an A1 person. He doesn’t get the created he deserves for that boxing style. Nate and him have a wonderful relationship also from my perspective. And Mr Perez is just the very nicest guy you’ll meet. Great human being.

  • Kentucky Blugrass
    Kentucky Blugrass 4 months ago

    Love both these guys. Really glad to see Nate back in the Octagon. A couple things that you touched on and I saw during the fight was:
    A) Pettis seemed hesitant to deviate from the "Game Plan". Almost as if he thought that chopping Nates legs up were the only way, short of landing a right hand, that he would be able to win. I expected a more well rounded Pettis. Similar to the Ferguson fight but that was not the case.
    B) We all knew Diaz was gonna be in shape even given the fact that it had been over 2yrs since his last fight. The 1st round Nate appeared gassed around 3-4 minute mark. It wasnt until that brutal checked leg kick did the fight swing completely in favor of Nate.
    Nate calling out Masvidal...OMFG! Again, another match up where I dont want to see either guy lose but my God. That shows you the type of mentality that the Diaz Bros have. They dont give a shit about rankings and belts they want to fight the best guys/most difficult match ups.
    2019 has been a pretty good year in the UFC. Now i just want to see Poirier stop Khabib...or ANYBODY stop Khabib.
    Love your content and breakdowns.👊

  • Paul Munoz
    Paul Munoz 4 months ago +1

    "My plan was to kick him in the face" lol. Said the 209 Stockton West Coast Gangster

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales 4 months ago

    U didn’t have to give a 10min explanation. What really happened? Diaz just simply whooped some ass

  • Dennis Brogain BROGIGADY SHOW

    I already told you Nate paid Anthony for his first comeback fight after 3 years of being layed off.... Anthony Pettis did just enough not to win the fight look at all his other fights Tony Ferguson Stephen Thompson no aggression whatsoever in the Diaz fight just look at it again no Superman punches no off the gate kicks none of that it was like Anthony friendly fighting Pettis.....watch its gonna come out

  • Mauricio
    Mauricio 4 months ago

    This was a beautiful breakdown brotha!

  • Anthony Costello
    Anthony Costello 4 months ago

    Nate’s a baaaaaaaaad muh fuzza.

  • Anthony Stefanelli
    Anthony Stefanelli 4 months ago

    Dude he whipped Pettis ass. Are u dumb or what

  • Tichaona Mirirai Mutamba

    Just be4 the RDA fight,looked like Pettis would become an all time great.crazy hw things went downhill 4 him.

  • sehken
    sehken 4 months ago +1

    What about Romero vs Costa and stipe vs cormier 2?

    • Captain Caveman
      Captain Caveman 4 months ago

      Or Jones vs Santos. Any of those would have been better than this.

  • Dan Tanedo
    Dan Tanedo 4 months ago +1

    I just want to say that I appreciate the very short intro.

  • Sancho Pansa
    Sancho Pansa 4 months ago

    Stfu your videos sucks

  • old mate
    old mate 4 months ago

    Bro honestly you have lost your way. I unsubscribed today after listening to your betting tips for dc stipe stick to breaking down fights.

    • TheWeasle
      TheWeasle  4 months ago

      Well betting on fights is never a smart thing because no one knows who will win a fight. Also, this channel is primarily an MMA breakdown channel, I do predictions for fun.

    EL BOHIKE 4 months ago +1

    Niggas forget that Diaz won the Ultimate fighter and has been winning like a boss. He is only getting better.

  • Kyokushin For Life
    Kyokushin For Life 4 months ago

    Diaz VS Khabib
    Money fight

  • Gamingturtle
    Gamingturtle 4 months ago

    sloppier? the fuck you talking about he looked amazing. he fought a fucking monster and made him look like a scrub.

  • Matt Lombardo
    Matt Lombardo 4 months ago

    Diaz said Pettis had some good moves on the ground, as we knew. Diaz is fkng ninja on the ground one of the best ever in LW in mma history.
    Also...nate and nick are legit mma fighters meaning you never see them point fight trying to win.a decision . These guys come to finish..as all.fighters should but you get dry humper wrestlers who want to just get a win by points..but never finish anyone. Thats what nate means when he says these guys find loop holes to win, its chickenshit and not legit for the game.

  • Dave ma
    Dave ma 4 months ago +1

    That check was brutal. I thought he broke Pettis leg when I saw it live.

  • Steven Moreno
    Steven Moreno 4 months ago

    Lol what really happened is that he lost the fucking fight 🤣

  • Mort Business
    Mort Business 4 months ago +1

    🤔 Okay, so if you're going to be bold enough to title the video "What *really* happened...," then it stands to reason that you have to tell us what *really* happened. There is a fair amount of good analysis here... of technique, of fight flow... but there's a lot of improvement needed with significant facts if it's going to truly tell us "what really happened." (Right now, the video is "Some of What Really Happened...") There are things that really happened that were not even mentioned. For ten minutes I waited to hear the most obvious omission: Pettis broke his foot in the first round. This is a very big deal, because for the rest of the fight, he is backing up, firing punches that he can only launch forward with so much power. Still, he was game... but this injury definitely negated some of that right hand's "newly discovered 170" power (i.e., lead leg, right hand), as well as some of his willingness to throw his lead leg kick with hard pop (e.g., the kind that moves a leg, or makes a Benson six-pack wince from a stomach whack), as well as diminished strike frequency, no doubt. And it absolutely affected Pettis' defensive and offensive movement for sure-- it's a much more natural thing to step back and retreat step by step on a broken lead foot, than it is to bounce outside with footwork and shuffle laterally out of your opponent's range. The broken foot doesn't necessarily entirely define how Pettis fights here, nor does it necessarily negate many things you said-- but to not even mention it is to plainly ignore "what *really* happened." He still has to fight that way, significantly hurt, and injuries happen a lot to him in the ring recently... hands, ribs, feet. Pettis fights through it, but it definitely affects how he fights in this bout.
    (Hell, two fights ago... Pettis quit on a third round with Tony because of his broken hand. That really happened. So... do you think think he quits on Tony with a broken foot? I think so. Do you think he quits on Nate with a broken hand instead of a broken foot? I don't think so. Does that say something about Pettis' willingness to stand with Nate over Tony... I suspect it does. We don't know for sure... but what we do know is that Pettis elected to continue this time, even as the announcers began to notice the movement issues, and surmised that "his ankle was swelling." Maybe his willingness to fight on says he thought he might still have a chance against Nate, whereas against Tony it was fairly obvious the outcome was decided. Why is that? What happened? Well....)
    And so, Nate really happened, too. The Diaz Bros.' "legendary cardio" was inexplicably on fumes by five minutes in. Who knows... "ring rust," or adrenaline dump, or just plain change-of-routine lethargy that happens with weed smoking... could be one or all those things, could be he played video games all night instead of sleeping. But regardless why, it really happened. We know this because Nate specifically said so in every subsequent interview. He was tired and had to pep and rally himself for a second wind; he says he wanted to avoid a slow start, so he got over eager and did not efficiently pace himself in the first round, according to himself. And also, if we are indeed talking about "what really happened," then we must talk about *what really does happen* in almost all Diaz fights (Nick and Nate) all the time: if either of these fighters "smell" weakness or sense an opponent softening up, they have an excellent sense of turning up the pressure and outworking and outpacing their opponent. Whether they train that way (i.e., to recognize slacking and to apply pressure), or whether it's a natural or learned part of their experience as prizefighters, if the Diaz boys sense you slowing down, they try and assert their dominance, predator over prey... and this was absolutely a big part of Nate recovering from first round fatigue and getting a "second wind." Diaz noticeably sensed Anthony Pettis responding to pain, pressure, and physical exertion, and he ramped up his attack accordingly-- that is a big part of what *really* happened. Nate might not have known exactly why Pettis was hurt, or why his lateral movement was slowed, or why he kept stepping back... but it don't matter to Nate, because when he sensed Pettis wilting, he just starts picking his shots, and throwing hard straights and hooks, all while advancing and amplifying the pressure. It is an indisputable ring characteristic of both Nick and Nate Diaz' fight game... and it is a gigantic factor in why these Stockton boys are such exciting fighters to watch perform. (So is that Nate Diaz "strongman" pose... I fuckin' love it 🤣)
    When the game got to the ground... where *both* of these fighters excel in quick, explosive jiu-jitsu submissions... another part of what really happened was that their jiu-jitsu sort of "cancelled each other out." Part of it was slippery sweat and blood, part of it was sloppiness and exhaustion, part of it was impatience and desperation... part of it was just the chaotic random nature of a fight, win-some-lose-some. Nate tried a couple times to flatten Pettis out and RNC him... Pettis did what he always does when he gives up his back on his knees and gets turned over and stretched out belly up; he spins around suddenly to change position inside the guard of the opponent on his back (i.e., in numerous fights he does this... to the point where it makes you wonder why other people don't put that scramble-arrow in their defensive quiver... so cool 🤔). All said, there was a big enough chance that this fight could have ended twice with submissions on the ground (i.e., by Nate... Pettis never did any chance at the guillotine it looked like he lamely attempted)... but, all said, why the fight actually didn't end in a submission finish was a big part of "what *really* happened."
    There is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, and then landing on the moon. But clearly you have the enthusiasm and skills to do an in-depth fight analysis better. If you're going to think big, and be ambitious about an analysis-- with detail, with technique, with an eye for explaining what really happened-- then more power to you, do it right. Go big. It's a three round fight, not neuroscience... so you can do this, and you're halfway there already. But then be thorough, squeeze out every drop... investigate, read and listen to others' analyses, watch the tapes and give us a timestamp on the screen (i.e., for a relative idea of where we are in the fight, and how the action was turning...), compare and contrast with what the announcers were telling us at the time (and what we know now, post-fight), and if you have to, even follow up (e.g., call down to Nick Diaz Academy, and ask the guys how they train for something... why guess, there is no need to when you can just ask; these are real people, and they are usually receptive to questions about themselves...).
    Looking forward to your next fight analysis... and hoping you will be telling us what *really* happened, and all of it. 👍 Regards

  • preston wilson
    preston wilson 5 months ago

    Diaz seemed to have a mild concussion

  • frajer313
    frajer313 5 months ago

    this is one of the best and most intelligent analytical breakdowns ive ever seen
    who are u?
    keep it going

  • dokterberber
    dokterberber 5 months ago

    i wanna see Nate Diaz as a new character in the next Streetfightergame !!!

  • Dustin Kaglic
    Dustin Kaglic 5 months ago

    What really happened was Nate imposed his game plan and won.

  • Brittany Gonzalez
    Brittany Gonzalez 5 months ago

    Ok already nate gets his range in the 2nd an 3rd rounds he always starts slow shut the fuck up u sound stupid

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 5 months ago

    Pettis keeps getting outclassed, needs to change up a bit and start using his footwork as a defense like the best do

  • 68camaro
    68camaro 5 months ago

    I love your breakdowns,

  • J Loke
    J Loke 5 months ago

    What happened was Pettis broke his right foot/ankle on the top of diaz’s skull in the middle of the first round which immobilized Pettis. Why do you think you found yourself commenting about Pettis backing up and repeatidly throwing the haymaker right hook??!? Cuz that’s all he could do with his foot compromised

  • Walter White
    Walter White 5 months ago

    Diaz is so underrated. Like you said he gets stronger as the fight goes on.. Jorge will lose via decision. Definitely will be a great fight. Jorge is clever, in the ring.

  • Tommy Reed
    Tommy Reed 5 months ago

    What fight do you watch???!!This was a beating and a clinic Diaz put on!”a breath of fresh air”???Are you high?Pettis looked terrible and off bad!

  • Nathan Martyn
    Nathan Martyn 5 months ago

    Not sloppy, No ring rust just high fight IQ. This is how the Diaz bros fight, super unorthodox & very confusing angles, fuckin bing bing bing bing & that's a fuckin wrap. When the hell will he be champ. Reminded me of GSP taken 3-4 years off coming back & smashing the current champ, except pettis was not the champ.

  • Golon Wes
    Golon Wes 5 months ago

    200 Stockton baby!

  • The Critical Thinker
    The Critical Thinker 5 months ago

    It's clear who won this fight! We need one for the Yoel Romero Paulo Costa fight! That's the one that makes since to look at to see who really won that fight, plus there was a few times I felt Romero deliberately cheated to get the upper hand! I hope you read comments? You never answer me and never acknowledge what I request. 🧐🙃🤔

  • Kerron
    Kerron 5 months ago

    Where's the DC vs Stipe breakdown?

  • Bits Pieces
    Bits Pieces 5 months ago

    McGregor doesnt want that 3rd fight with diaz.

  • Kita Mitchell
    Kita Mitchell 5 months ago

    Dustin vs Nate at 155. Who wins??

  • subhabrata das
    subhabrata das 5 months ago

    Great breakdown man. Its only in these breakdowns that I could realize how much goes on in seemingly mundane strike exchanges.

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 5 months ago +1

    What happened? Well Nate Diaz beat the piss out of Anthony Pettis xD

  • VCR Repairman
    VCR Repairman 5 months ago

    What happened? Punches. A lot of them.

  • POCHOLO delos santos
    POCHOLO delos santos 5 months ago


  • Nausang Cinzah
    Nausang Cinzah 5 months ago

    Stfu im sure u never even been to a fight in ur life and u trynna explain this shit fuck outta here

  • Blurry Derp
    Blurry Derp 5 months ago

    Who are the 161 dorks who disliked this? Lmao

  • Jordan Moir
    Jordan Moir 5 months ago

    What hardcore fan said he was sloppy in round one.feeling out your opponent is very common

  • Swagger Juice
    Swagger Juice 5 months ago

    I know what really happened, i watched it.

  • P. Nessa
    P. Nessa 5 months ago

    Do a Costa vs Yoel vid.

  • The Neo-Epicurean
    The Neo-Epicurean 5 months ago

    You didn't point out that the kick check actually injured Pettis' ankle pretty bad. It was swollen and jacked.

  • Whitney Allen
    Whitney Allen 5 months ago

    Again, great job as usual highlighting the wrist control and other key elements that allowed Nate to take control. The big thing I saw was the way Nate used stance switching to shut down Anthony’s leg kicks. Nate almost always stays in that boxing stance, it was a refreshing and impressive adjustment we saw on his part. What an intelligent way to shut down the weapon that should have been his biggest threat while also closing the distance to implement his classic pressure. Great fight and great breakdown!

  • jekyll
    jekyll 5 months ago

    @TheWeasle how about the insane stance switching???

  • Wang Chung
    Wang Chung 5 months ago

    D I A Z !!

  • Kilo Miranda
    Kilo Miranda 5 months ago +3

    "Every body has a plan till you get hit in the face" Mike Tyson

  • Julio Inostroza
    Julio Inostroza 5 months ago

    I was wondering why he got out of that guillotine. You DEF broke it down

  • Foxy Horse
    Foxy Horse 5 months ago

    Its simple really, Pettis assumed it would be an easy victory assuming his technical skills were superior haha. With such an opponent it will be an all out war, in retrospective he should have known about that ! He shouldnt have been that ignorant, karma got the better of him. The second faulty assumption was his first assumption combined with the fact he should actually have trained himself for a triathlon instead, as the steeled endurance is a deciding factor in (almost) every Diaz fight.

  • Jef Varnadore
    Jef Varnadore 5 months ago

    Diaz is so long he looks like damn octopus 🐙 on the ground lol