British Airways Boeing 777-200 Cabin Tour and Walk Around

  • Published on Sep 19, 2016
  • Outside walk around and look inside the cabin of British Airways Boeing 777-236/ER G-VIIX at London Gatwick (LGW). This particular 777 was delivered in August 1999 and has been with BA ever since.
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    Filmed with an Apple iPhone 6S Plus
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Comments • 60

  • birdspeed
    birdspeed 5 months ago

    Can you do a walkthrough on the refurbished Gatwick 777s

  • Chris Marr
    Chris Marr 5 months ago

    Love that music. Who is it?

  • slabby rider
    slabby rider 8 months ago

    Can you tell me if each of the double seats at the rear of economy are proper window seats or do any of them have a shared window between the seat in front or behind?

  • B SN
    B SN 9 months ago

    Had the misfortune of flying back in this piece of shit from houston in premium economy. IFE is a complete joke, the food I wouldn’t give to my dog and cabin was freezing cold.

  • iTech Talk
    iTech Talk 10 months ago

    British airways is lagging behind with their style and design!

  • Limqha Izzat
    Limqha Izzat 10 months ago

    Those tv's are tiny af

  • Mark D
    Mark D 10 months ago +1

    The economy really needs work done to it.

  • Hussain Sumra
    Hussain Sumra 10 months ago

    The economy seats remind me of Saudia’s old 747-300

  • Ricardo sam
    Ricardo sam Year ago

    Lovely 777 I be flying on one in March . Looking forward to it

    • Jay Deshpande
      Jay Deshpande 6 months ago

      Ricardo sam I went on a BA 777. It was terrible, bumpy flight, and a cramped cattle car

  • pjm9000
    pjm9000 Year ago +1

    I flew with BA to Las Vegas for the winter holidays with their 777-200's.... both times I had a seat with a broken headrest (it kept falling down), on the way to Vegas one of the toilets had exposed electrical wires coming out of the wall, and yes those chairs are just a recipe for lower back pain... my back did not feel okay on those seats.

  • goghostagain 2005

    You don't give credits for music

  • BIG Dave
    BIG Dave Year ago +2

    Flying to Cape Town from Gatwick next year. That Economy class STILL looks horrific!

  • JOEX3006
    JOEX3006 Year ago

    My ass is sore just looking at those economy seats.

  • TechLover
    TechLover Year ago

    this is exactly why im taking norwegian to new york.

  • Trapped Panda
    Trapped Panda Year ago

    I've been in the Emirates 777-200LR (772) gotta say the economy was pretty sleek, they had vinyl all over it

  • James and the Giant Peach

    Lame economy. The economy seats should look more like first class seats since the first class is so much better.

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins Year ago +1

    Looks good to me. I’d fly it tomorrow if BA wanted to give me a ticket.

  • Ksmash Gamer
    Ksmash Gamer Year ago +1

    Atleast it’s a 3-3-3 Economy config



  • indoguju
    indoguju Year ago +1

    economy class looks doodooo

  • Newcastle Flyer
    Newcastle Flyer 2 years ago

    What music is this?

  • Reid Gibbs
    Reid Gibbs 2 years ago

    Good Video (:

  • Whistle Blower1
    Whistle Blower1 2 years ago +10

    Music ruined it

    • OAlexable
      OAlexable 2 years ago +1

      Whistle Blower1 actually no it didnt

  • Hayes Jacoby
    Hayes Jacoby 2 years ago

    HEY! British airways! Your business class sucks! Compare yours to American airlines! Look at the difference

  • Big Foot
    Big Foot 2 years ago

    Small IFE screens, narrow seats, bad customer service, stuffy warm planes where the air is recycled a million times. That sums up BA. BA stands for Bad Airline. A real shame, Iv been on Korean air, Eitihad, Cathay, Emirates, Asiana. All much more superior then BA, by 10 fold.

  • Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. G

    Doesn't seem that modern

  • Eddy Boh
    Eddy Boh 2 years ago +1


  • Darren Coote
    Darren Coote 2 years ago +2

    Don't know why everybody is hating, I actually prefer the old interior, seats are more comfortable, the Ife is fine once you concentrate on screen it isn't a problem, only down side is the USB ports that they don't have them on the old interior, however I still like the old 777-200. Flying back from Orlando on it looking forward to my flight back.

    • Jay Deshpande
      Jay Deshpande 3 months ago

      Rohan Mehta both are equally great engineering masterpieces. The 747 is the greatest airplane ever made, changed aviation, and the 777 increased efficiency, and environmental friendliness, and increased the range a jet can travel.

    • Rohan Mehta
      Rohan Mehta 6 months ago

      @Jay Deshpande Some of the 777s are 10 abreast already, in a few years, all of the 777s will have the cramped 10 abreast, 9 abreast is more comfortable, 747 looks better but I love the 777.

    • Jay Deshpande
      Jay Deshpande 6 months ago

      Rohan Mehta the only bad complains I have of a 777 is that it feels cramped in World Traveler especially and the flight is SO BUMPY. I love the 747 better. Just my opinion my friend.

    • Rohan Mehta
      Rohan Mehta 8 months ago

      @Jay DeshpandeThe quality and size is bad but I have watched good movies on that Rockwell Collins IFE in WT, however the Old interior planes are beautiful birds overall.

    • Jay Deshpande
      Jay Deshpande 8 months ago

      Rohan Mehta it’s actually not that bad. I have found good movie choices.

  • Sahil Sood
    Sahil Sood 2 years ago

    Can you tell me, if BA118; from India,utilizes this same plane Model?
    If not,which type of aircraft is used ,by Flight BA118; and is it Superior or Inferior to this BOEING 777

    • NYO Accept
      NYO Accept 2 years ago

      Hello I hope this will help you. BA will use the same type a 777-200er however the ones based out of Heathrow have had cabin upgrades and are much nicer. Which I find sad because apart from the 4 LGW 777-200s with first class haven't got the new interiors and like BA don't care about LGW fleet. BTW it's only the first class which has got new seats on the 4 LGW 777-200s
      Your BLR-LHR fleet should be much nicer.

  • cyysv
    cyysv 2 years ago +32

    Really outdated Economy class

    • birdspeed
      birdspeed 5 months ago

      Selecta88 the Gatwick three class 777s have been refurbished. Flew on one on the 29th September. Way better

    • Selecta88
      Selecta88 7 months ago

      I have flown BA’s 777 to Costa Rica twice in the past 6 months. The 777 is wide and comfortable but the seats and entertainment system is very dated. Plus, the plane’s interior is showing its age: tatty and a little dirty. No other airline flies non-stop from London to San Jose in Costa
      Rica - so I have no choice other than to fly with BA. However, the 777 is in desperate need of a refurbishment.

    • Logan Donnelly
      Logan Donnelly Year ago

      The Gatwick 777's are in the process of being updated.

    • Golden Boy
      Golden Boy Year ago

      nope, i am a constant traveller from lhr to blr, i always go in club coz econmy is too outdated

  • Jay
    Jay 2 years ago

    such a shame BA are on the decline from other Airlines, even Tompson to Orlando is a better option , 34inch in Ec and 38 in Prem plus much new Dreamliner ect

  • Navneet Verma Murti
    Navneet Verma Murti 2 years ago +5

    IFE is very dated it's near impossible to watch anything on them. But I have to say the movie selection is good.

  • bananabread
    bananabread 2 years ago +8

    That economy class is embarrassing

  • skyclasp
    skyclasp 2 years ago +10

    The IFE is appalling. How can they even get away with that in 2017!? Disgusting esp if you're on a long haul flight which most of these 777s will be of course.

  • stpwaddell
    stpwaddell 3 years ago +23

    Wow, have they still not upgraded the dated IFE and seats in economy, way behind other airlines :(

    • Jay Deshpande
      Jay Deshpande 6 months ago

      Slugs Uploads yuck 3-4-3 on a 777? Disgusting.

    • iDiesel 7
      iDiesel 7 2 years ago

      will this be done by July would you say

    • iDiesel 7
      iDiesel 7 2 years ago

      let me know what they say, im going Lima in June

    • Slugs Uploads
      Slugs Uploads 2 years ago

      As Speedbird rightly said the 777-200ER fleet based at Gatwick is due for their refit in 2018. This will include 3-4-3 World Traveller layout :(

    • NYO Accept
      NYO Accept 2 years ago

      charliea what the hell on you talking about.BA got rid of those old B733s along time ago the only B733s they have are with Comair

  • DC Aviation
    DC Aviation 3 years ago +5

    Great Video