Rihanna Fenty X Savage Changing The Way People View Fashion

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • The Rihanna Revolution Has Started With Savage Fenty Show On Amazon Prime Video, And It Might Just Change The Way You View The Fashion World Too.
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    Of course, New York Fashion Week is an exciting time but we just can’t stop thinking about Rihanna’s fashion show. Not only is she an incredible songstress but she’s now an industry changing businesswoman! Sure, she did the unthinkable when she banned cellphones at her show but according to the celebs who attended that was a small price to pay to check out the latest from Savage x Fenty. Model Cara Delevingne said the vibes at this event were unlike any other and everyone was just radiating positivity. Models like Gigi Hadid rocked the runway while other celebs like Bella Hadid, Skrillex, and more watched from the audience. Halsey performed and seemed to prefer working for Rihanna rather than Victoria’s Secret. If you didn’t get an invite; don’t worry! You’ll be able to stream the second year of this incredible event right on Amazon Prime! We’ll talk about how this line followed in the inclusive footsteps of Fenty Beauty and how it may even surpass top celeb-backed brands like Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.
    What do you think the future has in store for this incredible businesswoman? What kind of products would you like to see her offer in the future or do you think she should stick to singing? Takes some time to share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at TheTalko. We’ll see you next time!
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Comments • 552

  • Alli Sandoval
    Alli Sandoval 28 days ago +945

    Yes RiRi! I love the fashion line! It makes me feel body positive ❤️

    • Rchl_ Chlc
      Rchl_ Chlc 27 days ago +4

      Yeah and she makes you feel included which is soo cool, love it 💝

    • Anna Baldwin
      Anna Baldwin 27 days ago +5

      Rihanna's show ROCKS! I love that she showcases all body types. YES!!!

  • Mk Blossom
    Mk Blossom Day ago

    Let's face it kids really don't even watch TV anymore it's basicallyit's Amazon netflixand other apps and she's making it more realistic sizes and I love that she's adding lizzo cuz he doesn't love lizzo 2020 is coming it's time for the new generation


    Rihanna a very smart woman. Glad that I have Amazon Prime can't wait to watch. Love you Riri

  • SenZen Inspired
    SenZen Inspired Day ago

    Riri better dubble up on her security cause she's absolutely killing it and some jealous people are going to want to get rid of her for sure!

  • Miz Connors
    Miz Connors Day ago

    Its really upsetting when the media compares RiRi's current figure to photos from her teen years. Our girls is a full grown woman with real curves! Respect that!

  • Lolaquacious
    Lolaquacious 2 days ago

    I love love LOVE everything SavageXFenty. I'm a plus sized woman and have never felt more beautiful in lingerie before in my life. Not to mention, the offerings are innovative - I'm obsessed with her wireless bra. Not only is it in my size (46DDD), but it's a beautiful lavender color, has beautiful hardware and the cups are molded so they provide a ton of support. I've never looked better in a bra before! Let's not even get STARTED on the floor length silk robes and super comfy thongs and panties, hunty!!

  • ZOGU
    ZOGU 2 days ago

    Bye girl.


    This will kill VS. Great stuff.

  • Niylah JayPheonix
    Niylah JayPheonix 3 days ago

    Rihanna is untouchable. Aint nothing she cant do and shes setting a new trend once again. She's all about natural beauty and she cares for her fans. Good job Rihanna... Continue to rise girl.

    NOT EVEN GOD 3 days ago

    Kinda stupid to have the migos there lol what was Rihanna thinking

  • Leila-Diane Jackson
    Leila-Diane Jackson 3 days ago

    Yes the VS show is a fantasy show cause it’s fantasy that anyone else besides their models fit in their lingerie

  • Shavahn Rathers
    Shavahn Rathers 4 days ago

    I love RiRi

  • story of my life
    story of my life 4 days ago

    Thanks rihanna for speaking out for ladies who have no chance.......all human matters

  • selen aylin
    selen aylin 4 days ago

    Boom Riri did it 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kerstin Lieder
    Kerstin Lieder 4 days ago

    In my opinion she just covered up some facts. The show she made out of her "fashion show" was more a dancing act than everything else. She did it because the models ( some are very good looking some just arent made to be a model) she used were very different and she wanted to cover the there flaws. Thats really clever , but you dont make someone like something just because you invite half hollywood and make a dance show out of a fashion show. A nope from me here. Not my cup of tea. Models should be models.

  • Veronica Tercero
    Veronica Tercero 4 days ago

    Riri 😘😘

  • Ogal Hade
    Ogal Hade 4 days ago

    Rihanna is a queen wbk 😭❤️

  • Cassandra Amore
    Cassandra Amore 5 days ago

    I like that she put all different size model and not give a shit and that's what we need instead of watching match stick models

  • john Youtube
    john Youtube 5 days ago

    when i found out that she's richer than Beyoncé, Wow..

  • D Green
    D Green 5 days ago

    I'm glad the beauty/fashion world is starting to become more culturally inclusive; all shades; every hue of beauty; multiple ethnicities represented in advertising. What I dislike is the onslaught of "ugly fashion". Fashion that hides women's natural beauty and their God-given femininity. It seems fashion has gone from highlighting everything that makes women beautiful to finding everything that's not so attractive and playing that up. Frankly I find some of it disgusting.

  • Evangelia Mintzai
    Evangelia Mintzai 5 days ago +2

    As a white woman I never thought that Nude color is different for every race. Mind blowing and so nice that Savage Fenty is taking this into account!

  • Suphatida Niyomtham
    Suphatida Niyomtham 6 days ago

    I love riri’s brand over VS

  • Elya Belousova
    Elya Belousova 10 days ago

    Fat is not sexy....

  • Ana Cvija
    Ana Cvija 10 days ago

    So just another fast fashion brand.. yeeey

  • Alan Robinson
    Alan Robinson 11 days ago

    Hot hot yes 🌺🌺🌺💖💖😍😍

  • Hector Salinas
    Hector Salinas 12 days ago +2

    Ok thetalko we all know you love the Kardashian that they r in all of the videos you have done but if your going to talk about someone there is no need for the Kardashian in it that great that your making videos of them since a lot people love them and you get views but when you talk about the kards the topic is them so why put them in another topic like a video about riri and were talking about Rihanna not Kardashian for once do a another topic than the Kardashian no hate just a opinion

  • blumoonification
    blumoonification 12 days ago

    Screw amazon why should I have to support them to watch her fashion show

  • Kiki 64
    Kiki 64 12 days ago

    This is a genius move. Produce a product EVERYONE can benefit from. More money and even more fame. A true leader. Now......let’s sit back and observe the copycats, coming out with lingerie for all.

  • Carolyn Sherwen
    Carolyn Sherwen 13 days ago

    It's successful because Rhianna knows what women like. I like how her range caters for everybody

  • Michelle Daniel
    Michelle Daniel 13 days ago

    Yes she is on her way.

  • Brenda Ayala
    Brenda Ayala 14 days ago

    This video is great

  • Cindy Morre
    Cindy Morre 15 days ago

    This is a good and positive approach to love your body but lets be honest too skinny can be unhealthy, being over weight can be dangerous to one's heath - we must be honest.

  • Isabella Vogue
    Isabella Vogue 15 days ago +5

    I was SO TIRED of thinking “this would look good if i lost weight” and then start dieting before crashing. I am definitely more confident and thats thanks to the acceptance and the confidence out society is slowly opening up to, maybe ill model for fenty savage one day

  • Blen Savior
    Blen Savior 15 days ago

    Goodbye 👋 Victoria discriminate.
    Hell yes Rehana is gonna break the odds ! Hello....... who run the world ? GIRLS !

  • Finding Niemo
    Finding Niemo 17 days ago

    Oh plz! Never ever compare Fenty to Kylie cosmetics & KKW. Kylie Cosmetics & KKW are a bunch of cheap products that are just being sold at a higher price. 🤮

  • Aiyana Deveaux
    Aiyana Deveaux 17 days ago

    RiRi girl! I just got hip to salvage X Fenty line through one of my favorite TVcliprs!!! I got check you out. You're a beast in these streets thank you!

  • YAH B
    YAH B 18 days ago

    Sorry not sorry stick figure blondes - your run is over.

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby 19 days ago

    Yaaazzzz . I love videos praising Rihanna ♡

  • Derick Johnson
    Derick Johnson 19 days ago


  • Sandra Cabrera
    Sandra Cabrera 19 days ago +1

    Good luck to fashion i hope is afordable for us .......

  • Kuroashi 07
    Kuroashi 07 20 days ago

    I'm a man...it's just that I love Rihanna😚

  • Krisztina Rakolcai
    Krisztina Rakolcai 20 days ago

    after watching vs fashion show you feel ugly or fat...after watching Rihanna´s you feel like you can be prod of the way you look like...that is definitely the way forward

  • Kaem Sandy
    Kaem Sandy 20 days ago +3

    Victoria Secret was good, I for one felt left out seeing only size 0 to 2 models, Savage Fenty is better, now everyone can feel sexy too

  • VanTae J. Renoir
    VanTae J. Renoir 20 days ago

    People kinda thirsty with reality nowadays... so whos the pussy now?

  • bloodcurdling 35
    bloodcurdling 35 20 days ago

    How come she doesnt put ugly people on the show?
    It is very nice that she is body positive,but she is also putting only beautiful women on show

    • Yazmine Jasmine
      Yazmine Jasmine 17 days ago

      Because everyones definition of ugly isn't the same
      And to some people nobody is "ugly"
      What you could consider "ugly" isn't ugly to someone else.

  • Diane McCloud
    Diane McCloud 21 day ago

    I absolutely... love it, it should of always been this way, you are who you are and just because you are super skinny, just does not represent everybody....doe, does....

  • Annawuakina Pilet
    Annawuakina Pilet 21 day ago

    Already surpassed Victoria secret 😍go Riri

  • Aal Liyah Amor
    Aal Liyah Amor 21 day ago

    We abso freaking lutely STAN RIHANNA!!!!!! Sending love from BARBADOS!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Slevin
    Jennifer Slevin 21 day ago +3

    Girl: ".....streamed on Amazon prime in over 200 countries."
    emm.....there are only 195 countries.

  • Slay Gorgeous
    Slay Gorgeous 21 day ago

    Guys just to break to you Avon and Natasha is a brand with varieties of women stuffs like cosmetics, clothing, and lingerie. One thing i’ve noticed before is that they used plus sized models to model their lingerie and I think people should know it already happened we just didn’t notice since their brand is not widely acknowledged by everyone. I have nothing against rihanna coz as a matter of fact she is someone I look up to coz who doesn’t want to be a rihanna of our own lives. I just love the fact that she amplified the message that had been hidden for a very long time and I think it is now time for us to fully accept diversity ♥️

  • Taliyah Golden
    Taliyah Golden 21 day ago

    Love you Rihanna I hate that most places don’t have variety of clothing Victoria secret do not have lingerie for pluses and curvy sized for women of different shapes because no women is super skinny and no women should be shamed for their natural body’s

  • Chardine Ganancial
    Chardine Ganancial 21 day ago

    Go Riri ❤️💃

  • maurie guya
    maurie guya 21 day ago +1

    I'm just glad these young ladies (Ri, Kylie,Kim et all) are doing great things. Aside from all critisism, these women are ambitious and daring, going for their goals and targets. We can all learn from that.

  • cameo jefferson
    cameo jefferson 21 day ago

    It already passed

  • DreamMe Ransome
    DreamMe Ransome 22 days ago

    Love IT

  • Sherleen Gibb
    Sherleen Gibb 22 days ago

    Well done we all deserve to feel we are good enough not have to live up to someone’s else’s view of what is acceptable.

  • Frances Thomas
    Frances Thomas 22 days ago


  • Sheri Townsend
    Sheri Townsend 22 days ago

    Good bye fantasy. Hello reality. Love it!

  • dessy c
    dessy c 22 days ago

    Go girl!

  • Linda Loren
    Linda Loren 22 days ago

    I always liked frederick of Hollywood better than Victoria secret.
    But Savage is bomb because Rihanna is great