First Day (SFM)

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • It's the Scout's first day on the job! He's determined to show everyone what he's got, but the trials of the battlefield may be too much for him to handle alone!
    After nearly 3 years of on and off work, First Day is finally complete! This is my very first animation made entirely by myself, so obviously it's not perfect. I hope you can enjoy it anyway!
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Comments • 4 930

  • EyeofSol
    EyeofSol  Year ago +3169

    Well, after nearly 3 years of on and off work, First Day is finally here! I hope you enjoy it :) I have a prequel and two sequels planned that I'll eventually make, so keep you eyes open for those!

    • Connor Liffman
      Connor Liffman 14 days ago

      can you make another called day two

    • Whitelistkid
      Whitelistkid 15 days ago


    • Bojo bg
      Bojo bg 18 days ago

      will u make part 2

    • Phoenix Flight
      Phoenix Flight 19 days ago

      EyeofSol I need a part 2 3 4 5 and 6

    • Perdix Geek2
      Perdix Geek2 20 days ago

      EyeofSol weirdly fitting of spy to be the one helping scout since well spy is scout’s father

  • YeetusFeetus
    YeetusFeetus 11 hours ago

    Valve: "Red" spy has been banned for team kill, no clip and escaping arrest.
    That last one is a joke (maybe)

  • Combine Soldier #477
    Combine Soldier #477 20 hours ago

    Scout looks kinda creepy

  • Evita Elksne
    Evita Elksne Day ago

    Myth: spy is scout's father.

  • yosoy1vo fuj1mor1

    And the second part ?

  • Bardan Jusik
    Bardan Jusik Day ago

    Spy is the father Scout never had

  • Bardan Jusik
    Bardan Jusik Day ago +1

    3:32 *PTSD intensifies*

  • Toxicc Raider
    Toxicc Raider Day ago

    This is mine now

  • Edi Stefan
    Edi Stefan 3 days ago

    i have a question.. why did the enemy spy train the enemy scout? cause he was on the other team

  • darkrahi
    darkrahi 3 days ago +1

    The scout is so cool hes super fast!!! I like him

  • Caballo Gris
    Caballo Gris 3 days ago

    Spy's Creed copy

  • Navtastic
    Navtastic 3 days ago

    This isn’t ROBLOX

  • Royal 2181
    Royal 2181 3 days ago

    I sound like a boomer but I don’t understand the end
    Edit: now I do kinda

  • a person
    a person 4 days ago +2

    When you play a multiplayer match and your dad is better than you

  • TheGamingRogue
    TheGamingRogue 5 days ago +1

    This is beautiful and heartwarming and not at all what would actually happen

  • Codoffoop Übercharged


  • Xilla
    Xilla 5 days ago

    Can somebody give a link to "Say goodbye" instrumental please?

  • Nacho Volador
    Nacho Volador 5 days ago

    "Report Spy for trolling"

  • 韩信
    韩信 5 days ago

    thats why spy sleep scout mum

  • Mr. Bread
    Mr. Bread 6 days ago

    **PART 2!!**

  • Spongy Sponge
    Spongy Sponge 6 days ago

    The ending is pretty sad and surprising that spy is actually from the Blu team

  • gabo pro
    gabo pro 6 days ago

    Me iso llorar

  • Amor Artukovic
    Amor Artukovic 7 days ago

    Its so sad 😥😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😢

  • Warrior man Lai
    Warrior man Lai 7 days ago

    First Day trainer: Blu spy
    The scout who never gave up trainer: Red heavy
    Me: I HaVe THe sAME Cosmetics aS THe SPy ExEpT FoR tHe HAt

  • dj squidkid
    dj squidkid 7 days ago

    *why haven't u made a part 2 yet?!*

  • Neko Artemis
    Neko Artemis 7 days ago

    It's so cute how someone on the team is trying to help a teammate.
    That's what I miss in the world of multiplayer

  • ClonelL G
    ClonelL G 8 days ago

    Bro this animation looked like fricking Tokyo Ghoul

  • Wazzup People
    Wazzup People 8 days ago

    And that’s how you kill people kids

  • Riftwalker
    Riftwalker 9 days ago

    As always spy saves the day.

  • Wyatt Lawrence
    Wyatt Lawrence 9 days ago

    This vid was sad not gunna lie

  • Brenna Russell
    Brenna Russell 9 days ago

    Idk what I was expecting but holy hell that was excellent

  • cubby
    cubby 9 days ago

    omg first time crying to an animation

  • luizbiel
    luizbiel 9 days ago

    Pyro: Shown as one of the veterans
    Also pyro: *P h l o g*

  • ProjectJames 200
    ProjectJames 200 10 days ago

    Scout : (Gets a gun)
    Sees Enemy guns
    Scout : wat

  • spring hacker
    spring hacker 10 days ago

    I like story like this make more video of tf2

  • Niclas TheGreenBunny
    Niclas TheGreenBunny 10 days ago

    I never was really on your side !

  • Liam Fiordalisi
    Liam Fiordalisi 10 days ago

    music at 11:14?

  • Garathon
    Garathon 11 days ago +1

    When scout gives up, Blu should be like:

  • Yay xD
    Yay xD 12 days ago

    Where's his gibus and pyro vision

    CHEWY BOI 12 days ago +1

    Wait why does spy even have a mask if he just takes it off every time that he is camera view?

  • shina macalla
    shina macalla 12 days ago

    The video is done And he's gonna make part 2 for 3 years again

  • Ellen Cagas
    Ellen Cagas 13 days ago

    Plzzzzz part 2

  • Ghingin Kasyep
    Ghingin Kasyep 13 days ago

    I Fromm indonesia

  • Silent Woodfire
    Silent Woodfire 13 days ago

    I've actually stayed away from TF2 because the learning curve has become extremely steep

  • Mike Best
    Mike Best 14 days ago

    I rewatch this so many time and this is still has the best story

  • gamer of games
    gamer of games 14 days ago

    I remember this game I loved spy

  • Night_Fall
    Night_Fall 14 days ago

    [X] Overpower Scout and his weapons,[X] Try to make a dramatic scene but fail miserably and make it nosense,[X] Team attacking its own team,[X] Scout is retarded,[ ] Actual improvement and creativity

    Just a criticism,don't take it serious.

  • Salty Engineer
    Salty Engineer 15 days ago

    That's how MrPaladin teaching us!Yo:)

  • Whitelistkid
    Whitelistkid 15 days ago


    EROR. GAMING 15 days ago

    Vidio ini mengajarkan kita harus berjuang

  • FadeTheGamer OOF
    FadeTheGamer OOF 15 days ago +1

    Spy only helped scout cuz spy f***ed scout's mum

  • Ice Vang
    Ice Vang 15 days ago

    This is me playing call of duty for the first time

  • Myros Bland
    Myros Bland 15 days ago

    Scramble teams!

  • Haical coow
    Haical coow 15 days ago

    This is so sad :( but i like it the animation :D

  • Nub GameZ
    Nub GameZ 16 days ago

    wearing mask under a mask...

  • stefan swierstra
    stefan swierstra 16 days ago

    I just had my first day of tf2 on pc i played it before on xbox 360 and mann i was on top of the ranking board a few times and in the middle of the fight on 2fort people just started dancing and it happend every match i played on 2fort truly amazing game. Though some salt here and there nothing bad got banned only once over nothing

  • Akashito Kuzume
    Akashito Kuzume 16 days ago

    Say the name of the melody at the end of the video, please.

  • Luck Von BonBon
    Luck Von BonBon 17 days ago

    The beginning is how I felt going back to TF2. It’s a good game, I’m not good at it, and I get mad too easily, so I’m not going back

  • Croe Foxy
    Croe Foxy 17 days ago

    Is this a gay ship?