[ASMR] Physio Therapist Repairs You

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Welcome to your Physical examination, Let's check your physical health, and repair your injuries by giving you a shoulder massage.
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Comments • 283

  • Jazzifizzle No1
    Jazzifizzle No1 17 days ago

    Damn this is one of my fav videos you’ve ever done

  • Maria Vitória Kreutz Silva

    I love the way you change your personality in each roleplay, it's amazing, congratulations💗

  • Lov Chris
    Lov Chris 29 days ago

    589 ace

  • erin f
    erin f 2 months ago

    Lol I thought it said phsyco for a good portion of the video

  • wmenarg
    wmenarg 2 months ago +1

    I love you so much, you angel

  • wmenarg
    wmenarg 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for sleeping me

  • Niels Copol
    Niels Copol 2 months ago +2

    Could you choose between your normal voice and your ASMR voice because when you alternate this is stressful

  • Melody Netherton
    Melody Netherton 2 months ago

    Sick today so I've been listening to your care videos. They really help while I'm stuck in bed. I keep falling asleep to them.

  • Coach Alvis
    Coach Alvis 3 months ago

    I pulled a muscle in my hand a week ago I really enjoyed this

  • Banjo Peppers
    Banjo Peppers 3 months ago +1

    I thought I could hear finches faintly jabbering in the background of the video, until I realized it was actually my nose making a weird noise.

  • Hannah Stevenson
    Hannah Stevenson 3 months ago

    Seeing the tension band gave me flashbacks of using an old one of mums and having it snap in my face 😬😂

  • Chantelle Williams
    Chantelle Williams 3 months ago

    Man you get some weird-arse comments from people who assume it’s okay to write certain things to you. I don’t know how you filter out the more odd ones. Just in case you needed reminding - your face is perfect, makeup always on point, your hair ALWAYS looks great, you do amazing ASMR & I love your vids the most. Your voice & accent is perfect for ASMR. 👌🏻

  • stella margaritis
    stella margaritis 3 months ago

    Angel. My brain slows down with your voice. Thank you.

  • Raven Rose Quartz
    Raven Rose Quartz 3 months ago

    Sophie Michelle you are absolutely beautiful!! You can also see your inner beauty projecting outwards making everything about you glow 🤩 So so talented at ASMR-I have many chronic pain conditions including chronic fatigue which means I am unable to work-listening to you helps me manage the pain I suffer from-far better than all my meds put together so thank you! I now have a “go to” when in flare ups & also helps me to regularly relax so that flare ups are less-Goddess send!! 😅😇 I listen every evening and sometimes during the day-my guilty pleasure-thank you you’re like an Angel 😇💖

  • Jessi3024
    Jessi3024 3 months ago +24

    Sophie: “where are you currently having pain?”
    Me *has fibromyalgia*: lmao everywhere

    • Raven Rose Quartz
      Raven Rose Quartz 3 months ago +2

      Jessi3024 me too 😔 chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, veinous insufficiency, severe nerve damage from L5 nerve root & prolapsed discs-suffering for 8 years now-stumbled upon ASMR by my 11 year old son-it helps the anxiety he suffers from-Sophie Michelle is amazing hey 🤩 greatly helps me to relax with the head tingles thus decreasing pain 😔 I wish I had discovered it earlier as is better than all my meds put together 😊🤩

  • Melisusy21
    Melisusy21 3 months ago

    You are beautiful ♥️

  • maknae lizzie
    maknae lizzie 4 months ago

    Day 1 of asking for a worst reveiwed makeup artist roleplay 🤡🤡🤡

  • Lil Peethy
    Lil Peethy 4 months ago

    you are very beautiful😍😍

  • Thrxx Edits
    Thrxx Edits 4 months ago +1

    no hard feelings but pewdiepie gives me more tingles

  • Paul Smidt
    Paul Smidt 4 months ago

    Pull the pin on a Live hand grenade and do some asmr!

  • Jamie Hebert
    Jamie Hebert 4 months ago


  • Odd Apprentice
    Odd Apprentice 4 months ago

    I kinda want a psycho sophie now.

  • Craig Bruce
    Craig Bruce 4 months ago

    Do like your videos, this is not a critical just an observation. Physiotherapists are normal better trained and more capable of treating a wider array of problems than Chiropractors. It is highly unlikely that a Physio would ever refer you to a Chiropractor. An observation in the interests of research. Not important for the video.

  • Nguyen Benny
    Nguyen Benny 4 months ago

    Man I wish I have a wife like Michelle. She's so cute and gorgeous. I would love her so much.

  • Kraken Army
    Kraken Army 4 months ago

    I’m never able to sleep... your videos have helped me so much with finding calmness and getting rid of all the negativity of the world, thank you🥺💛

  • Melissa Shaw
    Melissa Shaw 4 months ago

    I don’t need morphine I just need Sophie ❤️

  • TopHatChild
    TopHatChild 4 months ago

    Don't listen to the haters your smile is 😍💓

  • Justin G
    Justin G 4 months ago

    Clickity clkickity clickity. I'm here for words not inaudible nonsense. If I wanted inaudible I'd listen to my heater run or my cat purr. And there's the depression... ask your doctor about sexual side effects. Wait I thought I was depressed...

  • 39abc93
    39abc93 4 months ago +14

    i'm a physio therapist - and these nails would be a no-go in reality 😄

  • Amelia Lang
    Amelia Lang 4 months ago

    Since I have chronic shoulder pain and love ASMR, this is much needed. Good stuff.

  • Julia Lorensi
    Julia Lorensi 4 months ago

    Are you ok?

  • Colonia Jens
    Colonia Jens 4 months ago

    hi sophie-michelle.. i am find your therapy so fantastic and so relaxt.. all my negativ energy is now go away from me...your voice and tapping and personal attention so great....

  • Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams 4 months ago

    Really wish there was a place where you could go to have an ASMR massage or spa experience.

  • Manda Hartmann
    Manda Hartmann 4 months ago

    I’m in school hoping to be a pt and this is sooo cool!!!

  • ASMR TexanLatinWhisper
    ASMR TexanLatinWhisper 4 months ago

    Physio or Psycho....Tomatoe Tomatoes who cares - your videos are always so relaxing.

  • Panic! at the Twenty One Brandon Rogers!

    Depression: exists

    • Rax
      Rax 3 months ago

      it's "this man's whole career" not "whole man's career". damn why do people keep doing that wrong? it's no spelling mistake but it's a completely different meaning. if you guys trying to be funny with that dead joke then at least make it right

  • Sad Cat Plays
    Sad Cat Plays 4 months ago

    GrEy imPulSe grEnaDe

  • Thatvikingguy
    Thatvikingguy 4 months ago +1

    So when are we getting 80ds spandex sophie asmr work out video.

  • ShizzleFoWizzle
    ShizzleFoWizzle 4 months ago

    The way you say asmr at the start of your videos gets me every time

  • Cally Mymy
    Cally Mymy 4 months ago +1

    Hey Sophie ! You are simply gorgeous ❤ it's me or the colour of your hair has changed ? No matter you looks perfect in the both way ❤ thanks again Sophie for the work you put into your videos. Bravo and 💗 from France 😘
    PS : sorry if my english is not perfect 😊

  • Mollz
    Mollz 4 months ago

    I've only just noticed you're the only asmrist from Northern England I watch. Happy there's some from here too ☺

  • Alessandro Lauri
    Alessandro Lauri 4 months ago

    You look amazing

  • Smth Smhw
    Smth Smhw 4 months ago

    Ohhhhhh my LOORD. You’re so beautiful im crying

  • Jenna Tyler
    Jenna Tyler 4 months ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson 4 months ago +2

    Wonderful video, and looking beautiful as ever, Sophie! I really hope than new brunette colour isn't permanent though as the blonde brought out your eyes so much more and I felt you were gradually going lighter and many of us were eagerly awaiting the final beauty💖💖

    • Lisa Johnson
      Lisa Johnson 4 months ago

      Sorry to hear that Sophie, but if you already bleached it then dying it brown will not reverse the damage if I am not mistaken? My experience is that the hair feels damaged for the first couple of months, but soon gets healthier.
      You're easily beautiful enough to be a model, Sophie - you should make the most of your youth and beauty and have fun with your hair and makeup!
      I hope you didn't take my comment the wrong way, much love for you and your videos💕

    • SophieMichelle ASMR
      SophieMichelle ASMR  4 months ago

      I was losing my hair

    CAPPAJ2 4 months ago +1


  • Lorin []
    Lorin [] 4 months ago

    Bold of you to assume I can be repaired

  • Valeria Fabian
    Valeria Fabian 4 months ago

    Love that burnt orangey color on you 😊💖

  • NatschoNotorious
    NatschoNotorious 4 months ago

    Your make up is gorge! What a queen

  • Lantz Legend
    Lantz Legend 4 months ago

    Yes its Sophie 😘😘😘😍🤩💟❣❣

  • Kylie Wallace
    Kylie Wallace 4 months ago +1

    I thought she was holding an impulse nade from FortNite 😭

    Don’t come at me I haven’t played that game in months okkkkk 😭😭

  • exposingfacts
    exposingfacts 4 months ago +2

    it's the first time i've seen your video and being really honest, the first thing that came to my head was: how can she be so freakin beautiful?

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore 4 months ago

    Greatly realistic though a real physiotherapist would not recommend or suggest a chiropractor- it's pseudo "alternative" medicine and requires no degree to practice- often causing more harm than good.

  • Lucas de Melo
    Lucas de Melo 4 months ago +2

    I was almost asleep when I heard you say "roll the joint" lol

  • Jean-François Brien
    Jean-François Brien 4 months ago

    They say One Physio Therapy a day, is pushing stress away ;)

  • Scizzor Senpai
    Scizzor Senpai 4 months ago

    I can feel the pain in my shoulders now too lol

  • Michael Kane
    Michael Kane 4 months ago +2

    I was looking for a road map, I got lost in her eyes

  • Claire B
    Claire B 4 months ago

    Straight female here, but goodness you are Stunning!

  • Teri
    Teri 4 months ago

    Excellent video Sophie! I'm a nurse and was in a car accident in 2011 and had to have so much physio, Chiropractic, Osteopathy and this video is so realistic yet relaxing. Well done! :) BTW Where do you get the massage ball from please?

  • ulfingvar1
    ulfingvar1 4 months ago

    Loveliest face on the globe