Minimal Beat - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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  • music illusion02

    I’m re-watching this and it’s got me emotional! So sad that it’s an underrated song! I love the editing and the part where she holds up the different flags! It also made me realize how much I miss Gavi seeing him in this video...😢

  • Ozz 192
    Ozz 192 3 days ago

    and one Day in the band camp!

  • Aurora Sanford
    Aurora Sanford 5 days ago

    A master piece as usual Miss Lindsey!

  • Chris Awesomeness
    Chris Awesomeness 6 days ago

    one white tree

  • Syphlex Syphlex
    Syphlex Syphlex 13 days ago

    "Minimal Beat".. Not really minimal beat

  • TanzfitnessNET
    TanzfitnessNET 14 days ago

    Come to Schmallenberg in Germany and perform Here in the Cityhall😎

  • Krearti KA
    Krearti KA 14 days ago

    yo soy de tu iglesia

  • Андрей Потехин

    ну разве это не пиздато? если нет вы больные особо тяжкой болезнью

  • Rock & Roll CupCakeGirl

    I love this video. It's really great. I know it's a video of your villion and it look's so pretty and so is your outfit's. ;) (Kiss's and Hug's.)

  • Renee Shaub
    Renee Shaub 19 days ago

    You are amazing;;

    PAV CIO 27 days ago

    chce być na koncercie!!! *-* <3

  • Wolfstep00
    Wolfstep00 27 days ago

    You can also go to bath and body worth with it and spray the perfume you want into it and get it for FREE!!!
    jk I would never do that I just wanted to say it! XD

  • Seraphan90
    Seraphan90 29 days ago

    too much feelings!! troppo!!!

  • Iris Huisman
    Iris Huisman Month ago

    This must've taken a loooooooooong time to edit, awesome job!

  • razA Mystic Gohan
    razA Mystic Gohan Month ago

    Vince Urbank 909 LBS DEADLIFT NO STRAPS

  • Miss Equestrian
    Miss Equestrian Month ago

    Who else stopped it at 00:24? 😆 gotta see the plane!!

  • IBROHIMJON Yuldashev

    Zorrr ⚘⚘⚘⚘

  • Seven Physical Principles of Sam

    What out for the standard of Fletcher "help" we are victoms. My stepmother admitted to being a low level agent of estiona. All the agents fall for me. My newest one is named Virginia. Oooh hooo hoooo!¡

  • zehra mehmet
    zehra mehmet Month ago +1

    ( :

  • BardInBlue
    BardInBlue Month ago

    Again, loving the original music - and seeing that it's literally taking you places! Another wonderful and fun-to-watch video. :)

  • Rock & Roll CupCakeGirl

    I love this video!!

  • michael jones
    michael jones Month ago

    im sure the cleveland orchestra would love to play with you.

  • michael jones
    michael jones Month ago

    lyndsey please tour in cleveland ohio maybe at playhouse square?

  • Piskor
    Piskor Month ago


  • Piskor
    Piskor Month ago +3


  • K
    K Month ago

    this video is most beautiful

  • Nagisa Furukawa
    Nagisa Furukawa Month ago

    that video.... you cant calm down with so many picture changes... doesnt match the song at all.

  • Ionete Ancuta
    Ionete Ancuta 2 months ago

    Can you please come to Romania !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Icy Sniperr
    Icy Sniperr 2 months ago

    Love the personality!!!

  • Jay Rappa
    Jay Rappa 2 months ago

    Cant believe i've missed this video. I'm so happy to see such talented people enjoying the rest of the world. Great song, great production.

  • Одинокий Lone Волк Wolf

    Когда это она была на Украине ?....

  • Ranman Anderson
    Ranman Anderson 2 months ago

    You are so AMAZING , If I had a wish , I would gladly give it 2 YOU !

  • gabriel josue herrejon guerrero

    wow¡¡¡ se ve hermosa con ese vestido rojo wuau¡¡ en el minuto 1:16

  • gabriel josue herrejon guerrero

    Wow¡¡ la amo veanla en el minuto 3:32

  • Ken Alexander
    Ken Alexander 2 months ago

    Cuteness ☺

  • eser akdağ
    eser akdağ 2 months ago

    Hey turkey coming .

  • Kristy Mdz
    Kristy Mdz 2 months ago

    Love, love this songs <3

  • Ariadna Montesinos
    Ariadna Montesinos 2 months ago

    Come to Barcelona, Please!

  • yorelet
    yorelet 2 months ago

    She definitely carries her violin everywhere

  • Mauricio Parrales
    Mauricio Parrales 2 months ago

    Aun recuerdo cuando acababa de salir esta canción y no podía parar de repetirla, creo que se ah convertido en mi clásico xD

  • Olivier Lestat
    Olivier Lestat 2 months ago

    Strasbourg !!!! 😍😍

  • SERG
    SERG 2 months ago

    its beatiful

  • Junayed Merun
    Junayed Merun 3 months ago

    Just love this track.. for both music and video. You are extremely talented and lucky enough to have this life! Thanks

  • Felicia Bailey
    Felicia Bailey 3 months ago +1

    The video is very well put together and the music is amazing. You are an inspiration Lindsey!

    Now to like my own comment.

  • Lance Fore
    Lance Fore 3 months ago

    Wow! Amazing how you can travel all over the world doing what you love. I love your music and videos. Keep them coming, Lindsey!! :)

  • Gabriel McWethy
    Gabriel McWethy 3 months ago

    You're such an awesome artist and inspiration. I love hearing you perform

  • Ivan Maldonado
    Ivan Maldonado 3 months ago

    i love song

  • Roma Nepomnashi
    Roma Nepomnashi 3 months ago
    New minimal Music 2018

  • Janete Gonçalves
    Janete Gonçalves 3 months ago


  • Nydia Cruz Barrera
    Nydia Cruz Barrera 3 months ago

    Hello lindsey you are amazing

  • Raven Wilhelm
    Raven Wilhelm 3 months ago

    Lindsey Stirling is the best Violinist I've heard
    I have her songs on my Dreamer's Playlist
    And listen to her songs and Music Daily
    I love the way her songs interpret stories and so do her Vids which is incredible
    Her songs inspire me and brighten up my day
    Please continue to play Lindsey your music is one of a kind and flat out great to listen to :) :)

  • Joao Gonçalves
    Joao Gonçalves 3 months ago

    When will you go to Portugal Lindsey?


    Makasih ya.... _/\_

  • Davi augusto
    Davi augusto 4 months ago

    come to Brazil please <3

    FRCAT TV 4 months ago

    perfect !

  • Lavender Twilight
    Lavender Twilight 4 months ago

    I've got this stuck in my head before and it's amazing. I hum it everyday! This video is so amazing and beautiful!

  • NishiiSmilee G
    NishiiSmilee G 4 months ago

    Donde vine a parar por espias del amorsh xD

  • Pariza Gillani
    Pariza Gillani 4 months ago

    2:43 is just awesome 😎. I tried it and it sorta works

  • w302ful
    w302ful 4 months ago

    play at 0.75 speed :)

  • Vareniki International[Horde]

    Lindsey! The BEST!

  • Bukali Kat
    Bukali Kat 4 months ago

    Where is the United States?

  • Spunkygma happy
    Spunkygma happy 4 months ago

    I love your Shatter Me CD, it make the long drive on our trips to Oregon & Washington much more enjoyable. Seeing the beauty of those states to your music is special

  • Csaba Tarsoly
    Csaba Tarsoly 4 months ago

    1:38 cute ! :)

  • 웃음 Sniper
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  • 웃음 Sniper
    웃음 Sniper 4 months ago

    Show up

  • 웃음 Sniper
    웃음 Sniper 4 months ago

    X Over

  • Kq Ninja
    Kq Ninja 4 months ago

    that probley
    took alot of trailing

  • Duilio Flora
    Duilio Flora 4 months ago

    Many greatings from Italy (not Milan but Venice)

  • Isabelle Aksehirli
    Isabelle Aksehirli 4 months ago

    I love your music! Awesome job!!!!

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball 5 months ago

    This video is so happy an full of life. Lindsey is such an example of living life with zest an kindheartedness. Thank you Jesus for creating her!!!

  • Григорий Легат

    Can I order your perfume so I can put it all over my house and make my place smell like you? You are my inspiration to keep on going!

  • Arwen2006
    Arwen2006 5 months ago

    isn't she so cute in everything she wears??

  • Юрий Иванов
    Юрий Иванов 5 months ago

    Если бы видео вышло сейчас, то такого большого количества кадров с Россией мы бы не увидели, я уже не говрю про флаг России :) Но спасибо за то, что есть :)

  • Virtual_Bomber
    Virtual_Bomber 5 months ago

    Hey Lindsey, I just noticed that jet you were walking in front of, I just missed meeting you because I was stationed in Spangdahlem starting in 2014. I use to be an F-16 crew chief, hope you enjoyed seeing some Warhawks!

  • Corita Burga
    Corita Burga 5 months ago

    Soy de Perù
    y me gustan tus mùsicas, y sigue adelante..... <3 ;)

    IOCTOPUSI 5 months ago

    The scenes taken in so many locations in just split seconds are awesome!

  • Adrian Marquez
    Adrian Marquez 5 months ago

    Lindsey when u come to spain ? T.T


    Imagine how long they took making this video

    FARY DAMM 5 months ago

    Lindey BEAT es ina de mis gif favoritas ,,son oa expercion de la vida

  • Abby Maskell
    Abby Maskell 6 months ago

    Yeah Aussie!

  • Harry Levan Hart
    Harry Levan Hart 6 months ago

    Luxemburg, I was there:3

  • Alex Andrade
    Alex Andrade 6 months ago

    eres la mejor....

  • Mammonocalypse
    Mammonocalypse 6 months ago

    Fun fact, I asked Lindsey which of her music videos was the hardest to edit (this was a few years ago) and I listed Elements, Stars Align, or Minimal Beat. She replied "Minimal Beat by far haha!"

  • David McGuire
    David McGuire 6 months ago

    WOW!!! Lindsey, you're truly a world renown phenomena and such an inspiration to the world! I see you in this video bring hope to those who have none, and i hope and pray you continue to pass along your legacy! <3 BTW you are very beautiful, dont ever think or let anyone tell you less. : )

  • panda com
    panda com 6 months ago


  • 927 Playing Channel
    927 Playing Channel 6 months ago

    If you come to Thailand I will definitely go to your concert.

  • Betsabe Goldstein
    Betsabe Goldstein 6 months ago

    Gracias por ese estilo tan único que nos hace sentir algo inexplicable. THANKS

  • Jacek Roda
    Jacek Roda 6 months ago

    Where is Poland Flag

  • vane tag
    vane tag 6 months ago

    I love you lindsey are very pretty and you have a great talent, but I have a question, when visit mexico?

  • Woody Woody
    Woody Woody 6 months ago

    I feel I have missed out. It took me until this year to discover and enjoy Lindsey's awesomeness. I could have had a couple of more years of experiencing the joy she brings me witnessing her sharing her talent and soul.

  • FishNugget 501
    FishNugget 501 7 months ago


  • Marcelo Kozuka
    Marcelo Kozuka 7 months ago

    When will you come to Brazil?

  • Mariusz Kowalczyk
    Mariusz Kowalczyk 7 months ago

    Zapraszam do POLSKI ! Kraju największych wojowników ! ;)

  • 불쌍한수
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  • sowa sowiasta
    sowa sowiasta 7 months ago

    Polish when?

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
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  • Mauricio Alban
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  • Tobias Gehret
    Tobias Gehret 7 months ago +1

    ich bin ein großer Fan von dir. ich liebe es