How To Make French Toast 3 Ways : Classic, Vegan and Guilty...

  • Published on Jun 26, 2016
  • How to make Easy yet Perfect French Toast 3 ways. Authentic recipe, Vegan Recipe and a Super Rich French Toast recipe.
    Delicious Classic french toast base recipe is always the same :
    - 2 eggs
    - 1 cup whole milk
    - 4 TBSP sugar
    - pinch salt
    - pinch cinnamon
    - drop vanilla extract.
    I use that recipe all the time. That sweet piece of bread is comfort food for sure.
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  • Eno's
    Eno's 26 minutes ago

    Now try them. With a chilli like Sambal Olek or Sambal badjak and Nutella 😍

  • dankerson
    dankerson 2 days ago

    The third one made me start crying

  • Filip
    Filip 7 days ago

    I really like to have a sunny side egg with my toasts. But I make them way different than yourse. I always have cheese in mine

  • Mxngxxse
    Mxngxxse 11 days ago

    Gluten Free series? Most gluten-free foods I've eaten taste terrible. Give me something new to try!

  • Assaf Dar
    Assaf Dar 15 days ago

    I like to do it with challah, its better than sandwich bread and not as rich as brioche.
    Also, from my experience, stale bread does indeed bring a much more custard like result, so i let my challah sit outside for a couple of days.

  • W N
    W N 19 days ago

    Topping you say? Pear and Nutella! Drool.

  • mahlon paku
    mahlon paku 24 days ago

    Lol I used a whole loaf of stale sour dough, tripled the recipe, split the loaf in half then squish it a little in the pan for the egg to even out. And damn was actually really good fed four of us, in the mountains of NZ. Thanks Alex couple pasta recipes going to try next.

  • Sup Little bro
    Sup Little bro 25 days ago

    At first I thought the thumbnail was a picture of an explosion

  • Bananabug 4
    Bananabug 4 26 days ago


  • Ryan Morin
    Ryan Morin 28 days ago

    Is this Manz wearing makeup

  • LetsBeClear
    LetsBeClear 28 days ago

    I love the way you described a rotten day when you need French toast - if I stub a toe, the day is over. Back in bed. Try again.

  • Johnny Szumski
    Johnny Szumski Month ago

    Alex, the classic version is far and away the best French toast I’ve ever eaten. Thanks for all the great food! You’re the man.

  • M70
    M70 Month ago

    French gey cooking... makeup is for womens...

  • shalaka suryawanshi

    Banana with butterscotch sauce is my favourite topping 😍

  • Jason Fernandez
    Jason Fernandez Month ago

    I immediately went to the kitchen as soon as I watched this video and made the best French toast I've ever made. To be fair, it was the very first time I've ever made French toast, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Thanks Alex!

  • Shubh Dave
    Shubh Dave Month ago


  • Lara Tomaš
    Lara Tomaš Month ago

    In Germany we eat salty French Toast , and sometimes with red wine added

  • I gaming
    I gaming Month ago

    Nutella solve everything

  • 2Spooky4Tim
    2Spooky4Tim Month ago

    Hey do you have lost bread?

  • Forbesie
    Forbesie Month ago

    ...are you wearing makeup?

  • Jorrit Bekkema
    Jorrit Bekkema Month ago

    we dutchies have them as well, we call them turningbitches

  • Cassiopée B
    Cassiopée B Month ago

    Rassure moi... tu fais exprès d’exagérer ton accent parce que ça fait parti du personnage et que les anglophones trouvent ça sexy ? 😅

  • Lukas Langenegger
    Lukas Langenegger Month ago

    How can you call yourself french and not provide metric units >:/

  • Kamisha Bourdeaux
    Kamisha Bourdeaux Month ago

    Oooohhhh 3 ways okay got I didn't watch the whole video

  • Kamisha Bourdeaux
    Kamisha Bourdeaux Month ago

    Vegan does not have egg😵 what are you calling it vegan?

  • We da West
    We da West Month ago

    Salut! Parfait le video mais, ces't un recette espagnol.. "Torrijas"
    Et la version vegane ce cole a cause du l'huile de coco
    (Mon ortographie francaise ait un peut oxidé :/ )

  • TheRavingDead
    TheRavingDead Month ago

    Perfect topping: Maple syrup. I might be biased because I grew up with it but it's delicious.

  • Julian Rivas
    Julian Rivas Month ago

    Ripe Bananas with little brown spots and a light spread of pre-warmed Nutella

  • Emz Louise
    Emz Louise Month ago

    I love this guy

  • Zach Swena
    Zach Swena Month ago

    It sticks to the pan due to the higher surgar content. Cook on lower heat, or reduce the maple syrup.

  • Margaret Walker
    Margaret Walker Month ago

    Make grilled cheese sandwich with steamed broccoli in it: so decadent! sharp cheddar only

  • tantalosian
    tantalosian Month ago mother used to do the classic French toast recipe but also put some lemon zest into the egg mixture before dunking the bread...after cooking sprinkle with sugar...yum

  • Feta Brown
    Feta Brown 2 months ago

    There when you really need it...Lolololol So True!

  • ButacuP PucatuB
    ButacuP PucatuB 2 months ago


  • Mohammed Mustafa
    Mohammed Mustafa 2 months ago

    Are you okay Alex? You don't look very well, you look like you had no sleep for a week. 😳

  • Marko Ristic
    Marko Ristic 2 months ago

    Is he wearing makeup? Not that there is anything wrong with that

  • Juli Hanono
    Juli Hanono 2 months ago

    They stick because of the fructose in the bananas. You should try to make a batter with chickpea flour instead of bananas

  • diska ayu
    diska ayu 2 months ago

    i think i'm in love

  • danesh j
    danesh j 2 months ago

    Maybe the maple makes it stick to the pan?

  • Sean S. Lally
    Sean S. Lally 2 months ago

    They would all be healthy if you used whole wheat bread.

  • Jutta W
    Jutta W 2 months ago

    I was wondering for like five minutes why your eyes looked so different ... until I noticed that you just weren't wearing glasses.

  • Electric Gladiator
    Electric Gladiator 2 months ago

    thanks for the sub

  • Pierre Gabory
    Pierre Gabory 2 months ago

    I always felt stupid not knowing what French toasts were supposed to be... turns out it’s been one of my family’s speciality all along.

  • Thijs Timmermans
    Thijs Timmermans 2 months ago

    We have almost the same thing in the Netherlands, they're called 'wentelteefjes'. The literal translation is 'turning bitches'.

  • Blank _
    Blank _ 2 months ago

    Just made the first one. The wife loved it. Thanks

  • Mike Jacqs
    Mike Jacqs 2 months ago

    Banana always tends to stick to pans when cooked, just like banana bread, it could be the high level of sugar it contains, love your channel Alex.

  • Yluna De Paris
    Yluna De Paris 2 months ago

    Vegan??? Do you even know what it means??? Eggs? Whole milk ? lol Tu dois faire tes recherches parceque c'est TOUT sauf Vegan lol

  • Taja Devi
    Taja Devi 2 months ago


  • Sabah Asly
    Sabah Asly 3 months ago

    Wow i loved him at first but he made me realize that there is such a thing as a French cocking romantic French ascent guy who doesn't make me swoon but he's kinda annoying actually... sorry don't mean to be a hater

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 3 months ago

    With that much liquid i can make 4 french toast because i soak the bread for 10 secondes which makes it really goood

  • Granny D
    Granny D 3 months ago

    ohh my godddd my grand daughter wants to marry you

  • Jester Poppy
    Jester Poppy 3 months ago

    635,000 subs later :)

  • MegaMiir
    MegaMiir 3 months ago

    I hate youtube commercials..
    They dont relate to me as a person.
    We are talking algorithms=drawing a complete blank.

  • Lynda Baxter
    Lynda Baxter 3 months ago

    I just made this!!! YUMMMMMMMM!!!! I love all your videos!! Going to buy your book. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a fun way!

  • Azan Khan
    Azan Khan 3 months ago

    fuck vegans

  • Tyler Waddell
    Tyler Waddell 3 months ago

    Do you have makeup on?

  • Philbertha A. Wibisono
    Philbertha A. Wibisono 3 months ago

    What is the song "thang thang thang thang" name in 2:58 ? I really need to know. Thankyou

  • harunamisury
    harunamisury 3 months ago

    excellent the vegan option thanks

  • Myles Heneke
    Myles Heneke 3 months ago

    Is that your accent Alex? You sound like a caricature/

  • IP Freely
    IP Freely 3 months ago

    Soooo, 2 ways to make French toast and one way to make ass.

  • Primavera
    Primavera 3 months ago

    That vegan french toast is so sad.

  • chris hogan
    chris hogan 3 months ago

    Cast iron actually works better as a non stick skillet if it's ripping hot. Maybe not the best choice for vegan french toast. A non stick skillet would be very good here. Keep up the great work and congrats!

  • Ryan DeVries
    Ryan DeVries 3 months ago

    Thank you for your video. My version of French Toast is a super guilty one! For my egg wash I use egg nog. Which is great because sometimes you can get different flavors, and if I'm up for it, sometimes I make it from scratch. I don't stale my bread!! Instead I use a very dense think slice of a Demi loaf. It can withstand the soaking because it's already firm. As for toppings....I emaserate strawberries and roast and caramelize pecans
    I would add a photo but don't know how.

  • Matthieu V.
    Matthieu V. 4 months ago

    It's just great
    But for the last name. You should name it "the Normand recipe 😉"

  • Sukacita Yeremia
    Sukacita Yeremia 4 months ago

    I think you're the first french I subscribed to I think. After so many *Brits*, Americans, and Europeans... Seriously, You change my eating habits. It's so bad..

  • Hooman Failure
    Hooman Failure 4 months ago

    It's very simmilar to Torrijas de Santa Teresa here in spain :0

  • Juan Carlos Perez-Ortiz

    What about the egg used to make the bread itself?

  • Tinkertubes Lab
    Tinkertubes Lab 4 months ago

    I tried your "Standard" Version, but I had only non-stale standard Toast Bread, pre cut to thin slices. Never the less, it worked out beautifully - after I have burnt the first three slices I got the hang on it, how much heat and how often I have to flip it. It tasted sooooooooo great...

  • PandaGodessMV
    PandaGodessMV 4 months ago

    New sub

  • Alex Ahadi
    Alex Ahadi 4 months ago

    Are you wearing makeup?

  • Dr.Castor
    Dr.Castor 4 months ago

    Au Québec on appelle ça du pain doré (au lieu de pain perdu)

  • Elio
    Elio 4 months ago

    Not enough cinnamon in the dip for the bread and then I sprinkle more cinnamon on top while it’s cooking

  • Grzegorz Cichosz
    Grzegorz Cichosz 4 months ago

    this works extremely well with the challah bread

  • zoidbergmerc
    zoidbergmerc 4 months ago

    Bacon is the best topping

  • Scott Brady
    Scott Brady 4 months ago

    outrageous. so professional. and the two food preps I've seen you demonstrate were pretty well done. i'm on board for more.

  • sweetboo1022
    sweetboo1022 4 months ago

    I live in Kansas in the US and growing up my dad made french toast at least once a week for us. He still makes it for my mom and the only way he ever makes it is the indulgent way with butter and he tops it with butter and real maple syrup from Canada. I've never had it any other way.

  • Robert Foedisch
    Robert Foedisch 4 months ago

    Peaches make a great topping

  • BlankPicketSign
    BlankPicketSign 4 months ago +1

    My grandmother makes the Indulgent French Bread all the time! THAT'S how I grew up!

  • Dude brown
    Dude brown 4 months ago

    Dude don't wear makeup, it's gross.

  • scottyplug
    scottyplug 4 months ago

    2018. Glad to see you've lost the eye makeup. Huge fan.

  • Jacopo Tersigni
    Jacopo Tersigni 4 months ago

    i usually put apple, cinnamon and maple syrup on top... or a ball of custard flavored ice cream!

  • Lucia Ettorre
    Lucia Ettorre 4 months ago

    stonn saleit?

  • tiny c
    tiny c 4 months ago

    You are so fun and you make cooking fun too

  • nathan puyou
    nathan puyou 4 months ago

    The peanut or other neutral oil is actually healthier than coconut

  • Juan Escobar
    Juan Escobar 5 months ago

    For the indulgent one what kind of cream would you use? Heavy cream or light cream?

  • kevin geni
    kevin geni 5 months ago

    Alex that makeup makes you look like a clown lmao:-)

  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams 5 months ago

    The BEST topping for French toast is blueberries, chopped bananas and cinnamon sugar (Demerara is the best!).

  • Chris G
    Chris G 5 months ago

    God now I want to make this now

  • anonymic79
    anonymic79 5 months ago

    It sticks because God hates vegans.

  • Catherine Neil
    Catherine Neil 5 months ago

    You’re so funny alex 🤣 love all your videos

  • Perkins Dearborn
    Perkins Dearborn 5 months ago

    French Toast is my favorite breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. So my joy is greatest when I get to have French Toast for breakfast. It is the first recipe that I learned. A neighbor taught me when I was 7 years old. That was a long time ago. Thank you!

  • Unlocked
    Unlocked 5 months ago

    Alex: "And now for the most important part:"
    Me: "The bread"
    Alex: "The bread, or as we call it in France:"
    Me: "Le pai-"
    Alex: "Ze bread"

  • Simon Bouchard
    Simon Bouchard 5 months ago

    Wow, your style of video has change so much ! :)

  • Necrocide1336
    Necrocide1336 5 months ago

    Found my way here from Jimmy direstas channel. Did you use the pizza cutter?

  • Salty Pugwash
    Salty Pugwash 5 months ago

    I broke my middle finger (on my right hand) Alex does that count for the super indulgent French Toast. Please say it does...

  • Kirill Trandin
    Kirill Trandin 5 months ago

    Sorry Alex, but PERDU in Russian means FART.
    According to your question about why Vegan FT might to stick to the pan i suppose its simply due to amount of sugar there is and lack of protein. You see since you dont use the eggs and dairy protein does not bind with sugar which makes the sugar caramelise on the bottom of the pan

  • Doğan Tilkici
    Doğan Tilkici 5 months ago

    pfff this guy is a joke

  • Ashley Thangasamy
    Ashley Thangasamy 5 months ago

    He is sooooooo funny

  • Spencer/Tressa Adams
    Spencer/Tressa Adams 5 months ago

    It sticks because its wrong...

  • Captain MufDyven
    Captain MufDyven 5 months ago

    I'm late to the party here but my 14 year old son made a variation using both your authentic and vegan recipes because we were light on supplies but heavy on french toast craving.
    He made the batter using peanut butter instead of bananas or eggs and used brown sugar instead of regular sugar, the othe ingredients were used as per the recipe.
    He had also made some bacon so for some of them he used a dab of bacon grease in the pan to help crisp up the outside of the french toast.
    It was ABSOfrickinLUTELY delicious, especially topped with a drizzle of maple syrup, then it became this OH SO GOOD custardy and crispy decadance that reminded us of those maple nut goody candies but cranked up by 1000% and the salty smokey meatiness added by the bacon grease just added new levels of enjoyment to the experience.
    So I'd personally like to thank you for your efforts, not only have you helped me increase a 14 year old's knowledge and abilities in the kitchen helping him to make really good french toast, you've helped show him how to use that knowledge to explore variations and made his french toast a near mind blowing experience.