best of BTS in english interviews 2018 (try not to laugh)


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  • Sion Marak
    Sion Marak Day ago

    They are showing their territories by peeing, that's why we call them puppees.


  • wave
    wave Day ago

    V being cute for 5:54 minutes

  • DatCringeBoii
    DatCringeBoii Day ago

    NO K-POP

  • Sally Orlando
    Sally Orlando 5 days ago

    Tell me who you got by the last number of likes...
    I got Jin by the way

  • Bri's Channel
    Bri's Channel 6 days ago

    I lost at 0.01 😂

  • Eimy Paulino
    Eimy Paulino 6 days ago

    “A worldwide funny guy”

  • pooja shekhar
    pooja shekhar 6 days ago

    Yoongi- definitely not doing that 😂🤣😂🤣❤

  • conteh fatou
    conteh fatou 6 days ago

    When suga said “maybe Grammy” and here they are nominated for Grammy 🙌🏻🙌🏻 love you BTS

  • Punol Norzom
    Punol Norzom 6 days ago

    I just realized that if tae would have put the puppy in his mouth......that would make it........ Really funny

  • femme fatale
    femme fatale 7 days ago +1

    *That moment when even a dog has a better life that me*

  • Melita Zutautaite
    Melita Zutautaite 8 days ago +1

    4:48 well they are nominated

  • Sheena Medel
    Sheena Medel 10 days ago +1

    Notice at 0:50 when the interviewer asked her (very dangerous) question Namjoon whispers 조심해 (Jeoshimhae=be careful) in Korean to Jhope, sending him a warning look as well.
    Our leader knew what would have happened if they had given the wrong answer. Thanks, Namjoon, for always being attentive and considerate!
    Also props to Jhope for the quick, clever and smooth af escape🤣 (suggested by either Jin or Jimin in the background. I couldn't tell 'cause it was barely hearable).

  • Uzma Anwar
    Uzma Anwar 10 days ago

    I wish I could say I love my life too😂😂😭😭

  • Sreyanjali Mishra
    Sreyanjali Mishra 10 days ago

    They are so funny 😂😂😂

  • LadyLight xx
    LadyLight xx 11 days ago

    *Yoongi are you army? :O*

  • lexie is coolio
    lexie is coolio 11 days ago

    and they're nominated for a Grammy look at suga predicting the future

  • larissa karen
    larissa karen 12 days ago

    1:16 your liar 😂😂

  • :v :3!
    :v :3! 12 days ago

    4:48 now we're in Grammy's :D

  • Namjoon's Iconic Dimples

    4:08 “hey Taetae “ my heartt

  • BTS is Luv
    BTS is Luv 12 days ago

    Eggsloth? 😂

  • Kalynn Dunbar
    Kalynn Dunbar 13 days ago

    4:46 2019

  • Chimmy's Mochi
    Chimmy's Mochi 13 days ago

    RM: he’s like the biggest, biggest man you know. (Referring to jungkook)

  • Livincolor Edits
    Livincolor Edits 14 days ago

    V tried to bite the puppy

  • Aryn Min
    Aryn Min 14 days ago

    Lol the description

  • Jinny Zhanggg
    Jinny Zhanggg 14 days ago

    still can't get over Jimin's "you nice, keep going" LMAO

  • Amber Gurl123
    Amber Gurl123 15 days ago

    1:21 egg salad? My little brother talks broken English sooooo that's what I guessing 😂👏💜

  • Cookies and Cream
    Cookies and Cream 16 days ago +1

    Taehyung has a better hair flip than mine

  • Nikoline Loving
    Nikoline Loving 16 days ago

    jin: my handaome face
    me: yep! we all saw that coming

  • Eva Micheals
    Eva Micheals 16 days ago

    4:46 you did it boiz

  • Noshin Ayman
    Noshin Ayman 18 days ago

    I absoulutely hate these american interviews or whatever. They just ask the same questions all over. Not only this, its cringy. Don't get me wrong I love BTS. But somehow this interviews appear cringy to me

  • Doggo
    Doggo 18 days ago

    I'm in tears. I CAN'T--NAMJOON

  • SerafinaZina
    SerafinaZina 20 days ago

    they really got nominated for grammys (i think)😂

  • minazelo oppa
    minazelo oppa 20 days ago

    Suga says grammy let's make it true

  • kusha .deshraj
    kusha .deshraj 20 days ago

    Please study English😂😂

  • Kae •
    Kae • 20 days ago

    *_I love my, my life_*

  • Tae's Wife
    Tae's Wife 21 day ago

    4:20 Jinnie is so cute I can't😩
    And Tae.. No words.💜💍

  • shalice blue
    shalice blue 21 day ago

    that's a strong man 1:52😂

  • MeniProblems
    MeniProblems 22 days ago

    I lost the moment it started😂😂😂

  • Lilav
    Lilav 22 days ago

    5:21 That akward silence

  • Ivara
    Ivara 22 days ago

    Tae: NEW MAKEUP!!
    Me: . . . SkwhwvqkabwgwkSlfo UWU✨💜

  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez 23 days ago +1

    Wait .. why was rm apologizing to the puppy ??

  • Faten Bader
    Faten Bader 23 days ago

    4:48 Suga saig Grammy now look they are nominated for Grammy award

  • Angie Plays
    Angie Plays 23 days ago

    1:21 We knowthat V wanted to say egg salad

  • augna
    augna 23 days ago

    Let’s be honest we all came here to lose

  • augna
    augna 23 days ago

    Ok let me get this straight
    Yoongi wanted billboard
    He got billboard

    Yoongi wanted Grammy
    They got Grammy

    Yoongi said hobi and taehyung will cry if they got the artist of the year this year.
    They got AOTY and hobi and taehyung cried.🤯🤷🏽‍♀️

    I’m scared

  • V TAE Swift Bts
    V TAE Swift Bts 23 days ago

    *TaE tAe Im PrOuD oF yOu ... Do YoUr BeSt*

  • kpopenim_es
    kpopenim_es 23 days ago

    omg i died of laughter at 5:50 - 5:53 tae made me laugh so much XDDDD

  • Be The Best Version Of Yourself

    Suga's answer at 4:47 and his smile at 4:48😍😍

  • Be The Best Version Of Yourself

    Suga at 3:50.. i m laughing so hard coz of his answer 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • creaative girl
    creaative girl 24 days ago

    They got the nomination for a grammy

  • Shannon Wyllie
    Shannon Wyllie 25 days ago +1

    Jin's favourite words to say
    I'm worldwide handsome and wow

  • Tamayo Anna
    Tamayo Anna 25 days ago

    What yoongi wants yoongi gets

  • Anna N. Smith
    Anna N. Smith 25 days ago

    4:53 they didn’t even realize how right they were 😂

  • fsumie toniewiem
    fsumie toniewiem 26 days ago


  • Rafia isra
    Rafia isra 27 days ago

    Whats next?
    Me: Oscars

  • Ella Yeet
    Ella Yeet 28 days ago

    I laughed so hard at 2:14 because me

  • Lu Lian
    Lu Lian Month ago

    Rap monster was like i wanna kill themmmm

  • ekswAyZee yee
    ekswAyZee yee Month ago +1

    RM looks super extra HANDSOME nowAdays

  • Jimins jams
    Jimins jams Month ago


  • suagkookieally :3
    suagkookieally :3 Month ago

    Grammy yassss
    You nice keep going

  • Marley E
    Marley E Month ago

    Jin's "are you army?" at 2:14 is the cutest thing ever

  • Trishia Corpuz
    Trishia Corpuz Month ago

    Suga said billboard, it happened. "Maybe grammy?" Bts is nominated to grammy. Omg sugababes

  • Bilbon Baggins
    Bilbon Baggins Month ago

    Eggslut oh sorry

  • Aisha Nishat
    Aisha Nishat Month ago

    I love how suga's dead during interviews

  • Taye Purks
    Taye Purks Month ago +1

    Hi this is the first ever bts video I’ve seen and I’m wondering why tall guy is so good at English and barely has an accent, was he raised in America?

    • Stefania
      Stefania 29 days ago

      You are welcome :)

    • Taye Purks
      Taye Purks 29 days ago +1

      Ohh ok that makes sense I know a lot of people from all types of countries who said they learned English by watching shows in English. Thanks for the reply

    • Stefania
      Stefania 29 days ago

      Hello! I will explain you...
      First, the tall boy as you said is called Kim Namjoon (RM) and is the leader of BTS.
      Second, he was not raised in america and he is so good at speaking English because he studied in New Zealand so he learned English.
      And besides that (this is going to sound fun and surprising, maybe) in an interview that BTS had with Ellen he said the following: "My English teacher was the 'Friends' series. Some time ago, when I was about 15 or 14 years old, it was very common for Korean parents to make you see Friends. At that time I felt like a victim, but now I am the lucky one, thanks to my mother. He bought me all the DVDs, all 10 seasons. First I looked at them with the subtitles in Korean, then with the subtitles in English and then without subtitles."

      PD: Maybe i'm wrong but idk. And i'm sorry if my English is bad, my native language is Spanish lol XOXO

  • H Ej
    H Ej Month ago

    Yoongi: I love my finger
    Jin: FinGer?

  • Haleigh H
    Haleigh H Month ago

    4:48 suga gets what he wants look where they are now!💜

  • nicmolko
    nicmolko Month ago

    They laugh at the thought of a grammy nomination but look where they are now. 😊

  • Raadiyah Leith
    Raadiyah Leith Month ago

    And they’re nominated for a Grammy
    Suga is like good luck lmao

  • Ellie Meadowclaw
    Ellie Meadowclaw Month ago

    And now they are nominated for the Grammy awards...YES

  • Zin天使
    Zin天使 Month ago

    4:47 not next year. This year! Congratulations for the Grammy nomination

  • stine hald
    stine hald Month ago


  • Agnesa Segaqa
    Agnesa Segaqa Month ago

    Question: What do you like the most of yourself?
    Jimin: My everything... 😘😘
    Me: Me too......😁😵😰

  • Czarina Ragas RIVERA
    Czarina Ragas RIVERA Month ago +1

    I'm so pure
    Namjoon says

  • Jsk 05
    Jsk 05 Month ago

    5:24 when you already knew what jin was going to say

  • Danielle Rosaline
    Danielle Rosaline Month ago

    jimin's face it's killing me

  • Anna Dun
    Anna Dun Month ago

    This whole video still getting all my UWU’s

  • Phay Group
    Phay Group Month ago

    Everyday I hear “I am worldwide handsome” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • SP Squad metallic
    SP Squad metallic Month ago

    My favorite song is fake a love

  • Jewel Cloud
    Jewel Cloud Month ago


  • Jessica Chavez
    Jessica Chavez Month ago

    I love my-my life omg so cute XD

  • Kim Minseo
    Kim Minseo Month ago

    Jin really love his face

  • Anslee Doodles
    Anslee Doodles Month ago

    Maybe... *GrAmMy*

    I died XD

  • Heaven Robinson
    Heaven Robinson Month ago

    1:22 *eggslut* not “eggsloth”

  • manshi negi
    manshi negi Month ago

    Sugaa😂😂not doing that bij🔫🤩💖

  • Gacha Ly
    Gacha Ly Month ago

    Thats what we call puppies PU-PEES

  • Maii
    Maii Month ago

    Im so over american hosts. Like bishhh at least learn their names. Every host i’ve seen almost never say their names instead just points or look at them to talk or say you.

  • Gladys Ortiz
    Gladys Ortiz Month ago


  • Antariksha Amrale
    Antariksha Amrale Month ago

    1:11 tae hyung

  • catchmeifyoucan
    catchmeifyoucan Month ago


  • JASMO draws
    JASMO draws Month ago

    Awkward ones tho 😂

  • mira marie
    mira marie Month ago

    Why did they say Bts :/ they already broke in america

  • Black Shawdow
    Black Shawdow Month ago

    "Individually, Solo dances are very difficult" V is a cinnamon bun man

  • putri ilya
    putri ilya Month ago +1

    I hv many words but i cut down, i love u V 😽❤

  • KimchiTaco
    KimchiTaco Month ago


  • Krystal JK
    Krystal JK Month ago +1

    Hey you! Yes you!

    You nice keep going

  • Lb J
    Lb J Month ago

    Are you ARMY?
    Good job Jin

  • ryle carungcong
    ryle carungcong Month ago

    i literally watch this every day smh

  • park jimin
    park jimin Month ago

    you can see the love jimin has in his eyes for these interviewers

  • Sofie & angel
    Sofie & angel Month ago

    At 5:25 J hope said he love his life but hobi your existence is a lie lol 😂 😂 so how you love it I hope army get that