• Published on Jul 28, 2019
  • The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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    Video uploaded by The Sidemen.
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Comments • 22 799

    WHATALOSER ! 56 minutes ago

    Lol 😂 the black one got abused so bad

  • mr. 1000 1s
    mr. 1000 1s 4 hours ago

    18:06 20:31 how to tell if a baby is dead or alive. *Kick a ball hard at a baby* and *throw the baby hard on the ground*

  • Lucy Foster
    Lucy Foster 6 hours ago

    Tobi was the cutest dad omg

  • Chanel 321
    Chanel 321 8 hours ago +1

    When JJ was going 'peek-a-boo' I honestly cried

  • Diego C92
    Diego C92 8 hours ago

    This title should of been ethan and harry abuse babies.

  • Diego C92
    Diego C92 8 hours ago

    Harry worst parent 2019🤣😂

  • ClickBait Police
    ClickBait Police 9 hours ago

    Harry = Certified Baby Killer

  • Gábor Balogh
    Gábor Balogh 9 hours ago

    20:30 VIBE CHECK

  • libby henley
    libby henley 10 hours ago

    13:15 I love this video of Harry SO much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Karabo Mosala
    Karabo Mosala 14 hours ago

  • Tezzy
    Tezzy 16 hours ago

    Harry: *Drops baby
    Also Harry: “The bike’s fine the bike’s fine”

  • Jawad Alzaher
    Jawad Alzaher 16 hours ago

    Welcome morfeus 👧🏾

  • Om Tandel
    Om Tandel 22 hours ago

    W2S it has tha Nigerian blood in it

  • Hell yeah
    Hell yeah 23 hours ago

    Ethans 2% Nigerian genes are evident in that baby

  • Minodial
    Minodial Day ago

    i laughed so hard 29:54

  • tee x
    tee x Day ago

    Harry is the worst lol

  • Queen Esther
    Queen Esther Day ago +1

    JJ would make a great Dad one day 😍😊

  • Cody Cristobal
    Cody Cristobal Day ago

    no one:

    Ethan: throws a black baby in the air and does not catch it

  • Cindy
    Cindy Day ago

    I'd love to see how they'd manage doing this challenge with their partners

  • Flipper !!
    Flipper !! Day ago

    The babies. The movie.

    Like to help them see this.

  • JozefLikes MEAT!

    Best dad in the world


  • Laura van Stijn
    Laura van Stijn Day ago

    No one:

  • Lola Krafter
    Lola Krafter Day ago +1

    So fake at the beginning they were standing in their groups right next to each other

  • Gaurang Agarwal
    Gaurang Agarwal Day ago +1

    Best parents were harry and simon

  • Jesus Vargas
    Jesus Vargas 2 days ago

    43:55 is when JJ loses it

  • tryhardsmonkey
    tryhardsmonkey 2 days ago

    Ethan 1% Nigerian really paid off

  • Jamie Saggers
    Jamie Saggers 2 days ago

    the best parent is harry

  • Jamie Saggers
    Jamie Saggers 2 days ago


  • London Hepburn
    London Hepburn 2 days ago

    Who else thinks ksi is the best perent ever

  • Gopal Chellingi
    Gopal Chellingi 2 days ago +1

    I got a diaper ad
    Very fitting

  • Olivia Ager
    Olivia Ager 2 days ago

    Harry’s a great father

  • fortniteboss761
    fortniteboss761 2 days ago

    Ethan- it’s a bit of plastic
    (Like 15 seconds later)
    It’s a real baby

  • Harry Dawson
    Harry Dawson 2 days ago

    uhhh where do they get the sound effects from ??

  • Harry Dawson
    Harry Dawson 2 days ago

    I pick jj and josh

  • Caz e
    Caz e 2 days ago

    I think JJ will make a really good father

  • Mr Cuber
    Mr Cuber 2 days ago

    There are good parents.....Then there's Harry😀😀

  • jason
    jason 2 days ago

    Definitely buds in Harry’s baby’s bag 26:46

  • v j
    v j 2 days ago +1

    Think they should do a part to for longer than 24hrs

  • Billy Carr
    Billy Carr 2 days ago

    funniest video i have ever seen lol

  • Cesar Toscano
    Cesar Toscano 2 days ago

    Yo someone tell me why Ksi sounds like scooby-doo at 22:30

  • Nathan _ Play
    Nathan _ Play 3 days ago

    im a black nathaniel...

  • Charlie Slawnikowski
    Charlie Slawnikowski 3 days ago +2

    Next MoreSidemen compilation should be Harry saying “it’ll be fine”

  • Lee lee 82
    Lee lee 82 3 days ago

    OMG JJwas ace,so sweet ... then he got bored and wanted to show off ... lol ... Harry 🤔 hmmmmmmm

  • Yeetus deletus
    Yeetus deletus 3 days ago +1

    Who watched the whole vid like me

  • rithwik Kamalesh
    rithwik Kamalesh 3 days ago

    42:37 they walk past a juul sign😂😂

  • Ridwan Ismail
    Ridwan Ismail 3 days ago

    Every body behave like his parents.
    sad how Harry behave.

  • Sxprk
    Sxprk 3 days ago

    JJ Would be a great father

  • Electricman
    Electricman 3 days ago +1

    13:16 they drop the baby lmao

  • freckles mckee
    freckles mckee 3 days ago

    JJ is gonna be a great parent

  • Christian Khaemba
    Christian Khaemba 3 days ago +1

    Harry has to be the worst dad in the world.

  • Tünã_Édîtž
    Tünã_Édîtž 3 days ago

    Harry, might need to fix your voice... 32:42

  • Owen T
    Owen T 3 days ago

    I have never laugh so much in my life when watching a TVclip video 😂😂

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky 3 days ago

    Who could of thought the two black men are the best parents

  • redsrevennge
    redsrevennge 3 days ago

    This is Vick favorite video 💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Reflow fortnite
    Reflow fortnite 3 days ago +5

    Whys my baby hanging
    Harry throws it
    Ethan like 😂

  • Gracie Kitty
    Gracie Kitty 3 days ago +1

    JJ would be an amazing parent one day haha he was so real in this, preachhhhh

  • Lisa
    Lisa 3 days ago

    KSI does the best peek a boo lol he added his own twist I love it

  • Delfox
    Delfox 4 days ago +1

    Imagine is JJ is team with Harry

  • Explosive Raptor
    Explosive Raptor 4 days ago +1

    Something about JJ holding a baby feels weirdly natural