Damon Dash reaction to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’. Aaliyah called R. Kelly a bad man

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Damon Dash reaction to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’. Aaliyah called R. Kelly a bad man
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  • Peace Joy
    Peace Joy 3 months ago

    This is so 50.. full of shit. Mr. Dash Reaction is late. Aaliyah R.I.P. she was pure talent...I still love her today... R. Kelly ass need to be stopped period.

    LISA LEE 3 months ago


  • Denean Church
    Denean Church 4 months ago

    Dame was messing with her too and she was way to young so........why is the pot trying to call the kettle........

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl 4 months ago

    sneaky ass people i swear to God on my grave people do not exist anymore so please save your comments for someone who cares. thanks LISA

  • Winston my Frenchie
    Winston my Frenchie 5 months ago

    I'm just watching the dude next to him watching him roll a joint drooling....lol

  • Bethany Davis
    Bethany Davis 5 months ago

    Fr? Fuk this pedophile. He’s a liaaaaaaaaar. Y didn’t he say anything earlier.

  • gerell the gamer
    gerell the gamer 6 months ago

    why it took you so long why you looked the other way

  • Danielle Peterson
    Danielle Peterson 6 months ago

    I support the girls/kids no matter what!!!

  • WER1TV
    WER1TV 6 months ago

    Go to www.outstandingmembers.com/shop and purchase Walk A Mile in My Shoes by Carey Kelly as he explains how R Kelly started paying people off and developed them patterns

  • Money3189
    Money3189 6 months ago

    You had a chance to say something too. You waited for the documentary too.

  • Matt Quinn
    Matt Quinn 6 months ago

    Rolling A Pussy Ass Joint Talking About Nothing Nigga U Didnt do Shit then So STFU

  • prinzesskuttful
    prinzesskuttful 6 months ago

    Lisa was 17rs old at the time so, how she "needs" to go to jail bruh? You're slow.

  • Spotify J9neworleans
    Spotify J9neworleans 6 months ago

    Dam dame threw that man under the bus 🚌😂

  • majordade tripp
    majordade tripp 6 months ago

    Funny Aaliyah parents say they never left her out of her sight and another thing y'all keep saying that he married her at 14 but isn't that illegal right so should we do something about the laws being able to marry a minor at such a young age

  • joyce ortega
    joyce ortega 6 months ago

    Why say something now?

  • Benjamin Maciel
    Benjamin Maciel 6 months ago

    This dude wouldn’t do crap to Rkelly.

  • Carrie Grafrath
    Carrie Grafrath 6 months ago +1

    He and every other man let Aaliyah down. Karma might just hit on one of your daughters. RIP Aaliyah

  • Sean Norfleet
    Sean Norfleet 6 months ago

    Also kellz recently made an appearance at a club and bitches were still throwing themselves at him. The fact that you got thirsty ass bitches still willing to entertain this nigga knowing what he's about should tell you something. Fuck all these bitches

  • Sean Norfleet
    Sean Norfleet 6 months ago

    Fuck that. These young bitches WILLINGLY slept with kellz. Aaliyah smashed Jay z as well so she ain't as innocent as y'all think she is. Fuck outta here

  • Undrellus Baker
    Undrellus Baker 6 months ago

    But yet he did a tour with him and jay z these niggaz clowns

  • Ms. LeBlanc
    Ms. LeBlanc 6 months ago

    But on another note Dame Dash should be ashamed of himself sitting here on camera rolling weed knowing he got a son battling an addiction problem. Tasteless

  • Sherette Fray
    Sherette Fray 6 months ago

    .. y’all knew that’s poor baby needed help she needed a mother a father she was rob of so many even her life before death and then her life literally... monsters I wish she had enough strength to say this is not what I wanted anymore my happiness is more important ‘ what kind of parents could not tell something was not right ... my son can walk in my room and I can tell something ain’t right in second , I would ask what’s wrong he would say nothing I would look at him and ask the questions again because I know my child and I know when he needs me no matter how small the situation may be and I then find out oh at school today and so on .. the parents saw $$$ and u know what funny if your parents can’t protect u then who can ? .. they needed her talent if the parents was involved like they should just maybe those monsters would have fallen back knowing she was under age ( just maybe ) but when they realized they can do whatever and $$$ keep mom and dad in line then it’s baby girl left to to deal with all the monsters that was lurking .. I blame them all but I blame mom dad and uncle they was to be her protecter they failed her ... R-Kelly is a real human monster and the people that knew and did or say nothing just the same .:: who really killed Aaliyah? I wondered

  • star watching
    star watching 6 months ago

    I love Damon ❤

  • carl brown
    carl brown 6 months ago

    So now everyone come out of no where years later

  • Melodi Goldston
    Melodi Goldston 6 months ago

    the fact of the matter is these young girls that want to be in the lime life and these old women who are trying to make it are willing to do whatever to get there. YES, he was wrong for what he did but did not your mother, father, or someone teach you the difference between wrong and right. It is up to you to make the right decision. DID YOU!

  • Melodi Goldston
    Melodi Goldston 6 months ago

    why are there young girls pictures in the background!

  • Eleanor Stroud
    Eleanor Stroud 6 months ago

    We need 2 converse with our youth,.. I mean at 10yo they need 2 Kno things like that are wrong, illegal & any1 who does this to a child is a Monster with evil ways...NO amount of $$ can bring back the childhood that was taken from these kids

  • Meloney Williams
    Meloney Williams 6 months ago

    Dam needs to sit down. Cah it sounds like 💩 you didn't want to upset Aaliyah and talk about it because if he knew he said he would have to do about it. Whatever 🙄

  • Devine Devine
    Devine Devine 6 months ago

    Just hush man.....smh

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith 6 months ago

    There are always gonna be little fast ass little girls making babies at age 14.who is to blame not R Kelly..but they're mf parents.

  • Nadine
    Nadine 6 months ago

    Shut up!

  • Cat Daddy
    Cat Daddy 6 months ago

    That ninja on the right makes me nervous!!! Why does he keep looking to the left and cant sit still???

  • Kenya Small
    Kenya Small 6 months ago

    The pictures with them three girls with the fucked up braids is annoying me. Can’t even focus on the interview

  • butterbean green
    butterbean green 6 months ago

    All speculation to make himself look innocent. No one really knows what happened between them. Kelly knows and out of respect for her family has always said he would never talk about their relationship and never has.
    The music world is turning on him. Others are just as guilty. You know they lied on Michael, sad the real truth only came out after he died.


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  • James Bishop
    James Bishop 6 months ago +1

    I think Aaliyah never told anyone about her experience with him.

  • Salaam Homma Hashi
    Salaam Homma Hashi 6 months ago

    Kill yo self for Willy Lynch!

  • MJR 9
    MJR 9 6 months ago

    Dame was a wanna be Diddy back in the day

    ASTUTE GENTLEMEN 6 months ago


  • Nicole Bryson
    Nicole Bryson 6 months ago

    The Dog 🐶 is mad too. He said this is some bull$h!t.

  • Dayvid Brooks
    Dayvid Brooks 6 months ago

    Nigga 50 with his pants below his ass.. Dame is irrelevant

  • Shortcake Mooney
    Shortcake Mooney 6 months ago

    What is Dam saying everyone knew that he was so called dating AALYIAH!!! so the music box interview behind stage at Apollo when asked bout her age she referee to that year is called ""very very sweet": to me is sweet 16??? So what's d date of that video n what r dates when she was seeing dam..
    . Was she still UNDER AGE!!!!???. so dam is questionable right now ctfu

  • Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    Anyone know the frames Dash is wearing. I like those

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 6 months ago

    Everybody needs to stop talking about him what about The Pimps and pushers in your neighborhood that's been doing it for years and got your sister all strong out and your cousin traveling from state-to-state having sex with men talk about that R Kelly is not even on that scale pimps and pushers been doing this dirt for the longest and nobody got nothing to say about that by me saying that at the end of the day when are Kelly dies he will pay his price that's the picture you need to focus on he's getting away with it in this lifetime but when he crosses over he will not leave the man alone let him continue doing what he do he's just digging a deeper hole for his soul but don't be a fool tell your daughters to keep their damn legs closed and stop being hoochie mamas

  • Thomas Brazzile
    Thomas Brazzile 6 months ago

    It seemed to me everybody guilty sparkle damon dash Jayz. All these girls mothers and fathers all them should be brought up o. Charges

  • Cam Smith
    Cam Smith 6 months ago +1

    Lol dude on the right is damn’s right hand man 😂

  • Serene Libra
    Serene Libra 6 months ago

    Black people, we need to evolve and work on our personal ethics/integrity.....Why are you rolling drugs on social media, while talking about absolutely nothing??? Sighs....

  • crystal williams
    crystal williams 6 months ago

    Wait... Is Dame rolling up??? How u get on Boogie about HIS problem when clearly u set the precedent? Boy Hollywood is full of hypocrites smh

  • mike Lowry
    mike Lowry 6 months ago

    Why do this 50 year old man have his pants below his ass like hes a teenager? Fucking idiot

  • Shawn Norman
    Shawn Norman 6 months ago

    His these fool roll weed or a blunt

  • Tranquil Shores Travel agency LLC

    Damion Dash, R. Kelly, and Jay Z were entirely too OLD for Aaliyah period.. Man sit down

  • Missblaak
    Missblaak 6 months ago

    How old is Dame?

  • Tyson Coleman
    Tyson Coleman 6 months ago

    I was dame asking questions? Bout that in his relationship with her they grown, he can after kells why make her re live it through convo ?

  • Reginald Lott
    Reginald Lott 6 months ago

    Elton John called. He really wants his glasses back!

  • Tara Murphy
    Tara Murphy 6 months ago

    Why was he in the Fiesta video then????

  • La'vita Oliver
    La'vita Oliver 6 months ago

    But, you talking that shit and rolling a blunt. Do we supposed to really believe anything that comes from your blunt filled mouth..ijs..shut the fuck up because you knew just like the rest of them. Stupido

  • Crafts3636 Crafts
    Crafts3636 Crafts 6 months ago

    People will just cover shit up

  • Crafts3636 Crafts
    Crafts3636 Crafts 6 months ago

    People will sit back and watch evil shit happen and never say shit

  • Crafts3636 Crafts
    Crafts3636 Crafts 6 months ago

    Roll up...

  • obey suNsHine
    obey suNsHine 6 months ago

    so what does that says about her parents....

  • jamaelia sthill
    jamaelia sthill 6 months ago

    How old was Beyonce when she got with Jay Z??

  • Lerise Renee
    Lerise Renee 6 months ago

    He's full of crap

  • Pisces King
    Pisces King 6 months ago

    Why he throw MJ under the bus tho there is no comparison between the two

  • Willie Purdom
    Willie Purdom 6 months ago

    Was he rolling a joint???

  • Gemini Misses
    Gemini Misses 6 months ago

    Man gtfoh u are part of those who knew n said nothing so why tf u trying to separate urself from it like ur different man bye gtf on dawg!!! U helped him continue to be able to molest n rape lil kids by knowing n not saying anything so miss me with this bull!!!

  • your majesty mrmac215
    your majesty mrmac215 6 months ago

    Dame rollin up!!! Lol

  • Gillian Lewis
    Gillian Lewis 6 months ago

    Yoooo I fuqn knew it!!

    TONY HOLLOMAN 6 months ago

    Who Stop Focusing On Listening The Interview, And Started Learning On How To Roll Blunt!

  • Poverty Based ENT
    Poverty Based ENT 6 months ago

    Cuzz sounds more bitter that he had his way with his thot. Mfers should of been known wassup. But erbody using it to get off their personal beef wit him. Mfers sick

  • Tessa Rogers
    Tessa Rogers 6 months ago

    My question is why are you smoking weed and get on to your son? As a mother that's just hypocritical