The Nun - Movie Review

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Nun, starring Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu, Bonnie Aarons. Directed by Corin Hardy.
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  • Ty
    Ty 4 hours ago

    I liked The Nun. It was okay to watch. It wasn’t bad. But I do agree with your review at the same time. And “nun” of the Conjuring franchise films are as great as the Conjuring 1&2. I think that’s to be expected. For one, the Conjuring films has A++ acting talent heading those movies like Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. That helps elevate the material even more. The other films have adequate actors that are average, but not bad, but not as powerhouse as those in the Conjuring films. And you’re right also about the Nun, while I did like it, not love it, but did, I still don’t know what the Nun’s ultimate goal was beyond the possession. And you nailed it, that when she had the priest in the coffin, what was the point if to just pull another pointless prank. I would think a real demon wouldn’t have that kind of time or patience to be pranking the priest and his nun throughout the film just because that’s what’s in the screenplay written by a human being who clearly never gave it much thought.

  • Happy Smile
    Happy Smile Month ago

    4/5 is what it deserves or a B at least. Scary more than Hereditary that’s for sure. You only high scored that one cause of actors in it.

  • Bonito
    Bonito Month ago

    The mood, setting, music and dark cinematography was actually amazing on the Nun. But no plot and scares were not scary

  • Demon Of Despair
    Demon Of Despair Month ago

    Who The Fuck is Corin Hardy???Came out from Nowhere and instantly directed a movie about Valak???

  • emil engen
    emil engen Month ago

    D+ is too nice. I hated this movie.

  • max gruber
    max gruber 2 months ago

    Wish conjuring universe collab with DC someday and Aquaman can punch nun someday

  • XL R8
    XL R8 2 months ago

    This is the worst movie I've ever seen 0.5/10

  • Aurora Surrealis
    Aurora Surrealis 2 months ago

    I got so bored, I had to walk away...

  • Dickmeiss
    Dickmeiss 2 months ago

    I'll give The Nun 4/10

  • James M1079
    James M1079 2 months ago

    I actually fell asleep in the theatres watching this, no joke

  • emil engen
    emil engen 2 months ago

    A sequel is coming🙄

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 months ago

    There was nothing wrong with this movie, what so ever. It's just, we're used to seeing most of the things this movie has to offer.
    Horror is a dead genre because we've gotten used to this sort of stuff. Jumpscares, suspence, creepiness! Name a single movie that
    hasn't already used the same formula and been praised for it!
    It's a good horror movie, made with old ingredients. That's all.

  • TheSkyIsTeal
    TheSkyIsTeal 2 months ago

    I have never felt that any of the Conjuring movies are supposed to have surprising and scary jumpscares. I, for one, have been able to predict almost every scare in the franchise with shocking accuracy. I think, instead, it's about the art of the setup. I think this movie did very well in general but I will agree that the pan away, pan back did get old.

    in regards to the "pranks," they are all to erode the characters' psyches. Particularly in the scene with the bells, this is to disorient them. Burke feels like he will never be noticed with all the other bells. The girl is associating each bell with someone who was buried but is alive. Everyone buried in that graveyard appears to the girl in visions that she believes are real. For her part, Valak had no reason to expect that the girl would find Father Burke, she only found him because of her psychic abilities. Also why not: a demon's existence is based solely around carnal pleasures. Like It, she revels in her victims' fear, why not have a little fun along the way to murdering people.

  • Nanda Gokula Almeida Guimaraes

    D+? Too generous imo

  • AngryLittleGnome
    AngryLittleGnome 2 months ago

    I watched this in 4K HDR. Didn't look blue at all.

  • Melissa McMillan
    Melissa McMillan 2 months ago

    Ugh I didn't want to admit it because I love the conjuring universe, but man, you're spot on.

  • mia's world
    mia's world 2 months ago

    It literally was just a smorgasbord of jump scares lol.

  • John Dominic Escapular
    John Dominic Escapular 2 months ago

    Did you guys know that "Nun" spelt backwards is still "Nun"?

  • Cole REVIEWS
    Cole REVIEWS 2 months ago +1

    My Ranking Of Conjuring Universe Movies
    1. The Conjuring (2013) A-
    2. Annabelle Creation (2017) B+
    3. Conjuring 2 (2016) B-
    4. The Nun (2018) D
    5. Annabelle (2014) D

  • Pulse The KiDd
    Pulse The KiDd 2 months ago

    Fuck the nun but his shirt is dope asf

  • antonjace hill
    antonjace hill 3 months ago

    Everyone is killing me with their fucking dead ass sarcasm and passive aggressive bullshit yes I spelled out “bullshit”... the fucking movie sucks it has no real plot it jumps around the entire time ... my main point this movie fucking sucks ass... the end

  • george
    george 3 months ago

    Are your balls ginger

  • Duarte Vader
    Duarte Vader 3 months ago +2

    *_I would "stuckmannize" Taissa Farmiga..._*

  • Ginger Snap
    Ginger Snap 3 months ago +2

    If James Wan directed this film it would have been amazing. It had potential it could have been great

  • Apotheosis
    Apotheosis 3 months ago

    Generic Jumpscare Movie #496

  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat 3 months ago

    I actually burst out laughing at the mirror scene where the nun just keeps a hand from behind and the mirror breaks. It was hilarious.

  • DBJ
    DBJ 3 months ago

    if you look at it like a demon trying to shake the faith of a priest it makes more sense. no meaning in just killing him, got to make him denounce his god first. that way you have his soul to torment for eternity. or that's my understanding of Christianity anyway.

  • J doe
    J doe 3 months ago

    What I didnt respect about the Nun has more to do with conjuring 2. In conjuring 2 they defeated the demon really easily. In the nun you have a priest who has experience with exorcism and a nun the entire movie was a battle

  • jay22
    jay22 3 months ago

    There was so many Fucking hellos I thought ADELE was gonna pop up saying ITS ME.... fuck me what a trash movie . If you want scary movie you should watch some Thai ones .

  • Krish Shautriya
    Krish Shautriya 3 months ago

    The worst part is this movie could have been extremely scary,

  • Alexis Perry
    Alexis Perry 3 months ago

    I feel like this movie is more frightening to ex or practicing Catholics. Yes, the demon messes with them, but that is how a demon breaks a person down so they can possess them, which was the ultimate goal of this demon. I really enjoyed how they brought it back to the first Conjuring.

  • Amelia Burra
    Amelia Burra 3 months ago

    thanks for this now i dont have to watch it any more :")

  • Kevin Emmons
    Kevin Emmons 4 months ago

    Nice shirt, cowboy

  • Daulton Litteral
    Daulton Litteral 4 months ago

    I find that i had to watch it a few times to appreciate it

  • Adam Marcum
    Adam Marcum 4 months ago +1

    I am sick of these cheap,mediocre horror movies!what happened to the creatively of horror movies from the 1970's and 80's?

  • Prod. Chen-an
    Prod. Chen-an 5 months ago +8

    Insidious > Conjuring + Anabelle + The Nun

    • hah nigga
      hah nigga Month ago

      Conjuring 1 and 2 where really good horrors

  • Greg Barnett
    Greg Barnett 5 months ago

    Also, such wasted potential as they actually shot on location in real castles in Transylvania...ugh, what a good movie this could have been

  • Greg Barnett
    Greg Barnett 5 months ago

    There were some creepy sets and tense sequences BUT it was all built up so stupidly and there was zero plot or character development...what a disappointment

    WALTER PAYTON 5 months ago

    All this was a plan...and the plan was to make it look like they sealed the demon but actually finally possessed someone and got out. Awesome origin of the demon that is making it hell for people.

  • Danielle Phillips
    Danielle Phillips 5 months ago

    This was the most disappointing movie ever the entire movie legit only had 3 boring annoying characters = /

  • Stephon Taylor
    Stephon Taylor 5 months ago

    The deman pulling pranks lmfao!!! You hit that on the head.

  • Bell Justbell
    Bell Justbell 5 months ago

    The only thing that scared me is that they think Mary points the way . Jesus is King he makes it very clear we are to cast out demons in his name only .

  • mikepeeeee1000
    mikepeeeee1000 5 months ago

    i liked The Nun. not great, but pretty good.

  • cyberjack-CJ
    cyberjack-CJ 5 months ago

    OMG this movie sucked ass

    ERUS THE DEER 5 months ago

    intelligence 4

  • Gabriel Rader
    Gabriel Rader 5 months ago

    eh, jumpscares only last about half a second. where physiological ones are the good ones that kinda fuck you up. (the ones with the suspense and developing plot)

  • Jordy R
    Jordy R 5 months ago

    The whole Jesus blood made me roll my rolls... If there was Jesus blood saved away religious people would definitely use that as proof of God. So sick of loud music lame jump scares... Modern horror is trash lately.

  • Knight Watch
    Knight Watch 5 months ago +2

    "oh my gahd boys its the NUN!!

  • Joey Syron
    Joey Syron 5 months ago

    stream hereditary and suspiria 😌

  • Edward Ramkissoon
    Edward Ramkissoon 5 months ago

    I totally agree with you Chris, I'm a fan of the Conjuring movies, but this one fell way short for me

  • Mathias Kanuck
    Mathias Kanuck 6 months ago +4

    You like the babadook.... We all know deep down you loved The Nun

  • Charmedsas1
    Charmedsas1 6 months ago

    I literally thought that i was going to get to see the real actress being a nun from back in the day, i thought the whole point of the nun was a nun gone bad but oh well. i was disappointed, but still love me some Wan.

  • Randitha Philip
    Randitha Philip 6 months ago +1

    they should've give The Nun to Jordan Peele lol

  • Jared Myers
    Jared Myers 6 months ago

    Loved this movie. It was so campy and had a 1970s Italian vibe to it. They should have scrapped the exorcism side plot though, had they done that it would've been 10/10 for me in terms of entertainment. Definitely not a scary movie, just fun and super atmospheric.

  • TheLonelyGoomba
    TheLonelyGoomba 6 months ago

    This has got to be one of the most disappointing films I've seen. I think even the worst horror films have some redeeming features. But this was just such a huge let down.
    The only really redeemable aspect of the film was the setting, but it wasn't really used well either. Hated this film man

  • Alita Skywalker
    Alita Skywalker 6 months ago

    Oh my god bois! It's the NUN!

  • Inquiring Minds
    Inquiring Minds 6 months ago

    So is 'The Nun' worse or better than 'Apostle?' Apostle told a sketchy story that led to something much bigger which was surprising in the end.

  • moviebuff1275
    moviebuff1275 6 months ago

    4:04 for the grade

  • De Svenster
    De Svenster 6 months ago

    Crucifixes.....crucifixes...everywhere....scary shit....

  • Melisa Cornejo
    Melisa Cornejo 6 months ago

    This MOVIE SUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and i was so excited for it so disappointing, i feel you.