DP/30: Meadowland, Olivia Wilde

  • Published on Oct 16, 2015
  • You may know her face from House or Rush or Tron Legacy or Drinking Buddies, but Olivia Wilde is more than just a pretty face. With Meadowland, she takes the role of producer on (along with the acting lead) with thoughtfulness and passion. She spoke to David Poland about the work, her life, and the passions that drive her.
    Shot in New York, October 2015
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  • MyessYallyah Americus
    MyessYallyah Americus 10 months ago

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  • Katie .Woodlief
    Katie .Woodlief 10 months ago +2

    You where gorgeous in drinking buddies btw .

  • Michael Hoffmann
    Michael Hoffmann Year ago

    not saying she has no talent acting-wise, but come on. with a face like that, you will make it in the business sooner or later. she won the lottery of genetics. her eyes, the facial structures, the ears and her nose fit pretty much perfect together, even if she wears no makeup. thats something you can't influence or work at, some people are just randomly blessed

  • Виктор Вомпир

    оливка заебись чика чё

  • Виктор Вомпир


  • Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër

    I really love Olivia Wilde in;
    Cowboys & Aliens 2011
    Her 2013
    House 2007 - 2011
    Tron: Legacy 2010
    & The Lazarus Effect 2015
    I'm Vegetarian & she's Vegan! Seriously, I love her lovely, long, straight & warm hair! She's full of cute & safe hugs & kisses!!!! xxx

  • Diego Pisfil Ramirez

    Daisy Ridley's American sister

  • ARAO
    ARAO 3 years ago

    fantastic film and interview! Thanks

  • Meagan Dawes
    Meagan Dawes 4 years ago

    s oooooo freaking gorgeous, god I freaking love her 😍😍😍😍😍😍 how can someone sooooo freaking gorgeous even exist💜💜💜💜 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Master
    Master 4 years ago +1

    Drinking Buddies is a good movie, probably my favourite movie she's been in.

  • brunoman17
    brunoman17 4 years ago +4

    Olivia Wilde is such a lovely person, inside and out. I know I'm beating a dead horse now but she should have been cast as Lois Lane in Man Of Steel. I have nothing against Amy Adams and she did a fine job, but I think Olivia would have really nailed that role in my opinion. Both of her parents were journalists, so she knows that world very well and it could have her big breakthrough role if she was given the chance.

    • Mina Fanelli
      Mina Fanelli 3 years ago

      I totally agree....

    • GiRayne
      GiRayne 3 years ago

      +brunoman17 Eh, if the role is poorly written - which Lane in MoS surely is - then does it matter what actor is featured?

  • Sak House
    Sak House 4 years ago +9

    incredibly intelligent

  • Hito
    Hito 4 years ago

    Been a fan of her since she first appeared in the second season of The O.C. She is always great (I think) in everything, even in mediocre films.

  • #manualpes
    #manualpes 4 years ago


  • Andrew Dee
    Andrew Dee 4 years ago

    Great Interview

  • Graduate of Hard Knox
    Graduate of Hard Knox 4 years ago

    so fucking beautiful nothing but love....

  • celine_magi
    celine_magi 4 years ago +2

    Curious which film they are referring to around 24:20...?

    • Master
      Master 4 years ago

      +ohseth I think you're right. A bad movie btw. It's a perfect example why there aren't as many movies I actually want to go to the cinemas for these days. It was visually great but the story was bad IMO. A lot of big movies these days are only about how they look and the action scenes that are in the movie. That is why the small indie films are the best movies to watch, you feel the emotion in a lot of indies.

    • ohseth
      ohseth 4 years ago +1

      Sounds like Mad Max: Fury Road. Was my first thought anyway.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 years ago +6

    She's just yummy.

  • tr0nd15c
    tr0nd15c 4 years ago +5

    She was exceptional and the only choice IMO for Quorra in Tron. Drinking Buddies was *breakthrough* for sure; that movie was real and fantastic. Rush was 5-star also. It's no coincidence she is cast in awesome films. She's hella cool and very chill/real.

  • Kyle Culver
    Kyle Culver 4 years ago +7

    What a lovely, creative person. Putting her on my "Top Ten Directors" I want to work with. Haha.

  • carolsomewhere
    carolsomewhere 4 years ago +3

    Just love her.

  • Joyce Chahine
    Joyce Chahine 4 years ago +10

    I love the way she thinks

  • T.
    T. 4 years ago +31

    omg she's so annoyingly perfect in every way lol

  • TimPlaysBasketball
    TimPlaysBasketball 4 years ago +8

    Will there also be a Reed Morano interview?

  • Cognissonance
    Cognissonance 4 years ago +6

    huh...Christopher Hitchens was her babysitter **-**

  • Cognissonance
    Cognissonance 4 years ago +9

    releasing the interview with Olivia Wilde on the birthday of Oscar Wilde... nice move Mr. Poland

  • Cognissonance
    Cognissonance 4 years ago +4


    • Zensho
      Zensho 4 years ago +1

      +Natalie Gray Ah! I finally get it. I was pretty sure she wasn't in that 2003 evan rachel wood movie...

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st 4 years ago +15

    She's got a good head on her shoulders, lots of smarts and wisdom through experience, and overall really nice girl. Loved her in Tron, 13 was a bit too weird for me but still well done, Drinking Buddies was fun.

  • Herr Fenchel
    Herr Fenchel 4 years ago +3