Foreign boys: You're racist (?) Rudy Manusco ft. Anwar and Wuz


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  • jamesisazn
    jamesisazn Month ago

    i needed this my friends like u can't see and u Chinese it's so annoying thanks

  • Nina Chan!
    Nina Chan! Month ago

    oh my gosh this is the best! like i played this at my friend's party and like lmao everyone just got triggred at me but thanks for this!!! i really appreciate it considering some videos it's sometimes really long to listen to the song well one i just listened to

  • Mukudzei Chauruka
    Mukudzei Chauruka Month ago

    Thank youuuu

  • Atreas Kratos
    Atreas Kratos Month ago +6

    Awesome but I would prefer watching them like the original

    • sione vi
      sione vi Month ago +1

      ☝️ I agree

  • bank buster 369
    bank buster 369 Month ago +3

    I needed this

  • E&G fan
    E&G fan Month ago +2

    Oh hell yes πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Thats a POP