• Published on Dec 20, 2015
  • Youth Killed It tribute to Wicked Skeng Man.
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  • JE
    JE Year ago

    You lot are going places. Im telling you van man was one of my favourite rock songs of the year, you lot have talent!! Stick at it lads youre going to be big.

  • Prestontv
    Prestontv 2 years ago +1

    Man's got a nice flow!

  • Stuwie
    Stuwie 2 years ago +1

    Very good.

  • Jade Fournier
    Jade Fournier 2 years ago +2

    Better than the original song! Seriously

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 2 years ago +3

    You guys are fucking savage

  • Student - Finlay Harrison

    this is so sick

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 years ago +7


  • nerdonic 95insider
    nerdonic 95insider 2 years ago +2

    this is like more hardcore than the original cover haha

  • Lady LisztomaniaTM
    Lady LisztomaniaTM 3 years ago +2

    liked it! 👊

  • Ronaldo رونالدو
    Ronaldo رونالدو 3 years ago +3

    you killed it! brilliant!

  • IPhaZe.
    IPhaZe. 3 years ago +3

    You got flow! Props 👍

  • Iysha mohamed
    Iysha mohamed 3 years ago

  • FirEzio
    FirEzio 3 years ago +2

    Amazingly made video man keep this up you guys done an amazing job!!!:)

  • michael kilby
    michael kilby 3 years ago +6

    better than the original

  • Step_TV_2797
    Step_TV_2797 3 years ago +1

    its freezing man let's go inside cracked me up

  • Awaken
    Awaken 3 years ago +1

    The guy who actually made this song is black, yet he is white, I actually enjoyed this...

    • Youth Killed It
      Youth Killed It  3 years ago +4

      +Awaken music transcends race, colour, gender and flag!

  • Zein Ali
    Zein Ali 3 years ago +5

    This is raaaaa sick

  • вєиנαмιи ѕнαяιfι

    Better than the original imo.

    • Youth Killed It
      Youth Killed It  3 years ago

      +ben sharifi haha dont let skengman hear you say that!

  • kain strangward
    kain strangward 3 years ago +3

    don't listen to the negativity this is a sick cover

    • Youth Killed It
      Youth Killed It  3 years ago

      +kain strangward cheers man, to be honest we never really care too much what people think anyways, we do it cause we love it!

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams 3 years ago +2

    Amazing, can't stop listening! Should do more vids covering grime, been looking for a band like this for a while.

    • Youth Killed It
      Youth Killed It  3 years ago +1

      +Cameron Williams We'll no doubt carry on the tradition of covering mad good and relevant grime songs so keep your eyes peeled, but not literally because then you'd probably have to go to the hospital or something.

  • Furqaan H
    Furqaan H 3 years ago +1


  • alioster12
    alioster12 3 years ago +1

    1:14 , so fucking good

  • Charlie Gillespie
    Charlie Gillespie 3 years ago +24

    "it's freezing man, let's go inside." "yeah, that's probably best."

    • Nemesi
      Nemesi 2 years ago

      Looks like edited rain to me xDDD

    • Youth Killed It
      Youth Killed It  3 years ago +1

      +Charlie Gillespie yo this shit was shot a few miles from the beach so the gales were out in full force

    • Charlie Gillespie
      Charlie Gillespie 3 years ago


  • roy is kooler
    roy is kooler 3 years ago +3

    were u go m9? 0.07

  • Ahsan Ahmed
    Ahsan Ahmed 3 years ago +5

    oi rudeboi shutup

  • dom domici
    dom domici 3 years ago +5

    Another killer cover!

    • Youth Killed It
      Youth Killed It  3 years ago

      +dom domici cheers dom! thanks for sticking about :)

  • dave hunt
    dave hunt 3 years ago +4


  • Sam Feeley
    Sam Feeley 3 years ago +4


  • Twiggerist
    Twiggerist 3 years ago +4

    This is so good!! 👌🔥

  • ChristCopia
    ChristCopia 3 years ago +7


  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 3 years ago +4


  • Rhys Bowman
    Rhys Bowman 3 years ago +8

    This is so good! You need to cover shutdown ;-)