The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
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    This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.
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Comments • 19 357

  • aidan fletcher
    aidan fletcher 5 minutes ago

    Sexy rat is the WORST

  • Milo24 YT
    Milo24 YT 20 minutes ago

    What are you Ratatoing?

  • LeakyGutSyndrome
    LeakyGutSyndrome 32 minutes ago +1

    Anyone recognize my pfp

  • GTLive Fanart
    GTLive Fanart Hour ago

    *_What the fuck did I just watch..?_*

  • cupcake
    cupcake Hour ago

    I had that cd of ratatoing for like 10-9 years. I remember i was just like "bitch what the fuck what animation school did he go to??"

  • Sir Vanilla
    Sir Vanilla 2 hours ago

    Pause the video at 7:20, that is my reaction to this whole movie.

  • Liora Jonson
    Liora Jonson 2 hours ago +1

    21:02 this shit is gonna give me nightmares...... No shit sherlock *shook*😂

  • Alman1234
    Alman1234 3 hours ago

    Bad Rats: The Movie

  • Sarah Codrington
    Sarah Codrington 3 hours ago

    Lol the Carole part was so funny

  • FBI_tunasalad
    FBI_tunasalad 3 hours ago

    Ratatoing, why the f did it exist lmao what is that sheet?

  • aesthetic songs/ song loops

    where are my fellow brazilian gregs?

  • Blackandwhite Life
    Blackandwhite Life 6 hours ago

    Omg I used to actually watch this when I was younger and I actually loved it 😂😂

  • Clarissa the dumb hoe
    Clarissa the dumb hoe 7 hours ago

    10:22 my dad thought I was watching

  • Bubex
    Bubex 8 hours ago

    16:37 at that moment i really questoned myself what idiot made this crap.

  • Kat The Rat
    Kat The Rat 9 hours ago


  • A D
    A D 11 hours ago

    Restaurant industry: Got it.
    Organized theft: Got it.
    Agriculture: Huh?

  • Daniel McNair
    Daniel McNair 11 hours ago

    You are now watching: Danny Gonzales has a severe mental breakdown as he watches his unknown furry fetish unfold before him and reveal itself.

  • A D
    A D 11 hours ago

    Theory: Ratatoing is a retelling of Get Out

  • A D
    A D 11 hours ago

    I'm really concerned about Danny's sexual attraction to these rats.

  • dreamghoul
    dreamghoul 11 hours ago

    bro that evil rat with the big moustache sounds like a yu gi oh character

  • ThE MmMmMuUuUuLlLlLeEeEe
    ThE MmMmMuUuUuLlLlLeEeEe 13 hours ago +1

    Sexy rat: 😖
    Robot rat:😩

  • llamaboy 444
    llamaboy 444 13 hours ago

    I watched this before bed last night... biggest mistake of my life

  • I’m Crafting Right Now
    I’m Crafting Right Now 14 hours ago +1

    *you mean y’all don’t nut every time you button up your shirt?*

  • DamiNyan93
    DamiNyan93 14 hours ago

    Sexy robot rat 🐀

  • Singing Liv
    Singing Liv 15 hours ago +1

    I mean, rats have massive balls. I'm really glad they didn't make the anatomy accurate.

  • Sam D
    Sam D 15 hours ago +1

    REPLY TO TELL OTHERWISE (srry for yelling that last part)

  • Speedy yeety
    Speedy yeety 15 hours ago +1

    why is he defending the sexy rat
    danny why are you defending the sexy rat
    we're worried about you

  • Aleksandria Kirkland
    Aleksandria Kirkland 16 hours ago

    We gonna ignore the fact that the voice for Yami Yugi is the same voice for Marcel?

    LUYANDA _THE_PHARAOH 16 hours ago

    did he say cluster f*ck like in sense8? I am living!!!

  • Garrison Fox
    Garrison Fox 16 hours ago

    danny watched this movie for the plot, i'm sure

  • Green Awful Animator
    Green Awful Animator 17 hours ago

    She's thicc the rat's thicc!

  • Aymara Fan
    Aymara Fan 18 hours ago

    Eh, What’s Up I think is way worse it it’s own way.

  • Lily Ingoldsby
    Lily Ingoldsby 18 hours ago

    You just called a rat *thicc.*

  • Aymara Fan
    Aymara Fan 18 hours ago

    The translation would be Brazilian Portuguese, since that’s where Video Brinquedo is infested in São Paulo, but disguises in Rio de Janeiro.

  • trixieloona Creepypastaisdelicious

    Sexy rat is worse

  • Whisper Boo
    Whisper Boo 20 hours ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Steven Kramer
    Steven Kramer 20 hours ago

    But good video

  • Steven Kramer
    Steven Kramer 20 hours ago

    It was Portuguese

  • FLaSHy_ pAiNT
    FLaSHy_ pAiNT 20 hours ago

    The story line for the movie wasn’t that bad! If it was expanded apon it could have been made into a great movie
    It was the script and animation that made it shit-

  • Kat TheFish
    Kat TheFish 21 hour ago

    I can’t wait for the day the person who made this sees this video

  • Emerald Fighter
    Emerald Fighter 21 hour ago

    Greg, where you at?

  • war alliance gamer
    war alliance gamer 21 hour ago +1

    The city is Rio de Janeiro cause of the big jesus statue

  • Spaghetti Alfredi
    Spaghetti Alfredi 21 hour ago

    We found it out Danny’s a furry he likes thicc rats and rabbits

  • hummingbird 823
    hummingbird 823 22 hours ago +1

    Danny: Whats worse. A robot rat, or a sexy rat?
    Me: a sexy robot rat

  • Alec Wolf
    Alec Wolf 22 hours ago

    Bit spongebob is one cook and he's fine

  • Veni Aggarwal
    Veni Aggarwal 23 hours ago

    one direction damn

  • RAZOR Studios
    RAZOR Studios Day ago +1

    OMG 22:17

  • RAZOR Studios
    RAZOR Studios Day ago +1

    20:55 that gave me nightmares
    Also 21:26

  • Liv's Life
    Liv's Life Day ago

    Danny: rats are not supposed to be "Hot"
    the rats in Stranger Things:*AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  • Ortology !
    Ortology ! Day ago

    You have a 100% match with rats

  • Rivka Arbetter
    Rivka Arbetter Day ago

    I watched this video a second time with the captions on and it's so much funnier because Danny writes in extra commentary. There's even a joke about how the fans are in this movie because a character is named Greg XD

  • No content Sorry

    I watched the ripoff but never the original

  • Turtle BTD
    Turtle BTD Day ago

    This video makes me want to quit Skyrim without saving.

  • Holly Parker
    Holly Parker Day ago

    5:15 I’m crying funniest thing I’ve ever seen 😭😂🤣

  • MatthewRein1
    MatthewRein1 Day ago +1

    @11:13 I guess work was scarce for the Pharaoh from Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Silhouette Shadow

    React to " What's up balloon to the rescue". Yeah...

  • ? shamanbrush ?
    ? shamanbrush ? Day ago


  • Christine Waszkowski

    has anyone else noticed that these voices are definitely from the original Yu GiOh on like kids WB

  • Lo’s Music
    Lo’s Music Day ago

    _ur a green rat, greg_

  • Exodus Reborn
    Exodus Reborn Day ago +1

    13:00 ok so we gonna talk about how the rats have spy equipment and not talk about how the fukin rat smelled the strawberries from across the room wtf

  • halthy mix
    halthy mix Day ago

    Sexy rat : 1 vote
    Robot rat : 0 votes
    Except votes are a bad thing.

  • Britt xaurous
    Britt xaurous Day ago

    oh shit- a rat

  • Kq
    Kq Day ago

    The cat looks like that one fucking Pokémon

  • Roxanne Jones
    Roxanne Jones Day ago

    I want more of these, Danny is hilarious when it comes to these awful movies!

  • Elliott Exists
    Elliott Exists Day ago


  • Teanna Destinee
    Teanna Destinee Day ago

    omg. You should do the movie “sir Billi”

  • Nightfall Productions

    Me: Can we get Ratatouille?
    Mom: We have Ratatouille at home.
    Ratatouille at home:

  • Cybear The Cute
    Cybear The Cute Day ago

    Denny Gorbzalez

  • Alicia F
    Alicia F Day ago

    Me and my friends made a meme account about ratatoing, it is called @rattigallies It’s on Instagram

  • Kunai_Koala
    Kunai_Koala Day ago +1

    I’m a furry, and I still think this is weird

    • Kunai_Koala
      Kunai_Koala Day ago


    • Alicia F
      Alicia F Day ago

      Me and my friends made a meme account about ratatoing, it is called @rattigallies It’s on Instagram